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  1. Angola: President Addresses WHO Work in Africa
  2. Mozambique: European Commission Finances Fight Against Hunger
  3. Egypt: Assembly Approves Draft Constitution
  4. Egypt: Tea and Tear Gas in Tahrir Square
  5. Egypt: FJP Deputy Says Draft Constitution Fit for Post-Revolution Egypt
  6. Tunisia: PM Calls for Creation of Independent Investigation Commission Into Incidents
  7. Egypt: New Constitution Mixed On Support of Rights - Draft Adopted Without Consensus
  8. Cote d'Ivoire: Govt Returns to North
  9. Mauritania: President Returns to Paris for Treatment
  10. Nigeria: Nation Records Boost in Forex Inflow
  11. Ghana: Mahama Calls for 2nd Term
  12. Ghana: Nation's 'New Path' for Handling Oil Revenue
  13. Ethiopia: How Africa's First Commodity Exchange Revolutionized Ethiopia's Economy
  14. Ethiopia: Prime Minister Reshuffles Cabinet
  15. Somalia: Govt Soldiers Battle Al Shabaab
  16. Rwanda: Prosecutor Slams France
  17. Sudan: Nation Needs Major Reform to Avert More War
  18. Botswana: Hunting Ban Criticized
  19. Southern Africa: Millions Face Food Shortages
  20. Africa: Calling for a GMO-Free Continent
  21. Southern Africa: Protests Over High Food Prices Likely
  22. Malawi: What Went Wrong? Lessons From Malawi's Food Crisis
  23. Africa: African Football Stars to Support Malaria Campaign
  24. Nigeria: Violence Reveals Flaws in Criminal Justice System
  25. Swaziland: Preschool As a Way of Life in Rural Areas
  26. Southern Africa: Governments Failing to Address Cervical Cancer
  27. Angola: Country Estimated to Have Over Two Hundred Thousand HIV/Aids Cases
  28. Africa: AllAfrica Founder Named Among 'Most Influential Africans'
  29. Ghana: Poll Puts Mahama Ahead in Election
  30. Niger: Tensions Grow Over Nigerian Oil Firms
  31. Liberia: Will Weah Run for Senator?
  32. West Africa: Climate Forecasts Boosted Floods Response
  33. Uganda: Land Grabs Threaten Local Livelihoods
  34. Somalia: Understanding Somali Piracy on Land and Sea
  35. Congo-Kinshasa: Kabila in a Catch-22 With M23
  36. Burundi: Radio Reporter Convicted of Terrorism Marks a Year Behind Bars
  37. Kenya: Politicising History - Who and What Does Kenya's Mashujaa Day Celebrate?
  38. Zambia: Political Violence Threatens Stability
  39. Namibia: Ruling Party Congress a 'Defining Moment'
  40. Mozambique: Corruption Undermines Health Service
  41. South Africa: Home Affairs Respects Court Ruling On Dalai Lama
  42. Zimbabwe: Another Stalemate in Zimbabwe?
  43. Uganda/Kenya: Wash United, Cecafa in Hand-Washing Campaign
  44. Angola: Dealing With Govt Censorship and Oil Money
  45. Southern Africa: Migration Needs to Be Seen From a Food Security Perspective
  46. Nigeria: Why We Terminated MoU With Lufthansa - Aviation Minister
  47. Nigeria: Minting Company MD Suspended Over Alleged Misappropriation
  48. Nigeria: Coca Cola Gets New Managing Director
  49. Morocco: Transparency Move Draws Criticism in Morocco
  50. Egypt: Egypt Cassation Court Joins Strike Against Mursi
  51. Egypt: Egypt Arrests 18 in Scuffles Near Tahrir
  52. Egypt: Egypt Protests Continue in Crisis Over Mursi Powers
  53. Egypt: Clashes Pick Up in Tahrir Following Anti-Mursi Protest
  54. Sierra Leone: Shifting Tide On Abortion Law
  55. Mauritania: President Returns Home After Shooting
  56. Nigeria: Picking the Pieces As Life Returns to Yobe Towns
  57. Nigeria: Why Jonathan Fired BPE Boss
  58. Nigeria: Stop the Unprecedented Crude Oil Thefts
  59. Djibouti: Rising Food Insecurity Fuels Migration
  60. Kenya: Tana Killings Were Planned - Human Rights Body
  61. South Sudan: Nation Oiling Up for Self-Reliance
  62. Uganda: Gulu Goes Green, With Help From Some Cows
