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  1. South Africa: Chasing the Final Flush
  2. South Africa: Dreams of Better Sanitation Go Down the Toilet
  3. Zimbabwe: Court Awards $10 Million Over WikiLeaks
  4. Africa: Does South Africa Really Understand Africa?
  5. South Africa: Third Man Found Guilty in Dewani Murder
  6. South Africa: Platinum Mines Eye Zimbabwe
  7. Africa: News Brief - One Dies of Ebola Virus in Uganda
  8. Mali: No Quick Fixes for a Complex Crisis
  9. Cote d'Ivoire: Armed Forces Use Torture, Says Rights Group
  10. Nigeria: Power Distribution Timeline Threatened
  11. Nigeria: Kayode Eso, 1925-2012 - Exit of a Judicial Activist
  12. South Africa: Prosecutors Fail to Block Zuma Expose
  13. Namibia: Nation Supports Fifa Health Project
  14. Egypt: Transport Minister Resigns After School Bus Disaster
  15. Western Sahara: Several Injured Due to Landmine Explosion in Tokat Region
  16. Egypt: Pope Tawadros II Says He Has Big Responsibilities Towards All Egyptians
  17. Egypt: Families Block Road After Bus Disaster
  18. Egypt: Mursi to Decide on Transport Minister's Resignation - PM Kandil
  19. Nigeria: Navy Intercepts 17 Vessels Over Oil Theft
  20. Nigeria: D'banj, P-Square, Others Rule At Channel O Awards - Wizkid, 2face Fall
  21. Nigeria: Bauchi - Unknown Gunmen Kill Police Inspector
  22. Nigeria: Advertisers Spent N103 Billion in 2011 - Report
  23. Nigeria: How Plot to Kill Ribadu Oil Report Was Hatched
  24. Kenya: Nairobi Explosion Kills Five, Wounds More
  25. South Sudan: Police Deny Seeking Ransom for American
  26. Kenya: Diabetes On Steady Rise Across Nation
  27. Tanzania: Flamingo Population Could See Boom
  28. Africa: Rwanda Safest Place to Live in Africa
  29. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Willing to Co-opt Mugabe Ministers
  30. Southern Africa: SADC's Political Co-operation Organs Launch Strategic Plan
  31. Southern Africa: Angola Hands Over SADC Chair to Mozambique
  32. Zimbabwe: UN Forces Govt to Hunt Down Rwandan Fugitive
  33. Zimbabwe: Deeds, Not Words Mr President
  34. Mozambique: Opposition Refused To Talk to Ruling Party Over War Threats
  35. Tanzania: Miss EA Attracts More Participants
  36. Zimbabwe: Axe to Fall On Gumbo
  37. East Africa: 'Mogadishu' - Where Police Live in 'Toilets'
  38. Nigeria/South Africa: Nations Cup - Keshi Will Not Fail the Country - Emeteole
  39. Sierra Leone: Vote Counting Begins After Massive Turnout
  40. Cameroon: Gays Harassed, Imprisoned
  41. Nigeria: Delta Villagers Seek Justice Abroad
  42. Nigeria: Graft and Constitution Amendment - Conspiracy of the Corrupt
  43. Nigeria: Awolowo and the Forgotten Documents of the Civil War
  44. Kenya: MP Arrested After Live TV Show
  45. Sudan: UN Calls for Abyei Police Force
  46. Sudan: Refugees Flee South Kordofan Fighting
  47. Ethiopia: Nation Singled Out for Labour Rights Violations
  48. East Africa: South Sudan Dollar Control Grounds Jetlink Flights
  49. Angola: Cop18 to Enrich National Strategy of Low Carbon - Minister
  50. Angola: Interior Ministry to Hold Consultative Council
  51. Southern Africa: Zimbabwe Is New Kavango-Zambezi Chair
  52. South Africa: Western Cape Farmworkers Join Strikes
  53. Mozambique: Maputo Returns to Normal After Thursday's Fare Rise
  54. Tanzania: L. Nyasa Case Referred to African Forum
  55. South Africa: Local Scientist Wins Gates Research Grant
  56. Zimbabwe: Capleton Heading Back to Zim
  57. Uganda: Three More Test Positive for Ebola
  58. Zimbabwe: Violent Polls to Hurt Economy, Biti Warns
  59. East Africa: Enough in the Nile to Share, Little to Waste
  60. Libya: New Govt Should End Illegal Detention - Rights Body
  61. Egypt: Egyptian Prime Minister to Visit Gaza - Hamas Spokesperson
  62. Libya: Failed Nato Mission Exposes U.S. Generals
  63. Egypt: PM in Gaza - Egypt to Spare No Effort to End Israeli Assault
  64. Sierra Leone: Women Struggle to Be Heard in General Election
  65. Cote d'Ivoire: Disagreement in Govt Led to Dissolution
  66. Nigeria: Teach a Woman to Farm... and She Creates Jobs
  67. Nigeria: Nollywood Actor, Pete Eneh Dies in Enugu
  68. Ghana: Chinese in Ghana Unaware of Their Bad Rep
  69. Ethiopia: Govt's Increasing Intolerance of Islam Risks Radicalizing Muslims
  70. Kenya: Drought Farming Lessons Join Reading and Writing at Schools
  71. Sudan: Khartoum's Continuing Campaign of Extermination
  72. South Africa: U.S., Local Firms in U.S.$586 Million Solar Investment
  73. Zimbabwe: U.S. Admits Sanctions Hurt Zim Economy
  74. Zimbabwe: Biti Predicts Slowed Economic Growth and Warns Against Violence
  75. Zimbabwe: Central Intelligence Organisation Boss Wins U.S.$10 Million Wikileaks Case
  76. Zimbabwe: Sustained Stability Key to Recovery
  77. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Elections Call a Sinister Ploy - Ncube
  78. Zimbabwe: MDCs Reject Mugabe Early Polls Push
  79. Restoring Justice to Restorative Justice: The Struggle Over Mass Incarceration and A
  80. Save A Friend of a Friend – Mashall “Eddie” Conway
  81. Sierra Leone: UN Calls for 'Impartial' Poll
  82. Mali: MIlitary Force Faces Difficult Desert Fight
  83. Sierra Leone: All Set for Polls, Says Electoral Body
  84. Congo-Kinshasa: Will Kinshasa Go Easy On M23 Rebels?
  85. South Africa: President Zuma Says Govt Did Not Pay for His House
  86. South Africa: Shale Gas Can Drive Growth
  87. Africa: Africa Loses Out On Foreign Exchange
  88. Cote d'Ivoire: Ouatarra Dissolves Govt
  89. Mali: Displaced People Are Hidden Victims of War
  90. Sierra Leone: Ethnicity Trumps Policy in Upcoming Polls
  91. Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Elections Must Be Carried Out Peacefully to Ensure Progres
