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  1. Angola: Lawyers Plan to Block New Post of Dos Santos's Daughter
  2. Angola: Govt Takes Wildlife Poachers Heads-On
  3. South Africa: Green Nation Status Improves - Global Status Report
  4. South Africa: Text Warnings Can Assist Hypertension Patients
  5. South Africa: South Africa Must Retell Its Past to Shape a Fairer Future
  6. South Africa: Stopping South Africa's Cycles of Violence
  7. Namibia: Tackling Entrenched Inequality – Monica Kalondo Geingos
  8. Somalia: Can Somliland Afford to Shun Its SMEs?
  9. Uganda: Ugandan Boxers Remember Ali
  10. Uganda: 18-Year-Old Arrested Over Child Sacrifice
  11. Uganda: State Wants Besigye Transferred
  12. West Africa: Liberia's President Sirleaf Becomes First Woman Ecowas Chair
  13. Niger: Government Forces Retake Bosso
  14. Nigeria: Senate Proposes Life Terms for Sale, Production of Fake Drugs
  15. Africa: Heart Monitoring Device Wins Top African Prize
  16. Africa: Has Habre Trial Provided Legal Blueprint?
  17. South Africa: Wind Issues Hold Horn Back but Conley Captures Another Win
  18. Egypt: Egypt Reiterates Commitment to Namibia Ties
  19. Morocco: HRH Princess Lalla Asmae Chairs Deaf Children's School-Year Graduation Cerem
  20. Algeria: Tripartite Meeting - Transition to Be Marked By Revitalization of Economic G
  21. Tanzania/Egypt: Salah Brace Shatters Stars Dreams
  22. South Africa: Mashaba Sings Praises of His Team's Dazzling Show
  23. Botswana: KFC Closes Down
  24. Seychelles: Chief Justice Leaves Official Residence After 'Hatred and Violence'
  25. Uganda: Man Held for Breaking Into Besigye's Home
  26. Nigeria: Why Nigerian Budget Must Always Have Constituency Projects - Speaker Dogara
  27. Nigeria: Kano Blasphemy - Islamic Group Condemns Killing, Wants Perpetrators Prosecut
  28. Nigeria: Traumatized 4-Year-Old Victim Who Cries "Boko Haram" Whenever He Sees Motorc
  29. Nigeria: Nigeria Loses Another N1.3 Billion Daily to Attacks By Niger Delta Avengers
  30. Nigeria: Buhari Heads to London for Medical Treatment
  31. Josh steals show at Alliance Francaise
  32. Gallery hosts wildlife exhibition
  33. Musona’s third time luck
  34. Equality as a stimulus for growth
  35. Katsande basks in glory
  36. Fired lecturer sues Prof Moyo
  37. President on point at ACP
  38. Editorial Comment – Corruption: We await the first arrests
  39. Zimasco poised for rebound
  40. 60 Eastlea families face eviction
  41. Zimbabwe: Bulawayo Council to Shoot Stray Dogs As Bites On the Increase
  42. South Africa: Terror Warnings - Is South Africa Really an Islamic State Target?
  43. Angola: Supersonic Nepotism - Illegalities At the Speed of Light
  44. Zimbabwe: Mugabe 'Lags Behind' in Social Media Interaction
  45. Mozambique: Mass Grave - Witnesses Invited to Come Forward
  46. Zimbabwe: Retired Army Chief Refuses to Leave Farm Despite Court Order
