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  1. Gambia: Amid Execution Debate, the Gambia Censors Newspapers
  2. Liberia: Children Face Bleak Future
  3. Tunisia: NCA Speaker At Bedside of Policemen Wounded and U.S. School to Assess Damage
  4. South Africa: Mining Sector Trouble Dominates Headlines
  5. Sierra Leone: UN Calls for Credible Polls On November 17
  6. Tunisia: Washington Orders Departure of All Non-Emergency U.S. Government Personnel F
  7. Egypt: New Hotline to Report Sexual Harassment Cases
  8. Libya: Video Shows Libyans Trying to Rescue U.S. Ambassador
  9. Nigeria: 'Nigerians Kept in Dark Over First Lady's Health'
  10. Sudan: Authorities Block Youtube Over Anti-Islam Film - Sources
  11. South Africa: Taxis to Raise Fares Following Petrol Price Hike
  12. Liberia: Owners May Take Legal Action Over Cancelled Mining Licenses
  13. Togo: French Businessman Extradited On Alleged Fraud
  14. Nigeria: Bakassi Belongs to Nigeria - Claim
  15. Egypt: Pressing the Charges of Insulting the Religion to the Activist 'Albir Saber',
  16. Nigeria: 20 Bodies Recovered in Adamawa Floods
  17. Egypt: Initiative Launched to End Sexual Harassment
  18. Egypt: Release of 66 American Embassy Offenders
  19. North Africa: U.S. Embassy Staff Recalled
  20. Egypt: Sudan's Wanted President Visits
  21. A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X! Just Released!
  22. South Africa: Hawks Investigating Malema
  23. South Africa: President Condemned for Deploying Army to Marikana
  24. Africa: SA Home to Africa's Top Two Universities
  25. South Africa: Government Formula Milk Sold for Profit
  26. Southern Africa: Osisa Launches Journalism Summer School
  27. South Africa: Mine Strike Spreads to Chrome Sector
  28. Malawi: Country Must Improve Survival Rates Among Newborn Children
  29. Ethiopia: Maids in a Severe Arab World
  30. Uganda: Ebola Virus No Longer a Threat - Ministry
  31. Rwanda: International Fund Approves Grant
  32. Rwanda: Trial for Genocide Suspect to Begin
  33. Tanzania: Agricultural Meet to Tackle Food Security
  34. Rwanda: National Rugby Team Target Good Outing
  35. Nigeria: You Can't Ignore These 10 Awardees of National Honours
  36. Nigeria: PDP Govs Absent At Chairman's Birthday Book Launch
  37. Cote d'Ivoire: Truth Commission - No Reconciliation On a Battlefield
  38. Sudan: Govt Rejects U.S. Marine Deployment for Embassy
  39. Somalia: Puntland Government Carries Out Major Cabinet Reshuffle
  40. Somalia: President Hassan Inaugurated in Mogadishu, Speaks About Way Forward
  41. Zimbabwe: Prime Minister Weds Woman of His Dreams
  42. Malawi: Saving the Lives of the Nation's Children
  43. Kenya: Elections Are On March Four, IEBC Affirms
  44. Somalia: A New President and the Opportunity for Renewal
  45. Egypt: Morsi, Bashir Discuss Promoting Ties, Developments in Middle East
  46. Nigeria: How Huge Debts Forced Jimoh Ibrahim to Ground National Airline
  47. Nigeria: Anxiety Heightens Over First Lady's Health
