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  1. Sierra Leone: Elections - Sampling Opinions in the Diamond-Rich East
  2. Liberia: Sirleaf Will Not Fire Her Sons
  3. Cameroon: New Cassava Species Could Boost Food Security
  4. Africa: Canada Eyes African Resources
  5. Kenya: Kibaki Deploys Troops After Police Killings
  6. Uganda: Police Foil Anti-Corrution Protest
  7. Tanzania: Drought Drives Youth to Cities
  8. Ethiopia: Ogaden Peace Talks Fail
  9. Malawi: Hunger Drives Acceptance of New Staples in Malawi
  10. Swaziland: Govt Bans MPs From the Radio
  11. Zimbabwe: Succumbing to the Debt Trap
  12. East Africa: U.S. to Send Medics to Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda
  13. South Africa: Tutu TB Research Centre Wins Major Award
  14. South Africa: Banyana Banyana Return Home Amid Pomp and Ceremony
  15. South Africa: Corrective Rape - Minister Must Address Parliament On Her Plan
  16. Uganda: Country Assumes Comesa Leadership
  17. Angola: Nation's Embassy in Egypt Displays Film On National Reconstruction
  18. Tanzania: Mobile Phone Costs Dropping
  19. Africa: President Joins List of Tweeting Leaders
  20. Namibia: Labour Court Order Restrains Kaaronda
  21. Algeria: Missing Bodies Found After Plane Crash
  22. Libya: Clinton At Ceremony Honoring the Late Ambassador Chris Stevens
  23. Africa: Thumbs Up Africa Blog 6 - Inshallah
  24. Rwanda: Police Aiming for Semis Spot in Morocco
  25. Eritrea: Youth and Student Citizens Residing in Egypt Voice Readiness to Back Up Nati
  26. West Africa: Bloc to Deploy Troops to Mali, Guinea Bissau
  27. Sierra Leone: Election Winner Faces Big Challenges
  28. Ghana: Candidates Resume Campaign After Shopping Mall Disaster
  29. Nigeria: Revolution Coming, Obasanjo Says
  30. South Africa: Tutu Wins Award for 'Speaking Truth to Power'
  31. Kenya: Dozens of Police Killed in Ambush
  32. South Sudan: Juba Accepts New Abyei Govt
  33. Kenya: Read All About It - the Rise of Second-Hand Book Sales
  34. Rwanda: HIV Infection At 51 Percent Among Sex Workers
  35. Kenya: Police Massacre Toll in Samburu Hits 23
  36. Zimbabwe: Coup Comments Cause Row in Coalition Govt
  37. South Africa: Archbishop Tutu Honored for 'Speaking Truth to Power'
  38. Africa: Equatorial Guinea Wins Women's Soccer Finals
  39. East Africa: State Starts U.S. $10 Million Plan to Fight Cassava Disease
  40. Mozambique: Government Concerned At Delays in MCC Projects
  41. South Africa: Killer Cape Town Mom Gets 20 Years
  42. South Africa: Police Disperse North West Miners
  43. Uganda/Kenya: Cecafa Reprieve for Fringe Players
  44. Nigeria: Jonathan Backs Deployment of Troops to Mali
  45. Nigeria: Why We Are Against PIB - Shell, ExxonMobil
  46. Uganda: Nine Corruption Scandals to Look Back At
  47. South Africa/Equatorial Guinea: Banyana Banyana Fall At the Final Hurdle Against Host
  48. Algeria: Military Plane Crashes
  49. Tanzania: Apocalypse - Resurrection of the Great North Road
  50. Egypt: IMF Delegation in Cairo for Loan Negotiations
  51. Egypt: PM, Businessmen Group Discuss Investment Map in the Country
  52. Egypt: Minister of Interior Reviews Results of Traffic Campaigns
  53. Mali: West African Leaders Meet on Military Mission
  54. Nigeria: Citizens Reject Single Term Presidency
  55. Cameroon: The Fight for Gay Rights Strengthens Online
  56. Kenya: Ericsson - How Technology Is Disrupting Learning
  57. Nigeria: Away With 'Indigene' Clause
  58. Sudan: Darfur Rebels Ambush Convoy
  59. Kenya: 28-Year-Old Woman Aspires to Presidency
  60. Somalia: Somalia Government Resumes Evicting Mogadishu Squatters
  61. Sudan: SRF- More Than 100 Killed and Injured in Recent Clashes
  62. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Threatens to Grab Foreign Firms
  63. Angola: Nation Celebrates 37th Independence Anniversary
  64. Zimbabwe: Lightning Kills Family of Five
  65. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai, Khupe Fallout Deepens