  47. South Africa: Beyond the Unthinkable? City Dwellings Without Security Walls
  48. Rwanda: Vanu Innovates Low-Cost Rural Coverage By Lowering Both Opex and Capex Costs
  49. Kenya: How Shakespeare Play Gave Rise to Obama
  50. Sudan: Bishop Accuses Forces of Indisriminate Bombing
  51. Somalia: Somaliland - Devastating Drought Changes Pastoralists' Lives Forever
  52. Tanzania: The Day Nyerere Refused to Meet Muhammad Ali
  53. South Africa/Gambia: Bafana Bafana Demolish Gambia At Home
  54. Nigeria: Govt Says It Has Seized Billions in Stolen Cash
  55. Nigeria: Christians Demand Protection After Woman Killed for Insulting Islam
  56. Niger: Boko Haram Attack 'Kills 32 Soldiers'
  57. Nigeria: Nigeria Seizes Billions in Looted Cash and Assets
  58. Egypt/Tanzania: Pharaohs Finally See Promise Land After Six-Year Wait
  59. Zimbabwe: Government Shifts Civil Servants' Bonus Pay Dates
  60. Zimbabwe: Man Stabs Teen for Sagging Pants, Jailed
  61. Zimbabwe: 50-Year-Old Motorist Hits, Kills Envoy
  62. Zimbabwe: Police Ban Former VP Mujuru Party Rally
  63. Malawi: Conservationists in Massive Bid to Relocate Elephants
  64. Angola: Dos Santos' Daughter Takes Charge of Oil Giant
  65. Burundi: Teens Detained for Defacing President's Photo
  66. Ethiopia: Ethiopians Speak Out Against Their Regime
  67. Uganda/Botswana: Cranes Beat Botswana to Edge Closer to Afcon Finals
  68. Uganda: In Defeat, Defiance - Why Uganda's Repression of Resistance Could Come Back t
  69. Niger: Confirmed - Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Nation
  70. South Africa/Gambia: Khune to Lead Bafana Bafana in Gambia
  71. Nigeria: Troops Killed in Clash With Boko Haram Fighters
  72. Niger: Boko Haram Attack On Army Base Kills Dozens of Soldiers
  73. Nigeria: Ten Things to Remember About Muhammad Ali
  74. Egypt: Over 12 Thousand Fire Outbreak Reports in 3 Months - Civil Protection
  75. Egypt: Egypt Receives 4.7 Million Tonnes of Wheat Since Start of Harvest Season - Min
  76. Tanzania/Egypt: Taifa Stars Lose to Egypt
  77. Egypt: Cairo Denies Africans Were Called 'Dogs and Slaves'
  78. Algeria: Dozens Killed in Road Accident
  79. South African Journalist Nontobeko Sibisi Pulled Off Air For Dressing “Too African”
  80. Black Women – The Most Educated Group In America
  81. Jackals Of The African Union Denounce Haiti’s Birthright – MUST READ
  82. Dozens Of Drowned African Refugees Wash Up On Libyan Coast
  83. Brazil – Dilma Rouseeff Speaks On Race And America’s Palace Coup
  84. Council won’t renew Zvobgo’s contract
  85. Hlongwane drums up support
  86. Nakamba calls for focus
  87. Government appoints new MRCZ board
  88. All that glitters at Wassefas
  89. Grand Coalition: Cdes without a Code
  90. Govt to pay last bonus batch
  91. Can our Golden Generation take us to Gabon?
  92. Turning the tables: When men charge for it
  93. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Come on Warriors, make our nation proud!
