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  1. Sudan: UNHCR Says South Sudan Refugee Health Situation Alarming
  2. Zimbabwe: Mystery Surrounds Zim's Gems Revenue
  3. Tanzania: Archbishop Tutu New Patron for Journalism Award Trust
  4. Zimbabwe: Sugar Mummies are Abusing Us - Street Kids
  5. South Africa: Safety Conditions at South African Mines Have Room for Improvement, Say
  6. Swaziland: 'Coup d'état Taken Place' - King's Man
  7. Angola: Public Television Gains New Broadcast Centre
  8. South Africa: Loeries Touchdown in Pretoria
  9. South Africa: AAA Launches New Version of Digital Bootcamp
  10. Egypt: Constitution Ready By End of September - PM Kandil
  11. Tunisia: New Constitution Will Be Modern, Progressive - Ben Jaafar
  12. Egypt: Dozens Continue Sit-in Near Presidential Palace
  13. Kenya: Godhana Counter-Accuses Haji Over Tana
  14. Kenya: Police in Crisis Over New Boss
  15. Tunisia: Ennahdha Leader Did Not Take the Required Time to Assimilate the President o
  16. Tunisia: CPR Congress - Opening Session Marked By Withdrawal of Ennahdha Ministers
  17. Tunisia: SNJT - Media Strike If No Progress in Negotiations With Government
  18. Morocco: Ban Ki-Moon Welcomes Leadership of HM King Regarding Lofty International Ide
  19. Tunisia: 'Bourguiba Museum, Operational By Next December 12, Will Be Included in Tour
  20. Gambia: 'Operation No Back Way to Europe' Keeps Young Farmers Home
  21. Nigeria: Unpaid Subsidy Dispute Pushes NUPENG to the Brink
  22. Liberia: UN Secretary-General Welcomes Progress in Country, Urges Reconciliation
  23. Nigeria: N5,000 Note - Nigerians Say 'No'
  24. Nigeria: State Police - the Unending Debate
  25. South Sudan: Nation Asks New Ethiopian Leadership to Support Peace Process
  26. Rwanda: Over Six Million Free Mosquito Nets to Be Distributed
  27. Southern Africa: SADC for Stronger Solidarity
  28. Kenya: A Simple Matter of Water Supply Policy
  29. Uganda: Tibatemwa Takes Makerere University Second Top Job
  30. Zambia: Cops Kill Four More Thugs
  31. Zambia: 'Opposition Members Courting Patriotic Front Privately'
  32. South Africa: Home Affairs Addresses Temporary Residence Permits Backlog
  33. Namibia: Heroes' Day, a Watershed
  34. Congo-Kinshasa: Let's Not Forget the Miners in DR Congo
  35. Mozambique: Headscarves Allowed, Burqas Banned
  36. Zimbabwe: Council Should Push Out Touts
  37. Zambia: 11 Ethiopians Jailed 15 Years
  38. Egypt: Restoring Relations With Iran Improbable Now - Presidency
  39. Egypt: Scuffles Between Mursi Backers, Opponents in Tahrir
  40. Egypt: Nation to Pursue a More Active Diplomatic Approach
  41. Egypt: New Setback of the Freedom of Expression in Nation
  42. Egypt: Moussa Urges Govt to Secure Anti-MB Protests
  43. Africa: Military Intervention Last Resort for Mali Crisis - Nigerian President
  44. Nigeria: Boko Haram Denies Dialogue With Govt
  45. Ghana: Riding Towards Sustainable Development, On Bamboo
  46. Senegal: Progress on Gender Equality - But Not Everyone's Happy
  47. Nigeria: Flood Sacks 200 in Adamawa
  48. Somalia: Politicians Continue to Use the Country's Institutions for Personal Profit
  49. Ethiopia: Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's Burial on 2 September
  50. South Sudan: Country Denies Appointing New Abyei Administration
  51. South Sudan: The Never-Ending Story of Sudanese Refugees
  52. Kenya: Women Seek Justice Over Forced Sterilisation
  53. Africa: Farmer-Led Irrigation Schemes Could Transform Food Security
  54. Zimbabwe: Govt, Chinese Company Sign 7 Mous
  55. Zimbabwe: Tensions High As Mugabe Set to Call for By-Elections
  56. South Africa: Leaders Taking Advantage of Lonmin - Cosatu
  57. Namibia: Police Call Off Red Flag Day
  58. Southern Africa: SADC Forges Ahead With Its Common Agenda
  59. Zimbabwe: Land Reform Chaos Continues in Zimbabwe
  60. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Convenes Special Session Over Draft