  66. Zimbabwe: Liquidity Challenges to Persist - Gono
  67. Zimbabwe: Inaugural Diamond Conference Opens
  68. Tunisia: UN Expert in Tunis to Assess Process of Transitional Justice
  69. Eritrea: RSF Launches Probe Over Jamming of Exiled Local Radio Station
  70. Sudan: Rebel Leader Calls On Sudanese to Not Pay Attention to Bashir's Illness
  71. Zambia: President Calls for Expansion of African Economies
  72. Nigeria/South Africa: Ekeji Tips Eagles for SA2013 Title
  73. Morocco: Govt Imprisons Three for 'Terrorist Acts'
  74. Egypt: Country to Take Part in Comesa Summit in Uganda
  75. Morocco: Morocco Expels Foreign Journalists From Laâyoune
  76. Sudan: Ethiopia - Agreement Reached on Eastern Nile Basin Cooperation
  77. Libya: Moroccan Girl Kidnapped in Tripoli
  78. Nigeria: Local Companies Lured By London Stock Exchange
  79. Guinea Bissau: Fear Amid Human Rights Abuses
  80. Senegal: PM Says Media Should Amplify People's Voices
  81. Nigeria: One-On-One With Graduate Truck Drivers
  82. Nigeria: Death Penalty for Terrorists, Kidnappers in Delta
  83. Sudan: Fresh Clashes Erupt in North Darfur
  84. Kenya: Hague Court Refuses to Move Trials
  85. Somalia: Thousands of Children Run Risk of Polio
  86. Sudan: Bashir Plans to Arm Against Israel
  87. Sudan: 12 Dead in Intercommunal Clashes
  88. Swaziland: IMF Recommends Land Reforms
  89. South Africa: Sad South Africa - the Truth in Numbers and the Facts Behind the Sentim
  90. Angola: National Defence Guarantees Preservation of Democratic Lawful State
  91. Angola: International Community Believing More in Angola
  92. Swaziland: Bogus Claim On Airport Opening
  93. South Africa: South Africa Elected to the ECOSOC
  94. South Africa/Equatorial Guinea: Banyana Banyana Out to Beat Hosts Equatorial Guinea a
  95. Kenya: Three Join Uhuru, Ruto Pact
  96. Malawi: Dark Days Loom for Nation's Tobacco Industry
  97. Nigeria: Floodwaters Recede but Millions Remain Displaced
  98. Ghana: Achimota Disaster - Melcom Expresses Regret
  99. Africa: Moody's - New Ratings for Africa
  100. West Africa: UN Conference Focuses On Women's Role in Ensuring Peace and Security in
  101. Nigeria: Obama Urged to Increase America's Partnership With Nigeria
  102. Kenya: Post-Election Violence Victims Still Afraid
  103. Rwanda: Economy to Exceed Growth Forecast - Central Bank
  104. Kenya: Govt Must Keep Its Promise to the Police
  105. Uganda: Police Block Asset Transfer By Pension Scam Suspects
  106. Malawi: Reforming Constitutional and Law
  107. South Africa: Opposition Parties Have No Confidence in Zuma
  108. Malawi: Suspension of Anti-Gay Laws Draws Mixed Reactions
  109. Zimbabwe: Two Arrested for Blocking Presidential Motorcade
  110. Mozambique: Finland Reduces Aid to Mozambique
  111. Zimbabwe: 'Tsvangirai's Diaspora Campaign Futile'
  112. South Africa: What Sandy Shows South Africa
  113. Obama’s Imperial African Policies w Patrick Bond
  114. Libya: Prosecutor Calls for Better Cooperation on Libya
  115. Tanzania: Plans in Pipeline to Stock Petrol
  116. Libya: Hague Prosecutor Calls for Justice for War Crimes
  117. Egypt: EOHR Denounces Intellectual Terrorism
  118. Kenya: Nile Water Not Helping Farmers, Report Says
  119. Egypt: It's an Honour to Be Nominated - Mohamed Abou Treka
