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  1. Lions wreak havoc
  2. White Hooligan Who Attacked Elderly Blues Singer for Trayvon Martin Tribute Is Sued
  3. March On Washington: Dr. King’s Dream And Obama’s Realpolitik
  4. Magic Johnson Adds Schools To His Business Empire
  5. Scenarios Facing Egypt, and Lessons for the Rest of Africa
  6. Pastor Bans Black Women From Wearing Weaves In Church
  7. Northern Food Security: The Real Reason Behind African Land Grabs
  8. The Raw Figures: How Africa Is Making Others Rich
  9. Egypt: Court Orders Mubarak's Release
  10. Tunisia: Politicians Hold Crisis Talks
  11. Tunisia: Nation Debates Feminist Tactics
  12. Egypt: Egypt Clashes Drain Hospital Blood Supplies
  13. Egypt: Egypt To Hold Elections In Nine Months - Prime Minister
  14. Nigeria: Suspected Kidnappers Abandon Victims After Deadly Shootout
  15. Liberia: Senate Concerned About Reports of Corruption in Govt
  16. Burkina Faso: Police Storm Radio Station to Arrest University Students
  17. Liberia: 'Remarkable Milestone' - UN Mission Hails 10-Year Anniversary of Peace Accor
  18. Guinea: 'Armed Soldiers Attack Radio Station After President's Rally Flops'
  19. Ethiopia: African Media Leaders Must Boycott Ethiopia
  20. Somalia: No Ransom, No Release for Hostages of Somali Pirates
  21. Madagascar: Court Ruling Raises Hope for October Election
  22. Kenya: Over 400,000 Abortions in Kenya Last Year - Survey
  23. South Sudan: UN Peacekeepers Boost Security and Aid Access Around Pibor, Gumuruk
  24. Angola: Billionaire Daughter Enriched Through Dos Santos - Report
  25. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai May Be Charged for Judiciary Insult
  26. Swaziland: Chiefs Shut Women Out
  27. Angola: Development for the Rich, Eviction for the Poor
  28. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Inauguration a National Holiday
  29. Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF Founding Member Enos Nkala Dies