  61. Tunisia: Paris Protests At Tunisian Islamist Attack On French Politician
  62. Tunisia: Trial of Gaddafi's Son Due to Start Next Month
  63. Egypt: Morsi Meets Defense Minister to Follow Up Sinai Security Operation
  64. Egypt: Petroleum Minister - Extra Quantities of Gasoline, Diesel Oil, Butane Gas to B
  65. Egypt: Presidential Spokesman - High Profile Delegation to Attend Ethiopian Prime Min
  66. Chad: New Court to Try Habré Brings Senegal 'One Step Closer to Justice'
  67. Nigeria: Shell - Security Spending or Dirty Work?
  68. Sierra Leone: U.S.$15 Million Chinese Loan to Complete Fibre Optic Connection
  69. Nigeria: Why We Lost Bakassi to Cameroun
  70. Nigeria: Air Force Takes Over Border Patrol
  71. Somalia: Swearing-In of Parliament 'Watershed' For Somalia
  72. Congo-Kinshasa: New Rebel Group in DR Congo?
  73. Kenya: Govt to Disarm Communities Following Deadly Clashes
  74. Kenya: Eight Pupils Die in Dorm Fire Amid Tuition Ban
  75. Sudan: Tensions Over Abyei Rise Again
  76. Southern Africa: Security and Political Governance Overlooked at SADC Summit
  77. South Africa: Marikana Commission of Inquiry Details Announced
  78. Zimbabwe: U.S. Condemns Govt Over Arrest of LGBT Activist
  79. South Africa: Nissan to Invest R1 Billion in South Africa
  80. South Africa: The Nation's White Elite - the Dog That Doesn't Bark
  81. South Africa: Zuma Visits Marikana Mine Workers
  82. Zimbabwe: Ethanol Plant to Reopen, Mutambara Assures Workers
  83. Zimbabwe: Govt Appears Divided Over Conservancy Leases
  84. Egypt: Egypt Govt Asks IMF for Economic Support
  85. Egypt: ANHRI Condemns the Monitoring and Confiscation Policy Through Stopping the Opi
  86. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Leader Attacks Nation's Left