  120. Egypt: Morsi Agrees on Providing Premises for APU in Cairo
  121. Africa: Mbeki Named 'African of the Year'
  122. Ghana: Several Killed in Accra Mall Collapse
  123. Sierra Leone: Nation Prepares for Final Presidential Debate
  124. Cameroon: New Vote Move May Bar Women
  125. Africa: Only 10 African Nations Have Free Media - Professor
  126. Somalia: Security Council Extends African Union Mission
  127. Uganda: Police Storm Gay Theatre Production
  128. Uganda: Who Could Succeed President Museveni?
  129. Tanzania: Lawmakers Rail At Bad Land Allocations
  130. Zimbabwe: New Constitution - Mugabe 'Will Comply'
  131. Zimbabwe: China Donates U.S.$15 Million Grain
  132. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Losing Ground
  133. Zambia: Scribes Cry Foul
  134. Zimbabwe: No More Power Disconnections, Says Zesa Boss
  135. Zimbabwe: Trade With SA Declines
  136. Zimbabwe: Mzembi Slams British Hypocrisy
  137. Nigeria: JTF Escapes Bomb Attack in Maiduguri
  138. West Africa: FG Awards N7.4 Billion for Ecowas Building Renovation
  139. Nigeria: Jonathan, NASS, Labour, NBA, CPC - We Have Lessons to Learn From U.S. Electi
  140. Somalia: Deadly Car Bomb Outside Federal Parliament
  141. Libya: Press Authorities for Serious and Ongoing Crimes, UN Told
  142. Egypt: Patterson - Egyptian-American Relations Will Grow Stronger
  143. Morocco: It Is Time to Put an End to Morocco's Disregard of International Law, Says t
  144. Morocco: Morocco Must Do More to Eradicate Torture, Says UN Rights Expert
  145. Uganda: Promote Mother Tongues - Museveni
  146. Sierra Leone: Women Shoot Themselves in the Foot in Elections
  147. Mali: Will Peace Return as Crisis Meeting Ends?
  148. Cote d'Ivoire: Cocoa Farmers Welcome State-Imposed Prices
  149. Liberia: Robert Sirleaf Takes The Stand- Responds to Critics, Defends His Repute
  150. Nigeria: Senate Orders CJN to Swear in Appeal Court Judge
  151. Kenya: Cheers Across Kenya for Obama Win
  152. Madagascar: Domestic Violence Rises As Incomes Fall
  153. Uganda: Govt to Repay Ireland Over Misappropriated Aid
  154. Ethiopia: Solar Power Struggles to Shine in Sunny Ethiopia
  155. Kenya: Raila Entitled to Raise ICC Issue
  156. Namibia: Govt Warns Striking Teachers
  157. South Africa: Academy to Improve the Health Service
  158. South Africa: TAC and Chiefs Join Forces to Save Madwaleni
  159. South Africa: Confusion As Clinic Closed
  160. Namibia: 'Govt Cares,' Says Angula
  161. South Africa: Research Institute to Boost Mining Sector
  162. South Africa: Marikana Commission - 'Don't Single Us Out' - Police
  163. South Africa: South Africa's Brutal Reality - Rape Now, Pay Later
  164. The “We Are Still Right” Voxunion Rerun Series: The Great Harlem Debate: Is Obama Goo
  165. The “We Are Still Right” Voxunion Rerun Series: Obama is Not Hip-Hop by Rosa Clemente
  166. The “We Are Still Right” Voxunion Rerun Series: The Great Harlem Debate: 6 Months In
  167. The “We Are Still Right” Voxunion Rerun Series: The Ballot v. The Bullet Revisited
  168. The “We Are Still Right” Voxunion Rerun Series: Rethinking Obama and the Prescience o
  169. Namibia: Teachers Urge Civil Servants to Join Strike
  170. Namibia: Swapo Withdraws Leaders
  171. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Still Trying to Subvert Copac Process
