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  1. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Officials Bleed Lupane Council
  2. Mozambique: Huge Backlog of Cases in Court System
  3. Egypt: Attorney General Orders Investigation in Run Down of Protester - Mansoura
  4. Sudan: Sudan President Visit to Darfur Sparks Wide Negative Reactions
  5. Sudan: S. Darfur 'Violent' Tribal Clashes - 4 Killed, 6 Villages Burnt
  6. South Africa: Positioning Governance in the Post-2015 Agenda
  7. South Africa: Fifa Takes Issue With SA Media?s Selective Reporting
  8. Egypt: Higher Election Commission - Candidacy for Parliamentary Elections to Open Nex
  9. Egypt: Officials Turn Blind Eye to Port Said Police Abuses - Witnesses Describe Port
  10. Egypt: Opposition Figures Refuse to Meet With U.S. Secretary of State
  11. Tunisia: 'We Will Contest Constitutionality of Judicial Authority If Deficient' (Raou
  12. Tunisia: Marzouki Visits Civil Defence Units of La Goulette
  13. Tunisia: Politics Divide Tunisian Families
  14. Guinea: Ban Calls for Calm Following Reports of Violent Clashes in Capital
  15. Nigeria: Governor Oshiomhole's Cabinet - Who's in, Who's Out?
  16. Nigeria: Cleansing the Judiciary
  17. Benin: Women Fish Processors in Benin Gain From U.S. Support
  18. Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Defence Calls for Charges to Be Dropped
  19. East Africa: Getting Food Aid Right
  20. Kenya: Elections Must Be Free of Sexual Violence, UN Official Stresses Ahead of Polls
  21. Kenya: Elections, Violence and the Urban Poor in Nairobi
  22. Kenya: Kenya's Presidential Candidates 'Failing to Prioritise Science'
  23. Kenya: Land Reform Centre-Stage in Kenyan Election
  24. South Africa: Brutal Reign By Police Claims Another Victim
  25. Angola: Banking Union to Build Hospital for Employees
  26. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Police Raid Station Studios, Detain Journalist
  27. Zimbabwe: President Gazettes Zimplats Excess Reserves
  28. Zimbabwe: No Going Back On Polls, Says President
  29. Zimbabwe: Referendum Results After Five Days - ZEC
  30. Zambia: PF Grabs Mpongwe
  31. Zimbabwe: Whizz-Kid (15) Scores Distinctions At UZ
  32. From Civil Rights to Global Anti-Imperial Struggle – Debbie Louis and Kali Akuno Disc
  33. Western Sahara: A Violence That Goes Unnamed
  34. Morocco: Bias in Penal Code Puts Women and Girls in Danger
  35. Morocco: The EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement
  36. Egypt: Government Invites IMF to Visit Egypt in March - Minister
  37. Egypt: Protesters Demand Armed Forces Intervention in Cairo
  38. Africa: What It Takes for a Successful Democracy - Mogae
  39. Nigeria: Court Clears President Jonathan for 2015 Election
  40. Liberia: President Discusses Mayor Broh Saga With Church Leaders
  41. Nigeria: Convicted Bomber Okah Gets New Legal Team
  42. Mali: Dozens of Islamists Rounded Up
  43. Somalia: Blasts Kill Two At Mogadishu Beach
  44. Ethiopia: Orthodox Church Elects New Patriarch
  45. South Sudan: Aid Groups Rush Food Relief to Jonglei State
  46. Kenya: How Voting Will Be Done
  47. Kenya: Cord Coalition, Jubilee Alliance Trade Accusations
  48. Mozambique: Water - a Blessing and a Curse
  49. Malawi: Maize Smuggling Creates Hunger in Malawi
  50. South Africa: Police Accused of Brutality Suspended
  51. South Africa: Outrage After Video of Man Tied to Van, Allegedly by Police
  52. Zimbabwe: Onslaught On Ownership of Radios Shows Zanu-PF Is Afraid
  53. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Holds 600,000-Dollar Birthday Bash
  54. Egypt: Govt Denies Intention to Rent, Sell Monuments
  55. Tunisia: Extremists Behind Belaid Slaying, New Premier Says
  56. Tunisia: Tunis 'Harlem Shake' Dancers Fend Off Extremists
  57. Tunisia: Le Kef - Large-Scale Combing Campaign in Search of Alleged Killer of Chokri
  58. Morocco: Energy Club of Mohammadia School of Engineers Unveils Solar Vehicle Project
  59. Nigeria: Britain Warns Against Travel to North
  60. Liberia: Press Union Wants Sirleaf Take to Charge
  61. Africa: Breastfeeding Prevents Child's Death
  62. Liberia: Mayor Faces Trial Next Month
  63. Liberia: U.S. Gov't Speaks On Broh, Kpaan Saga
  64. Kenya: Women-Led Farm Initiative Aims For Peace, Prosperity