  63. Rwanda: African Women Lawmakers Want Higher Representation
  64. Angola: Chinese and Brazilian Firms Building the New Angola
  65. South Africa: 'Secrecy Bill' Closer to Becoming Law
  66. South Africa: South African Youth Survey: Disturbing Signs
  67. Lesotho: Sexual Harassment a Reality in Universities
  68. South Africa: Respected Academic Gerwel Dies
  69. South Africa: Sanef Calls On NCOP Members to Show Their Independence By Voting Agains
  70. South Africa: 100 Years of Failure to Control TB Transmission
  71. Namibia: Swimming Falls Out of FASU Games
  72. Nigeria: NCC Commissioner Removed for Exposing Fraud
  73. Nigeria: Power Sector Reforms - Bid Winners Begin Payment
  74. Nigeria: Anti-Terror Squad Combs Abuja
  75. South Africa: Labour Minister Hopeful of Resolution to Farming Sector Unrest
  76. Libya: Niger to Send Gaddafi Son to Hague
  77. Egypt: Thousands Mourn Youth Activist
  78. Egypt: Egypt Arrests 348 in Cairo Police Confrontations
  79. Egypt: Judges Reject Mursi's Presidential Decree
  80. Egypt: New Scuffles Near Tahrir Square
  81. Burkina Faso: Cracking Some Hard Nuts in Burkina Faso
  82. Nigeria: Eight Shot Dead By Gunmen in Jos
  83. Nigeria: JTF Discovers New Tactics Used By Oil Thieves
  84. Nigeria: Ex-ANPP Boss, Two Others Killed
  85. Burundi: New Rebel Group Strikes
  86. South Sudan: Violence a 'Hidden Crisis' in Jonglei
  87. Ethiopia: Mock Military Operation in Ethiopia Simulates All Too Real African Conflict
  88. Sudan: Iran's Warships to Visit
  89. Uganda: Minimum Education Standards Are a Must
  90. South Africa: Agencies to Downgrade More Credit Ratings
  91. Namibia: Education Receives EU Funding
  92. South Africa: Broadcaster Pulls Zuma Commercial - Report
  93. Zimbabwe: NGOs Sound Alarm on Human Rights Abuses Before Polls
  94. South Africa: Climate Change a Challenge for Humanity
  95. South Africa: Plans in Place to Ensure Safe Afcon Tournament
  96. South Africa: Bosses Not Ready for Workers - AMCU
  97. Namibia: Invasive Species a Money-Spinner
  98. Egypt: New Law May Bring Some Accountability but Invites Abuse of Freedoms
  99. South Sudan: EU Backs Plan to Relocate Yida Refugee Camp
  100. Ethiopia: Nile Dam Worries Sudan, Egypt
  101. Egypt: Egypt Court Receives 12 Challenges to Mursi's Decree
  102. Egypt: Egypt Says Shots Came From Among Protesters
  103. Egypt: Egypt's Morsi to Meet Judges Over Power Grab
  104. Africa: In Brief - Egypt Could Become an Islamist State, Says U.S. Senator
  105. Nigeria: Gunmen Raid Police Cells, Free Dozens
  106. Mali: PM Plans Military Intervention
  107. Cote d'Ivoire: Insecurity, Political Tensions Threaten Nation's Recovery
  108. Nigeria: Boko Haram Faces Crimes Against Humanity Probe
  109. Nigeria: Students Solve Power Shortages With Urine
  110. Congo-Kinshasa: Could Rwanda's Alleged Support for M23 Backfire?
  111. Kenya: Moi's Son Philip Finally Arrested in Marital Row
  112. South Sudan: 900 Displaced By Sudan Air Attacks
  113. Rwanda: Take the Reading Culture Campaign to the Masses
  114. Zimbabwe: Massive Blackouts Loom
  115. Southern Africa: Court Asked to Rule on Regional Tribunal
  116. South Africa: No Stop to HIV Infections Unless Gender Violence Addressed
  117. South Africa: How Rape Judgement Failed Vulnerable Children
  118. South Africa: Classifying 'Corrective' Rape As a Hate Crime
  119. Zimbabwe: National Coach Gumbo Resigns
  120. South Africa: Call for Public Sector to Be Training Ground
  121. South Africa: Report Information About Drug Dealing, Urges Commissioner
  122. Nigeria: Reps Probe N3.3 Billion Nasarawa, Enugu Road Contracts
  123. Nigeria: United Nations World Toilet Day
  124. Nigeria: Non-Teaching Staff Threaten to Shut Down Varsities
