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  1. Somalia: Govt Wrestles Key Town From Militants
  2. Kenya: UN Security Officer Murdered
  3. East Africa: Airline in Bid to Buy Ailing South African Carrier
  4. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Shifts Stance on Chinese Investors
  5. Angola: Summit Approves Integration of Neutral Military Forces in DRC
  6. Zimbabwe: Fear, Uncertainty Mark Zanu-PF Conference
  7. Southern Africa: SADC Effort to Solve Eastern DRC Conflict Goes Top-Notch
  8. Southern Africa: SADC Summit Concludes
  9. Nigeria: Federal Government Blames Oil Marketers for Fuel Queues
  10. Southern Africa: Region's Peace Top SADC Agenda
  11. Zimbabwe: Young Leaders Inspired to Bring Change to Communities
  12. Mali: Kidnap Risks Rise
  13. Nigeria: Electoral Commission Deregisters 28 Political Parties
  14. Cote d'Ivoire: French Soldiers Given Suspended Sentences for Ivorian's Murder
  15. Ghana: Military Averts Clash At Accra New Town
  16. Kenya: Government Vows Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants
  17. Southern Africa: Guebuza Calls for Dialogue
  18. Uganda: How the Oil Bill Was Passed
  19. Kenya: Death Toll in Eastleigh Grenade Attack Rises to Five
  20. Kenya/Uganda: Uganda Beats Kenya to Lift Cecafa Cup
  21. South Africa: Mandela Undergoes Hospital Tests
  22. Zimbabwe: 210 White Farmers Refuse to Vacate Gazetted Land
  23. Mozambique: Local Airline to Launch New Service
  24. Zambia: Central Delegates Endorse Last Thursday of September As Elections Date
  25. Zambia: Sata, 18 Chewa Chiefs Confer
  26. Zimbabwe: Corrupt Ministers Face Axe - President
  27. Ghana: Early Election Returns Reveal Two-Horse Race
  28. Zimbabwe: 'I'll Announce Poll Dates Soon'
  29. Mozambique: Dhlakama - Renamo Will Abandon Parliament
  30. Mozambique: Guebuza Denounces ?professional Agitators?
  31. Egypt: Military Builds Concrete Wall at Palace
  32. Egypt: UN Cites 'Major' Problems With Draft Constitution
  33. Egypt: Eleven Predictions for Egypt Under the Muslim Brotherhood
  34. Egypt: Morsi Invites Political Powers for Dialogue On Saturday
  35. Egypt: NCHR Forms a Fact-Finding Committee to Investigate Presidential Palace Clashes
  36. Ghana: Counting Starts In Historic Election
  37. Ghana: No Honeymoon After Election
  38. Liberia: Call for Tougher Drug Laws
  39. Senegal: Bumper Grain Harvest Expected in South
  40. Ghana: Ghana Imposes Partial Suspension of Voting
  41. South Sudan: Opinion Writer Gunned Down Outside Juba Home
  42. Congo-Kinshasa: The Invisible Frontline in North Kivu
  43. Kenya: Citizen Journalists Give a New Face to Nairobi's Slums
  44. Africa: The Kampala Convention Enters Into Force Tomorrow
  45. Kenya: The Rise of the 'Uhuruto'
  46. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Party Goes All-Out to Win Polls
  47. South Africa: Mandela Bailed Zuma Out, Says Report
  48. Zimbabwe: Mugabe to Use Conference As Rallying Call to Unite Divided Party
  49. Mozambique: Opposition to Abandon Parliament
  50. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Attacks Constitution Writers