  65. Kenya: The Possibility of Peaceful and Free Elections
  66. Sudan: Global Call to 'Stop the Horror'
  67. Africa: Ushahidi Wins Prestigious Award
  68. Sudan: Outrage After Man's Hand and Foot Amputated
  69. Zimbabwe: Disputed Polls Loom
  70. Africa: New Development Bank to Be Key Brics Building Block
  71. Zambia: Civil Society Groups Request Review of Human Rights
  72. Kenya: Former Zambian President to Lead Kenya Election Observer Team
  73. Zambia: Maureen Lashes Out At Sata's Intolerance
  74. Zambia: Hichilema Appearing in Livingstone Court
  75. South Africa: CWUSA Is Extremely Disappointed By SABC Board
  76. South Africa: Denosa Applauds Minister's Affirmation of Health Infrastructure As Prio
  77. Not Yet Unchained: Django and Lincoln’s (Ab)Use of History as False Transcendence
  78. Egypt: Opposition Group Denounces U.S. Intervention in Egypt Affairs
  79. Tunisia: 'To Finish Off Constitution Drafting By End of April Is Real Challenge'
  80. Egypt: Govt Backs Elections Committee Amid Attacks
  81. Egypt: ElBaradei Says Will Not Join 'Sham Democracy'
  82. Egypt: Christians Ask Govt to Reconsider Election Date
  83. South Africa: Govt to Introduce Carbon Tax
  84. Mali: Several Killed in Checkpoint Car Bomb Attack
  85. Nigeria: Court Refuses to Quash Subsidy Fraud Charge Against Oil Marketers
  86. Nigeria: Ruling Party Advises Agencies to Fully Implement 2013 Budget
  87. Liberia: Mayor Escapes Angry Mob
  88. Liberia: Weah Practices Nepotism?
  89. Kenya: Kibera Residents Fear Repetition of Election Violence
  90. Tanzania: Brazil Tips Dar es Salaam on Gas Economy
  91. Somalia: Somali Government to Relocate IDPs, Welcome Returning Refugees
  92. Kenya: Electoral Body Opposes Suit Against Presidential Candidates
  93. Kenya: Kenyan Asians Shut Up Shop During Election Period
  94. Zimbabwe: Vice-President Insists No Western Poll Monitors Allowed
  95. Zambia: Opposition Warns President on Arresting its Leader
  96. Zimbabwe: Referendum Challenge Ruling Deferred, Again
  97. Mozambique: Police Disperse Demonstration by Demobilised Troops
  98. South Africa: Whose Moral Regeneration Are We Calling For?
  99. Malawi: Lake Malawi Dispute Instils Fear in Fisherfolk
  100. Zimbabwe: 12 Year-Old Died of 'Carbon Monoxide Poisoning'
  101. Mozambique: Govt to Send Troops to DRC
  102. Zimbabwe: Let's Adopt Zero Tolerance On Political Violence
  103. Egypt: Hot Air Balloon Explosion Kills Tourists
  104. Tunisia: Controversial Minister to Form New Govt
  105. Egypt: Opposition Boycotts Parliament Election
  106. Tunisia: Suspect for Killing of Opposition Leader Chokri Belaïd Arrested
  107. North Africa: More Than 400 Runners Participating in Sahara Marathon 2013
  108. Cameroon: France Rules Out Talks With Kidnappers of Family
  109. Cameroon: Youtube Video Shows 'Family Kidnapped in Cameroon'
  110. Liberia: Extradition Denied for Eight Ivorians
  111. Liberia: Nato Wants Ukraine Increase Troops Presence
  112. Nigeria: Nigeria Loses U.S.$2.7 Billion to Oil Production Decline
  113. Kenya: HIV Programmes Steel Themselves for Elections
  114. Kenya: Kenya Airways Suspends All Flights to Malawi
  115. Somalia: Amisom Captures Two More Towns
  116. Kenya: Biogas Push Asks Women to Get Their Hands Dirty
  117. Kenya: Land and Corruption Heats Up Final Presidential Debate
  118. Malawi: Paying the Price of Devaluation
  119. Zimbabwe: When a Farmer Gets Shot in the Face
  120. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Police Ban Radios, Crack Down On NGOs
  121. Southern Africa: SADC Electoral Council's Support to Govts Needs to Be Improved
  122. South Africa: Tourism Lies at the Heart of the Brics
  123. Africa: First Nations Give Land Claims Consultation Thumbs Down
  124. Zimbabwe: Christpowers Maisiri to Be Laid to Rest On Thursday
  125. Sudan: Ethnic Clashes Over Gold Mines Kill Scores
  126. Senegal: Senegal Growing Up Over Marriage
  127. Mali: Al Qaeda Leader Condemns Destruction of Mausoleums
  128. Guinea: Opposition Withdraws From Electoral Process
  129. Nigeria: 700 Policemen Sacked Over Recruitment Scandal
  130. Liberia: Mayor Goes into Hiding Amid Threat of Imprisonment
  131. Kenya: Power Sharing a 'Dangerous Concept' for Kenya's Democracy
  132. Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Haruna Hits Southwestern Madagascar