  92. Somalia: New Cabinet Sworn In
  93. Burundi: Thousand of Burundian Refugees in Tanzania Face Repatriation
  94. South Sudan: Aid Reaches Thousands of Refugees in Maban County
  95. Kenya: Four More Bodies of Police Officers Found
  96. Rwanda: Rwanda Tells Congo, M23 to Halt War As 2500 Refugees Arrive
  97. South Africa: Farmworkers Told to Suspend Protests - Union
  98. South Africa/Zambia: Youths Stone Zambia Soccer Team Bus
  99. Mozambique: Opposition Leader Threatens Destruction
  100. South Africa: HIV - Search for Safe Contraception Receives a Boost
  101. Zimbabwe: ZMDC Hails Positive Diamond Conference Outcome
  102. Zimbabwe: Zim Beauty Queen Elected Africa Travel Association President
  103. South Africa: Union Calls for Support for Farmworkers Strike
  104. South Africa: Govt 'Not Doing Enough' - Survey
  105. South Africa: Minimum Wage Review On the Cards for Farmworkers
  106. Libya: Court Postpones Former PM's Trial
  107. Egypt: Morsi Meets UAE Business Delegation
  108. Egypt: Nation Signs Three Agreements With EU
  109. Egypt: Morsi Meets With El-Baradei On Latest Developments
  110. Egypt: Nation's Stock Exchange Gains Le 2.8 Billion
  111. Guinea Bissau: Cholera On the Rise
  112. Liberia: Concern Mounts Over 'Coup Plot' Posters
  113. Ghana: Election Climate Heats Up Before Polls
  114. Nigeria: Over 100 Million Nigerians Can't Be Properly Identified
  115. Mali: 'French Troops Won't Go to Mali'
  116. Uganda: Govt Closes DR Congo Border Over Rebel Charges
  117. Eritrea: Opposition Renews Calls for Mass Revolt Against Regime
  118. Kenya: Police Vow to Crush Bandits
  119. Tanzania: That Was Jolly Good CCM, Keep It Up!
  120. Rwanda: Cultural Barriers to Change Can Be Overcome Logically
  121. Zimbabwe: Plans to Build New Capital Dismissed As 'Ridiculous'
  122. South Africa: Google Threatens Court Action Against SA Man
  123. South Africa: Africa Check - for the Lies & More Damn Lies
  124. Namibia: Resettlement Costs N$645 Million
  125. South Africa: Healthy Lifestyle the Way to Go to Prevent Diabetes
  126. South Africa: No Matric Exam Papers Leaked in Mpumalanga
  127. South Africa: Taxpayers Reminded of Looming Deadline
  128. South Africa: Govt Launches Second Taxi Assembly Plant
  129. Libya: Libyan Activists Welcome Posting of YouTube Rape Video
  130. Tunisia: U.S. General Carter F. Ham Debates in Tunis Means to Fight Against Extremist
  131. Libya: Foreign Nationals Face Abuse and Exploitation
  132. Morocco: Amidst Series of Meetings, UN Envoy Urges Resolution to Western Sahara Crisi
  133. Uganda: Nation Ranked Eighth in African High Consumption Growth Potential
  134. West Africa: Ecowas 'Still Exploring' Dialogue in Mali
  135. Sierra Leone: Elections - Sampling Opinions in the Diamond-Rich East
  136. Liberia: Sirleaf Will Not Fire Her Sons
  137. Cameroon: New Cassava Species Could Boost Food Security
  138. Africa: Canada Eyes African Resources
  139. Kenya: Kibaki Deploys Troops After Police Killings
  140. Uganda: Police Foil Anti-Corrution Protest
  141. Tanzania: Drought Drives Youth to Cities
  142. Ethiopia: Ogaden Peace Talks Fail
  143. Malawi: Hunger Drives Acceptance of New Staples in Malawi
  144. Swaziland: Govt Bans MPs From the Radio
  145. Zimbabwe: Succumbing to the Debt Trap