  51. Zimbabwe: Harare Residents Drink 'Filtered Urine'
  52. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Must Get Off Stage
  53. Zimbabwe: What Will Swing the Elections?
  54. The Continuing Struggle for Our (WPFW) Airwaves, Love for Fred Hampton and Mark Clark
  55. Egypt: Several Dead in Egyptian Clashes
  56. Libya: Hundreds Escape Libya Prison
  57. Africa: Twelve Countries Rank in Top 75 on Anti-Corruption Index
  58. Egypt: Republican Guard Orders Demonstrators to Evacuate
  59. Egypt: Deaths, Injuries, Division and Tanks
  60. Ghana: Election Fever Grips the Nation
  61. Burkina Faso: Election Result Due Soon
  62. Mali: Rebels Meet Govt in Burkina Faso
  63. Ghana: Presidential Candidates Get Ready to Vote
  64. Southern Africa: Region Calls Urgent Summit on Congo
  65. Ethiopia: Anti-Terrorism Law Squelches Opposition, Say Activists
  66. Rwanda: Oil Prospects Gain Momentum
  67. East Africa: EAC Disputes Reports of Trade Barriers Increase
  68. South Africa: Eleven Die in Air Force Crash
  69. Africa: UK, South African Bank Wrap Up U.S. $2 Billion Deal on Africa
  70. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Call for Early Elections Hits Snag
  71. Zimbabwe: Mugabe, Tsvangirai Resolve Tripartite Impasse
  72. Mozambique: Mozambican Corruption Declines Slightly
  73. Angola: Economic Commission Gathered
  74. Kenya: Explosion in Kenya's Capital Injures Eight
  75. Liberia: Taylor Appeal Postponed
  76. Mali: Political Dialogue Is Priority, Security Council Hears
  77. Nigeria: Nollywood Veteran Actor, Enebeli Elebuwa Dies in India
  78. Mali: African Union, UN Disagree Over Mali Plan
  79. Ghana: Voting for Peaceful & Quality Leadership
  80. South Sudan: Women, Children Bear Brunt of Violence
  81. Sudan: Bashir-Kiir Summit Proposal Gets Cool Reception
  82. Rwanda: Genocide Convicts Must Not Live Lavish Lifestyles
  83. Kenya: USAID and Mau Forest Elders Share Results of Constitutional Land Rights Pilot
  84. Rwanda: DRC Crisis - Rwanda's Rebuttal Was Ignored
  85. Zimbabwe: Activists Abducted and Tortured
  86. Africa: The Humble Toilet's New Era
  87. South Africa: Tourist's Killer Jailed for Life
  88. Zimbabwe: Europe Relaxes Stance on Zimbabwean Diamonds
  89. Namibia: What Is the Future of Kyoto Protocol?
  90. South Africa: Molewa Confident of Positive Outcome At COP18
  91. South Africa: The Political Pied Pipers On the Road to Mangaung - a Different Kind of
  92. Namibia: Cabinet Redeployed 'Congress Made Changes Imperative'
  93. Nigeria: We Will Demolish 31 Estates, Mpape - FCT Minister
  94. Nigeria: Oil Majors Fight New PIB Tax
  95. Egypt: Judges Override Calls for Constitution Vote Boycott
  96. Egypt: Mursi Departs Palace Following Clashes
  97. Egypt: Egypt Newspapers Strike Over Draft Charter, Mursi Decree
  98. Egypt: PM - Mursi Decree to Fall If Charter Passes
  99. Ghana: Intense Election Campaign Climaxes
  100. Cote d'Ivoire: Marital Equality Law Sparks Controversy
  101. Ghana: Nation Makes Peace a Priority in Election Campaign
  102. Guinea Bissau: Five New Countries Endorse UN-Backed Principles to End Use of Children
  103. Rwanda: ICTR Genocide Convicts in Mali Operate Businesses
  104. Kenya: Tensions Grow as Polls Loom
  105. Burundi: Govt Overhauls Tax Collection
  106. Eritrea: U.S. Renews Eritrean Travel Warning
  107. Uganda: The Stark Realities Lying Behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill
  108. Burundi: Joyous Homecoming After Lifetime in Exile
  109. South Africa: Farmworkers to Resume Strike
  110. Mozambique: Opposition Threats Give Harare Jitters
  111. Africa: World Bank Urges Mapping of Natural Resources
  112. South Africa: Leadership Struggle Weakens Ruling Party
  113. Swaziland: Death Penalty Test for Human Rights
  114. South Africa: New Houses to Be Built in Lenasia
  115. Zambia: 'Poverty High Despite Good Economic Indicators'
  116. Zambia: Stopping Marital Abuse in Zambia
  117. Egypt: Riot Police Retreat After Firing Teargas At Protesters