  48. Tunisia: 'Friday's Incident Can By No Means Affect American Friendship Relations,' Sa
  49. Tunisia: Death Toll in Attack On U.S Embassy in Tunis Rises to Four
  50. Morocco: Attack Against U.S Consulate in Benghazi - HM the King Offers Condolences to
  51. Egypt: Qandil - Some U.S. Embassy Protesters Paid to Take Part in Demonstrations
  52. South Africa: Minister Davies Announces Incubation Programme to Boost Small Enterpris
  53. Angola: 1º De Agosto Get Three Points Away
  54. Angola: Traffic Police Hold Stop Operation During Long Weekend
  55. Zimbabwe: Women Outraged by Tsvangirai's Sexual Escapades
  56. South Africa: Govt Respects the Constitutional Rights of Marikana Residents but Has t
  57. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Wants Polls Under Old Constitution
  58. Tanzania: Auditor General Counsels Media
  59. Sudan/Angola: Post Match Reaction - Al Hilal Versus Interclube
  60. Namibia: 'Industrial Strikes Scare Off Investors'
  61. Angola/Sudan: Interclube Lose to El Hilal in Khartoum
  62. Kenya: Protect Ordinary Citizens, Not Just the High and Mighty
  63. Nigeria: Ex-Minister Iheanacho, Released, Keeps Mum
  64. Kenya: Secret Side of Kibaki
  65. Tunisia: 'Practices of Some Groups Have Overstepped the Mark, What Happened Friday Un
  66. Tunisia: Country-World Bank - Road Map for Co-Operation in Local Development, Financ
  67. Tunisia: Protesters Set Fire to American School Building in Tunis
  68. Nigeria: Ex-Minister Arrested Over Oil Theft
  69. Tunisia/Algeria: Esperance Fail in CAF Record Attempt
  70. North Africa: President Marzouki - 'Time Has Come to Boost Arab Maghreb's Economic Bu
  71. Egypt: Country to Take Part in Turkey's Conference On Regional Security
  72. Egypt: President Morsy Attends Friday Prayer At Rome Mosque
  73. Sudan: Sen McCain Meets Delegation About Blue Nile & South Kordofan
  74. Kenya: Empowering the Nation's Widows
  75. Zambia: Mealie-Meal Prices Slashed
  76. Zambia: President Sata Thanks Investors for Support
  77. Zimbabwe: Prime Minister's Wedding Cancelled
  78. Angola: Agostinho Neto Bequeaths Sovereign People
  79. South Africa: Moeletsi Mbeki - 'Black Economic Empowerment Is Legalised Corruption'
  80. Sudan: Two Sudanese Killed in Protest Against U.S. Embassy, Police Say
  81. Uganda: Museveni, Mbabazi, Musisi Scoop Performance Awards
  82. Uganda: Oil and the Age of Entitlement
  83. Nigeria: Be Decisive in Anti-Corruption Fight, Catholic Bishops Charge Jonathan
  84. Nigeria: Lone Wanderers - the Intriguing Life of Nomadic Herdsmen
  85. Nigeria: 'Northern Women Entrepreneurs Need an Enabling Environment'
  86. Nigeria: Budget - Court Refuses to Stop Representatives From Impeaching Jonathan
  87. Tunisia: PM Condemns 'Terrorist Attack' On American Consulate in Benghazi
  88. South Africa: Lonmin Offer 'Very Far' From Worker Demands
  89. Zambia: Two RSZ Bosses Blocked At Airport
  90. Namibia: Double Murder Suspect Demands Mental Evaluation
  91. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Technical Committee to Look Into Save Valley Conservancy Issues