  94. South Africa: Survey Reveals Water and Sanitation Access in Households
  95. South Africa: Standard and Poor's to Decide On SA's Rating
  96. Zimbabwe: Army Denies Involvement in Activist Dzamara Abduction
  97. South Africa: Taxi Drivers Force Uber Passenger Out of Car
  98. South Africa: Mining Companies Appeal Silicosis Judgment
  99. South Africa: Nation Marks the End of a Remarkable Judicial Career
  100. Angola: Dos Santos Names Daughter as State Oil Firm President
  101. South Africa: Economy Dodges Bullet As Ratings Agency Confirms Investment Grade
  102. Kenya: Technology Last Hope of Saving White Rhino
  103. Kenya: Terror Recruitment 'Thriving in Prisons'
  104. Uganda: Govt Abandons Besigye's Party Defiance Case
  105. Uganda: Parliament Disowns Vice President's Striped Blazer Claims
  106. Tanzania: Govt Approved Suspension of About 8,000 Students From Univeristy
  107. Ghana: Women Denied Access to Parliament for 'Indecent' Dressing
  108. Gambia: Amnesty Accuses Govt of Brutal Repression
  109. Nigeria: Govt, States Spend 8% of Budgets On Education
  110. Nigeria: Boko Haram Is Losing Ground - but Will Not Be Defeated By Weapons Alone
  111. Ghana: Black Stars Promised Thousands More If They Win Matches
  112. Africa: Algeria Seal Qualification With Victory Over Seychelles
  113. Egypt: UN Working Group Calls for the Release of 9 Journalists Sentenced in 'Raba'a O
  114. Algeria: Malian President Receives Noureddine Bedoui
  115. Egypt: Military Court Sentences 187 to Life
  116. Libya: Scores of Drowned Refugees Wash up on Libyan Beaches
  117. Nigeria: Niger Delta Avengers - Jonathan's Men Under Watch?
  118. Nigeria: Niger Delta Avengers Strikes Again
  119. Nigeria: Again, Buhari Fails to Publish Details of Looters, Recovered Assets
  120. Nigeria: Nigeria's Barkindo Emerges OPEC Secretary-General
  121. Maybe America Deserves Donald Trump
  122. New Research Shows Tutankhamun’s Dagger Was Made With Iron From A Meteorite
  123. Having Sex With A Woman During Her Period Produces Albinos – Ghanaian Politician
  124. Cabinda: The Tiny Oil-Rich Corner Of Africa Everyone Is Fighting Over
  125. The Odd Thing About The World’s Deepest River
  126. 10 Ways To Ditch Your Job And Never Work For Anyone Else Again
  127. Political Prisoner Rev. Pinkney On Hunger Strike At Marquette Branch Prison
  128. Time to take cash crisis head on
  129. Namibian minister hails President
  130. Nyanga hotels suffer decline in occupancy levels
  131. Private Lounge opens in Byo tonight
  132. Victory on Sunday will give Musona a marriage present
  133. Editorial Comment: Fining commuters no magic bullet
  134. Brainworks takes over Nettcash
  135. Evolution of local comedy
  136. Three-day concert on at Reps
  137. Zim lands top African post
  138. South Africa/Namibia: Senong Names Amajita Squad to Face Namibia
  139. South Africa: Why Govt Needs to Up the Ante Against Smoking Again
  140. Zambia: Are Disputed Polls Outcome Now Inevitable?
  141. Zimbabwe: Mugabe in Singapore Again
  142. South Africa: Homemade Gym Aims to Foster Community Pride
  143. South Africa: Rapper Khuli Chana Gets Million After Police Shooting
  144. South Africa: Cutting Alcohol Ads in Sport Sends the Right Message to Youngsters
  145. Africa: Brics Needs to Mature Before It Can Challenge Current World Order
  146. Uganda: Uber Launches in Kampala
  147. Sudan: South Darfur Imam Slain in Pre-Dawn Raid
  148. Kenya: Students Injured, Property Destroyed As School Dorms Burn
  149. East Africa: Turkey Seeks Greater Role in Africa
  150. Nigeria: Boko Haram Off Balance, but Other Troubles Surge
  151. Chad: 'The President Is Not an Untouchable God'
  152. Ghana: How Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana Could Partner for Innovation
  153. Liberia: Financial Secrecy At Work
  154. Nigeria: Cleaning Up Oil-Stained Ogoniland
  155. Egypt: Investigation Progress Report (5) By the Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigat
  156. Tanzania/Egypt: Samatta Jets in for Egypt Clash
  157. Egypt: Egypt Air Flight MS804 - What the Black Box May Reveal
  158. North Africa: Hundred of Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean
  159. Egypt: 'Unacceptable to Question Egypt's Belonging to Africa'
  160. State Terrorism Forcing Black Men Out Of Society
  161. Egypt Launches Inquiry After Its Diplomat Called Africans “Slaves And Dogs”
  162. The Great Taboo: Arab Racism And Muslim Hate
  163. Here’s Why Ghana Is Banning Skin Bleaching
  164. Kenyan Author Attacked And Beaten In Germany
  165. The 11 Most Racist American Presidents
  166. Silencing America As It Prepares For War
  167. S. Korea: A giant Africa can learn from
  168. Econet invests $55m on alternative power sources
  169. North Korea endorses Trump
  170. Editorial Comment: High bank charges drive away depositors
  171. Vere in joint venture with Rhythm City