  30. Zimbabwe: Concourt Endorses Mugabe While Judge Bhunu Targets Tsvangirai's Lawyers
  31. Zambia: 'Watchdog' Journalists to Appear in Court
  32. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Appoints New Leader
  33. Egypt: Army Arrests 11 'Terrorists' in Sinai
  34. Tunisia: Terrorist Confessions Shock, Anger Tunisians
  35. Egypt: Morsi Slammed With Another 15-Day Detention for Presidential Palace Violence
  36. Egypt: Arabs Prepared to Make Up for Assistance the West Is Threatening to Cut
  37. Liberia: Taylor's Verdict Due Next Month
  38. Nigeria: Govt, Striking Lecturers Fail to Reach Deal
  39. Sudan: Nigeria Hints It Was Preparing to Arrest Sudanese President During His Visit
  40. Niger: More Than 180,000 Children Benefit From New Anti-Malaria Treatment
  41. Nigeria: Boko Haram's Leader Shekau 'Likely Dead'
  42. Kenya: President Seeks Ally On Trip to China
  43. Somalia: Media Law Hits Somali Journalists
  44. Madagascar: Decline in French Language Skills Worry Academics in Madagascar
  45. Ethiopia: One Year Commemoration of Meles Zenawi's Passing
  46. Zimbabwe: U.S. Rejects Call to Lift Sanctions
  47. Zambia: Ruling Party Moves on Independent Radio Stations
  48. Southern Africa: Mugabe Urges Forced SADC-Wide HIV Tests
  49. South Africa: 'The Least Equitable Country in the World' - Mo Ibrahim
  50. Zimbabwe: Electoral Court Orders Arrest of Tsvangirai Lawyers
  51. South Africa: How to Address Unemployment, Land and Wealth Inequality?
  52. Angola: Journalist Faces Criminal Defamation Charges
  53. Southern Africa: Region Shows the Way With Water
  54. Egypt: Hosni Mubarak May Be Freed
  55. Egypt: The Army - Referee, Kingmaker and Ultimate Winner
  56. Egypt: Nuns Paraded Like POWs, NGO Says
  57. Egypt: Govt Vows to Beat 'War of Terror'
  58. Egypt: Pro-Mursi Supporters to Stage Nine Rallies
  59. Nigeria: Govt Creates New Army Division Against Boko Haram
  60. Mali: Can the New President in Mali Sow the Seeds of Change That He Planted?
  61. Liberia: Has Defense Minister Samukai Resigned?
  62. West Africa: Cameroon, Nigeria Cooperate On Flood Prevention Plan
  63. Nigeria: Jonathan Creates New Army Division, Sends 8,000 Troops After Boko Haram
  64. Somalia: Future Still Bleak for the Displaced in Mogadishu
  65. Somalia: In Kismayo, Fragile Peace or a Gathering Storm?
  66. Tanzania: Govt Probes Alleged Theft of U.S.$5m From World Summit
  67. Madagascar: Children Prone to Life On the Streets
  68. Somalia: Barclays' Shut Down On Remittance Accounts Will Sever Lifeline for Refugees
  69. Southern Africa: SADC Criticised for Mugabe Top Spot
  70. Southern Africa: SADC Considers Universal HIV Testing
  71. Southern Africa: President Mugabe Assumes Top SADC Post
  72. Southern Africa: New SADC Chair Banda Emphasizes Agriculture
  73. South Africa: Arms Deal 2 - Here We Go Again?
  74. Southern Africa: SADC Summit Ends With Call to End Regoinal Political Turmoil
  75. Southern Africa: Crossing Borders With Trade
  76. Southern Africa: SADC Calls on West for End to Sanctions
  77. Egypt: Govt Arrests 385 After Mosque Clashes
  78. Egypt: Army Denies Military Defection Rumor
  79. Egypt: Authorities Arrest Brotherhood Leaders in Qena
  80. Egypt: Mosques Turned to Morgues
  81. Egypt: Security Forces Arrest 1,004 Armed MB Rioters
  82. Liberia: Liberia Celebrates a Decade of Peace
  83. Gambia: Youths 'Arrested' for Playing Football
  84. Guinea Bissau: Cholera Resurgent in Guinea-Bissau
  85. Nigeria: Desert Threatens 40 Million but Floods More Urgent
  86. Liberia: 'There Is a War to Silence Media in Liberia, Former Auditor General Morlu De
  87. Madagascar: Electoral Court Bars Top Presidential Candidates
  88. Ethiopia: Meseret Defar Wins Women's 5000m in Moscow
  89. Somalia: UN Humanitarian Wing Warns of Pervasive Sexual Violence in Somalia
  90. Somalia: UN Says Rape, Gender-Based Violence Rampant in Somalia
  91. Kenya: President Kenyatta Visits Moscow
  92. Zimbabwe: Region Endorses Mugabe Election
  93. Southern Africa: Regional Stability Fears Rise As Zimbabwean 'Exodus' Reported
  94. Mozambique: Political Situation in Mozambique "Is Stable"
  95. Egypt: Egypt Slams S. Africa's Statements On Internal Situation
  96. South Africa: Year After South African Mine Shooting, Residents See No Change
  97. Africa: The Other Rising Voices in Development - What Is New in the G7+ Project
  98. Mozambique: Police On Trail of Cop Killers
  99. Zimbabwe/Zambia: Warriors Face Mountain Against Zambia
  100. South Africa: Free Tablets, Wi-Fi for Gauteng Schools
  101. Liberia: Crushing Rocks to Make a Living in Liberia
  102. Egypt: Security Provides Safe Exit for Mursi Supporters
  103. Egypt: Alexandria Clashes Leave Several Dead
