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  1. Zimbabwe: Electoral Chief Steps Down
  2. South Africa: Continued Existence of Shacks is a Real Scandal
  3. Egypt: Protesters Block Key Bridge, Train Line
  4. Mali: Displaced Civilians Are Destitute, Says Red Cross
  5. Sudan: Bashir to Visit Chad, Libya Despite ICC Warrant
  6. Egypt: Torture Ties the Egyptian Government to a Brutal Past
  7. Egypt: Presidency Says No Possibility of Ministerial Reshuffle
  8. Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Cripple Trade
  9. Guinea: Plane Crash in Liberia Kills Top Military Officials
  10. Nigeria: Inside Story of Football Coach's Resignation
  11. Mali: Al Qaeda Group Calls for Jihad Against France Over Mali
  12. Chad: European Court Jails Child Smugglers
  13. Kenya: Prime Minister Taunts Rival Over War Crimes Court
  14. Kenya: President Vetoes Climate Authority Bill
  15. Kenya: First Presidential Debate Held in Kenya
  16. Uganda: Late Lawmaker's Sister Wins By-Election
  17. Namibia: Forty-Three Acquitted in Treason Trial
  18. Zimbabwe: Lobby Group Calls for Diamond Sanctions
  19. Zimbabwe: Court Orders Mugabe Minister Off Mine
  20. Zambia: Forbes Magazine Criticises Sata's Democratic Record
  21. South Africa: Examining the Roots of Rape
  22. Africa: Top Afcon Players Named
  23. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's Elections Boss Resigns
  24. Zimbabwe: UNDP Approves Zimbabwe Request for Election Money
  25. Hating The (Violent) Messenger, But Not The Message: The Dorner Case Brings Up Echoes
  26. Join Us April 4! COINTELPRO and the 45th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. King
  27. Zimbabwe: Police Force Their Way Into Peace Project Offices in Hillside
  28. Egypt: Call for Investigation Into Post-Revolution Deaths in Egypt
  29. Egypt: Protesters Block Entrance to Tahrir's Mogamma
  30. Tunisia: Nation Seeks Path to Unity
  31. Egypt: Nour Party - President Willing to Discuss Our Initiative in National Dialogue
  32. Egypt: U.S.$72 Billion Expected Investments in Oil Sector
  33. Guinea: Top Military Officials Die in Plane Crash
  34. Nigeria/Burkina Faso: Super Eagles Fans Have Plenty to Look Forward To
  35. Nigeria: Equities Take Lead in New Scramble for Africa
  36. Gambia: Kofi Annan Launches Initiative Against Drugs
  37. Nigeria/Burkina Faso: Keshi Leads Super Eagles to Victory - Again
  38. Sudan: Khartoum Signs Ceasefire With Darfur Rebels
  39. South Sudan: UN to Probe Reported Killing of 100
  40. Uganda: Opposition Leaders Accused of Giving Handouts
  41. Tanzania: Torrential Rain Batters Tanzania
  42. Somalia: Suicide Bomber Targets Puntland Policeman
  43. South Africa: DRC Rebel Leader Related to Kabila?
  44. Zimbabwe: Parties Mobilise 'Yes' Vote
  45. Swaziland: Swazi King 'Predatory Media Censor'
  46. South Africa: Cape Town Teen's Murder Case Postponed
  47. Namibia: Minister Iyambo Laid to Rest
  48. Namibia: Abortion Pills Falsely Claimed
  49. Zimbabwe: Appointment of New Hangman Raises Concern
  50. Zimbabwe: Econet Warns On Pyramids
  51. Egypt: Prime Minister Holds Meeting On Protecting Women Against Violence
  52. Uganda: Govt to Pay Civil Servants Salaries On Monday
  53. Egypt: Blocking Youtube Indicates Crisis of Public Freedoms in Egypt
  54. Morocco: Transparency, Justice, and the Rule of Law in Morocco
  55. Libya: Libya Unveils New Security Measures
  56. Tunisia: Banned Abou Iyadh Interview Leaked Online
  57. Libya: ICC Seeks Senussi Extradition
  58. Nigeria/Burkina Faso: Nigeria's Super Eagles Soar to Afcon Title
  59. Ghana/Mali: Mali Can Win in Future, Says Coach
  60. Mali: Prosecuting Mali's Extremists
  61. Nigeria: Jonathan Condemns Killing of Kano Health Workers
  62. Nigeria: Increase Security Protection for Health Workers