  92. Zimbabwe: PM's Wedding Called Off
  93. Zimbabwe: Firms, Prioritise Employee Pensions
  94. Zimbabwe: President Officially Opens National Defence College
  95. South Africa: Govt Issues Explicit Warning to Miners
  96. Somalia: President Moves to State House After Attacks
  97. Kenya: Cabinet Steps Into Public Sector Pay Row
  98. Sudan: Calls for Demonstrations to Protest Anti-Islam Film
  99. Sudan: Protesters Storm Western Diplomatic Missions Over Anti-Islam Film
  100. South Sudan: Hepatitis E Outbreak Kills 16 Refugees
  101. Liberia: Liberia-Ivorian Border Partially Reopened
  102. West Africa: After the Drought, Floods - and Harvest Worries
  103. Gambia: Mass Executions Awaken Worry
  104. Guinea: Conakry Residents Demand Cholera Vaccine
  105. Senegal: Parliament Votes to Abolish Senate
  106. Egypt: Brotherhood Says Will Not Take Part in Friday Protests
  107. Tunisia: Demonstrators attack American Embassy
  108. Libya: Parliament Elects New PM
  109. North Africa: U.S. Sends Marines, Warships to Libya
  110. Egypt: Rocks Thrown During U.S. Embassy Protest
  111. Kenya: Doctors' Strike Kicks Off
  112. Rwanda: Youth Empowerment Schemes Commendable
  113. Libya: Rein in Armed Groups - U.S. Ambassador Among Victims in Benghazi
  114. Zambia: Kabwe Residents Toast Zrl Return
  115. Zambia: Hold Your Fire, Bus Operators Told
  116. Zambia: Your Investments Are Safe, Assures Minister
  117. Namibia: Many Hopes Pinned On Water Investment Indaba
  118. Zambia: UPND Denied Permit Again
  119. Zimbabwe: New Political Party Approaches Mugabe Over Polls
  120. Zimbabwe: Is Zimbabwe on The Road to Recovery and Development?
  121. South Africa: Military to Seek Legal Advice On Malema
  122. Uganda: Teenager Becomes Uganda's Youngest MP
  123. Kenya: Resign, Teachers Tell Ministers
  124. Kenya: Minister Sacked Over Ethnic Killings
  125. East Africa: Farmers Adapting but Food Insecurity Persists, Researcher Says
  126. Liberia: U.S. Agency Threatens to Stop Funding Kimberly Process
  127. West Africa: ECOWAS Defence Chiefs Meet On Mali
  128. Gambia: Tobacco Control
  129. Liberia: Sirleaf Names Interim Chief Justice
  130. Libya: U.S. Ambassador to Libya Pays the Ultimate Price of Religious Madness
  131. North Africa: Convictions Continue to Crush Free Speech
  132. Egypt: Anti-Islam Film Sparks Anger, Fears of Backlash
  133. Nigeria: Security Alert Over 'Blasphemy' Film
  134. Kenya: Medical Association Sure to Avert Strike
  135. Zambia: Cops Nab Two 2 More Barotse Activists
  136. Zambia: New Management Takes Over ZRL
  137. Zambia: Rupiah Banda Doc's Car Impounded
  138. Zambia: ECZ Sets November 8 for Mufumbwe By-Election
  139. Southern Africa: Crime in Southern Africa Rises
  140. South Africa: Malema Wants to Turn Soldiers Against State - Minister
  141. Namibia: Hero's Welcome for Golden Girl and Paralympian Team Mates
  142. South Africa: Karoo Open for Fracking Business. Wide, Wide Open.
  143. Kenya: 160 Defence Force Solders Back to Work
  144. Somalia: Citizens Hopeful Over New President
  145. Sudan: Splinter in Darfur's Largest Rebel Group
  146. Somalia: New Somali President Survives Al Shabaab Assassination Bid
  147. West Africa: Recurring Floods Highlight Planning Failures
  148. Liberia: Cabinet Reshuffle Imminent?
  149. Liberia: Liberia On Verge of Becoming 'True Success Story' - UN
  150. West Africa: Cote d'Ivoire Recovery Boosts Region
  151. Egypt: Freedom and Justice Party Says Offensive Film Raises Sectarian Strife
  152. Libya: Assault on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Leaves Four Dead, Including U.S. Ambassa
  153. Libya: Secretary Clinton's Remarks on American Deaths in Libya
  154. Libya: U.S. Ambassador Killed in Benghazi
  155. Senegal: French Cutbacks Hit Call Centres
  156. Nigeria: First Lady's Illness - Jonathan Ends Botswana Visit Abruptly
  157. Sudan: President Al-Bashir to Begin Official Visit to Cairo On Sunday
  158. Namibia: Cops Seize Knives and Ombike From School
  159. South Africa: Wage Strike Spreads to Second Mine
  160. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai and Mugabe Meet Over Constitutional Deadlock
