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  1. Zimbabwe: Typhoid Hits Hundreds
  2. South Africa: Semenya Reaches 800m Final
  3. Zambia: Dreaming of a Minimum Wage
  4. Zimbabwe: MDCs Gang-Up Against Zanu-PF
  5. Southern Africa: SADC Spotlights Zim
  6. Zimbabwe: Diamonds Looting Persist in Zim
  7. Zambia: Govt Rebuffs Rumours About Satellite Depots
  8. Egypt: Egypt Launches Airstrikes As Offensive Builds
  9. Egypt: Army Seals Gaza Tunnels After Attack
  10. Libya: Interim Govt Hands Over Power
  11. Egypt: Govt Ups Security in Sinai As Clashes Erupt in Arish
  12. Egypt: Fuel Crisis in Sinai Disappears After Rafah Attack
  13. Tunisia: FM - 'Four Ambassadors Involved in Case of Granting Diplomatic Passports to
  14. Ghana: Mills Begins Journey Home
  15. Mali: Some Parties Open to Talks
  16. Burkina Faso: Compaoré Holds Onto Power
  17. Nigeria: Clinton Visits Nigeria Today, Urged to Address Violence, Rights Abuses
  18. Kenya/Botswana: It's Africa, Africa, Africa in Olympics 800m!
  19. Kenya: New Fossils Shed Light On Early Human Evolution
  20. Uganda: Govt Sued Over Maternal Healthcare
  21. Rwanda: Survivors Petition UN Over Lead Expert on Congo
  22. South Africa/Kenya: Blade-Runner Back in Race After Day of Drama
  23. Zimbabwe: Parties Divided Over New Constitution
  24. South Africa: Controversy Trails Gold Medalist
  25. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Party Rejects Constitution
  26. Kenya/South Africa: Relay Team Collision Spells Olympic Disaster
  27. South Africa: Hartley Wins Kayak Bronze
  28. South Africa: Man Dies Over 'Islamophobia'
  29. Cameroon: Olympic Defectors Win Empathy From Youth
  30. Egypt: Mursi Fires Intelligence Chief, Governor
  31. Algeria: The Olympian Who Didn't Try - But Won Gold
  32. Egypt: Egypt Welcomes New NGOs - Minister
  33. Egypt: Air Force Launches Strikes on Militants in Sinai
  34. Egypt: Intelligence Agency Warned of Sinai Attack
  35. Cote d'Ivoire: Govt Blames Attacks On Gbagbo Supporters
  36. Mali: Not a Fragile State, Yet
  37. Mali: Ban Urges More Action, Including Targeted Sanctions
  38. Nigeria: Lawan Stopped At Airport From Travelling Abroad
  39. Mali: China Boosts Agricultural Research
  40. Ethiopia: Oil Firm to Start Exploration
  41. Somalia: Abdi Mohamed Samatar, 'We Decided to Sacrifice Our Lives to Safeguard the Mi
  42. Ethiopia: Court Cuts Columnist's Jail Term
  43. Sudan: China Welcomes Sudan, South Sudan Oil Agreement
  44. Rwanda: U.S.$5 Million Bounty for Remaining Rwandan Genocide Fugitives
  45. Malawi: HIV Study Shows Promise
  46. South Africa: U.S. Wants to Extend Trade Law, Says Clinton
  47. Zimbabwe: Missing Activist's Car Spotted
  48. Zimbabwe: Sustainability Now a Matter of Life and Death
  49. South Africa: Semenya Marches Into Semi-Finals
  50. Namibia: TB Ravages Poor Community
  51. Tanzania: 'Armed Forces Ready for Action'
  52. Zimbabwe: South Africa Fights to Keep Election Report Hidden
  53. Cote d'Ivoire: Newspaper, Journalist Suspended
  54. Egypt: Deputies Race to Write New Constitution
  55. Egypt: Thousands Mourn Rafah Attack Victims, Mursi Absent
  56. Egypt: Israel Informed Nation of Rafah Attack Beforehand - Media Sources
  57. Egypt: Nation to Bid Farewell to Its Martyrs in a Military, Popular Funeral
