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  1. Western Sahara: International Summit Addresses Sahel Security
  2. Mali: Abandoned Munitions Endanger Lives in Mali
  3. Mali: Old Wine in New Bottles? Justifying France's Military Intervention
  4. Liberia: Obama Extends Liberians Stay in the U.S.
  5. Liberia: Last Ivorian Refugees Leave as Camp Shuts
  6. Nigeria: Dozens Killed in Kano Bus Station Blasts
  7. Somalia: Water Scarcity Affects Somaliland Households
  8. Rwanda: Kagame Blows Cold and Hot On a Third Term
  9. Djibouti: Govt Goes After Dissident Businessman's Wealth
  10. Kenya: Prepare for a Run-Off, Cord Tells Kenyans
  11. Uganda: President Museveni Speaks Out On Homosexuality
  12. Zimbabwe: Referendum on Constitution Approved
  13. Zimbabwe: 'Overwhelming' Yes for Draft Constitution - Reports
  14. Zimbabwe: Why Beatrice Is Still Behind Bars?
  15. Africa: Tackling Poverty and Disease With Innovative Health Financing
  16. Zimbabwe: Nation's Referendum - a Start
  17. South Africa: The Lancet to Launch Open Access Global Health Journal
  18. South Africa: Local University Launches Institute for Malaria
  19. Mozambique: Threats From Renamo Official in Nacala
  20. Tunisia: Constitution 'Must Prevent Return of Dictatorship'
  21. Africa: Securitization or Terrorization?
  22. North Africa: The Threat of the 'Unholy Trinity'
  23. Tunisia: EU Funds New Tunisia Projects
  24. North Africa: UN Western Sahara Envoy Mounts Maghreb Trip
  25. Sierra Leone: Children Break Rocks to Pay for School
  26. Liberia: Sirleaf Seeks Complete Overhaul of Education System
  27. Nigeria: Promotion Scandal Hits Electoral Commission
  28. Africa: Will African Artifacts Ever Be Returned?
  29. Nigeria: We Suspect Some Kidnapped Setraco Staff May Be Alive - Jonathan
  30. Rwanda: Fugitive Congo Warlord Surrenders
  31. Somalia: Mogadishu Car Bomb Kills Civilians, Schoolchildren
  32. Uganda: Accessing Health Services - Boda Boda to the Rescue!
  33. Somalia: Court Frees Journalist Who Wrote Rape Story
  34. Somalia: Intelligence Official Targeted in Suicide Car Bomb Attack
  35. Zambia: World Bank to Help Reduce Poverty
  36. Zambia: Amid Chaos and Controversy, Banda's Immunity Removed
  37. Zimbabwe: African Lawyers Condemn Arrest of Beatrice Mtetwa
  38. South Africa: How to Revolutionize Mining to Drive Economic Growth
  39. Mozambique: Mozambique Turns to Technology in Battle Against Tuberculosis
  40. Zimbabwe: Arrests Overshadow Referendum Vote
  41. Zimbabwe: Youth Leader Aims to End Mugabe Dominance
  42. Kenya: Kenyatta Free to Visit Botswana Despite Warning
  43. Rwanda: Congo Refugees, Combatants Flood Rwanda
  44. Rwanda: The New Pope Should Bring New Hope
  45. Uganda: Girls Trafficked to South Sudan
  46. Kenya: Coalition of Reform and Democracy Finally Files Poll Petition
  47. Kenya: What Will Kenyatta's Election Mean for Country's Asians?
  48. Sudan: Sudan Coup Attempt Trial Shrouded in Secrecy
  49. Chad: Chad Urged to Execute Arrest Warrant Against Sudanese Leader
  50. Rwanda: New Detection System Critical in Enhancing Healthcare
  51. Zambia: Dying On a Prayer - Preachers Tell Citizens to Stop Taking ARVs
  52. Zimbabwe: Zimbabweans Show Little Interest in Referendum
  53. Zimbabwe: Police Arrests and Raids a Day After Referendum
  54. Zimbabwe: Referendum Characterised By Intimidation and Voter Apathy
  55. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Top Lawyer Arrested Soon After Referendum
