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  1. Editorial Comment: Useless stayaway driven by fear
  2. Lock rallies Davis Cup team
  3. 5 on the trot for DeMbare
  4. Zambezi Magic calls for African creativity
  5. ZPF Masvingo rally flops
  6. Remain united, Zanu-PF tells party members
  7. Zimbabwe: #shutdown Zim Leader Abduction Plot Foiled
  8. Social media abuse: Rebels told to Stop It!
  9. Zimbabwe: Anger, Fear Grip Harare Protest Hotspots
  10. South Africa: SA Field Athletes Fine-Tune in Europe
  11. Zambia: Election Campaigns Suspended in Lusaka
  12. Angola: Over 60,000 Firearms Destroyed
  13. Africa: Teenage Mutant Azanians Using Social Media, Internet Radio and Crowdfunding
  14. South Africa: Opposition - Smart Alliances Needed to Turbo-Charge the Second Coming
  15. Kenya: Treasured Herbal Medicines Not Safe As Study Exposes Killer Germs
  16. Botswana: Lawmakers Debate Whistleblowing Bill
  17. Somalia: Hundreds Flee Somali Town to Escape Violence
  18. South Sudan: Gunfire Erupts Again in Juba
  19. Tanzania: Public Advised to Assist People With Albinism
  20. Nigeria: For a Brighter Economic Future, Empower Women to Trade
  21. South Sudan: Nation Stares Down the Barrel of Another Civil War
  22. Nigeria: MTN, Other Telecom Operators Worry Over Govt's Delayed Report
  23. Ghana: Airport Union Workers On Strike, More Flights to Be Suspended
  24. Nigeria: Hundreds Mourn Nigerian Killed in Italy Attack
  25. Nigeria: Former Minister Dies
  26. Nigeria: Le Guen Battles Saintfiet, Yusuf for Eagles' Job
  27. Nigeria: Former Minister of Mines Monguno Dies at 90
  28. Nigeria: Peter Okoye Ignites Fresh P-Square Drama, Threatens to Sue Brother
  29. Nigeria: Abia - Judge Declines to Stay Execution, Tells Parties to Take Case to A'cou
  30. Madagascar: Malagasy Children Bear Brunt of Severe Drought
  31. Ethiopia: Research Centres Improving the Lives of Farmers
  32. Kenya: How Executive Legitimises Extrajudicial Killings By the Police
  33. East Africa: Regional Baseball, Softball Body Launched
  34. South Sudan: Why Elections May Be the Only Answer
  35. Malawi: 'Grand Corruption' Report Reveals 'Big Rigging' Scheme
  36. Zimbabwe: Dozens of Protesters Freed on Bail
  37. Zimbabwe: Suspended Prosecutor General Arrested
  38. Angola: Justice Ministry to Boost Courts of Appeal
  39. Malawi: Potable Water Crucial to Reducing Waterborne Diseases
  40. Malawi: Forest Clerk Netted for Defiling 13 Year Old Girl
  41. Malawi: George Kalukusha in Concert, Working On New EP
  42. Botswana: Khama Opens Ghanzi Show
  43. Morocco: What a Crater Shows About Rare Double Whammy From Skies
  44. Algeria: About 50 Artists At 9th Festival of the Oran Song From 10 to 14 July
  45. Egypt: Egypt to Receive Wreckage Parts Possibly Belonging to Doomed Egyptair Flight F
  46. Algeria: Four Criminals Arrested in Ghardaia in Possession of Two Shotguns
  47. Mali: Study: Voters Don't Know What to Expect From Politicians
  48. Nigeria: Pan Africa Solar Signs Nigeria's First U.S.$146 Million Investment
  49. Nigeria: Theft of Human Parts At Kwara Cemeteries On the Rise
  50. Nigeria: MTN Announces the Appointment of First Nigerian Chief Financial Officer
  51. Nigeria: Actors, Producers Who Make Nollywood Interesting
  52. Tanzania: Newly Discovered Helium Gas 'Worth U.S$3.5 Billion'
  53. South Sudan: Five Killed As Kiir, Machar Camps Clash in Tense Juba
  54. East Africa: Building of Hoima-Tanzania Oil Pipeline Will Start in January
  55. Kenya: Relief for Firms As Penalties for Withholding Tax Halted
  56. Tanzania: Electorate to Vote From Any Point in Future
  57. South Africa: Leave for Surrogate Parents - No Time for Baby Steps
  58. South Africa: Oscar Pistorius Sentence - You Might Not Like It, but It Is the Law
  59. Namibia: Genocide Descendants Want Referendum
  60. Zimbabwe: Maternity Leave Law Challenged
  61. Zimbabwe: Prosecutor-General Tomana Tribunal Given Three Months
  62. Africa: Are Rights On the Agenda for India's and South Africa's Leaders?
  63. Zimbabwe: Business Disturbed By Ruling Party Infighting
  64. South Africa: Public Protector to Probe Political Influence by Gupta Family
  65. Poor lloyd chitembwe, the one who will never be loved, the one cursed by fate never t
  66. Thank you Tendai
  67. Supermarkets in CBD dominance war
  68. Children: Paris fashion’s latest must-have accessory
  69. Adolescents substance use . . .
  70. 104 protesters freed on bail
  71. Zimbabwe: WhatsApp or Whatsfear?
  72. Famine threatens Boko Haram ravaged areas
  73. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Freedom of expression does not mean freedom to abuse
  74. No to price hikes: Govt
  75. Police Killings Not Black And Latino Problem; It’s An American Issue — Obama
  76. Texas Governor Directs Violent Threat At Obama And Black Protesters
  77. Dallas Police Ambush Reaches Bloody End
  78. More Black People Killed By Cops In 2015 Than Were Lynched In The Worst Year Of Jim C
  79. How Police Officers Are Murdering Black People And Getting Away With It
  80. Tanzania/Madagascar: Serengeti Boys to Camp in Madagascar for South Africa Clash
  81. Egypt: Govt Threatens Retaliation Over Italy Decision to Halt Aviation Supplies
  82. Angola/Egypt: Coach Sami Matias Confident of Under-20 Team Qualification
  83. Egypt: Sisi Issues 10 Pardons Since Taking Office in 2014
  84. Angola/Egypt: Under-20 Team Travel Friday to Cairo
  85. Egypt: Defense Minister Praises Servicemen's Sacrifices to Protect Egypt
  86. Nigeria: No Bank Is in 'Distress' - Central Bank
  87. Nigeria: Call for Farmers to Unite to Save Lands
  88. Africa: Cuba and Sierra Leone Reclaim Slave-Trade History
  89. Ghana: Stampede At Salah Jams Claims 9 Lives
  90. Ghana: Mahama Refuses to Face Load Shedding Reality
  91. Burundi: Back to Arusha and the Politics of Dialogue
  92. Rwanda: Genocide Ex-Mayors Jailed By France
  93. Uganda: Locals Accuse Tororo Phosphate Investors of Cheating Them
  94. Africa: Great Lakes Region Legislators Discuss Security
  95. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Takes Over Anti-Corruption Body
