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  1. Morocco: HM the King in Safi: Strong Development Momentum Thanks to New INDH Projects
  2. Senegal: Former President Wade's Son Incarcerated
  3. Mali: 'The Power Is in the Street' - the Context of State Failure
  4. Liberia: Braving Deadly Traffic to Earn a Living
  5. Nigeria: Kidnapped French Family Freed - Cameroon President
  6. Guinea Bissau: U.S. Charges Coup Leader With Trafficking
  7. Kenya: Quit If You're Unhappy With Pay, MPs Told
  8. Kenya: Smart Phones Push Data Growth As Broadband Tumbles
  9. Sudan: UN Peacekeeping Mission Probing Murder of Blue Helmet in Muhajeria
  10. Kenya: Helicopter Rescues 45 Garissa Farm Workers
  11. Rwanda: Ministerial Meeting Reviews Timeline for Solving Rwandan Refugee Situation
  12. Zambia: Land Ownership Debate Hots Up
  13. Southern Africa: Major Trade Deal Between EU and Region Expected
  14. Southern Africa: Zimbabwe Extends Poll Funding Appeal to South Africa, Angola
  15. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Marks Zimbabwean Independence as Elections Loom
  16. South Africa: Patients Fear for Their Health After ARV Shortage
  17. South Africa: Patient in Hospital After Wrong Prescription
  18. Namibia: Pohamba a True Statesman
  19. Namibia: MPs Want Better Pay and Status
  20. The Euphemism of “Mass Incarceration”
  21. São Tomé and Príncipe: Living His Own Legacy - The Nation's Democratising Dictator
  22. Mali: Chad Plays Politics Over Costly Mali Deployment
  23. Egypt: Refugees Taken Hostage in 'Lawless' Sinai
  24. Egypt: Mubarak Retrial to Resume on 11 May
  25. Egypt: Egypt's Foreign Debt Reached $38.8 Billion at End of 2012
  26. Egypt: IMF Official Urges Nation to Abolish Energy Subsidies
  27. Egypt: Prosecutor Orders Mubarak's Return to Prison Hospital
  28. Nigeria: 1.8 Million Nigerian Children Orphaned By HIV/Aids Related Death - Official
  29. Nigeria: Nigeria External Reserves Still Above U.S.$48 Billion
  30. Liberia: Ex-Soldiers Threaten to Storm the Courts
  31. Liberia: Cote d'Ivoire Wants Drones at Liberian Border
  32. Nigeria: As Jonathan Names Amnesty Panel, Boko Haram to Get 60 Days to Disarm
  33. Burundi: UN Experts Warn of Consequences of Coffee Privatization
  34. Kenya: President Kenyatta Slashes Ministries
  35. Burundi: Agriculture Sector Taps Into Belgian Funds
  36. Sudan: A Way Forward for South Kordofan and Blue Nile?
  37. Zimbabwe: Independence Day - What's There to Celebrate?
  38. Swaziland: Editor Faces Two Years in Jail After 'Contempt' Conviction
  39. South Africa: Backing a Legal Rhino Horn Trade
  40. Zimbabwe: No Zimbabwe Media Reforms, Just More Intimidation
  41. South Africa: Govt 'Working On Khoi, San Land Rights'
  42. Zambia: 'Lifting Immunity Is Normal in Zambian Politics'
  43. South Africa: Dept. of Health Withholding National Aids Vaccine Plan
  44. Angola: Angola and Russia Analyse Cooperation
  45. Somalia: UN Expert Urges Govt to Strengthen Justice System Following Attacks
  46. Nigeria: U.S. Court Dismisses Shell Torture Case
  47. Egypt: Walking the IMF Tight Rope
  48. Tunisia: Motion for Dismissal of Marzouki Lodged With Constituent Assembly Registry
  49. Algeria: Nation Thwarts Mali Arms Smuggling
  50. Egypt: Hot-Air Balloon Flights Resume in Luxor After Six-Week Suspension
  51. Tunisia: President Marzouki Presents Condolences to U.S. President Obama Following Bo
  52. Cote d'Ivoire: Significant Threats Confront Nation Despite Progress Towards Stability
  53. Ghana: WFP Increases Purchases From Smallholder Farmers
  54. West Africa: Sahel Food Crisis Response 'Better' but More to Do - Oxfam
  55. Nigeria: Jonathan, Nigerian Wealthy Family Named in 'Dubious' Malawi Oil Deal
  56. Nigeria: U.S. Agency Blasts Jonathan, Wants Nigeria Designated 'Country of Particular