  118. Egypt: Opposition Marchers Stage 'Last Warning' March
  119. Tunisia: Siliana Protestors Mull Compromise Offer
  120. Egypt: Vice President - Mursi's Decree Is for Protection of Judiciary
  121. Egypt: Committee Convenes On Egypt's Charter Referendum
  122. Burkina Faso: Voters Cast Ballots for Legislature
  123. Nigeria: Nigerians Face Severe Power Blackouts
  124. Liberia: Security Threatened At Ivorian Border
  125. Mali: Tuareg Rebels Attend Talks
  126. Nigeria: You Can No Longer Drink Anytime You Like in Jos
  127. Ethiopia: Huge Dam Could Be Disastrous for Region
  128. Eritrea/Uganda: National Football Team Defects to Uganda
  129. Uganda: Desperate Mothers Dope Own Children
  130. Somalia: Somaliand Rising From the Ruins of Somalia
  131. Kenya: Mobile Phone Texts Can Help HIV Patients Cut Viral Load
  132. Chad: NGO Workers Face Child-Smuggling Charges
  133. Zimbabwe: Soldiers Beat Political Activists
  134. Swaziland: Kids Who Commit No Crime Locked Up
  135. South Africa: Missing Marikana Footage in Spotlight
  136. Zimbabwe: Disability and Gender-Based Violence - A Double Edged Sword
  137. Malawi: Youth Overcome Adversity to Excel
  138. South Africa: Towards Realisation of a Cohesive South Africa
  139. Zimbabwe: The Underlying Cause of Zimbabwean Crisis
  140. Nigeria: Nigeria Is Safe Despite Bombings, Jonathan Insists
  141. South Africa/Ghana: Amajimbos Lose to Ghana
  142. Nigeria: Gunmen 'Burn Churches, Border Posts in Borno State
  143. Sudan: Govt Forces Attack Extremists' Camp
  144. Nigeria: Military Chiefs Removed After Bombings
  145. Africa: After Africa's Wars, a 'New Day' for Building Peace
  146. Ghana: Nation's 'New Path' for Handling Oil Revenue
  147. Congo-Kinshasa: M23 Rebels Pull Out of Goma
  148. Rwanda: Britain Freezes Aid
  149. Congo-Kinshasa: ICGLR to Decide Entry of DRC Army Into Goma
  150. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Party Faces Cash Dilemma
  151. Swaziland: Take From the King, Give to Poor - IMF
  152. Sudan: Unamid Lends Resources to Fighting Yellow Fever in Darfur
  153. Zimbabwe: Leaders to Pay for Crimes Against Humanity - ICC
  154. Zimbabwe: Nation Should Wake Up to Reality
  155. Zimbabwe: Kunonga Must Make Peace With Gandiya
  156. Namibia: Water for Poor Communities in Rural Areas to Be Subsidised
  157. South Africa: Simplifying Aids Treatment
  158. Zimbabwe: Govt to Slash Prices of Vehicle Licence Plates
  159. Zimbabwe: Anglican Row Turns Violent
  160. South Africa: Fuel Price Decreases to Be Effected On 5 December 2012
  161. Egypt: Mursi to Call for Referendum on Constitution
  162. Western Sahara: Reception Ceremony On Honour of Saharawi President
  163. Egypt: UN Human Rights Chief Calls On Egypt's President to Roll Back Powers of Recent
  164. Egypt: New Constitution Criticized by Rights Group
  165. Egypt: Moussa - Mursi Should Listen to People's Demands
  166. Ghana: Nation Faces Close Election
  167. Nigeria: As Boko Haram's Attack Increases, Death Toll Rises
  168. Nigeria: Gunmen Kill Local Leader
  169. West Africa: Nigeria Records Decline in New HIV Infections
  170. Cote d'Ivoire: France Signs Major Aid Deal
  171. South Sudan: Juba Seeks UN Action Over Abyei
  172. Kenya: Voter Kits Alarm Public
  173. Kenya: The Economic Cost of Kenya's Insecurity
  174. Kenya: Showdown Looms Over New Traffic Laws
  175. Kenya: Fresh Bid to Bar Five Top Contenders From Poll
  176. Southern Africa: UN to Provide Food Relief to 3.5 Million
  177. Zimbabwe: Soldiers Go On Rampage
  178. South Africa: Single-Dose HIV Drug Welcomed
  179. South Africa: Petrol Price to Drop
  180. Swaziland: Trying Out New Approaches to Treat HIV
  181. Zimbabwe: Find Lasting Solution to Water Woes
  182. What is Happening at WPFW? The Fight to Save Community Radio
  183. Angola: President Addresses WHO Work in Africa
  184. Mozambique: European Commission Finances Fight Against Hunger
  185. Egypt: Assembly Approves Draft Constitution
