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  1. Zambia: Sata Violated Law With Arrest, Says Lawyer
  2. South Africa: Oil Firm to Explore East Coast
  3. South Africa: Doctors Keep Mandela in Hospital
  4. South Africa: Lobby Group Challenges Mine Over Pay Rise
  5. South Africa: Ruling Party Fails Women
  6. Angola: New House Allocation Registration Procedure Announced
  7. South Africa: Malaria Cases Decline in Limpopo
  8. Western Sahara: Dispute With Morocco Drags On
  9. Egypt: Nation's New Prosecutor Resigns
  10. Egypt: Update - Attorney General to Officially Resign From Post Sunday
  11. Egypt: Nation's Opposition Protest New Constitution
  12. Egypt: Egypt Judges Not to Oversee Second Round of Constitutional Referendum
  13. Africa: New Cholera Strain Poses Prevention Challenges
  14. Cameroon: Court Upholds 'Homosexuality' Conviction
  15. Liberia: Govt Fails to Freeze Taylor's Assets
  16. Nigeria: Why They Kidnapped My Mother - Finance Minister
  17. Gambia: Gov't to Spend Over Five Billion in 2013
  18. Uganda: Aid Cuts Threaten Vital Public Services
  19. Kenya: Police Found Guilty of Murdering 7 Taxi Drivers
  20. Congo-Kinshasa: Goma Conflict Placed on Hold
  21. Kenya: Gender Equality Frustrated Ahead of Elections
  22. Uganda: Chaos in Parliament Over Canceled Tribute
  23. South Africa: Zuma's Deputy Could Leave Govt
  24. Angola: Water for Chevron and a Lesson for the Government
  25. South Africa: Zuma Retains Party Leadership, Ramaphosa New Deputy
  26. Angola: Angola's Sovereign Wealth Fund - the U.S.$5 Billion Logo
  27. South Africa: Safa President, Officials Suspended
  28. Malawi: Timber and Straw - the Story of a Village Clinic in Malawi
  29. South Africa: Constitutional Court Finds Irregularities in ANC Free State Vote
  30. South Africa: Behold, the Zuma Moment!
  31. Egypt: Women Council Asks for Response On Referendum Complaints
  32. Egypt: Council Halts Marriage Attempt of 14-Year-Old Girl
  33. Egypt: Egypt's Opposition Marches Against Charter Tuesday
  34. Tunisia: Second Anniversary of Revolution - Start of Festivities in Sidi Bouzid
  35. Egypt: Expats Finish Voting On New Constitution Monday
  36. Sierra Leone: Taylor Appeal Set Down for January
  37. Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Hearing to Begin in February
  38. Liberia: Sirleaf Denies Report About Support to Weah
  39. Cote d'Ivoire: Women Officers Join Peacekeeping Force
  40. Mali: Northern Communities Struggle to Sustain Livelihoods
  41. Kenya: Fast-Growing Kenya Facing Ground Water Depletion
  42. Somalia: Potential Goldmine for Fishermen As Piracy Declines
  43. Kenya: Ombudsman Wants Sonko, Waititu Barred From Poll
  44. Sudan: New Proposals to Break Deadlocked Security Talks
  45. Rwanda: Celebrate the Festive Season Responsibly
  46. Zambia: Power Struggle Within Ruling Party Escalates
  47. Zimbabwe: Teachers' Strike Looms
  48. South Africa: Zuma's Deputy Challenges His Party Leadership
  49. South Africa: ANC Leadership Debate Swamps Meaningful Discussion of Policy
  50. South Africa: Pens, Notepads and No Action
  51. South Africa: Political Report by President Jacob Zuma to the 53rd National Conferenc
  52. Zimbabwe: Markers Threaten to Down Tools
  53. Zimbabwe: Judiciary's New Approach Welcome
  54. Egypt: Voting of Egyptian Expatriates Over Referendum Extended Until Monday
  55. Sudan: Opposition Leader Arrested
  56. Uganda: NGOs Hit Back At President Museveni Over Oil
  57. Zambia: Zambia Is World 2nd Best
  58. Egypt: Violations Mar Referendum, Say Rights Groups
  59. Egypt: Counting Begins After Vote on Constitution
  60. Egypt: Opposition Party HQ 'Attacked'
  61. Egypt: Voting Hours on Referendum Extended
  62. Egypt: Rights Groups List Violations in Constitution Referendum
  63. Nigeria: New Governor Sworn in After Chopper Crash
  64. Nigeria: Yero Pledges Continuity As Kaduna Governor
  65. Nigeria: State Governor Dies in Helicopter Crash
  66. Nigeria: Kaduna Governor Patrick Yakowa Dies in Helicopter Crash
  67. Rwanda: UN Commends Rwandan Women Peacekeepers in Ivory Coast
  68. Congo-Kinshasa: Bring Women into DRC Peace Talks - Diop
  69. Uganda: Anti-Gay Law Brings Pressure
  70. South Sudan: FBI Offers to Probe Commentator's Killing
  71. Kenya: Nurses Vow to Continue With Strike
  72. Sudan: Bashir's Health a Key Driver for Coup Attempt Says Presidential Assistant
  73. Africa: Development Requires Investment, Democracy - Moeletsi Mbeki
  74. South Africa: Ruling Party Boss Roasts Youth, Unions
  75. Botswana: Nation Faces Future Without Diamonds
  76. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Backtracks On Early Elections