  58. Egypt: Morsi Vows Harsh Response to Cowardly Rafah Attack
  59. Nigeria: Rights Group Urges Clinton to Tackle Jonathan on Visit
  60. Nigeria: Delta Kidnappers Abduct Judge
  61. Cote d'Ivoire: Unidentified Gunmen Attack Military Camp
  62. Nigeria: Letter to Secretary Clinton On Her Forthcoming Trip to Nigeria
  63. Tanzania: Oil Heightens Lake Dispute With Malawi
  64. Kenya: Urban Poor Face Rising Food Insecurity
  65. Madagascar: U.S. Firm Fined for Importing Illegal Timber
  66. Uganda: Police Conducts Ebola Sensitisation in Kampala
  67. South Africa: Ravalomanana Denies Crimes Against Humanity
  68. South Africa: Trailer Trashing As Government Considers Outlawing Bicycle Trailers
  69. Swaziland: Nurses Protest Working Conditions
  70. Africa: The Deeper Implications of Widespread Lawlessness in South Africa
  71. South Africa: Police Fail Domestic Violence Victims - MPs
  72. South Africa: Telkom Fined R449 Million for 'Bullying'
  73. South Africa: Hillary Clinton in SA to Strengthen Relations
  74. Egypt: UN Chief Strongly Condemns Attack On Checkpoint in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
  75. Nigeria: Gunmen Attack Church in Kogi, Kill 16
  76. Zimbabwe: Tensions Rise Over Military Role in Census
  77. Egypt: Unidentified Gunmen Attack Military Forces
  78. Morocco: How Govt Watches Journalists
  79. Egypt: 15 Police Officers and Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Attack in Sinai
  80. Egypt: Gamaleddin - Police Coordinates With Armed Forces to Secure Hospitals
  81. Egypt: Prime Minister Works With Army to Bring Justice to Sinai Martyrs
  82. Mali: Journalist Beaten After Preventing Islamist Amputation
  83. Liberia: Minister Warns Over Oil Conflict
  84. Mali: Doubt Cast Over Hague Probe of Coup Crimes
  85. Ghana: Govt Declares Holiday for Atta Mills Funeral
  86. West Africa: Drug Trafficking and the Crisis in Mali
  87. Somalia: Govt Claims Victory Against Al Shabaab
  88. Kenya: Diplomat Denies Murdering Venezuelan Envoy
  89. Kenya: Tribunal Wants Deputy Chief Justice Sacked
  90. Sudan: Protesters Shot: Prosecute Authorities Responsible - Human Rights Watch
  91. Sudan: Aid Worker Killed in South Kordofan
  92. Zambia: 'Enough Is Enough' Says Chief Who Fights HIV/Aids
  93. Africa: Malawi Checks China's Advance
  94. Zambia: Chinese Official Killed In Mine Riot
  95. Angola: Campaign Begins Ahead of August Polls
  96. South Africa: ANC Rejects DA Violence Claims
  97. South Africa: Rid the Health Department Free of Corruption
  98. South Africa: Western Cape Health Pilots Patient Complaint Line
  99. Malawi: U.S. to Invest U.S. $46 Million in Agriculture
  100. Egypt: Armed Forces Guardians of Civil Transfer of Power to Civil Authority - Morsi
  101. Egypt: Morsi Calls for Safeguarding Copts' Houses in Dahshur
  102. Egypt: Minister - Gov't Resumes Talks With IMF to Get U.S.$3.2 Billion
  103. Egypt: New Cabinet Holds Urgent Meeting to Study Assigned Tasks
  104. Tunisia: Men's Handball in First Win
  105. Nigeria: Suspected Pirates Kill Two, Abduct Foreigners
  106. Nigeria: Fela! Finally Berths in Lagos
  107. Cameroon: Bakassi People Seek Negotiated Settlement
  108. Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills Former President's Host, Rejects Peace Move