  172. We will die with our boots on
  173. Cost benefit analysis of dollarisation
  174. Art revolution at Creative Marathon Exhibition
  175. Zesa to construct Mutare, Triangle line
  176. Chipaz, Andy Muridzo deal collapses
  177. South Africa: Why Sex Workers Don't Trust Cops
  178. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Replaces Cricket Coach, Captain
  179. Zimbabwe: Former Ruling Party Politician Mliswa, 20 Others Arrested
  180. Africa: Africa in U.S.$12 Billion Energy Deal
  181. Zimbabwe: Clinic Changes Lives for Young People With HIV
  182. South Africa: Why Country Needs Fresh Ideas to Make Land Reform a Reality
  183. South Africa: There Should Be No Monkeying About With Hate Speech
  184. Africa: Tanzania to Chair Minerals Council
  185. Tanzania: Magufuli's Method in 'Madness'
  186. Uganda: Five Acquitted Terrorism Suspects Charged Afresh
  187. Ethiopia: Questions On the Morality and (Im?)morality of Leaking a National Exam
  188. Tanzania: Free Sanitary Towels Could Help Keep Girls in School
  189. Africa: Global Slavery Report Ranks Africa
  190. Nigeria: Migrant Crisis Fuels Sex Trafficking of Girls to Europe
  191. Nigeria: Not Much Magic in Buhari's First Year
  192. Nigeria: Court Grants Biafra State Members Bail in Ebonyi
  193. Nigeria: Nigerian Troops 'Rescue 157 Captives As 77 Boko Haram Members Surrender'
  194. Egypt: Death of Teenage Girl Casts Doubt On Efforts to End FGM - Activists
  195. Tanzania/Egypt: Maguli Nurses Hopes of Taifa Stars Victory
  196. Tanzania/Egypt: Yanga Refute Ngoma's Ahly Link
  197. Morocco: Longtime Western Sahara Independence Leader Dies
  198. Africa: Egypt Official Accused of Calling Africans 'Dogs and Slaves'
  199. Nigeria: Buhari Scored 2 of 5 in First Year As President - Ex-VP
  200. Nigeria: Lagos Govt to Introduce Water Distribution Kiosk System
  201. Nigeria: Nigeria Sacks Guardian of Escaped Chibok Girls in U.S., Hands Girls to Embas
  202. 11 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook Page
  203. Nigeria To Start Manufacturing Armoured Personnel Carriers By Year-End
  204. Great Advice From China’s Richest Man Jack Ma
  205. Egyptian Diplomat Says Africans Are “Dogs And Slaves”
  206. The Plague Of White Terrorism In America
  207. Prosecutors To Seek Death Penalty For Race Soldier Dylann Roof
  208. Of The Top 10 Countries With The Best Diets In The World, 9 Are African
  209. Mandarin, Swahili in new curriculum
  210. Zim to launch Trade Information Portal
  211. Recognising centrality of informal sector
  212. ‘Miombo Magic’ music fiesta ends in style
  213. Cash crisis: Save our souls, Comrades!
  214. ZIBF to promote reading culture
  215. Editorial Comment: Horrified by ‘the journalism’ than the smudge
  216. Level mobile playing field: Econet
  217. Revived ZimCopy promises to deliver
  218. Guilty as charged!
  219. Zimbabwe: Education Minister Dokora Dismisses 'Teachers Uniform' Rumours
  220. South Africa: Al-Maite Fail - When the Hole in Your Head Just Won't Quit
  221. South Africa: Minister Defends Ruling Party, Zuma in 'Cringeworthy' Interview
  222. Africa: Beneficiate Diamonds, Africa Told
  223. Africa: African States Unite Against Illicit Cash Flows
  224. Africa: Bank Launches Mobile Platform, Fingerprint Recognition
  225. Namibia: Desalination Solution in Time of Drought
  226. Angola: Where Africa's Richest Woman Secures Her Wealth
  227. South Sudan: Partners Scale-Up Action As Malaria Season Arrives
  228. Kenya: Cool, Cheap and Green - Polystyrene Homes Catch On in Kenya
  229. Seychelles: Constitutional Court Validates 2015 Polls
  230. Kenya: Kenyatta, Opposition Leaders Hold Talks
  231. Nigeria: Four Killed Over Blasphemy Allegations
  232. Mali: Killings Mar Celebration of Peacekeepers
  233. Mauritania: Syrians Travel Visa-Free to Mauritania
  234. Nigeria: Niger Delta Crisis Escalates
  235. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Sentenced to Life
  236. Tanzania/Egypt: Taifa Stars Plots Egyptian's Pharaohs Down Fall
  237. Western Sahara: Polisario Front Leader Dies
  238. Egypt: African Envoys Accuse Official of Racism
  239. North Africa: Mediterranean Refugee Death Toll Soars
  240. Nigeria: How Jonathan Shocked Me During 2015 Election - Buhari
  241. African Diplomats Decry Racist Attacks In India
  242. Australian Charged With Sending Racist Remarks To Aboriginal Senator
  243. Historians Discover Dozens Of Paintings In Sudan
  244. West Papua: The Island Where Muslims Have Slaughtered 15% Of The Population
  245. LeBron James Or Dr. Dre – Who Will Become A Billionaire First?
  246. Black Families Make This Common Tax Mistake Every Year — And They Miss Out On Up To $
  247. Teen Mom Turned Millionaire — How She Did It With Three Children!
  248. Chabvonga comes back
  249. Zimbabwean among top 30 young entrepreneurs
  250. Vlismas set house down at Reps