  77. South Africa: The Rapture of Mangaung
  78. Rwanda: Rwandan Refugees in Zambia 'Buy' Citizenship
  79. Morocco: France, Morocco Sign Solar, Wind-Power Deals
  80. Egypt: Ballot Boxes Sealed, Vote Counting Begins
  81. Nigeria: Police - No Ransom Paid for Prof. Okonjo's Release
  82. Nigeria: Court Admits Fresh Evidence Linking Ndume to Boko Haram
  83. Sudan: Abu Tira Forces Allegedly Kill Student
  84. Zimbabwe: Alarm Bells Toll At Zanu-PF Indaba
  85. South Africa: Dinner With the President
  86. Namibia: The Selling of the Country
  87. South Africa: Learners Lobby for Free Wikipedia Access
  88. South Africa: Lacklustre Celebration of Familial Flamenco Heritage
  89. Egypt: Voters Decide on New Constitution
  90. Egypt: ElBaradei Urges Egyptians to Vote Against Constitution
  91. Tunisia: Tunisia Arrests Terror Suspects
  92. Tunisia: Ben Ali Relative Captured in Seychelles
  93. Egypt: Govt to Strictly Confront Violations in Referendum - Prime Minister
  94. Nigeria: Kidnappers Collect Ransom, Free Minister's Mother
  95. Nigeria: Yakowa, Azazi's Death - We Are Shocked Beyond Imagination - PDP
  96. Liberia: Stuck With Thieves
  97. Sudan: African Union Refers Abyei Issue to Heads of State
  98. Kenya: Kenya PM Slams Article Claiming He's Unwell
  99. Kenya: Free Education Fails to Keep One Million Children in School
  100. Sudan: One Killed, 5 Abducted Near El-Fasher
  101. South Africa: Mandela Surgeons Remove Gallstones
  102. Swaziland: Activist Editor On Contempt Charge
  103. Swaziland: The 'Times' and Poor Press Standards
  104. South Africa: Mandela Remains Hospitalized As Questions Grow
  105. WPFW v. Pacifica! Also: A Report from the Dorothy Cotton Institute Delegation to Pale
  106. Guinea: Govt Announces 2013 Polls
  107. Nigeria: Govts Agree to Move on Cameroon Border Dispute
  108. Kenya: Court Rules Against Gender Quota in 2013 Parliament
  109. Egypt: UN Experts Critical of Constitution Over Women's Rights
  110. Libya: Hague Seeks Action on Gaddafi Son
  111. Egypt: Supporters, Opponents of Nation's President Rally Ahead of Referendum
  112. Tunisia: Local Labour Union Cancels Strike
  113. Morocco: The African Peace and Security Council Rejects Nation's Participation in a S
  114. Nigeria: Finance Minister's Mother Freed
  115. Cote d'Ivoire: Now They Both Wear the Pants - Family Code Revised
  116. Gambia: Case to Abolish Death Penalty Falls On Toothless Court
  117. Nigeria: Soldiers Arrest Dozens Over High-Profile Kidnapping
  118. Gambia: Today Is Budget Speech
  119. Eritrea: UN Agency Boosts Food Security
  120. Uganda: MPs Were Bribed to Fail Oil Bill - Museveni
  121. Uganda: 'Kill the Gays' Bill Stalls in Parliament Amid Global Outcry
  122. Rwanda: In the Market for a Wife - Paying Dowries in Rwanda
  123. Mauritius: Yes, We Can - Mauritius Quadruples the Level of Women in Local Government!
  124. South Africa: Zuma May Trump Opponents With New Mbeki-Style Deputy
  125. South Africa: Senior Minister to Step Down from Party Leadership