  109. Nigeria: An Honour Well Deserved
  110. Kenya: Steeplechaser Thrills Nation With First Olympic Gold
  111. Kenya: Clinton Meets Kibaki, Somali President
  112. East Africa: Ethiopia Takes Gold, Kenya Silver in Women's Marathon
  113. East Africa: Somali-Born Brit Wins Olympics 10,000m
  114. Somalia: President Storms Out of Meeting on New Govt
  115. Nigeria: Govt, South Africa Partner On Energy Sector Development
  116. Zimbabwe: Cyanide Saga - No Threat to Harare Water
  117. Zimbabwe: Harare Grapples With Water-Borne Diseases
  118. Zimbabwe: SA Cops Invade Zim in Pursuit of a 'Bizarre Murderer'
  119. Zimbabwe: The 'Illegal' Sanctions Have Struck Again!
  120. Zimbabwe: P-Square Headed for Harare
  121. Zimbabwe: Telone's Fibre Optic Links Roll Out
  122. Egypt: Country Will Have Prosperous Tourist Season - Morsy
  123. Libya: Russia Condemns West Over Anti-Gaddafi Campaign
  124. Egypt: Qandeel's Government Takes Oath Before President Morsy
  125. Egypt: Ganzouri Named Presidential Adviser
  126. Tunisia: Athlete Through to Steeplechase Final
  127. Nigeria: Emir of Fika Escapes Suicide Bomb Attack
  128. Africa: Dlamini Zuma Urges African Union to Mobilize Business
  129. Sierra Leone: Defence Minister Beaten By Ex - Soldiers
  130. Nigeria: Emir of Fika Escapes Death As Suicide Bomber Strikes
  131. Nigeria: Aviation Minister, Officials Embark On Foreign Road Show
  132. East Africa: Khartoum, Juba Reach Oil Deal
  133. Somalia: Al Shabaab Battle Govt Forces
  134. Kenya: Clinton Urges Peaceful Polls
  135. Madagascar: Ex-Chief to Be Investigated for Crimes Against Humanity
  136. Ethiopia: Govt Rejects New Rumours About PM's Health
  137. Zimbabwe: Parties Draw Battlelines Over New Constitution
  138. Angola: Contesting Political Parties Hunt for Votes
  139. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Mocks Western Sanctions
  140. Zimbabwe: Mpofu Builds Political Profile
  141. Zambia: Suspected Ex-DRC Soldiers Terrorise Mupena Residents
  142. Zambia: Hakainde Hichilema Lied to the Nation - Sata
  143. Zimbabwe: President Mugabe, True Son of Africa
  144. Zimbabwe: South Africa Happy With GPA Progress
  145. Zimbabwe: Reading Culture Must Not Be Suffocated
  146. Zimbabwe: EU's Actions On Sanctions Meaningless - Mugabe
  147. Tunisia: Draft Law On Creation of Provisional Authority for Judicial Justice Rejected
  148. Tunisia: Swimmer Reaches 1500m Olympics Final
  149. Tunisia: French Judo Star Beats Local at Olympics
  150. Africa: Van Der Pluijm - 'It's the Biggest and Decisive Game'
  151. Africa: Kouki - 'We Will Do Our Best to Get the Three Points'
  152. Liberia: UN Condemns Anti-Gay Law
  153. Liberia: Finance Minister Declared Impersonator
  154. Nigeria: Okonjo-Iweala - We've Tampered With Budget
  155. Nigeria: Oil Spill Investigations 'A Fiasco' in the Niger Delta
  156. Ghana: What Are the Implications of Ghana's Transition?
  157. Africa: East African Women Scoop Up Olympic Athletics Medals
  158. Uganda: Nodding Syndrome Baffles Scientists
  159. Sudan: Khartoum Admits to Little Progress on Peace
  160. South Sudan: Relief Agencies Tackle Refugee Camp Suffering
  161. Sudan: Govt to Probe Darfur Protesters' Deaths
  162. Angola: Nation Set for Protests
  163. Swaziland: Govt Cracks Down on Teachers
  164. Zimbabwe: Is Economy Collapsing?
  165. Botswana: Joint U.S. Military Exercise Underway
  166. South Africa: Swimmers Keep Flag Flying
  167. Angola: Georges Chikoti Explains Angola's Situation to African Ambassadors in Israel
  168. Zimbabwe: RBZ Seeks to Raise U.S.$25 Million
  169. South Africa: No Blanket Nationalisation of Mines - President Zuma
  170. Zimbabwe: Politburo Raises Questions Over Copac's Draft
  171. Zimbabwe: Chiefs to Push for No Vote
  172. Egypt: New Cabinet Lineup Revealed
  173. Egypt: Nation's New Govt Sworn in Before President
  174. Libya: Women Given a Representation After Libyan Elections
  175. Egypt: New Govt Sets Up Four New Ministries
  176. Morocco: HM the King Chairs in Rabat Swearing-in Ceremony of Officers Graduating From
  177. Mali: More Aid Needed for Mali's Hidden Emergency - UNHCR and U.S.
  178. Gambia: Jammeh Suppresses Dissent, Fails to Deliver
  179. Sierra Leone: Economy Steams Ahead But Healthcare Lags