  57. Kenya: Kenyatta to Unveil Leaner Cabinet
  58. Rwanda: Internal Political Shifts Triggered by Returning Diaspora Politicians
  59. Sudan: UN Calls for Humanitarian Access to Civilians Protected By Peacekeepers
  60. Mauritius: Mauritians Unprepared for Effects of Climate Change
  61. East Africa: Half a Million Kenyans, Ethiopians Face Conflict, Hunger Due to Dam - Re
  62. Zimbabwe: Political Overhaul Key to Diamond Success
  63. Zimbabwe: Govt Eyes Irrigation Law to Boost Farm Sector
  64. South Africa: Should Taxpayers Subsidise Car-Making Robots?
  65. Namibia: 'Struggle Kids' Arrested By Police
  66. South Africa: "Justice" Is a Circus
  67. Angola: Investigations Into Dodgy Deals
  68. South Africa: SA to Celebrate 20 Years of Freedom
  69. Somalia: PM Says 'Foreign Involvement' in Mogadishu Courthouse Massacre
  70. Uganda: Asian States Interested in Uganda's Oil Refinery
  71. Egypt: Court Sentences Killer of Salafi to 15 Years
  72. Egypt: Mubarak Detained for 45 Days On Charges of Graft, Corruption
  73. Tunisia: Ben Jaafar - National Dialogue Requires Broad Consensus
  74. Egypt: Governments Threatened By TV Show Do Not Deserve to Continue - Local Satirist
  75. Egypt: Mubarak Would Still Be Arrested for Other Cases - Paper
  76. Ghana: Court Challenge to Ghanian Election Outcome
  77. Cameroon: Who Owns the Land? Large-Scale Land-Grabs in Cameroon
  78. Senegal: President Urged to Save Local Fish
  79. Mali: Chad Begins Withdrawing Troops
  80. Liberia: Weah's Party Still Threatening to 'Arrest' Prince Johnson
  81. Kenya: The Road to Fulfilling Election Promises
  82. Somalia: Al-Shebaab to Launch More Attacks After Court Assault - Spokesperson
  83. Kenya: Old Tensions Persist in Kenya's Rift Valley
  84. Tanzania: Swine Fever Spreads to More Regions
  85. East Africa: UN Special Rapporteur On Human Rights in Eritrea Plans Visits to Neighbo
  86. South Africa: Nation Moves to Protect Rooibos Tea From French Company
  87. South Africa: Boston Explosions 'Felt Like a Movie', Says Athlete
  88. South Africa: Two South Africans Injured in Boston Blast
  89. Zimbabwe: Biti Slams Lack of Diamond Remittances
  90. South Africa: Wheelchair Stars Shine at SA Open
  91. Malawi: Selenium Deficiency 'Endemic' in Malawi
  92. Mozambique: Poorest in Mozambique May Be Left Out of Economic Upturn, UN Expert Warns
  93. Zambia: ADD Worried With PF Graft Fight
  94. South Africa: Anderson Edged in Casablanca Final
  95. Africa: AU 50th Anniversary Celebrations Launched
  96. Somalia: Mogadishu Attack an 'Act of Desperation' for Al-Shabaab
  97. Egypt: Egypt Lowers Growth Expectation to 2.5 Percent in 2012-2013
  98. Egypt: Aviation Minister to Discuss Airport City Project in London
  99. Egypt: Judge Walks Out On Retrial of Hosni Mubarak
  100. Egypt: Supporters, Opponents of Muslim Brotherhood Clash in Alexandria
  101. Egypt: The Necessity Of Revolutionary Violence In Egypt
  102. West Africa: Iranian President Ahmadinejad in West Africa
  103. Sierra Leone: Using Technology to Save Lives
  104. Mali: Security, Dialogue and Meaningful Reform
  105. Mali: One Year After the Crisis Began, Needs Remain Massive and Challenging
  106. Benin: USAID Fights Neglected Tropical Diseases In Benin
  107. Africa: Bomb Blasts Rock Boston Marathon
  108. Djibouti: Opposition Spokesman Released From Prison
  109. Zimbabwe: South Sudan Minister Pays Courtesy Call On President
  110. Zimbabwe: CFU's U-Turn On Land Reform Commendable, but . . .
  111. Zimbabwe: Battle Lines Drawn in Manicaland
  112. Zimbabwe: Hungwe Case Before President
  113. South Africa: Tribute To Chris Hani On The 20th Anniversary Of His Assassination
  114. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Reinventing Himself - Report