  161. Zimbabwe: Chinese Take Over Several Prisons
  162. Swaziland: TV Editors in Trouble Over King
  163. Zambia: Police Arrest Separatists
  164. Zimbabwe: Finance Minister Seeks South African Loan
  165. Kenya: Kenya Airways - A High Flying Success Story?
  166. Kenya: MPs Want Parliament to Authorise Army in Tana
  167. Tanzania: Malawi Border Claims, Tension Rises
  168. Sudan: Rebels Fly to U.S. for Talks
  169. Liberia: Health Officials Call for More Doctors
  170. Somalia: Political Newcomer Takes Power in Landslide
  171. Liberia: Citizens Demand Answers on Uncompleted Projects
  172. Tunisia: Search for Missing Persons Goes On Off Lampedusa - Houcine Jaziri
  173. Gambia: Chief Justice Talks on Death Penalty
  174. Nigeria: Scientists Sequence Genome of Malaria-Causing Parasite
  175. Sierra Leone: UN Warned of Rising Tension Over Polls
  176. Tunisia: Shipwreck of Migrants Off Island of Lampedusa - Labour Union Proposes Observ
  177. Sudan: Libyan Plane to Arrive On Wednesday Carrying Equipment for Establishment of Sl
  178. Sudan: Khartoum in Double Seizure of Libyan, South Sudanese Arms
  179. South Africa: Farming Grows Jobs and Profits
  180. South Africa: Trial Within Dewani Trial
  181. Zimbabwe: So Much for the Jewel of Africa
  182. South Africa: Liberation Heritage in the Spotlight
  183. South Africa: Money Ready for Paralympic Medallists
  184. South Africa: Journalists Fail to Report On Poverty
  185. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Launches 'Yes' Campaign
  186. South Africa: Strikers Descend On Platinum Mine
  187. Uganda: Nations Partner On Renewable Energy
  188. Kenya: Kibaki Calls for Teachers' Strike Talks
  189. Uganda: Nation Faces Crucial Oil Decision
  190. Central Africa: Regional Leaders to Deploy Forces in Congo
  191. Somalia: Parliament Elects President
  192. Cameroon: Sanctions or Not for Footballer Samuel Eto'o?
  193. Liberia: Liberia Needs a Forward-Looking Chief Justice
  194. Senegal: Agricultural Activity to Slow Clandestine Emigration From Senegal
  195. Nigeria: British Trust Fund Accused of Financing Boko Haram
  196. Nigeria: Desert States Lose Out in Ecological Funding
  197. Morocco: Literacy Project Unlocks Business Opportunities
  198. Tunisia: Salafi Group Storms Hotel, Attacks Women's Meeting
  199. Egypt: Erian Blames General Prosecutor for Lack of Evidence in Cases of Killing Prote
  200. Egypt: Over 30 Legal Claims Against Mursi Since Presidency
  201. Egypt: Grassroots Activists Fight Sexual Assault
  202. Kenya: Teachers' Strike Goes On Despite Court Order
  203. Tanzania: The Rot At the Port Must Be Contained
  204. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Gears for Election Ambush
  205. Zimbabwe: Electronic Equities Trading to Start Early Next Year - CDS Board
  206. South Africa: Oscar Stars As Team SA Ends On a High
  207. Zimbabwe: Ian Smith's Name Still On Voter's Roll - ZEC
  208. Mozambique: Controversial Police Regulations 'Already Revoked'
  209. Southern Africa: Increasing Hostility Towards Chinese Traders
  210. Zimbabwe: Treasury Concludes Draft to Reform Reserve Bank
  211. South Africa: Justice a Long Way Off for Dead Miners
  212. Nigeria: Dead Man Appears 37 Years After
  213. Uganda: Floods Displace 15,000 in North of Country
  214. Sudan: Continued Clashes Between SRF and Sudanese Army
  215. Kenya: Teachers Defy Govt Directive to End Strike
  216. Nigeria: Lagos 'Playing Politics' With 2006 Census - Obasanjo
  217. Nigeria/Liberia: SA 2013 - Liberia Hold Super Eagles in Thrilling Draw
  218. Nigeria: Mobile Phone Firms May Have Lost N20 Billion to Terrorist Attacks
  219. Tunisia: First General Assembly of Med-TSO in Tunis
  220. Nigeria: Police to Release Cynthia's Corpse Monday After Autopsy
  221. Sudan: Meetings Between Khartoum and Egyptian Delegations Begin in Wadi-Halfa
  222. Tunisia: London 2012 Paralympics Marathon - Abderrahim Zehiou Wins Bronze Medal
  223. Sudan: Egyptian Authorities Begin Procedures of Releasing Detained Sudanese Gold Seek
  224. Egypt: Ali - Morsi Receives Invitation to Visit Washington Next December
  225. Uganda: Producer of Nation's First Gay Play Could Be Jailed
  226. Africa: Behind the Scenes of the Nation's Anti-Homosexual Politics
  227. Tunisia/Sierra Leone: Football/ACN-2013 - Round 3 - 1st Leg - Sierra Leone - Tunisia
  228. Tunisia: International Workshop on Cultural Diversity Closes
  229. Tunisia: NGOs Calls for Constitutionalisation of Human Rights in 'Their Universality
  230. Uganda/Zambia: It's Going to Be a Very Difficult Game in Kampala Says Williamson
  231. Uganda/Zambia: Chipolopolo Defeat the Cranes
  232. Zambia: Central Food Reserve Agency Runs Out of Grain Bags
  233. Zimbabwe: U.S.$1 Billion Fund to Take Over Troubled Banks' Loans
  234. Zambia: Sata Calls for Justice for All
  235. Zambia/Uganda: Katongo Gives Holders Zambia Narrow Lead
  236. South Africa: Joining Hands for Development
  237. Zambia: World Bank in Power Deal
  238. Tanzania: Pinda to Inspect Projects in Mwanza, Geita
  239. South Sudan: Bid to Resolve Jonglei Conflict
  240. Rwanda: Dreamliner Makes Maiden Flight to Kigali
  241. Somalia: President Denies Corruption
  242. Nigeria: Igbos in U.S. Back Bar Association Call to Review ICJ Judgment On Bakassi
  243. Kenya: More Die in New Clashes
  244. Nigeria: Japan Dashes Falconets Bronze Medal Dreams
  245. Nigeria: Govt Forces Kill Boko Haram Members
  246. Nigeria: Nnaji's Exit - Will the Country Surmount the Power Impasse?
  247. Tunisia: World Bank's Study On Ecological Circuit Creation in Dghoumes National Park
  248. Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Demand Land Rights
  249. Tunisia: PM Calls Customs Officers to Speed Up Treatment of Citizens' Files
  250. Tunisia: Launch of International Tender to Build 12 Thousand Social Housing Units