  186. Egypt: Tea and Tear Gas in Tahrir Square
  187. Egypt: FJP Deputy Says Draft Constitution Fit for Post-Revolution Egypt
  188. Tunisia: PM Calls for Creation of Independent Investigation Commission Into Incidents
  189. Egypt: New Constitution Mixed On Support of Rights - Draft Adopted Without Consensus
  190. Cote d'Ivoire: Govt Returns to North
  191. Mauritania: President Returns to Paris for Treatment
  192. Nigeria: Nation Records Boost in Forex Inflow
  193. Ghana: Mahama Calls for 2nd Term
  194. Ghana: Nation's 'New Path' for Handling Oil Revenue
  195. Ethiopia: How Africa's First Commodity Exchange Revolutionized Ethiopia's Economy
  196. Ethiopia: Prime Minister Reshuffles Cabinet
  197. Somalia: Govt Soldiers Battle Al Shabaab
  198. Rwanda: Prosecutor Slams France
  199. Sudan: Nation Needs Major Reform to Avert More War
  200. Botswana: Hunting Ban Criticized
  201. Southern Africa: Millions Face Food Shortages
  202. Africa: Calling for a GMO-Free Continent
  203. Southern Africa: Protests Over High Food Prices Likely
  204. Malawi: What Went Wrong? Lessons From Malawi's Food Crisis
  205. Africa: African Football Stars to Support Malaria Campaign
  206. Nigeria: Violence Reveals Flaws in Criminal Justice System
  207. Swaziland: Preschool As a Way of Life in Rural Areas
  208. Southern Africa: Governments Failing to Address Cervical Cancer
  209. Angola: Country Estimated to Have Over Two Hundred Thousand HIV/Aids Cases
  210. Africa: AllAfrica Founder Named Among 'Most Influential Africans'
  211. Ghana: Poll Puts Mahama Ahead in Election
  212. Niger: Tensions Grow Over Nigerian Oil Firms
  213. Liberia: Will Weah Run for Senator?
  214. West Africa: Climate Forecasts Boosted Floods Response
  215. Uganda: Land Grabs Threaten Local Livelihoods
  216. Somalia: Understanding Somali Piracy on Land and Sea
  217. Congo-Kinshasa: Kabila in a Catch-22 With M23
  218. Burundi: Radio Reporter Convicted of Terrorism Marks a Year Behind Bars
  219. Kenya: Politicising History - Who and What Does Kenya's Mashujaa Day Celebrate?
  220. Zambia: Political Violence Threatens Stability
  221. Namibia: Ruling Party Congress a 'Defining Moment'
  222. Mozambique: Corruption Undermines Health Service
  223. South Africa: Home Affairs Respects Court Ruling On Dalai Lama
  224. Zimbabwe: Another Stalemate in Zimbabwe?
  225. Uganda/Kenya: Wash United, Cecafa in Hand-Washing Campaign
  226. Angola: Dealing With Govt Censorship and Oil Money
  227. Southern Africa: Migration Needs to Be Seen From a Food Security Perspective
  228. Nigeria: Why We Terminated MoU With Lufthansa - Aviation Minister
  229. Nigeria: Minting Company MD Suspended Over Alleged Misappropriation
  230. Nigeria: Coca Cola Gets New Managing Director
  231. Morocco: Transparency Move Draws Criticism in Morocco
  232. Egypt: Egypt Cassation Court Joins Strike Against Mursi
  233. Egypt: Egypt Arrests 18 in Scuffles Near Tahrir
  234. Egypt: Egypt Protests Continue in Crisis Over Mursi Powers
  235. Egypt: Clashes Pick Up in Tahrir Following Anti-Mursi Protest
  236. Sierra Leone: Shifting Tide On Abortion Law
  237. Mauritania: President Returns Home After Shooting
  238. Nigeria: Picking the Pieces As Life Returns to Yobe Towns
  239. Nigeria: Why Jonathan Fired BPE Boss
  240. Nigeria: Stop the Unprecedented Crude Oil Thefts
  241. Djibouti: Rising Food Insecurity Fuels Migration
  242. Kenya: Tana Killings Were Planned - Human Rights Body
  243. South Sudan: Nation Oiling Up for Self-Reliance
  244. Uganda: Gulu Goes Green, With Help From Some Cows
  245. Rwanda: African Women Lawmakers Want Higher Representation
  246. Angola: Chinese and Brazilian Firms Building the New Angola
  247. South Africa: 'Secrecy Bill' Closer to Becoming Law
  248. South Africa: South African Youth Survey: Disturbing Signs
  249. Lesotho: Sexual Harassment a Reality in Universities
  250. South Africa: Respected Academic Gerwel Dies