  125. Egypt: Clashes Grow in Protests
  126. Egypt: Rights Groups Challenge Mursi in Court
  127. Egypt: Egypt's Divide Over Morsi's Presidential Decree Continues to Ferment
  128. Egypt: Liberals Blame Mursi for Police Violence Against Protesters
  129. Tunisia: Mursi Defends New Powers as 'Temporary'
  130. Nigeria: Many Killed As Suicide Bombers Hit Military Church
  131. Nigeria: Govt Forces Deny Militants Killed Women
  132. Nigeria: Army Confirms 11 Dead As Suicide Bombers Hit Jaji Military Base
  133. Sierra Leone: U.S. Lauds Presidential Elections in Sierra Leone
  134. Nigeria: Multiple Explosions Rock Military College, Jaji
  135. Congo-Kinshasa: Regional Leaders Call for Rebel Ceasefire
  136. Somalia: Govt Forces Kill Top Militant
  137. Kenya: Shape Up! Raila Tells Security Agencies
  138. South Sudan: Juba to File UN Complaint Over Sudan
  139. Rwanda: Road Safety - Let Us All Be Responsible
  140. Zimbabwe: Outcry Over Party Ruling
  141. South Africa: Suspects in FET Exam Leak Remanded in Custody
  142. Central Africa: Angolan Diplomat Rules Out War As Solution to Conflict in DRC
  143. Zimbabwe: Harare Must Create a Win-Win Scenario
  144. Western Sahara: SADR Signs On African Risk Capacity Establishment Agreement
  145. Rwanda: Ngoga Calls On Zambia to Extradite Genocide Fugitives
  146. Kenya: Malawian VP Kachali Jets Into Kenya
  147. Tanzania: Camfed Project to Support Schools With 350 Million Books
  148. Nigeria: The Death of Monetisation Policy
  149. Nigeria: My Private Jet Story, By Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor
  150. Nigeria: Kidnappers Prevent Judge From Sitting for Two Months
  151. Egypt: U.S. Cautions Mursi
  152. Egypt: Protesters Attack Police, Parliament
  153. Egypt: Protesters Stone Ruling Party Office
  154. Egypt: Political Powers Declare Tahrir Square Sit-in
  155. Tunisia: Maghreb Countries' Integration Rate Does Not Exceed Two Percent - President
  156. Burkina Faso: Legislative Poll Set for December
  157. Sierra Leone: Koroma Formally Declared Re-Elected
  158. Nigeria: Kidnap Threat Saga Goes Awry - the Entrapment of a High Court Judge's Orderl
  159. Nigeria: Come to the North to Help us, Christians Plead
  160. Nigeria: Bring Back Nigeria Airways
  161. Congo-Kinshasa: Region to Deploy Neutral Force in Goma
  162. South Sudan: Juba Declares 'High Alert' After Air Attacks
  163. Somalia: Clashes Break Out in Southern Port
  164. Congo-Kinshasa: Rebels Consolidate Control in East
  165. Somalia: Al Shabab Briefly Take Over Key Border Town
  166. Namibia: Mind Your Language
  167. Zambia: Rwanda Wants Six Genocide Suspects Extradited
  168. Malawi: Malawi to Re-Open Embassy in Kenya
  169. Zambia: Access to Information Law to Enhance Accountability
  170. Zambia: Five Passengers Killed in Highway Theft
  171. Southern Africa: Zambia Seeks Amicable DRC Peace Settlement
  172. Southern Africa: Tanzania Has Capacity of Defusing Territorial Dispute With Malawi
  173. Zambia: Chipolopolo Start AFCON Preps
  174. Egypt: Contingency Planning, Despite Israel-Palestine Ceasefire
  175. Egypt: 12 Injured in Alexandria Clashes
  176. Egypt: Mursi - Pharaoh in Revolutionary Clothing?
  177. Egypt: Opposition Groups Angered by Mursi 'Power Grab'
  178. Egypt: Mursi 'Digging His and Brotherhood's Grave' With Constitutional Decree
  179. Egypt: Mursi Supporters, Opponents Clash in Alexandria
  180. Nigeria: Four Killed in Kano 'Blasphemy' Riot
  181. Nigeria: Rolling Out Kangaroo Mother Care
  182. Liberia: Power of Words - Developing Culture of Reading Will Unlock Liberia's Conscio
  183. Ghana: PNC Set to Denounce Hassan Ayariga
  184. Sierra Leone: Slashing the Maternal Mortality Rate in Bo
  185. Sudan: UN Official Spotlights 'Forgotten Refugee Crisis'