  146. East Africa: U.S. to Send Medics to Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda
  147. South Africa: Tutu TB Research Centre Wins Major Award
  148. South Africa: Banyana Banyana Return Home Amid Pomp and Ceremony
  149. South Africa: Corrective Rape - Minister Must Address Parliament On Her Plan
  150. Uganda: Country Assumes Comesa Leadership
  151. Angola: Nation's Embassy in Egypt Displays Film On National Reconstruction
  152. Tanzania: Mobile Phone Costs Dropping
  153. Africa: President Joins List of Tweeting Leaders
  154. Namibia: Labour Court Order Restrains Kaaronda
  155. Algeria: Missing Bodies Found After Plane Crash
  156. Libya: Clinton At Ceremony Honoring the Late Ambassador Chris Stevens
  157. Africa: Thumbs Up Africa Blog 6 - Inshallah
  158. Rwanda: Police Aiming for Semis Spot in Morocco
  159. Eritrea: Youth and Student Citizens Residing in Egypt Voice Readiness to Back Up Nati
  160. West Africa: Bloc to Deploy Troops to Mali, Guinea Bissau
  161. Sierra Leone: Election Winner Faces Big Challenges
  162. Ghana: Candidates Resume Campaign After Shopping Mall Disaster
  163. Nigeria: Revolution Coming, Obasanjo Says
  164. South Africa: Tutu Wins Award for 'Speaking Truth to Power'
  165. Kenya: Dozens of Police Killed in Ambush
  166. South Sudan: Juba Accepts New Abyei Govt
  167. Kenya: Read All About It - the Rise of Second-Hand Book Sales
  168. Rwanda: HIV Infection At 51 Percent Among Sex Workers
  169. Kenya: Police Massacre Toll in Samburu Hits 23
  170. Zimbabwe: Coup Comments Cause Row in Coalition Govt
  171. South Africa: Archbishop Tutu Honored for 'Speaking Truth to Power'
  172. Africa: Equatorial Guinea Wins Women's Soccer Finals
  173. East Africa: State Starts U.S. $10 Million Plan to Fight Cassava Disease
  174. Mozambique: Government Concerned At Delays in MCC Projects
  175. South Africa: Killer Cape Town Mom Gets 20 Years
  176. South Africa: Police Disperse North West Miners
  177. Uganda/Kenya: Cecafa Reprieve for Fringe Players
  178. Nigeria: Jonathan Backs Deployment of Troops to Mali
  179. Nigeria: Why We Are Against PIB - Shell, ExxonMobil
  180. Uganda: Nine Corruption Scandals to Look Back At
  181. South Africa/Equatorial Guinea: Banyana Banyana Fall At the Final Hurdle Against Host
  182. Algeria: Military Plane Crashes
  183. Tanzania: Apocalypse - Resurrection of the Great North Road
  184. Egypt: IMF Delegation in Cairo for Loan Negotiations
  185. Egypt: PM, Businessmen Group Discuss Investment Map in the Country
  186. Egypt: Minister of Interior Reviews Results of Traffic Campaigns
  187. Mali: West African Leaders Meet on Military Mission
  188. Nigeria: Citizens Reject Single Term Presidency
  189. Cameroon: The Fight for Gay Rights Strengthens Online
  190. Kenya: Ericsson - How Technology Is Disrupting Learning
  191. Nigeria: Away With 'Indigene' Clause
  192. Sudan: Darfur Rebels Ambush Convoy
  193. Kenya: 28-Year-Old Woman Aspires to Presidency
  194. Somalia: Somalia Government Resumes Evicting Mogadishu Squatters
  195. Sudan: SRF- More Than 100 Killed and Injured in Recent Clashes
  196. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Threatens to Grab Foreign Firms
  197. Angola: Nation Celebrates 37th Independence Anniversary