  126. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Ministers Demand Huge Bribe
  127. Zimbabwe: Military Promise War Veterans Money Before Polls
  128. South Africa: Govt Keeps Mandela Hospital Secret
  129. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Fails to Consult Cabinet on Congo Deployment
  130. Botswana: Police Beat San Hunters, Says Lobby
  131. South Africa: Patients Denied Critical TB Drug
  132. Zimbabwe: ACPZ Mounts Supreme Court Appeal
  133. Tunisia: Unions Call Off General Strike
  134. Egypt: Opposition to Vote 'No' in Referendum
  135. North Africa: Dreams of a 'Green Utopia' Wither in the Maghreb
  136. Tunisia: General Strike May Be Averted, for Now
  137. Egypt: Egypt's Stock Recovers Ahead of Constitution Referendum
  138. Cote d'Ivoire: Hague Judges Dismiss Gbagbo Challenge
  139. West Africa: Growing Piracy Threatens Western Oil
  140. Rwanda: Genocide Prisoners Released Early
  141. Mali: Second Coup Shows Military Still Holds Sway
  142. Ghana: Opposition Heads to Court Over Polls
  143. Sudan: Major Study Suggests Crimes Against Humanity
  144. Uganda: New Law Fails to Ease Oil Concerns in Uganda
  145. Uganda: Gadgets - Remote Desktop Solutions
  146. Sudan: ICC Considers New War Crimes Charges On Darfur
  147. Zimbabwe: New Deadlock Hits Constitutional Talks
  148. South Africa: Special Unit Re-Opens Machel Plane Crash Probe
  149. South Africa: Reserve Bank Chiefs Take Salary Freeze
  150. Zimbabwe: A Day With a Child-Headed Family
  151. Congo-Kinshasa: Housing the DRC Refugees
  152. South Africa: I Hate Rhinos
  153. Zimbabwe: Ministers Off the Hook
  154. Zimbabwe: Firms Face Seizure
  155. Guinea: The Gulf of Guinea - the New Danger Zone
  156. Africa: First Angolan Teenagers Win International Diana Award for HIV Awareness Campa
  157. Egypt: Brotherhood Abused Protesters, Says Rights Group
  158. Egypt: Army Delays Talks With Political Forces
  159. Egypt: Thousands March to Presidential Palace in Protest of Charter
  160. Egypt: Ministry of Health - 12 Injured in Tuesday Tahrir Scuffles
  161. Egypt: Mursi Approves Army's Unity Talks, Referendum Goes Ahead in Foreign Embassies
  162. Mali: President Appoints New PM
  163. Nigeria: Kidnappers Demand Huge Ransom for Finance Minister's Mother
  164. Senegal: Peanut Farmers Threaten to Block Exports
  165. Nigeria: Jonathan Urges U.S. to Help Fight Boko Haram, Kidnapping
  166. Gambia: Fatou Bensouda Joins Forces With UK Foreign Office to Fight Gender and Sexual
  167. Kenya: Europe Bans Kenyatta
  168. Madagascar: Midwives Saving Mothers
  169. South Sudan: U.S. Envoy to Sudans Steps Down
  170. Kenya: Gender Rule to Be Progressive, Orders Court
  171. Kenya: President Petitions Judiciary On Election Appeals
  172. Africa: Remarkable Strides, Formidable Challenges, Says Malaria Fighter
  173. South Africa: Doctors 'Satisfied' With Mandela's Progress
  174. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Backs Nanotechnology As Route to New Drugs