  104. Egypt: Mursi Supporters Storm Schools, Two Churches in Minya - Eyewitnesses
  105. Egypt: PM Proposes Brotherhood Dissolution
  106. Africa: CAF Cup - the Schedule for the Weekend
  107. Africa: Nigerian Central Bank Official Takes On Development Dogma
  108. Nigeria: Boko Haram Nigeria's Biggest Challenge - U.S.
  109. South Africa/Burkina Faso: Bafana Beat Burkina Faso in First Mandela Sport Day
  110. Nigeria: Okagbare Wins Second Medal for Nigeria
  111. Africa: Ivorian, Nigerian Sprinters Win World Games Medals
  112. Uganda: Marathon Runner Wins Gold at World Champs
  113. South Sudan: Aid Groups Return to Remote Parts of Jonglei - Official
  114. Ethiopia: Aregawi Won Gold, Kenyan Obiri Bronze
  115. Kenya: Athletics - the Kenyan Ezekiel Kemboi World Champion in the 3000m Steeplechase
  116. Kenya: ICC Judge Rejects Bid to Amend Ruto Charges
  117. Zimbabwe: Opposition Abandons Polls Challenge
  118. Southern Africa: MDC-T and Civics in Massive Lobbying Drive At SADC Summit
  119. Africa: Power of No - Angelo's Generous Heart
  120. Zimbabwe: Opposition MDC Party Drops Mugabe Election Victory Challenge
  121. Zimbabwe: Econet Dares Rivals, Cuts Tariffs By 60 Percent
  122. Zimbabwe: Harare City Council Complies With Govt Debt Directive
  123. South Africa: Jobodwana Accompanies Bolt in the 200m Final
  124. Fruitvale Station is Sadly Fruitless
  125. Capitalism: Racial and Social Justice Orientation @ CUNY Law School
  126. Our Continuing Super Funky Tribute to Black August!
  127. Harry Belafonte and Jay-Z: Political or Generational Beef?
  128. Fruitvale Station w Rahiel Tesfamariam and Dr. Lester Spence
  129. African Liberation in Brazil: An Interview w Ama Mizani
  130. Black August (2013) w Kali Akuno
  131. We Want Black Power w The Killer Bs and Freestylin’ w Elena Romero
  132. The Super Funky Soul Power Hour F*!K The George Zimmerman Verdict Trayvon Martin Mega
  133. Revolutionaries Never Die! The Mixtape, Discussion and Politics
  134. Libya: Sarkozy and Libya - a Friendship in Trouble?
  135. Libya: U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing: Benghazi
  136. Western Sahara: Security Beefed Up at Airport Ahead of Arrival of Press
  137. Tunisia: Presidency of Republic Firmly Condemns "Coward Zionist Attack" Against Syria
  138. Egypt: Five Injured in Upper Egypt's Security Directorate Fire
  139. Africa: Speaking Out Against Child Marriage
  140. Africa: Unpacking The South Africa-Nigeria Relationship
  141. Liberia: Sirleaf Makes More Appointments in Government
  142. Nigeria: Gunmen Kill 14, Injure 12 in Adamawa, Borno States
  143. Liberia: Ellen's Guard Declares War - On Journalists
  144. Kenya: China's Top Actress Urges Greater Effort to End Illegal Ivory Trade
  145. Kenya: ICC Trial of Kenya's Deputy President Postponed
  146. Kenya: Countering the Radicalization of Kenya's Youth
  147. South Sudan: The Long Road Home
  148. Sudan: Ruling Party Calls for Restraint in Wake of Abyei Killings
  149. Mozambique: World Bank Loans for Agriculture
  150. South Africa: Stockout Risks of New ARV Programme
  151. Angola: Teachers Strike - a New Lesson for the Regime
  152. Botswana: Scary Strength of the Ruling Party
  153. South Africa: Electricity - We Will Be Held to Ransom If We Don't Fight Back
  154. South Africa: Active Service Overseas 'Always Emotive'
  155. South Africa: Investigations Unit Lowers Funds Recovery Target
  156. Libya: Reject 'Political Isolation Law' - Provisions for Exclusion Too Vague, Sweepin
  157. Western Sahara: El Aaiun - Moroccan Forces Violently Disperse Saharawi Unemployed Sit
  158. Egypt: Activist Stands Trial Today for Insulting President
  159. Egypt: Families Block Alexandria Road to Protest Girl Kidnap
  160. Egypt/Tunisia: Ahly's Hamdy - It's Going to Be Tough
  161. Nigeria: Sectarian Violence Kills At Least 39
  162. Ghana: Call to Single-Spine Politicians...
  163. Liberia: Govt Systematically Breaking Its Own Laws in Oil, Mineral, Forest and Land D
  164. Nigeria: UN Human Rights Office 'Very Concerned' By Heavy Fighting in Northeast Niger
  165. Nigeria: Country Loses N50 Billions to Fire Outbreak Yearly
  166. Sudan: Top Tribal Chief, UN Peacekeeper Killed in Abyei
  167. Somalia: 8 Killed, 25 Wounded in Mogadishu Bombings
  168. Uganda: Diplomatic Passports Blacklisted in UK
  169. Uganda: Districts Rush to Spend Road Funds By June
  170. Rwanda: Youth Urged to Fight Drugs, Strive for Dignity
  171. South Africa: Govt Summonses Zambian High Commissioner Over Zuma Comments
  172. Zambia: Information Minister Confirms 'Times of Zambia' Salary Woes
  173. Zimbabwe: No Extension on Unity Govt Beyond June 29 - Mugabe Insists
  174. Zimbabwe: 'Zim Headed for Another GNU'
  175. Namibia: Govt Still Failing Indigenous Peoples