  96. Zimbabwe: South Africa Urged to Act On Zimbabwe Unrest
  97. South Africa: Online Dating Scam Cons Victims Out of U.S.$27 000
  98. Angola: National Oil Company's Debt Woes
  99. Namibia: Windhoek May Disconnect Water to 3 800 Homes
  100. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's Child Exodus
  101. Zimbabwe: One More Sign of Zimbabwe's Decline
  102. Angola: Economist Defends Increased Domestic Production
  103. Zim eyes emergency funds injection from IMF
  104. Commissioner’s Funfair goes to Byo
  105. Reprieve for individual importers
  106. Dino unlucky in love
  107. Hepatitis outstrips Aids, TB as a killer — report
  108. What has changed?
  109. Tanzanian safari operators to charge extra
  110. Teachers, nurses call off job action• Move follows salary payments • Report for duty,
  111. Gumbura jailbreak case: State witness referred to Concourt
  112. Sadc AUC candidate meets President Mugabe
  113. African Migrants Returning From China With Horror Stories
  114. Raleigh Man Fires Gun At Deputy Gets Charged With Assault
  115. Alton Sterling—One More Black Man Murdered By White Cops
  116. Family Threatens To ‘Hunt Down’ Killer Cop Who Murdered Delrawn Small
  117. Police Execute Man In Front His 4-Year-Old-Girl, The Murder Streamed Live On Facebook
  118. Graphic Video Shows The Moment Alton Sterling Is Held Down And Executed
  119. Nigeria: Oil Workers Insist On Strike
  120. Kenya: World Understands Nation's 'Refugee Fatigue' – U.S.
  121. Uganda: 'Makerere University Bankrupt'
  122. Uganda: Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline Project Starts January 2017
  123. Libya: EU/NATO - Europe's Plan Endangers Foreigners in Libya
  124. Libya: Sudanese Force Arrests '300 Illegal Immigrants' Near Libya
  125. Nigeria: D'Banj Marries Didi Kilgrow Secretly
  126. Nigeria: Makarfi Extends Olive Branch to Sheriff
  127. Nigeria: Buhari to Militants - Nigeria's Unity Not Negotiable
  128. Nigeria: What Buhari's Govt Is Doing for Nigeria to Achieve SDGs - Aide
  129. Nigeria: Happy Sallah
  130. Uganda: Russian Firm Speaks Out on Failed Refinery Talks
  131. Uganda: Govt Rolls Out Compulsory Immunization to Dispel Vaccine Myths
  132. East Africa: Region Targets U.S.$8 Million From South Sudan
  133. Tanzania: Over 1.7 Million Mobile IDs Blocked
  134. Rwanda: Opposition Leader Ingabire Dealt Blow As Court Rejects Plea
  135. Zimbabwe: Govt Holds Emergency Meeting Over Protests
  136. South Africa: Why Judge Masipa Sentenced Pistorius to Six Years for Murder
  137. Botswana: Diamonds Safe From Brexit
  138. South Africa: South Africa Opposed UN Resolution On Internet Access
  139. Zimbabwe: Govt Warns Opposition Over Protests
  140. Zambia: No Need for State of Emergency - Lungu
  141. Malawi: MPs Demand Ministers Implicated in Cashgate Resign
  142. Zimbabwe: Social Media Jammed During Protests
  143. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zimbabwe is ready for business
  144. Hwange seeks to end coal gasification deal
  145. Pistorius slapped with 6-year jail term
  146. Strike heeded, shutdown ignored• Civil servants protest delayed salaries• Opportunist
  147. Literary scene gears up for ZIBF
  148. Back to basics
  149. We had no part in yesterday’s WhatsApp jam — minister
  150. Border violence suspects denied bail
  151. ‘Blair’s Iraqi war case unjustifiable’