  133. Kenya: Nation Transfixed By Its Illiberal and Rightwing Gang of Eight
  134. Somalia: Media Discover the Limits of Freedom in Somalia
  135. Kenya: Nubians in Kenya - a People Denied
  136. South Africa: South African Documentary Wins Academy Award
  137. Angola: Is this the Country Agostinho Neto Dreamt of?
  138. Zambia: Auditor General Grills Transportation PS Over Kasaba Bay Airport
  139. Zimbabwe: Armed Robbers Terrorise City Over Weekend
  140. Swaziland: Police No Right to Disrupt Prayers
  141. Swaziland: Top Brass Get Bullet-Proof Cars
  142. South Africa: Sugar Man Wins Best Documentary Oscar
  143. South Africa: NPA Welcomes SAPS Decision to Reconstitute Investigating Team On the Os
  144. Nigeria: Ending Crude Oil Theft
  145. Egypt: Al-Ahly Claim 5th African Super Cup
  146. Egypt: PM - Awaiting Probe Results to Reveal Those Involved in Port Said Incidents
  147. Tunisia: Ennahda Names New Tunisia Pm
  148. Tunisia: Jihad Mafia Kills Tunisian Youths
  149. Egypt: Two Years Since the Begin of the Communication Cut Case, Two Years of Conceali
  150. Nigeria: Religious Clash Kills Five, Injures Hundreds
  151. Benin: Country Angry at French Travel Warning
  152. Sierra Leone: President Earnest Bai Koroma's inaugural Address
  153. Sudan: Leader of Al-Qaeda in Sudan Killed in Mali - Reports
  154. Nigeria: Bill to Safeguard Personal Information Underway
  155. Uganda: Opposition Pushes for Reforms Before 2016 Polls
  156. Sudan: 60 People Killed in Renewed Tribal Clashes in North Darfur
  157. Kenya: Leaders Commit to Peaceful Elections
  158. Rwanda: Government Should Address the Private Candidates Dilemma
  159. Sudan: Militants Set Fire to Farmlands in Sirba, West Darfur
  160. Zimbabwe: In Zimbabwe, Learning Chinese Is a Lucrative Investment
  161. Zimbabwe: Mugabe or Tsvangirai Win Won't Change Much - Analysts
  162. Mozambique: 17 People Arrested for Cholera Riots in Nampula
  163. Zimbabwe: Churches Vow to Vote for Mugabe
  164. Zimbabwe: Ban On Radio Receivers Sparks Outcry
  165. Zimbabwe: Police Undermine Voter-Education
  166. Mozambique: Rainy Season Death Toll Reaches 113
  167. Namibia: 'Struggle Kids' Not Special - Mbumba
  168. Kenya: Rawal Poised to Be Next Deputy Chief Justice
  169. Morocco: Spanish Delegation Expelled From Airport of Occupied El Aaiun
  170. Egypt: Minister Underlines Importance of Modernizing Agreements With NB States to Inc
  171. Egypt: Morsi Says Considering Election Date Change
  172. Egypt: Minister of Interiror - No Brotherhoodization of Police
  173. Egypt: Civil Disobedience in Port Said Enters Seventh Day
  174. Mali: Malian Refugees Wanting to Return Home Face Difficult Choices
  175. Nigeria: Jonathan Hosts Brazilian President Rousseff
  176. Nigeria: Big Brother Winners - Life After Big Brother House
  177. Guinea Bissau: Security Council Extends Peacebuilding Office for Three Months
  178. Liberia: Konneh's Double Ministerial Posts Illegal
  179. Kenya: 580,000 Circumcize to Curb HIV
  180. Kenya: Kengen in Sh30 Billion Bond Plan
  181. Kenya: Moi Gets Reprieve On Kabarak Land Dispute
  182. Kenya: Security Team Ready for Polls in North Rift
  183. Zambia: Continue Graft Fight, President Sata Urges Ruling Party
  184. South Africa: How to Create a South African Society That Rewards Hard Work
  185. Zambia: Sata Drops Lubinda From Cabinet
  186. South Africa: Safa to Set Up Independent Commission of Enquiry
  187. Zimbabwe: Govt Fails to Secure External Funding for Referendum
  188. Southern Africa: Madagascar's Political Crisis - How SADC Saved the Day?
  189. Southern Africa: IFRC President Calls On Southern African Governments to Further Inve
  190. Zambia: RB Immunity - Motion to Be Taken to Parley