  63. Kenya: Candidates Blast West
  64. Ethiopia: Court Hearing On Journalist 'Politicized'
  65. East Africa: Affordable Energy Key to Regional Integration
  66. Uganda: Army Finds Tusks Hidden By Rebels
  67. Kenya: Obama's Unusual Intervention
  68. South Africa: Rainbow Nation Wants Its Pot of Gold
  69. Swaziland: Swazi Coalition Is Ten Years Old
  70. Zimbabwe: Man Jailed for Insulting Mugabe
  71. Africa: Top 10 Players From the 2013 Nations Cup
  72. Nigeria/South Africa: D-Day for Eagles in Soweto
  73. Zimbabwe: Foreigners Languish in Zim's Dungeons
  74. Zimbabwe: Cop's Arrest Signals the Worst to Come
  75. Zimbabwe: Amendments to Banking Act Sought
  76. Nigeria: Nigerians to Eagles - Give Us This Day
  77. Nigeria/Burkina Faso: Don't Underestimate Burkina Faso, Chukwu Charges Eagles
  78. Egypt: Presidential Palace Severely Damaged
  79. Egypt: Protesters Attempt to Climb Over Presidential Palace Gates
  80. Western Sahara: Establishment of First Saharawi University in Liberated Tifariti (pre
  81. Tunisia: Trabelsi Quits, Three Candidates for the Post
  82. Egypt: Presidency Condemns Hate Speech 'Under Religious Guise'
  83. Ghana/Mali: Black Stars Fall to Mali in Third-Place Match
  84. Nigeria/Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso Star to Play in Afcon Final
  85. Mali: Nation's Model Democracy Myth
  86. Ghana: Misconceptions About Freedom of Speech and of Assembly
  87. Senegal: Hissène Habré Court Opens - Extraordinary African Chambers to Try Former Cha
  88. Sudan: Land Grabbing in and Around Juba May Soon Be a Thing of the Past
  89. Ethiopia: Charges Renewed Against Ethiopian Journalist Temesghen
  90. Kenya: Human Rights Watch Calls for Action On Abuses Ahead of Polls
  91. Ethiopia: Regulatory Body Censors Opposition Publication Again
  92. Somalia: Open Letter to Prime Minister About Freedom of Information Reforms
  93. Zimbabwe: Zim Urged to Abolish Death Penalty As New Hangman Appointed
  94. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Suspends Chairman, Five Others
  95. Zimbabwe: O-Level Pass Rate Drops
  96. Zimbabwe: Renco Mine Shuts Down As Ownership Fight Drags On
  97. Zambia: Mealie Meal Shortage Baffling - Chenda
  98. South Africa: South Africa Must Do More to Tackle 'Pandemic of Sexual Violence' - UN
  99. Zambia: Community Media Under Fire in Zambia
  100. Mozambique: Cholera Confirmed in Northern Mozambique
  101. Tunisia: Poet and Politician Whose Death Sparked Turmoil
  102. Tunisia: Murder of Opposition Leader Spurs Govt Change
  103. North Africa: Desert Bacteria Could Help Boost Crop Yields
  104. Nigeria: Jonathan, Morsi Renew Ties
  105. Algeria: In Amenas Attack Magnifies Belmokhtar, AQIM Rift
  106. Nigeria: Nine Polio Health Workers Gunned Down
  107. Chad: Special Court On Hissene Habre Opens
  108. Burkina Faso: Ecstatic Celebrations in Ouagadougou
  109. Ghana/Mali: Black Stars Take On Mali for Afcon Bronze
  110. Niger: France Paid Millions for Hostages - Ex-Ambassador Claims
  111. Africa: Kangaroo Care Boosts the Odds for Preterm Infants
  112. Kenya: Seven Killed in Turkana Cattle Raid
  113. Kenya: Eight Men Deny Link to Tana Delta Killings
  114. Kenya: Explain Exactly What Makes Hate Speech
  115. Kenya: NCIC May Ban 'Code Words'
  116. South Africa: Nursing a Nation - Community Health Workers in South Africa
  117. Zimbabwe: Appointment of New Hangman Raises Spectre of Imminent Executions
  118. Zimbabwe: New Draft Constitution, Same Old Abuses
  119. Zimbabwe: Mzembi Accused of Electioneering
  120. Zimbabwe: Govt Requests UNDP to Mobilise Funds for Polls
  121. Zimbabwe: Diamond Miners Pour Into Bob 89
  122. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF's Education Legacy in Tatters