  115. Zimbabwe: PM Rules Out Coalition Government
  116. Mozambique: Joint Action Along Tanzania Border Agreed
  117. Libya: Tunisians Find Jobs in Libya
  118. Sierra Leone: "We Will Continue To Prioritize Agriculture" - President
  119. Congo-Kinshasa: Bosco Ntaganda's Surrender: What Must be Different This Time
  120. Swaziland: Armed Police Block Public Meeting
  121. Egypt: Egypt Signs Two Contracts With Qatar, Iraq in Petroleum Field
  122. Egypt: 'Women of All Social Classes Are Subjected to Oppression'
  123. Egypt: 30 Arrested in Sectarian Violence Incidents - Mio
  124. Egypt: Protests Renewed in Alexandria Airport Amid Tight Security
  125. Egypt: Imprisonment of Political Activist Hassan Mostafa Case Postponed
  126. Nigeria: Mend Threatens Anti-Islam Attack
  127. Liberia: Sirleaf Makes Appointments to the Supreme Court
  128. Nigeria: High Hopes As Nigeria Invests in Alternative Fuel for Cars
  129. Nigeria: Northern Speakers Want Northern Govs Included in Amnesty Committee
  130. Angola: Minister Encourages Entrepreneurs to Seek Opportunities in Sao Tome
  131. Rwanda: One Woman's Efforts to Restore More Than Just Forests
  132. Kenya: President Offers Odinga Special Envoy Post
  133. Somalia: Two-Hour Mogadishu Court Raid Ends With Fatalities
  134. Djibouti: Kuwaiti Fund Pledges Loan for Electricity Plant
  135. Somalia: Senior UN Official 'Shocked and Outraged' By Today's Deadly Attacks
  136. Zimbabwe: Why Has Support For The MDC Plummeted So Much?
  137. Swaziland: Swazi Police Now 'A Private Militia'
  138. Zambia: Gay Rights Activist Denies Charge
  139. Swaziland: Protesters 'Occupy' Swazi Consulate
  140. Zambia: Sunshine Tour Declares Zambia Ready
  141. Angola: Vice-President Returns Home
  142. South Africa: Limpopo Children Get Safe New Pre-School
  143. Morocco/Gabon: Gabon Hoping For History To Repeat Itself Against Morocco In The Opene
  144. Egypt: Release Report On Abuse Of Protesters - Morsy Should End Secrecy, Victims' Fam
  145. Libya: Release Ailing Newspaper Editor - Drop Criminal Defamation Charges, Lift Restr
  146. Morocco: HRH Prince Moulay Rachid Receives President of Jordan's Phosphates Company
  147. Tunisia: Release TV Station Director - Highest Court Issues Third Decision To Free Hi
  148. Nigeria: Action Congress's National Vice Chairman Killed By Kidnappers
  149. Mali: UN Reaffirms Support For African Military Force After Deadly Terrorist Attack
  150. Nigeria: Ezu Corpses Autopsy - Report With Senate
  151. Sierra Leone: Unicef Provides 73 Motorbikes for Water and Sanitation Projects As Part
  152. Namibia: Accra Flights Back On The Radar
  153. South Sudan: Security Tightened Ahead of Bashir?s Juba Visit
  154. Africa: UN Welcomes Discussions Between Two Sudanese Presidents
  155. Burundi: New Law Would Muzzle Journalists
  156. Chad: Fresh Tribal Clashes In Darfur Trigger Largest Influx Of Refugees Into Chad In
  157. Zambia: Rupiah Banda Granted Application to Challenge Lifting of Immunity
  158. Zimbabwe: War Veterans Leader Threatens Widespread Violence