  176. Namibia: UPM Wants Hardap Split Up
  177. Zimbabwe: Mutasa Blasts Mnangagwa
  178. Southern Africa: SADC May Give Polls a Semblance of Order
  179. Libya: Hundreds of Flood Victims Provided with Tents
  180. Egypt: Alexandria Demonstrators Protest Against State 'Brotherhoodisation'
  181. Egypt: Three Sentenced to Two Years Over Cairo Train Crash
  182. Egypt: Students Go On Hunger Strike to Protest Poor Food Quality - Assuit
  183. Egypt: First Female Ambassador Dies At 85
  184. Nigeria: Gas Exports in Danger Over Levy Wars
  185. Nigeria: President Jonathan As 'Big Brother'
  186. Cote d'Ivoire: A Long Road Ahead for Justice in CĂ´te d'Ivoire
  187. Gambia: Authorities Debunk UK Human Rights Abuse Claim
  188. Zimbabwe: PM Tsvangirai Meets Gabon, Nigeria Presidents
  189. East Africa: EAC Urged to Scrap Work Permit Fees
  190. Somalia: Citing Currency Crisis, Puntland to Pay Govt Salaries in U.S. Dollars
  191. Kenya: Govt and UK Strike Deal After Kenyatta's Presidential Win
  192. Tanzania: Suspects Found in Possession of Albino Hand
  193. South Sudan: Rights Groups Call for End to Harassment of Journalists
  194. Zambia: Nation Hailed for Fighting Violence Against Women
  195. Zambia: International Comedy Extravaganza On Cards
  196. Zimbabwe: MDC-T Youth Leader Arrested for Allegedly Insulting Mugabe
  197. Swaziland: Judiciary Joins Attack On Media
  198. Zambia: Rogue PF Official to Form New Party
  199. Southern Africa: SADC Slams Door in PM's Face
  200. Zimbabwe: President Gets Lawsuit to Proclaim Poll Date By June 29
  201. South Africa: CAF Announces Disciplinary Action in Doping Matters
  202. Libya: Political Islam in Post-Gaddafi Libya
  203. North Africa: North Africa, Mideast Issues High on IMF Agenda
  204. North Africa: New UN Partnership to Focus On Trade Reforms and Poverty Reduction in A
  205. Tunisia: U.S. Ambassador Walles Calls for Tunisian Journalists' Protection Structure
  206. Algeria: Bouteflika Reassures Algerians
  207. Nigeria: Former Minister Ali Monguno Kidnapped
  208. Nigeria: After Baga, Forces Lost in a Maze
  209. Liberia: Illegal Logging Poses Threat to Forests
  210. Mauritania: Growing Gardens in the Desert Heat
  211. Nigeria: Former Minister Kidnapped
  212. Somalia: Consensus, Representation and Parliament in Somaliland
  213. Rwanda: Not Safe for Rwandan Refugees to Return
  214. Somalia: Security Council Establishes United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia
  215. Kenya: Civil Societies Vow to Block MPs Pay Demands
  216. Kenya: Coach in Referee Testicle Attack Decries Bias
  217. South Africa: Govt Demands Explanation From Zambia
  218. Zambia: Sata's Health: Is He Now Clearing the Air?
  219. Zimbabwe: Concerns Raised Over Slow Voter Registration
  220. South Africa: UK Doubles Aid Budget but Ends Aid to South Africa
  221. South Africa: The Future of Information Leaks
  222. Zimbabwe: MDC Youth Leader Arrested for Insulting Mugabe
  223. South Africa: No Permission Granted for Landing of Airbus At Waterkloof
  224. Southern Africa: Tsvangirai Out to Foil Mugabe SADC Coup
  225. Assata Shakur and the State of Activism
  226. Libya: Gaddafi's Son Saif Al-Islam Appears in Court
  227. Egypt: Egyptian Institution and Ugandan Health Advocate Awarded 2013 UN Population Pr
  228. Libya: Information Sought On Attacks in Benghazi
  229. Egypt: Egypt Court to Keep Mubarak in Prison Over Illicit Gains
  230. Tunisia: Search Operations in Mount Chaambi Still Ongoing (security Sources)
  231. Nigeria: Another Faction Of Boko Haram Emerges
  232. South Africa: Robbers Target Nigerian Diplomat
  233. Liberia: U.S Ambassador Calls for a 'Mature Media Environment'
  234. Gambia: Gambian Students to Be Recalled From India
  235. Gambia: GPU to Celebrate World Press Freedom Day
  236. Sudan: 95 People Still Missing After Darfur Mine Pit Collapse
  237. Somalia: 2011 Somali Famine Worse Than 1992's - UN
  238. Kenya: Iranians Guilty of Terror Plot in Kenya
  239. Kenya: Award-Winning Activist Mwangi Arrested
  240. Sudan: Kiir Threatens to Sack Cabinet Members Who Speak Against Govt
  241. South Africa: Vice President Scott Calls South Africans 'Very Backward'
  242. Namibia: Namibia Must Address Land Insecurity of Indigenous People - UN Expert
  243. South Africa: School Toilets in Shocking State
  244. Zambia: Zambia: Vice President Speaks On Governance and Gay Rights
  245. South Africa: Minister Orders Gupta Jet Removed
  246. Angola: The Gap Between Rich and Poor
  247. South Africa: District-By-District Breakdown of School Toilets
  248. Algeria: Putting Dissent On Hold
  249. Libya: Former Minister Denies Laundering Gaddafi Cash for Sarkozy Campaign
  250. Western Sahara: Africa's Last Colony