  87. Egypt: Hamzawi Calls On Liberals to Unite for Democratic State
  88. Egypt: Statement By IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
  89. Sierra Leone: Cholera Outbreak Spreading, UN Health Agency Says
  90. Nigeria: CBN Reviews 'Cash-Less Lagos' Before Expansion
  91. Sierra Leone: Court Gives Taylor Deadline for Appeal Submissions
  92. Liberia: Bill to Fund Political Parties Passed
  93. Ghana: Ex-President Kufuor's Big Goof at Lecture
  94. Kenya: 48 People Killed in Tana River Clashes
  95. Africa: Who Owns Lake Nyasa?
  96. Sudan: Civil Aviation Chief Resigns Over Plane Crash
  97. East Africa: World Leaders Mourn Zenawi
  98. Kenya: Dozens Killed in Tana River Clashes
  99. Southern Africa: SADC Observers Arrive For Polls
  100. Angola: Agriculture Minister Inaugurates 40 Poultry Aisles
  101. South Africa: Marikana - the End of South Africa's Post-Apartheid Settlement?
  102. Angola: Ngove Dam Generates Over 200 New Jobs
  103. Namibia: NBC Strike Could End Today
  104. South Africa: Cabinet Sends Condolences to Ethiopia
  105. Egypt: Aircraft, Tanks Sent to Sinai for First Time in 39 Years
  106. Nigeria: Oil Workers' Strike To Go National
  107. Africa: Clinton's Africa Trip
  108. Liberia: President Sirleaf Suspends Dozens of Officials
  109. Mali: Mali Forms New Government
  110. Cameroon: Archbishop Divides Cameroonians With Homophobic Comments
  111. Libya: Sandstorm - Libya in the Time of Revolution
  112. Egypt: Presidential Spokesman - Constitutional Court to Issue a Ruling On Shura Counc
  113. Tunisia: UN Group On Women Calls For Safeguarding of Equality Achievements
  114. Somalia: New Parliament, but Presidential Vote Delayed
  115. Egypt: Defense Minister - Reconstruction and Development Are Biggest Guarantee for Se
  116. South Africa: Hostages to Face Somali Captors
  117. Southern Africa: Regional Leaders Permanently Disband SADC Tribunal
  118. South Africa: Get Behind Paralympic Team SA!
  119. Uganda: Criticism of Government Leads to Harassment of NGOs
  120. Tanzania: Tanzania, Malawi Turn to Diplomacy
  121. Uganda: Growing Intimidation, Threats to Civil Society
  122. Swaziland: Boycotting Students Close University
  123. Ethiopia: Meles's Death Sparks Succession Planning
  124. South Africa: Memorial Service to Be Held At Marikana
  125. South Africa: University Makes Nation's First Nano Satellite for Space
  126. South Africa: Standard Bank Criticized for Not Offering Xhosa Option At ATMs
  127. Nigeria: Mobil Begins Clean-Up of Akwa Ibom Oil Spill Site
  128. Somalia: UN Welcomes Inauguration of Country's New Parliament
  129. South Africa: Miners Face Murder Charges
  130. Egypt: Conspiring Against Ruler Is Conspiring Against God - Salafi
  131. Egypt: Brotherhood Guide Asks People to Pray for Rain
  132. Egypt: New President Progressing Slowly on 'Mursi Meter'
  133. Sudan: Sudanese Detainees Abused in Libya Prison
  134. Liberia: Liberia Honors Egyptian Envoy
  135. Nigeria: A Teenager's Will to Survive, Despite Tragedy
  136. Cote d'Ivoire: Dissidents Strike Again
  137. Guinea Bissau: Managing the Post-Coup Transition
  138. Nigeria: Ocean Surge Tragedy - Death Toll Rises
  139. Sudan: Opposition Leader Predicts Revolution 'at Any Moment'
  140. Kenya: IEBC Nomination Fee Review Is Not Enough
  141. Kenya: IEBC Reduces Nomination Fee for Women
  142. Somalia: President Sharif Pardons Over 200 Convicts Including Al Shabaab Agents
  143. Southern Africa: SADC Monitoring Piracy in The Region
  144. Zambia: Lusaka Killings Rekindle Past Fears
  145. Malawi: Livelihoods Drying Up on Lake Chilwa
  146. Zimbabwe: Biti Under Fire for Tribal Slur
  147. Southern Africa: Promoting Indigenous Bio-Cultural Rights
  148. South Africa: President Condemns Killing of Children
  149. South Africa: North West Roads Construction Project to Resume
  150. Nigeria: Govt Ready to Have Dialogue With Militants
  151. Southern Africa: Region Faces Food Shortage
  152. Morocco: HM the King Grants Pardon to 562 People
  153. Egypt: MB Leader Says Religion in Politics Now Acceptable
  154. Nigeria/Algeria: Sunshine Aim to Rule Africa
  155. Sudan: Sudan and Egypt Discuss Bolstering Commercial Relations
  156. Sudan: Khartoum, Egypt Express Sincere Intention to Cooperate With Countries of the N
  157. Nigeria: Eid-El-Fitr Tragedy - 16 Swept Away in Lagos Ocean Surge
  158. Liberia: Hats-Off to Our Border Troops
  159. Nigeria: We'll Look Into Boko Haram's Grievances - Govt
  160. Nigeria: Nigeria Remains Indivisible - President Jonathan
  161. Nigeria: Eid-El-Fitr - U.S. Issues Warnings to Citizens in Nigeria
  162. Sudan: Plane Crash Kills 31, Including Minister
  163. Somalia: MP Candidates Should Be Judged By Impartial Court - President Sharif
  164. Ethiopia: Meles Kept Track of Sudan Peace Talks During Illness
  165. Rwanda: Here Are Some Practical Suggestions for Rio 2016 Olympics
  166. Somalia: Former Unicef Official Confident of Clinching Presidency
  167. Southern Africa: SADC Applauds Zuma's Zimbabwe Mediation
  168. Zimbabwe: European Union Scales Down Humanitarian Aid
  169. Zimbabwe: Family Rejects 'Zanu-PF Daughter-in-Law'
  170. Southern Africa: SA Welcomes SADC Infrastructure Plan
  171. South Africa: Mining Task Force to Be Set Up