  159. South Africa: Latest Police Brutality Incident Shows Need For Commission Of Inquiry
  160. South Africa: Bafana Bafana Drop Two Places In Fifa Rankings Despite Win
  161. Zimbabwe: Chinamasa Blocks UN Election Assessment Team
  162. Zimbabwe: Fresh Fears Of Blood On The Floor
  163. Zimbabwe: Zanu Pf Plotting To Manipulate Swing Constituencies
  164. Zimbabwe: Zanu Pf Battles To Quell Renewed Internal Strife
  165. We Will Shoot Back!
  166. Nigeria: "Everyone Is Desirous of an End to This Conflict"
  167. Libya: Prosecuting Gaddafi-Era Crimes In Libya
  168. Egypt: Mubarak, Aides Retrial Begins Saturday
  169. Tunisia: Cabinet Meeting On Situation Of CPG And Chemical Group
  170. Egypt: Presidential Aide Says Nation Welcomes Advice, Not Intervention
  171. North Africa: G8 Foreign Ministers Discuss Sexual Violence, Mideast Peace
  172. Nigeria: The Film Industry - A Potential Gold Mine?
  173. Mauritania: Mali Refugees Stranded In Desert With No Hope Of Return
  174. Nigeria: Govt Needs Amnesty, Not Us - Boko Haram
  175. Mali: Urgent Need For Political Reform as French Depart
  176. Nigeria: Gunmen Kill Policemen, Civilians and Cart Away Rifles In Yobe
  177. East Africa: Rapprochement Between Sudan And South Sudan
  178. Zambia: Kenya Acknowledges Rupiah At Uhuru's Ceremony
  179. Uganda: A Web Of Love And Solidarity Keeps Eritrean Refugees Afloat
  180. Sudan: UN Expands Aid To Conflict-Ravaged Blue Nile State
  181. South Sudan: S. Sudan Tightens Security Ahead of Bashir's Juba Visit
  182. South Africa: Questions Raised About Deployment To DR Congo
  183. Mozambique: Govt to Hold Talks With Renamo
  184. Zambia: Hichilema Condemns Harassment Of Rupiah
  185. Zambia: Mutesa, Nevers Praise Sata On Mutati's UN Bid
  186. Zambia: Ruling Party Wants To End Debate On Gay Rights
  187. Swaziland: Forty Years Without Parties In Swaziland
  188. Africa: Time To Learn From Thatcherism and Its Origins
  189. Egypt: President Awards Nine Scientists Order Of Science
  190. Egypt: Qatar Offers Nation Another U.S.$3 Billion in Aid
  191. Egypt: Morsi Withdraws Complaints Against Journalists
  192. Egypt: Ex-Presidential Candidate - Early Elections Not Coup Against Legitimacy
  193. Egypt: Mursi Withdraws All Complaints Against Journalists
  194. Senegal: Africa's "Great Green Wall" Bears Fruit for Families
  195. Mali: Refugees Strive to Rebuild Their Lives
  196. Nigeria: Presidency Defends Arrest of Leadership Journalists
  197. Liberia: Weah's Party Calls Lawmakers 'Bunch of Rogues'
  198. Nigeria: APC - A Progressive Change or a Powerless Coalition?
  199. Uganda: Heart-Warming Innovation Saves Newborns
  200. East Africa: How Could a Lasting Peace Between Ethiopia and Eritrea Be Achieved?
  201. Kenya: Bringing Kenya's Government to the People
  202. Africa: In the Wake of Kony - Peace Versus Justice in Uganda
  203. Central Africa: Govt Accused of Sending Arms to Seleka Rebels - Report
  204. Mozambique: Twenty Years of Peace at Risk?
  205. South Africa: The Tatane Case Raises Hard Questions for Prosecuting Authority