  186. Uganda: Understanding Museveni's Chess Game
  187. Africa: The New Obama Doctrine - From Gaza to Goma
  188. Kenya: Barter Trade May Boost Rural Food Security - Experts
  189. Kenya: Calls for Greater ICC Effort in Kenya
  190. Mozambique: Can Africa's Biggest Marine Reserve Bring Prosperity?
  191. South Africa: ANC Lacks Internal Democracy
  192. Mozambique: Govt Sets up Delegation to Meet With Renamo
  193. Zambia: University Teaching Hospital Water Crisis a Bitter Lesson
  194. Africa: Men's Wastefulness Costs Africa - Mugabe
  195. Zimbabwe: South Africa Deports Nearly 43 000 Zimbabweans
  196. Zimbabwe: NCA Accuses MDC-T of Corruption, Factionalism
  197. Zimbabwe: Balancing Council Viability and Welfare of Residents
  198. Egypt: Mursi Assumes Sweeping Powers
  199. Egypt: Govt Announces Israel-Hamas Ceasefire
  200. Libya: Benghazi Security Chief Assassinated
  201. Egypt: Street Protests Erupt Over Seizure of Powers
  202. Libya: New Libyan Prime Minister, President Set to Meet
  203. Cote d'Ivoire: Hague Court Seeks Arrest of Simone Gbagbo
  204. Nigeria: I Can Seek Re-Election, Jonathan Insists
  205. Cote d'Ivoire: Ouattara Names New PM
  206. Nigeria: Nigeria to Send 600 Troops to Mali - Minister
  207. Mali: Islamist Mujao Group Claims Kidnapping of French Citizen
  208. Ethiopia: Govt Throttles Rights Groups
  209. Congo-Kinshasa: Soldiers Surrender to Rebels
  210. Kenya: Cabinet Orders Probe Into Police Killings
  211. Uganda: Peace No Joking Matter, President Says
  212. Kenya: Activists Expose Corrupt Politicians
  213. South Africa: Court Rejects Bid to Force Zuma No-Confidence Debate
  214. Mozambique: Govt Jails Thousands Unlawfully, Says Rights Group
  215. Zambia: Sata Blames Opposition Parties
  216. South Africa: ANC Tables New Info Bill Changes
  217. South Africa: Tshwane Men Queuing for Medical Circumcision
  218. Zimbabwe: Chisumbanje Ethanol Project Now On Track
  219. Namibia: COD Condemns Govt Handling of Teachers' Strike
  220. South Africa: Cabinet Welcomes Farmworkers' Temporary Return to Work
  221. Libya: Libya to Suspend Local Elections
  222. Egypt: Forced Eviction By Military Leaves One Dead
  223. Tunisia: Hunger Strikes in Prisons - Commission to Be Set Up
  224. Algeria: Algerian Army Kills Droukdel Deputy
  225. Egypt: Scuffles Pick Up in Mohamed Mahmoud, 61 Injured
  226. Sierra Leone: Opposition Cries Foul After Election
  227. Liberia: Legislators Fall Out With President
  228. Mali: French Hostage Kidnapped in West
  229. Nigeria: President Jonathan's Younger Brother Dies
  230. Senegal: Helping Returnees Turn a Profit
  231. Central Africa: Uganda Convenes Congo Crisis Talks
  232. Somalia: Kenyans Alienate Somalis
  233. Tanzania: Hostility Grows in Zanzibar
  234. Uganda: The Fight for Women's Land Rights
  235. Somalia: Tough Foreign Policy Challenges for 'Iron Lady'
  236. South Africa: Labour Law Changes 'Significant'
  237. South Africa: Miracle Baby for Cancer Patient
  238. Africa: Building BRICS
  239. South Africa: Protesters Camp Out to Oppose 'Secrecy Bill'
  240. South Africa: Western Cape ANC Lays Charge Against Zille
  241. South Africa: Cellphone Footage of Marikana Screened
  242. South Africa: Many Disabled Kids Not in School
  243. Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Sues Over Succession
  244. Wendy Wolf Actually Explains the Lie of Reinvention
  245. Tanzania: Europe Praises Capital Port's Efficiency
  246. Egypt: Clinton to Hold Talks on Gaza Clashes
  247. Egypt: Govt Agrees With IMF on U.S. 4.8 Billion Loan
  248. Egypt: A Year of Abuses Against Detained Children
  249. Egypt: Order Returns to Downtown Cairo Following Clashes
  250. Egypt: Monday's Cairo Confrontations Leave 44 Injured