  123. Zimbabwe: Meikles Mogul Donates Cars to Zanu-PF
  124. A Super Funky Day Of Tribute: Dr. Tony Martin, Donald Byrd, Bob Marley
  125. Nigeria: Security, Third Term Agenda - Buhari, Tinubu Tackle Jonathan, Hail El-Rufai
  126. Zimbabwe: Mugabe to Announce Referendum and Election Dates Soon
  127. Egypt: 56 Dead, 2028 Injured in Nation's Latest Clashes - NCHR
  128. Tunisia: Urgent Need for Investigation Into Chokri Belaid's Killing
  129. Egypt: Impunity Fuels Sexual Violence
  130. Egypt: Brotherhood Denounces Call to Kill Opposition Figures
  131. Egypt: Presidency - Morsi Meets Gul
  132. Mali: UN Considers French Request to Take Over Intervention Force
  133. Mauritania: Don't Underestimate Mauritania Needs, Say Aid Agencies
  134. Mali: Aid Groups Mull Expanding in Northern Mali
  135. Cameroon: Is Biya's 2035 Dream Becoming a Delusion?
  136. Africa: Nigeria, Burkina Faso Face No Easy Afcon Final
  137. South Sudan: Is Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Feasible?
  138. Ethiopia: Linking Bean Farmers to Formal Markets
  139. South Sudan: Govt's Oil-for-Food Gambit
  140. Kenya: Men Turning the Tide Against Female Genital Mutilation
  141. Rwanda: France Denies Delaying Trial for Genocide Suspects
  142. South Africa: Cities Need to Plan With the Poor, Not for the Poor
  143. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Softens Zuma
  144. South Africa: U.S. Citizen Among 19 Congolese Coup Plotters
  145. South Africa: Jub Jub Appeal Application Fails
  146. Swaziland: 'Times' Lies Over Economic Recovery
  147. Swaziland: Impossible to Cut Poverty
  148. Zambia: Sakeni Backs ACC Over Rupiah Banda Summons
  149. Zambia: Kabwe Taxi Driver Shot Over Girlfriend
  150. Tunisia: Prominent Opposition Leader Assassinated
  151. Morocco: Jailed Rapper Launches Hunger Strike
  152. Tunisia: Marzouki to Retain \Presidency
  153. Egypt: Egyptian, U.S. Defense Ministers Confirm Enhancing Military Relations
  154. Egypt: Al-Azhar Calls On OIC Leaders to Face Judaization of Jerusalem
  155. Ghana/Burkina Faso: Shock for Black Stars As Burkinabe Head for Afcon Final
  156. Nigeria/Mali: Resurgent Super Eagles Soar Above Continent Once Again
  157. Mali: French, Malian Troops Clash With Militants Around Gao
  158. Nigeria: Boko Haram Training Camps Found in Mali
  159. Nigeria: Presidency Orders Arrest of Militants That Surrender Arms in Niger Delta
  160. Somalia: With Increased Security, Healthcare Improves
  161. Rwanda: 'Expect More Acquittals,' Ngoga Warns
  162. Kenya: Bandits Kill One, Displace 15,000 in Baringo County
  163. Rwanda: Officials Dismiss Report of Fake Tuberculosis Drugs
  164. Rwanda: The Enigmatic ICTR Does It Again
  165. Congo-Kinshasa: South Africa Arrests Alleged DRC Rebels
  166. Namibia: Sheriff Uses Newspaper to Track Down Facebook Stalker
  167. Zimbabwe: Harare Faces Water Rationing
  168. South Africa: Shift Needed in Mining Model - Ramphele
  169. Zambia: Govt to Squeeze More Taxes From Mines
  170. Namibia: Pyramids Face Legal Action
  171. Namibia: Croc Devours Young Girl
  172. Namibia: Namibia Pledges Solidarity With Mali
  173. Zambia: Hichilema Files Petition to Quash Defamation Charges
  174. West Africa: French Arrest 'Jihadists'
  175. Ghana/Burkina Faso: Black Stars Face Burkinabe on Controversial Pitch
  176. Nigeria/Mali: Who Will Triumph in Battle of the Eagles?
  177. Liberia: Taylor Sues Govt for U.S.$200,000
  178. Mali: Northern Mali Faces Food, Currency Shortages
  179. Rwanda: Rwanda Upset Over Genocide Acquittals
  180. Sudan: Govt Explores Negotiations With Rebels
  181. Ethiopia: Bovine TB 'Threatens Health and Farm Incomes'
  182. Somalia: Court Jails Alleged Rape Victim, Journalist
  183. Somalia: Alleged Rape Victim, Journalist Who Interviewed Her Convicted in Somalia
  184. Southern Africa: Regional States Helped CIA Renditions, Says Report
  185. Zimbabwe: Marange Diamonds - Zanu-PF's Best Friend?
  186. Angola: Swiss NGO Report Exposes Trafigura's Dealings in Angola