  56. Zambia: Rupiah Banda Loses Immunity
  57. Zambia: Chinese Firm Awarded Kr562 Million Road Contract
  58. Zimbabwe: Polls Close in Zimbabwe Referendum
  59. Women Tell Some of the Untold Story of the Rise and Fall of the Hip-Hop Political Con
  60. Egypt: PM Renews Respect for Constitutional Court Rulings
  61. Egypt: Presidency - Egypt Will Not Forget Martyrs Who Sacrificed Their Souls
  62. Egypt: Morsi - Egypt Is Passing Through Critical Conditions
  63. Egypt: Cabinet Prepares a Bill Allowing Passengers to Hold Amounts Exceeding U.S $10.
  64. Egypt: Sisi - Egypt's Army Will Revenge Murder of Our Soldiers in Rafah
  65. Liberia: Sirleaf Speaks On 'Fixing Education System'
  66. Angola: President Sends Messages to Counterparts
  67. Ghana: UN Human Rights Council - Adoption of the Outcome of Ghana's UPR - Item 6
  68. Nigeria: Anambra Elections - the Past, Present and Future
  69. Nigeria: Nsukka-Based Biz Man Drags Ex-Minister, Driver to Court
  70. Sudan: Chad Should Arrest Al-Bashir - Human Rights Watch
  71. South Sudan: Exchanging Daughters for Livestock
  72. Ethiopia: Keeping Pastoralist Children in School in Ethiopia
  73. Kenya: UN Human Rights Monitoring Team Praises Kenya for Successful Election Process
  74. Egypt: FM - PM's Juba Visit 'Important'
  75. Zimbabwe: Zimbabweans Determine Their Own Destiny Today - Tsvangirai
  76. Zimbabwe: Voting Peaceful, With Observers Missing from Some Stations
  77. Zimbabwe: Zec Outlines Rules for March 16 Referendum
  78. Southern Africa: SADC Observers Satisfied With Preps
  79. Zimbabwe: Referendum Update - Voting Continues Despite Low Turn-Out
  80. Southern Africa: SADC Observers Satisfied With Preps
  81. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's Constitutional Referendum Debate