  172. Egypt: Mursi Discusses Syrian Crisis With Lavrov
  173. Egypt: Tawadros - State Needs to Reassure Copts
  174. Western Sahara: UN Envoy Ross Meets Members of Saharawi Parliament
  175. Egypt: Egypt Attends Nile Basin Countries Ministerial Meeting
  176. Egypt: Mursi Congratulates New Pope
  177. West Africa: Militant Kidnappings Grow in Burkina Faso, Niger
  178. Nigeria: Police Arrest 500 for Declaring Biafra Republic
  179. Liberia: Sirleaf's Son Speaks Out on Allegations from Former Speaker
  180. Africa: Leaders Who Mistake Personal for National Interest
  181. Nigeria: A Nigerian Reports on the U.S. Election
  182. Kenya: Clashes Highlight Election Dangers
  183. South Sudan: Rights Group Calls for End to Death Penalty
  184. Kenya: Senate Candidate Runs Against Homophobia
  185. Sudan: Sudans' Security Meetings Kick Off in Juba
  186. Kenya: Blast Wounds Two in Nairobi
  187. South Africa: Police Accused of Planting Weapons on Miners
  188. South Africa: Dealing With Sexual Abuse in Prison
  189. South Africa: Marcus First to Use New Mandela Notes
  190. South Africa: UN Officials Call On Countries to Strengthen Women's Access to Justice
  191. Malawi: Courageous Move to Suspend Anti-Gay Laws - Other States That Criminalize Same
  192. Zimbabwe: Civic Groups and MDC Dismiss Mugabe Call for March Elections
  193. South Africa: Cisco Says Wifi Rise Offers More Opportunities to Service Providers
  194. Nigeria: U.S. Election - Opinion Polls Point to Deadlock
  195. Kenya: Fans Brave the Weather for Dwele At Blankets and Wine
  196. South Africa: Beyond the Ruling Party - a New Mass Workers' Party?
  197. Nigeria: Who's Doing More Damage - Boko Haram or Joint Task Force?
  198. Sierra Leone: Rights Group Chides Parties Over Obscenity
  199. Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Fit For ICC Trial - Judges
  200. Nigeria: Why the U.S. Election Matters
  201. Kenya: Mystery Surround Millitary Tracks At Mombasa Port
  202. Uganda: Confessions of a Former Al-Shabaab Fighter
  203. South Sudan: Campaign to Abolish Death Penalty Goes Global
  204. Tanzania: Zanzibar Insecurity Disappoints Hamad
  205. Uganda: Trachoma Outbreak Reported in Karamoja
  206. Kenya: NCIC Must Do More to Prevent Conflict
  207. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Faces Revolt Over Constitution - Report
  208. South Africa: Attempt to Alter the Killing Scene, Says Advocate
  209. South Africa: Honeymoon Killer Found Guilty
  210. Mozambique: Clear Connection Between HIV and Malaria Deaths
  211. Swaziland: Call for Law to Ban Hate Speech
  212. South Africa: South African Becomes First African to Chair Global Tax Forum
  213. South Africa: Timbuktu Library a Source of SA Pride
  214. Why is Hurricane Sandy a Political Issue?
  215. Nigeria: I'm Not a Jet-Crazy Governor - Aliyu
  216. Nigeria: Boko Haram Didn't Kill Gen Shuwa - Report
  217. Kenya: 2012 U.S. Election Program At Ambassador's Residence
  218. Southern Africa: Intercropping 'Boosts Maize Yields By 50 Per Cent'
  219. Nigeria: Military Curfew Slowly Strangling Nigerian Town
  220. Nigeria: Outbreak of Rice Disease Reported in Parts of Kaduna
  221. Nigeria: Gunmen Burn Police Station, Killed Two Cops, Destroy GSM Masts, Primary Scho
  222. Nigeria: Let the Central Bank Act Be
  223. Nigeria: Boko Haram - Yar'Adua Bitter Experience Threatens Peace Proposal
  224. Kenya: Grenade Hurled at Church in North-Eastern Town
  225. Sudan: Civilians Die in New Darfur Attack
  226. Kenya: Room for Airline Growth
  227. Rwanda: Disaster Management Is Everyone's Business
  228. Rwanda: Rwanda Tips Africa On Sustainable Development
  229. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Peace Call Falling On Deaf Ears
  230. Namibia: Shortage of Passports At Home Affairs
  231. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Says Zimbabwe Elections to Go Ahead in March
  232. South Africa: Zuma's Office Attacks Opposition Over Residence Visit
  233. Uganda: Report On Congo Rebels Not Final - UN
  234. South Africa: Hope for Stroke Prevention
  235. South Africa/Congo-Kinshasa: Banyana Reach Semi-Finals
  236. South Africa: Govt on Path to Achieve Education for All Children
  237. Egypt: Foreign Minister in Cyprus to Recover Smuggled Money
  238. Egypt: Investment Minister - IMF Will Not Interfere in Subsidy or Privatization
  239. Egypt: Gouna Airport Attracts Arab, Foreign Tourists
  240. Libya: Libya Lose Futsal World Cup Opener
  241. Tunisia: Doing Business 2013 - Tunisia Falls Back By Three Places
  242. Egypt: Morsi to Discuss Country's Stances With Moussa, Sabahi, Abul Fotoh and Baradei
  243. Egypt: War Games Aim to Reassure Locals About Army Capabilities
  244. Egypt: Sisi Attends Live Ammunition Exercise of Central Military Zone Unit
  245. Egypt: Hot Files Await New Pope - Copts
  246. Nigeria: Nigeria Risks Losing 19 States to Boko Haram Terrorism
  247. Mali: More People Displaced By Turmoil in Mali
  248. Nigeria: General Muhammadu Shuwa Ironic End for the Legendary Warrior
  249. Nigeria: Buhari Won't Mediate for Terrorists - CPC
  250. Nigeria: In Taraba, Suntai Still Calls the Shot From Hospital Bed