  187. Swaziland: Ex-King's Man Attacks Progressives
  188. Zimbabwe: A New Take On Land Reform in Zimbabwe
  189. South Africa: TB Vaccine Trial Disappoints
  190. Namibia: Police to Register Job Seekers
  191. Namibia: Skin Cancer Rife in Namibia
  192. Zimbabwe: Traditional Leaders Not Happy With New Constitution
  193. Morocco: Rights Group Criticizes Military Trial of Sahrawi Civilians
  194. Libya: Encouraging Women to Play a Greater Role in Politics
  195. Algeria: Imprisonment and Fines Against Human Rights Activists
  196. Egypt: Investigations Begin in Case of Tortured-to-Death Egyptian
  197. Egypt: 396 Injured Police Since Egypt Violence Erupted - Interior Ministry
  198. Africa: Will Nigeria Overtake South Africa as Regional Powerhouse?
  199. West Africa: Tanker Hijacked Off Côte d'Ivoire
  200. Mali: West Joins 'War on Terror' Again
  201. Nigeria/Cote d'Ivoire: Super Eagles Swooped On Yaya Toure
  202. Mali: UN Alarm At Mali Army Abuse Claim
  203. Rwanda: Convictions of Genocide Suspects Overturned
  204. Rwanda: Congolese Refugees in Rwanda Complain of Insufficient Food, Water
  205. Uganda: Nebanda Inquest Set to Start This Month
  206. Rwanda: Parents Should Open Up to Their Children About Sex Education
  207. Rwanda: Rwanda Shocked By Genocide Acquittals
  208. South Africa: Govt Raises Minimum Farm Wages 50 Percent
  209. Swaziland: Opposition Says Observers Must Boycott Election
  210. South Africa: Govt Uses Apartheid Law to Supress Reporting
  211. Zambia: By-Elections Are Not Our Fault, Sata Tells Catholic Bishops
  212. South Africa: Short Term Victory for Farm Workers
  213. South Africa: TB Vaccine Fails
  214. Swaziland: 'Times' Attacked Over Nude Photo
  215. Nigeria/Cote d'Ivoire: Super Eagles Rock Afcon's Foundations
  216. Togo/Burkina Faso: Burkinabe Pile On Pressure to Win in Extra Time
  217. Mali: French Bomb Rebels in North
  218. Nigeria: France Hands Over Stolen Nigerian Artifacts
  219. Cape Verde/Ghana: Blue Sharks Give Black Stars Uphill Task
  220. Kenya: Kibaki May Be in Office Untill June
  221. Uganda: Museveni, the Military and Parliament
  222. Sudan: Can South Sudan Survive Without Sudan?
  223. Kenya: Abolishing Female Genital Mutilation Through Grassroots Education
  224. Sudan: Sudan Says Suspension of UN Voting Rights 'Politically Motivated'
  225. Swaziland: Swazi Election 'Will Be a Fraud'
  226. Mali/South Africa: Win Over Bafana Lifts Spirits of War-Torn Nation
  227. South Africa/Mali: Heartbreak for Hosts As Mali Repeat a Feat
  228. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Sets Election Date
  229. Angola: Government Suspends Universal Church
  230. Zimbabwe: Satanism Fear Rocks Remand Prison
  231. Zimbabwe: 'Nkomo Was Hurt By Gukurahundi'
  232. Zimbabwe: Chihuri's Vote Calls Undermine Mugabe
  233. Egypt: Egyptian Protesters in Suez Defy Morsi's Night-Time Curfew
  234. Morocco: Morocco's Reform Pledges Undercut By Repression of Dissidents
  235. Egypt: Clashes Erupt At Presidential Palace
  236. Egypt: Security Reinforcements Around Cairo Presidential Palace
  237. Egypt: Marches in Alexandria Head Towards Local Municipality
  238. South Africa/Mali: Bafana's Afcon Dream Ended By Mali
  239. Mali: Timbuktu Welcomes French President
  240. Ghana/Cape Verde: Black Stars End Cape Verde's Gallant Run
  241. Nigeria: Task Force Raids Boko Haram Camps, Kills 17
  242. Nigeria/Cote d'Ivoire: Super Eagles Will Seriously Challenge Ivorians
  243. Africa: A Bewitching Tale of Albinism in Tanzania
  244. Uganda: How Ruling Party Wants to Deal With Rebellious MPs
  245. Somalia: UN Relief Official Cautions Against Complacency On Food Security
  246. Somalia: UK Should Show Leadership on Sexual Violence in Somalia
  247. Somalia: Syria, Somalia Were Most Dangerous Countries for Journalists in 2012
  248. Zimbabwe: 76 Inmates Await Hangman
  249. Zambia: Free Secondary Education Coming, Says Vice President
  250. Namibia: State May Appeal Incest Rape Sentence