  191. Kenya: The Elections- Rebuilding Reputation
  192. Nigeria: Truce Remains Elusive in Violence-Torn Nigeria
  193. Nigeria: Timeline of Boko Haram and Related Violence
  194. Mali: Crisis Disrupting Schooling of 700,000 Children - Unicef
  195. Mali: Tuaregs and Arabs Not Ready to Return to Mali
  196. Cameroon: Trading Some of the Largest Insects on Earth
  197. Djibouti: Country Heads to the Polls - the Troubling Illusion
  198. East Africa: Easy Money? East Africa's Eurobond Dream
  199. Kenya: Poll Puts Uhuru as the Front-Runner
  200. Rwanda: Genocide Suspect Found Guilty, Stripped of U.S. Citizenship
  201. Uganda: DR Congo Peace Agreement to be Signed
  202. South Africa: Blade Runner Granted Bail
  203. Zimbabwe: Suffering Amid Zimbabwe's Diamond Fields of Plenty
  204. Mozambique: Mozambican Farmers Fear Foreign Land Grabs
  205. South Africa: Pistorius Gets Bail Amid Questions
  206. South Africa: Nair Sets Bail for Pistorius
  207. South Africa: Pistorius Case Will Put Spotlight On SA Judiciary
  208. Swaziland: Swazi King's Paper Suspends MD
  209. Swaziland: Bloated Elite Ignores Swazi Youth
  210. Dhoruba bin-Wahad, Cynthia McKinney, Correcting Manning Marable and More Radical Audi
  211. Africa: Closing the Gap - Meet Aims to End Extreme Poverty
  212. Cameroon: France Denies Cameroon Hostages Are Free
  213. Mali: Fighting in Gao, Car Bomb in Kidal
  214. Liberia: Petroleum Company Reports New Oil Find
  215. Nigeria: Senate Okays Death Penalty for Terrorists
  216. Kenya: Post-Election Rape Survivors Sue Govt
  217. Kenya: Gunmen Kill Seven At Mosque in Border Town
  218. Sudan: Egypt Will Join ICC but Ensure That Sudan's Bashir Is Safe From Arrest - Offic
  219. South Sudan: Jonglei Rebel Leader Demands UN Mediation in Peace Talks
  220. Ethiopia: Ethiopia Bans More NGOs Over 'Illegal Acts'
  221. South Africa: Police Investigator Pulled Off Blade-Runner Case
  222. South Africa: 'Rape Not Treated Seriously'
  223. South Africa: Do Police Arrests Reduce Crime?
  224. South Africa: Pistorius's Bail Application Continues
  225. Swaziland: IMF Confirms Economy in Trouble
  226. South Africa: Congressional Delegation Applauds Launch of US-South Africa Business Co
  227. Zambia: LAZ Oppose Premature Calls On Rupiah's Immunity
  228. Zimbabwe: Police Ban 'Radios' in Zimbabwe
  229. Egypt: Civil Disobedience in Port Said Enters Fourth Day
  230. Egypt: ElBaradei Says Egypt 'Back to Dark Ages of Brutality'
  231. Egypt: Court Allows Bearded Policemen to Return to Work
  232. Tunisia: Prime Minister Jebali Resigns
  233. Tunisia: PM Announces Resignation
  234. Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Appears Before the ICC
  235. West Africa: Why Sahel Needs U.S. $1.6bn Again This Year
  236. Nigeria: 15 Russians Remanded in Prison Over Arms Importation
  237. Liberia: Govt Launches Appeal for U.S.$37 Million Humanitarian Aid
  238. Mali: U.S.$7.5m Plan to Save Cultural Treasures
  239. Africa: Chad Hosts Al-Bashir as Côte d'Ivoire Joins ICC
  240. Somalia: Somalis Enjoy First Major Music Concert in Two Decades
  241. Kenya: Kenyatta Campaigners Slam Focus on Hague Court Case
  242. Kenya: Somalis Face Urban Ejection
  243. Uganda: Missed Opportunity in the Oil Debates
  244. Zimbabwe: Ethnic Politics on the Campaign Trail
  245. Malawi: Striking Workers Threaten to Close Airport - Report
  246. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Birthday Bash - Time to Party or Retire?
  247. South Africa: 'Justice Is Blind - but Not in the Case of Gender Violence'
  248. South Africa: Screams During Pistorius Shooting - Witness
  249. Angola: In Angola, the Generals Will Be Just Fine
  250. Zimbabwe: New Elections Boss Appointed