  198. Zimbabwe: Lightning Kills Family of Five
  199. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai, Khupe Fallout Deepens
  200. Zimbabwe: Liquidity Challenges to Persist - Gono
  201. Zimbabwe: Inaugural Diamond Conference Opens
  202. Tunisia: UN Expert in Tunis to Assess Process of Transitional Justice
  203. Eritrea: RSF Launches Probe Over Jamming of Exiled Local Radio Station
  204. Sudan: Rebel Leader Calls On Sudanese to Not Pay Attention to Bashir's Illness
  205. Zambia: President Calls for Expansion of African Economies
  206. Nigeria/South Africa: Ekeji Tips Eagles for SA2013 Title
  207. Morocco: Govt Imprisons Three for 'Terrorist Acts'
  208. Egypt: Country to Take Part in Comesa Summit in Uganda
  209. Morocco: Morocco Expels Foreign Journalists From Laâyoune
  210. Sudan: Ethiopia - Agreement Reached on Eastern Nile Basin Cooperation
  211. Libya: Moroccan Girl Kidnapped in Tripoli
  212. Nigeria: Local Companies Lured By London Stock Exchange
  213. Guinea Bissau: Fear Amid Human Rights Abuses
  214. Senegal: PM Says Media Should Amplify People's Voices
  215. Nigeria: One-On-One With Graduate Truck Drivers
  216. Nigeria: Death Penalty for Terrorists, Kidnappers in Delta
  217. Sudan: Fresh Clashes Erupt in North Darfur
  218. Kenya: Hague Court Refuses to Move Trials
  219. Somalia: Thousands of Children Run Risk of Polio
  220. Sudan: Bashir Plans to Arm Against Israel
  221. Sudan: 12 Dead in Intercommunal Clashes
  222. Swaziland: IMF Recommends Land Reforms
  223. South Africa: Sad South Africa - the Truth in Numbers and the Facts Behind the Sentim
  224. Angola: National Defence Guarantees Preservation of Democratic Lawful State
  225. Angola: International Community Believing More in Angola
  226. Swaziland: Bogus Claim On Airport Opening
  227. South Africa: South Africa Elected to the ECOSOC
  228. South Africa/Equatorial Guinea: Banyana Banyana Out to Beat Hosts Equatorial Guinea a
  229. Kenya: Three Join Uhuru, Ruto Pact
  230. Malawi: Dark Days Loom for Nation's Tobacco Industry
  231. Nigeria: Floodwaters Recede but Millions Remain Displaced
  232. Ghana: Achimota Disaster - Melcom Expresses Regret
  233. Africa: Moody's - New Ratings for Africa
  234. West Africa: UN Conference Focuses On Women's Role in Ensuring Peace and Security in
  235. Nigeria: Obama Urged to Increase America's Partnership With Nigeria
  236. Kenya: Post-Election Violence Victims Still Afraid
  237. Rwanda: Economy to Exceed Growth Forecast - Central Bank
  238. Kenya: Govt Must Keep Its Promise to the Police
  239. Uganda: Police Block Asset Transfer By Pension Scam Suspects
  240. Malawi: Reforming Constitutional and Law
  241. South Africa: Opposition Parties Have No Confidence in Zuma
  242. Malawi: Suspension of Anti-Gay Laws Draws Mixed Reactions
  243. Zimbabwe: Two Arrested for Blocking Presidential Motorcade
  244. Mozambique: Finland Reduces Aid to Mozambique
  245. Zimbabwe: 'Tsvangirai's Diaspora Campaign Futile'
  246. South Africa: What Sandy Shows South Africa
  247. Obama’s Imperial African Policies w Patrick Bond
  248. Libya: Prosecutor Calls for Better Cooperation on Libya
  249. Tanzania: Plans in Pipeline to Stock Petrol
  250. Libya: Hague Prosecutor Calls for Justice for War Crimes