  206. Swaziland: Swaziland 'Becoming Military State' - Report
  207. Malawi: Govt Responds in Madonna 'Special Treatment' Row
  208. South Africa: Mandela Company Court Battle Heats Up
  209. South Africa: Girl's Rape Video On Social Media
  210. South Africa: Fewer Dying of HIV and Aids, More of Diabetes
  211. Malawi: Madonna's Comments 'Smack of Blackmail'
  212. Uganda: Anti-Pornography Bill Not About Miniskirts - Minister
  213. Egypt: Protesters March for Unity After Sectarian Violence
  214. Libya: Detained Journalist's Wife Asks Why Publishing Articles Has 'Become So Dangero
  215. Morocco: The Guardian Published a Short Documentary On the Lives of Sahrawi Refugees
  216. Egypt: Egypt Arrests Four Jihadist Suspects in Sinai
  217. Egypt: Egypt's NGO Funding Crackdown
  218. Liberia: Women Seek Better Future Under Constitution
  219. Mali: French Families Press Mali to Scrap Ban On Foreign Adoption
  220. Nigeria: Nigeria Can Become Big Player in Steel Manufacturing Globally - Industrialis
  221. Nigeria: Experts Say High External Reserves Is a Good Development
  222. Nigeria: Amnesty Key to Restoring Peace in the North, Says Wamakko
  223. Somalia: President Admits Rapes by Security Forces
  224. Kenya: Maasai Keep Lions At Bay With Solar Power and Ingenuity
  225. Uganda: Museveni Lashes Out At the ICC and West
  226. Somalia: Somali Music Festival Takes Aim At Al-Shabab
  227. South Africa: Mandela's Daughters Go to Court for Control of His Companies
  228. Zambia: My Trial Is a Sham, Says Rupiah Banda
  229. Zimbabwe: Police Hunt Fugitive MDC-T Official
  230. Zimbabwe: Storm Leaves 244 in the Lurch
  231. Namibia: Thousands Receive Flood Relief in Caprivi
  232. Namibia: 'Struggle Kids' Saga Continues
  233. Namibia: Pricing of Poultry Defended? Think Quality Says Ferreira
  234. South Africa: 'Cure for Death Discovered' - Why Media Reports On Science Are Often Mi
  235. Nigeria: Made in America - the Nigerian Way
  236. South Sudan: Ambush Leaves UN Peacekeepers Among 13 Dead
  237. South Africa: Deputy Minister Advocates for Disability Compliance in Universities
  238. Zimbabwe: When Is Research 'Really Authoritative'? - A Response on Land Reform
  239. Tunisia: 'Topless Jihad' Sparks Rights Debate
  240. Tunisia: Preliminary Draft of Constitution Reflects Tunisia's Societal Project Based
  241. Egypt: U..S. Welcome Morsi's Vow to Conduct Probe Into Violence Acts
  242. Egypt: Tawadros: Church Awaits Investigations Into Cathedral Acts
  243. Egypt: Defense Minister: Army Is Devoted to Stability of Country
  244. Gambia: Arrests After Announcement of Election Results
  245. Cameroon: Stowaway Found Dead in Cameroon-Paris Plane Landing Gear
  246. Africa: Is Justice Gaining a Foothold?
  247. Liberia: April 12 Protest Postponed Due to Outcry - Report
  248. Nigeria: Militants Suspected in Police Killings in Niger Delta
  249. Eritrea: Why Eritrea Is Not the North Korea of Africa
  250. East Africa: Somalia's Jubaland Process May Embolden Al-Shabaab