  180. Ghana: Dissent In Ruling Party Over New V-P
  181. Senegal: Women Break Records in Parliament
  182. Ethiopia: Govt Probes Ethnic Clashes
  183. Uganda: Health Officials Struggle With Ebola
  184. Madagascar: Election Date Set for 2013
  185. Africa: Experts Urge Global Fund to Boost Africa Aid
  186. South Sudan: UN to Air Drop Food to Refugees
  187. Zambia: Nation On High Ebola Alert
  188. South Africa: Rowers Clinch Third Gold at Olympics
  189. Zimbabwe: Draft Charter Ignores Public Views On Executive Powers
  190. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Slur Case Collapses
  191. Angola: Election Commission Trains Staff for Polls
  192. Africa: Hillary Tours the African Frontlines of America's War On Terror
  193. Zimbabwe: Global Platinum Demand Remains Low
  194. Zimbabwe: Gono Increases Capital Requirement for Banks
  195. Egypt: Mursi - New Cabinet Formation Represents All Colours of Local Spectrum
  196. Africa: Report Notes Increase in Terrorist Attacks in Africa
  197. Egypt: Olympic Soccer Team Reaches Quarter-Finals
  198. Egypt: Possible Candidates for New Govt
  199. Libya: Gaddafi's Son Seeks Hague Trial
  200. Ghana: Technocrat Said to be VP Nominee
  201. Mali: Nation in Confusion as President Returns
  202. Nigeria: U.S. Steps up Fights Against Insecurity in Nigeria
  203. Africa: China's Five New Pledges to Africa
  204. Ghana: Rawlings Weeps Over President's Death
  205. Somalia: Assembly Approves New Constitution in Historic Vote
  206. Sudan: Eight Killed in Darfur Protests
  207. Ethiopia: 18 Killed As Ethnic Fights Erupt in South
  208. Ethiopia: Potential Crisis Looms Over Meles' Health
  209. Uganda: Ebola Death Toll Rises
  210. Swaziland: Swazis Strike King Where It Hurts
  211. Zimbabwe: Police Ban Church Services
  212. Namibia: Namibians Welcome Free Education
  213. South Africa: Govt, Unions Agree on Seven Percent Salary Increase
  214. Africa: Generation U - Africa's Era of Unemployment
  215. South Africa: Swimmer Earns Another Gold Medal for Africa
  216. Namibia: Big Brother Stargame: Jannette, Fierce and Fragile!
  217. Egypt/Nigeria: Gabon, Egypt, Morocco Battle in Olympics Soccer
  218. Egypt/Ghana: Youssef - 'Victory Will Take Us Closer to the Semis'
  219. Tunisia: Govt Requests That Violence Against Muslims Myanmar be on Agenda
  220. Egypt: Verdict On Dismissing Judges Considering Constitution Appeal September 24
  221. Egypt: Ex-Interior Minister Appeals Imprisonment Verdict
  222. Ghana: Mourning Delays Pre-Election Political Battles
  223. Mali: Unmarried Couple Stoned to Death
  224. Ghana: Mahama to Name Vice-President
  225. Mali: Warning Over Western Intervention
  226. Sierra Leone: Cholera Takes Over Freetown
  227. Ethiopia: Thousands Flee to Kenya After Deadly Clashes
  228. Congo-Kinshasa: Defence Ministers Discuss Regional 'Neutral Force'
  229. Ethiopia: Imports Blocked at Djibouti Port
  230. Sudan: Bashir Declines to Meet Salva Kiir
  231. Africa: Continent Losing Billions Through Multinationals
  232. Swaziland: Teachers' Strike Does Not Mean Political Liberation for Swaziland
  233. Namibia: Victory for Sterilised Women
  234. Angola: All in Place for Start of Election Campaign - Ruling Party
  235. Zimbabwe: Poisonous Chemical Delivered to Treat Water
  236. Angola: The MPLA's Election Plan
  237. South Africa: AllAfrica Editor Wins Top Award
  238. South Africa: Lusizi Revives SA Boxing's Olympic Hopes
  239. Africa: Clinton to Visit Five African States
  240. Southern Africa: Regional Ministers Meet on Madagascar, Eastern Congo
  241. Rwanda: Govt Calls Ebola Alert
  242. South Africa: Outrage as Govt Ignores Court Over Refugees
  243. Egypt: Tantawi - Armed Forces Will Remain Loyal to Maintain Nation's Security
  244. Egypt: Ganzouri Thanks His Government Members
  245. North Africa: Morsi Receives Foreign Ministers of Libya, Tunisia
  246. Egypt: Aide to Foreign Minister Meets With Indian Diplomats
  247. Egypt: Clean Country Campaign Regains Nation's Decent Appearance
  248. Nigeria: Multiple Explosions Hit Sokoto Police Stations
  249. Nigeria: Sokoto - Police Repel Attack On Another Station
  250. Guinea Bissau: Security Council Calls for Consensus On Restoring Stability