  172. Zimbabwe: Tension Brewing Over Chimanimani Diamonds
  173. Zimbabwe: 15 Women Are Raped Everyday in Zimbabwe
  174. Zimbabwe: Pay Lobola First, Kirsty Tells Boyfriend
  175. Nigeria: FG Welcomes Offer of Negotiation By Boko Haram
  176. Egypt: Govt, Sudan - No Wars Between Nile Basin Countries
  177. Egypt: Morsy Says to Limit Use of His Legislative Powers to Matters of Urgent Necessi
  178. Egypt: Minister - Stability of Political Situation Encourages Flow of Aid to Egypt
  179. Egypt: Security Raids in Sinai Suspended During Eid Holiday
  180. Tunisia: Chairman of Tunisian League for Tolerance Accuses 'Takfiris' to Have Attempt
  181. Nigeria: Govt Lists Conditions for Subsidy Claim Payments
  182. Nigeria: Presidency Moves to Avert Attacks on Mosques, Churches During Sallah
  183. Nigeria: The Story of Nasarawa State's 22 First Class Chiefs
  184. Nigeria: Flood Kills Two, Destroys Over 1,000 Houses in 12 Local Govt Areas in Bauchi
  185. Nigeria: 'Birth Control Doesn't Mean Limiting Your Children'
  186. Congo-Kinshasa: African Force to Deploy in DRC
  187. Kenya: PM Raila Dismisses Miguna As 'Madman'
  188. Uganda: Magistrates Ask for More Powers
  189. East Africa: Kenya Warns Somalia Detractors of Sanctions
  190. Uganda: Credible Probe Team Needed for Chopper Crashes
  191. South Africa: Commission of Inquiry to Uncover Truth At Marikana
  192. Southern Africa: Mozambique President Takes Over SADC Chairmanship
  193. Southern Africa: Tanzania, Malawi Have Better Things to Do Not to Fight
  194. Southern Africa: Tanzania, Malawi Will Not Go to War - Kikwete
  195. Zambia: Former Ruling Party Apologises and Adopts New Name
  196. Southern Africa: Zambia's Sata Calls for Home-Grown Solutions
  197. Zimbabwe: Census Kicks Off
  198. South Africa: Police Target Foreign Traders in Limpopo
  199. South Africa: Police Acted to Defend Themselves - Phiyega
  200. Libya: The Stalemate Between the Govt and the Hague Court
  201. Egypt: Rafah Crossing to Be Sealed for Five Days Starting Today
  202. Egypt: Controversial Sheikh Says Fatwa Was Misinterpreted
  203. Egypt: Egyptian Leather Dignity in Saudi Jails
  204. Tunisia: Imene Bahroun Appointed Local Television Director-General
  205. Africa: Toilet Tales - Health Gains Without Wasting Water, or Excrement
  206. Sierra Leone: Govt Declares National Emergency over Cholera Outbreak
  207. Senegal: Cooperative Gives Youth Reasons to Stay at Home
  208. Burkina Faso: Blaise Compaoré and the Politics of Personal Enrichment
  209. Nigeria: Security Beefed Up in North, Abuja Before Eid
  210. Sudan: Sudan Frees Political Detainees
  211. Somalia: Peace in Mogadishu Is Fragile but Holding
  212. Somalia: Holiday in Somalia Turns Into Nightmare (I)
  213. Sudan: Sudan's Uma Party Reiterates Its Commitment to Deal Signed With Darfur Rebels
  214. South Africa: President Zuma Leaves SADC Summit After Mine Killings
  215. South Africa: Relatives of Mining Massacre Gather At Hospital
  216. South Africa: Woman En Route to Antarctica to Raise Water Awareness
  217. South Africa: African Press Review 17 August 2012
  218. Swaziland: Govt Becoming Isolated From King
  219. South Africa: President Zuma Cuts SADC Visit Short to Visit Lonmin Marikana
  220. Tanzania: Tanesco Inspectors Unearth 8m/ - Power Theft Syndicate
  221. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Insists on Amending Draft Charter After Meeting Zuma
  222. Zimbabwe: Zuma Says 'Minor Hitches' in Draft Constitution
  223. Egypt: Hamas Works With Egypt to Investigate Rafah Attack
  224. Egypt: Mursi's Move: More Change to Come
  225. Egypt: Sissy - We Shall Never Sinai to Turn Into Fertile Land for Armed Militias
  226. Egypt: Mubarak to Remain At Tora Prison Hospital-Prosecutor
  227. Egypt: Rights Body Head Calls for Holding Controversial Sheikh Accountable
  228. Sierra Leone: 31,000 Registered Without Fingerprints! SLPP Questions NEC Neutrality
  229. Cote d'Ivoire: Ivorian Agricultural Scientists Open Up Their Research
  230. Nigeria: Explosion Rocks Ogoniland
  231. West Africa: Cleaner Toilets to Save Slums From Cholera
  232. Nigeria: Jonathan Orders Overhaul of Sports Sector
  233. Kenya: Women Farmers - Masters of Their Own Destiny?
  234. South Sudan: UN Drops Life-Saving Supplies for Refugees in South Sudan
  235. Somalia: The Consequences of a Crooked Constitution
  236. Rwanda: Defense Ministers Meet on DR Congo Solution
  237. Sudan: Third Day of Clashes in Mellit, North Darfur
  238. South Africa: Police Open Fire on Mine Protesters, Killing Several
  239. Southern Africa: High-Speed Internet Links Regional Universities
  240. South Africa: Big Tobacco Loses Plain Packaging Battle in Australia
  241. South Africa: What Kills Mothers and Babies - Living With Aids
  242. South Africa: TAC Demands Better Health Services
  243. South Africa: Kaizer Chiefs Manager Motaung Arrested for Fraud and Forgery
  244. Zimbabwe: Women Urged to Be More Active
  245. Zimbabwe: Zuma Commends GPA Progress
  246. Rwanda: Census Begins Today
  247. Egypt: Armed Men Attack Army Checkpoint in Sinai
  248. Tunisia: Women Protest Threats to Rights
  249. Africa: ANHRI Condemns the Prevention of the Importing 'History of the Modern Middle
  250. Egypt: U.S.$200 Million Loan From WB to Fund 201 Labor-Intensive Projects in Egypt