  82. Southern Africa: Angola Takes Up SADC Police Chair
  83. North Africa: Maghreb Countries Wrap Up Military Exercise
  84. Libya: Libyan PM Zidan Meets Barack Obama
  85. Libya: Security of Christian Communities 'Precarious' - Archbishop
  86. Egypt: Women Stand Up to Wave of Injustice and Violence
  87. Egypt: No Dialogue with Presidency - Opposition
  88. Africa: Niger, DRC and Mozambique at Bottom of Development Index
  89. Mali: Call to End Neglect of Emergency Education in Mali
  90. Liberia: Mary Broh Gives Reason Why She Resigned
  91. Liberia: Renegotiated Oil Agreement Signed
  92. Liberia: Our Renewed Call to the 53rd Legislature
  93. Uganda: Has Sexual Minority Movement Failed?
  94. South Sudan: Is All Well in the Teak Forests of South Sudan?
  95. Uganda: Ugandan Chess Prodigy to Play Bill Gates
  96. East Africa: Being Black Is No Joy for Somalians and Ethiopians in Yemen
  97. Ethiopia: Ethiopian National Defense Forces Killed 6 Civilians
  98. Malawi: 'Calamity Creep' Threatens Hungry Children
  99. Zimbabwe: Last Ditch Attempt to Have Referendum Postponed
  100. Mozambique: Govt Wants to Normalise Life After Floods
  101. South Africa: Two Killed, Thousands Homeless After Stellenbosch Fire
  102. Southern Africa: Zimbabwe Police Ban Radios in Run Up to Elections
  103. Southern Africa: World Bank Support for Boosting Food Production in Malawi, Mozambiqu
  104. Zimbabwe: Referendum Result To Shape Destiny of Zimbabwe
  105. Rwanda: U.S. Could Have Saved 300,000 Tutsis in Genocide - Clinton
  106. Sierra Leone: Govt Must Continue to Maintain Gains From Transition - UN Official
  107. Nigeria: We Are Not Ghosts, Boko Haram Tells Jonathan
  108. Liberia: Liberia is More Than Half a Billion Dollars in Debt - Senate
  109. West Africa: The New ECOWAS Counter-Terrorism Strategy and its Implications
  110. Nigeria: Presidency Defends Pardon to Alams, Others
  111. Eritrea: Exit Eritrea - How Could It All End for Isaias Afewerki?
  112. Uganda: Uganda Feeling Pinch of Kenya Election Week
  113. Kenya: Serial Abortions Becoming Cool in Kenya
  114. Kenya: Uhuru Starts Crafting His Cabinet
  115. Somalia: Govt Appoints Committee to Probe Dead Bodies
  116. Malawi: Mutharika's Brother Among Several Held On Treason Charges
  117. Malawi: Lifelong HIV Treatment for Pregnant Women Prevents Infection in Children - St
  118. Zimbabwe: Grim Food Security Outlook for Zimbabwe
  119. Zambia: Sata 'Cooks' Employment Figures
  120. Swaziland: Swazi Youth to Rally Against Election
  121. Namibia: Khomas HIV/Aids Prevalence Rate Drops
  122. Namibia: Academic Fraudsters to Hear Sentence Next Week
  123. Namibia: Aviation Consultants Counter-Sue Govt for N$21m
  124. Kenya: Raila Defends Election Petition
  125. Swaziland: Sikhuphe Deals With Bogus Airlines
  126. Africa: Drawing in U.S., China and Finance Critical to Climate Deal
  127. Tunisia: PM-Designate Outline Priorities for New Govt
  128. Egypt: Opposition Claims It Wasn't Invited to National Dialogue
  129. Morocco: World Bank Supports Competitiveness and Green Growth
  130. Libya: Tainted Alcohol Kills 51 Libyans
  131. Egypt: President Congratulates Patriarch of the Catholic Copts
  132. Mali: President Plays Down UN Atrocities Accusations
  133. Nigeria: Vaccine Suspicion Aggravates Measles Outbreak
  134. Togo: Media Blackout as Journalists Protest Against Repressive Law
  135. Mali: War Over, Now to Secure Peace
  136. Mali: Paper Continues to Publish, Despite Editor's Arrest
  137. Uganda: MPs Query Deployment of Police to Somalia
  138. Kenya: What Can We Learn From Uhuru's Victory?
  139. Madagascar: President Announces Election Date
  140. Zimbabwe: Many Zimbabweans Unaware of Impending Referendum
  141. Mozambique: Govt Lifts Flood Alert
  142. South Africa: Correctional Services Clarifies R2 Billion Spent On Consultants
  143. South Africa: Submission to the Dept. of Mineral Resources on Draft Mineral, Petroleu
  144. Swaziland: Govt Donated Maize Scandal Won't Die
  145. Mali: Stabilising Northern Mali - Different Approaches to Peace Operations
  146. Kenya: Kenya's Elections - Going Forward
  147. Africa: Mobile Phone Microscope Detects Worm Infections
  148. Zimbabwe: The Draft Constitution - By the Politicians, for the Politicians?
  149. Zimbabwe: Govt Borrows to Fund Referendum
  150. Swaziland: Govt Sells Maize Donated for Hungry
  151. Egypt: Presidency Says Only Police Responsible for Security
  152. Tunisia: Chokri Belaid Murder Suspect Caught in Algeria
  153. Morocco: Morocco Reveals First Press Freedom Report
  154. Libya: Security Incidents Rattle Libya
  155. Libya: Journalist Detained On Defamation Charges for Publication On Corruption
  156. Liberia: President Dismisses Ministers in Reshuffle
  157. Nigeria: Judiciary Workers Suspend Nationwide Strike
  158. Mali: UN Reports Serious Escalation of Retaliatory Violence By Government Troops
  159. Nigeria: Gunmen Attack Primary School, Injure Headmaster, Two Others
  160. Mali: How to Tackle Mali's Crisis in the Long Term
  161. East Africa: Coffee Pest Spreading to Other Crops in East Africa
  162. Tanzania: Opposition Adamant on Boycotting House Committee
  163. Uganda: Girl Kills Alleged Rapist, Faces Murder Charge
  164. South Sudan: Sudans Agree to Resume Oil Exports
  165. Tanzania: Intellectual Property Law Coming
  166. Zimbabwe: Exiled Zimbabweans Have Right to Vote