  175. Mozambique: No Advance in Government-Renamo Talks
  176. South Africa: Mpumalanga Residents Warned of Heavy Rains
  177. South Africa: Govt Working to Assist Mpuma, KZN Flood Victims
  178. Zimbabwe: Attaching Masvingo Council Property Irresponsible
  179. Zimbabwe: Rangers Kill Poachers, Recover Weapons of War
  180. Ghana: Where Next for Ghana's Democracy?
  181. Central Africa: White House Defends Low-Key Stance on Rwanda, Congo
  182. Rwanda: Speaking the Language of the World?
  183. Swaziland: King's Airport 'Not Ready Until 2016'
  184. South Africa: Farm Employers Say Proposed Wage Increase Too Steep
  185. Egypt: Cairo Crowds Gather for Rallies
  186. Egypt: New Walls Built Around Presidential Palace
  187. Libya: Libya Disbands Supreme Security Committee
  188. Tunisia: Rural Poor Pose Learning Curve for Development Scheme
  189. Libya: Libya Must Submit Evidence It Is Investigating Gaddafi
  190. Mali: Prime Minister Resigns After Arrest
  191. Mauritania: Anti-Slavery Law Still Tough to Enforce
  192. Mali: UN Blacklists Terror Group Based in West Africa
  193. Nigeria: Nigerian to Be Cleared of Terrorism Charges in the Netherlands
  194. Ghana: The Task before John Mahama
  195. Southern Africa: Regional Leaders Propose Madagascar Election Bans
  196. Africa: UN Official Calls for Boost to Smallholder Farming
  197. Somalia: Breaking Away From Intellectuals' Legacy of Corruption, Clan and Kleptocracy
  198. South Sudan: Security Talks Flounder
  199. Kenya: Security Concerns Persist
  200. South Africa: China's Tops in South African Trade
  201. Mozambique: Assembly Passes Bill on Elections Commission
  202. Angola: Brazilian Firms Bring Water and Power to Angolans
  203. South Africa: Mandela Treated for Lung Infection
  204. South Africa: President Zuma Lauds Tutu on Human Rights Award
  205. Southern Africa: SADC Takes Action On the Conflict in Eastern DRC
  206. South Africa: Day Four for Madiba in Hospital
  207. Egypt: Mursi Gives Military New Powers
  208. Egypt: Top Court Agrees to Oversee Referendum
  209. Egypt: Women Rights Groups Slam Egypt's New Charter
  210. Egypt: Morsi Gives Army Arrest Powers Until Referendum Vote
  211. Egypt: President Rescinds Decree
  212. Nigeria: Security Lapse Blamed for Kidnapping
  213. West Africa: Pirates Threaten Region's Shipping
  214. Mali: Ethnic Politics Drive Events in North
  215. Ghana: Election Declared 'Transparent' Despite Glitches
  216. Nigeria: New Niger Delta Report Challenges Shell's Investors
  217. Sudan: Students Protest in Khartoum
  218. Kenya: Kenyan Chief Justice Announces Special Court
  219. Southern Africa: Regional Leaders Speak on Madagascar, DR Congo, Zimbabwe
  220. Rwanda: Upholding Inyumba's Legacy
  221. Zimbabwe: Crackdown On Rights Activists Continues
  222. Zambia: Sata Wants Tougher Laws to Protect Women
  223. South Africa: Mandela in 'Good Hands,' Says Presidency
  224. Zimbabwe: Mugabe 'Upbeat' About Electoral Victory Following Gweru Conference
  225. Mozambique: Second Meeting Between Government and Renamo
  226. South Africa: The Great South African Cell Phone Rip-Off
  227. Namibia: Press Freedom Can Be About Life and Death
  228. South Africa: President Zuma Visits Mandela
  229. Egypt: Mursi Rescinds Controversial Decree
  230. Egypt: Egypt Judges' Club Convenes On New Mursi Decree
  231. Egypt: Rights Group Calls Govt to Stop Media Attacks
  232. Libya: Iraq - Halt Execution of Libyan Prisoner - Adel Shalani Sentenced On Unknown C
  233. Tunisia: NCA - National Anti-Corruption Strategy Presented in Plenary Session
  234. Ghana: President Mahama Declared Winner by Electoral Commission
  235. Nigeria: Kidnappers Abduct Okonjo-Iweala's Mother
  236. Ghana: No Clear Winner Yet in Ghana Presidential Race
  237. Nigeria: North Aims for Unity Ahead of 2015 Polls
  238. Ghana: Respect the People's Voice - President Mahama Urges Rivals
  239. Congo-Kinshasa: Southern Africa Sends Standby Force to East
  240. South Sudan: Army Kills 10 During Protest, Says UN
  241. Somalia: Govt Wrestles Key Town From Militants
  242. Kenya: UN Security Officer Murdered
  243. East Africa: Airline in Bid to Buy Ailing South African Carrier
  244. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Shifts Stance on Chinese Investors
  245. Angola: Summit Approves Integration of Neutral Military Forces in DRC
  246. Zimbabwe: Fear, Uncertainty Mark Zanu-PF Conference
  247. Southern Africa: SADC Effort to Solve Eastern DRC Conflict Goes Top-Notch
  248. Southern Africa: SADC Summit Concludes
  249. Nigeria: Federal Government Blames Oil Marketers for Fuel Queues
  250. Southern Africa: Region's Peace Top SADC Agenda