  167. Zimbabwe: Australia Eases Targeted Sanctions
  168. Southern Africa: Regional Leaders Look for Solutions to DRC Crisis
  169. Mozambique: Guebuza Thanks Australia for Its Past Assistance
  170. Mozambique: Police Use Water Cannon to Disperse Demobilised
  171. Mozambique: Deputies Affected By Public Probity Law Resign
  172. Zimbabwe: Assaulted for Dress Choice
  173. Zimbabwe: All Set for Francophonie Week
  174. Sierra Leone: Democracy Without Opposition
  175. Mali: Weeks for French Troops to Secure North?
  176. Liberia: Sirleaf Signs Multi-Million Dollar Oil Deal
  177. Liberia: Peacekeeping Mission to Reduce Troop Strength
  178. Liberia: Lawmakers Differ With U.S. Ambassador
  179. Eritrea: Imprisoned Eritreans Complain of Being Forced to Leave Israel
  180. Kenya: Simple Points to Take Away From 2013 Polls
  181. Kenya: ICC Prosecutor Withdraws Charges Related to 2007 Election Against Senior Kenya
  182. Kenya: ICC Prosecutor Drops Muthaura's Case
  183. South Sudan: President Orders Army Withdrawal from Border Areas
  184. Southern Africa: SADC Observers Jet in for Zimbabwe Referendum
  185. Zambia: Opposition Leader 'Ready to Die for Better Zambia'
  186. South Africa: Resentment As South Africa Speaks Business for Continent
  187. Zambia: State Agents Abduct Opposition Spokesman's Wife
  188. South Africa: Avoiding Stray Bullets - the Need for Improved Firearms Control
  189. Mozambique: The Tough Life of Mozambican Doctors
  190. Mozambique: Sanitation, Power Problems Plagues Health Centre
  191. Africa: Global Arms Trade Treaty - a Beginners' Guide
  192. From the South Sudan to African America: Anti-Colonial Struggle Continues
  193. Egypt: Presidency - Qandil Gov't Remains in Power Until After Parliamentary Elections
  194. Egypt: Football Activity to Stop in Egypt Indefinitely
  195. Morocco: European Bank Partners With Morocco's BMCE On $75 Million Trade Financing to
  196. Zimbabwe/Egypt: Unlike Reinhard Fabisch, Who Had Previously Worked in Africa, Dieter-
  197. Egypt: Egyptian Parliamentary Delegation Eyes More German Investments, Tourism
  198. Nigeria: Islamists Claim Foreign Hostages Dead Amid Concern for French Sahel Captives
  199. Nigeria: Joint Task Force Kills 52 in Maiduguri Battle
  200. Sierra Leone: UN Peacekeeping - On the Front Lines to End Violence Against Women
  201. Burkina Faso: Le Drian Declares Mali Jihadis 70 Per Cent Wiped Out, Heads for Ouagado
  202. Nigeria: Lies About Nigeria Oil Blocs
  203. Kenya: Outgoing President Congratulates Uhuru
  204. Kenya: Kenya Remains Calm After Historic Election
  205. Kenya: Killers of Nine Cops Still At Large
  206. Uganda: Govt Stocks Up On Relief Food, Drugs Ahead of Heavy Rains
  207. South Sudan: Activists Launch Campaign for Female UN Chief
  208. South Africa: Mandela in Hospital for Check-Up
  209. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Rebrands, Rises From the Ashes
  210. Zimbabwe: Lessons From Kenya's Elections
  211. Zimbabwe: Prominent Human Rights Activist Under Siege Again
  212. Zimbabwe: NCA's Final Attempt to Halt Referendum
  213. Namibia: First 'Uranium Rush' Report Out
  214. Namibia: Pohamba Demands Return of Yandemufayo's Skull
  215. Southern Africa: SADC Ministers Agree On Election of New Secretariat
  216. Kenya: Obama's Half-Brother Flops in Kenyan Election
  217. Nigeria: 'It's Time for Female VP in Nigeria'
  218. Nigeria: Woman Speaks on Giving Birth to 'Three-Headed Baby'
  219. Nigeria: Why Measles Keeps Ravaging North
  220. Nigeria: Blackberry Presents Z10 Smartphone in Nigerian Market
  221. Nigeria: Find Police Commissioner Asadu's Killers
  222. Kenya: Odinga to Contest Result, Appeals for Peace
  223. East Africa: UN Chief Welcomes Border Agreements Between Sudan, South Sudan
  224. Kenya: Speech By President-Elect Uhuru Kenyatta
  225. Kenya: 'I Knew Uhuru Would Be President One Day'
  226. Namibia: 'Struggle Kids' Want to Sue Police
  227. Zimbabwe: Prominent Human Rights Defender 'Hunted Down'
  228. South Africa: Banyana Narrowly Lose to Republic of Ireland
  229. Zimbabwe: Unicef Urges Protection for Children From Potential Electoral Violence
  230. Zimbabwe: 'We Are Prepared for Both Polls'
  231. Zimbabwe: Government Confident On 'Yes' Vote
  232. Zimbabwe: Shooting of Kariba Killer Lions Torches Celebrations
  233. Southern Africa: SADC Gender Protocol Comes Into Force
  234. Kenya: ICC Plans Status Conference for Uhuru Kenyatta
  235. Tanzania: Editors' Forum Probes Brutal Attack on Journalist
  236. Nigeria: Taxi for Maternal Mortality
  237. Guinea: Violence Mars Political Progress
  238. Mali: Two French Militant Fighters Extradited From Mali
  239. Liberia: Former Police Chief Found Guilty of Corruption
  240. Senegal: Five Killed When Malians Clash With Burkinabé in Senegal Gold-Rush Village
  241. Kenya: Kenyatta Wins Presidency, Provisional Results Show
  242. Kenya: No Party Has Said It Will Reject Results - IEBC
  243. Kenya: Nyanza Poll Candidates Reject Results, Vow to Petition
  244. Kenya: Results From 68 Constituencies Awaited
  245. Kenya: Coalition Begins to Show the Strain
  246. Zimbabwe: The Country's Urban Housing Crisis
  247. Lesotho: Taking Care of the Hungry, Lonely and Elderly
  248. Swaziland: King Breaks Promise On Restraint
  249. South Africa: Children March On Women's Day
  250. Zimbabwe: Referendum ZEC Test Case