  152. A stay-away, ‘Third Force’ and lessons (un)learnt
  153. Africa: South Africa Abstains From UN Vote to Protect Human Rights
  154. Egypt: Erdogan Says Turkey Has No Issue With Egyptian People, Only With Ruler - Agenc
  155. Egypt: Divorces Up By 10.8 Per Cent in 2015 - Official Statistics Agency
  156. Algeria: Zitouni Calls On Young People to Continue Building Process By Drawing Inspir
  157. Algeria: Algeria Condemns in Strongest Terms Terrorist Attacks in Saudi Arabia
  158. Algeria: Saudi Arabia Attacks - No Algerian Casualty Reported
  159. Nigeria: Boko Haram - Why Jaw-Jaw Might Be Better Than War-War
  160. Ghana: Government to Subsidise Electricity
  161. Nigeria: Will Baru's Appointment Resolve the Niger Delta Crisis?
  162. Nigeria: 'Bad Blood' Fears Fuel Abuse of Children Born of Boko Haram Rape
  163. Ghana: 'Sex-for-Job' Remark Rekindles Debate Over Sexism in Politics
  164. Africa: Adding Value to Future of Art in Africa
  165. Uganda: Theft of Vital Medical Equipment Puts Lives At Risk
  166. Uganda: Govt Reconsiders Troop Pullout From Somalia, Museveni Says
  167. Uganda: Museveni Makes Palestine Gaffe During Netanyahu Visit
  168. Somalia: Government Pardons Prisoners Ahead of Eid Fitr Festival
  169. South Africa: What's Needed to Step Away From the Downgrade Precipice
  170. South Africa: 'The Oscar Pistorius Interview' - Are We Being Manipulated? If So, By W
  171. South Africa: Govt Voted Against Online Freedoms, Thought We Wouldn't Find Out
  172. South Africa: Lidudumalingani Wins Caine Prize for African Writing
  173. Zimbabwe: Protests Spread Amid Growing Anger Against Mugabe
  174. South Africa: The Difficult Exit From the Gang
  175. Nigeria: MTN Chief Financial Officer Resigns
  176. Young writers show Africa the way
  177. Zim in historic London conference
  178. Top radio station celebrates all that is Zimbabwean
  179. Allan Chimbetu revisits Simon’s vision
  180. French business delegations to visit Zim
  181. Sunday Mail trio seeks acquittal
  182. ‘We’ve the right to travel our own path’
  183. Tanzania abound with potential for Zim products
  184. Namibian communal conservancies in jeopardy
  185. Mbara dumps dembare
  186. Brexit And The Return Of European Militarism
  187. Nigeria: Buhari Welcomes Foreign Support to Diversify Economy
  188. Nigeria: Abia State to Remain Without Governor Till July 7
  189. Zimbabwe: The Revolution Will Be Hashtagged
  190. Nigeria: Buhari Removes Kachikwu As Petroleum Boss
  191. Egypt: Egyptair Committee - Remains of Victims to Be Identified
  192. Egypt: Roundup of Egypt's Press Headlines On Jul. 4, 2016
  193. Algeria: Algerian Liberation War 'Is Our Example in Liberation of Palestine'
  194. Libya: UN Mission Documents 49 Civilian Casualties in June
  195. Algeria: Algeria Catches Its Full Annual Quota of Bluefin Tuna
  196. Nigeria: Twitter Takes Down Niger Delta Avengers' Account
  197. Nigeria: Fuel Crisis Looms, As Oil Workers Plan Strike
  198. Nigeria: Govt to Review Huge Nollywood Grant
  199. Nigeria: Guardiola Halts Iheanacho's Olympic Dream
  200. Nigeria: Natural Hair Care Movement Takes Root
  201. Africa: Indian PM Modi's African Safari
  202. Kenya: Companies Now Liable for Climate Change Damages
  203. Sudan: Activists Call for Release of Political Detainees
  204. Kenya: Govt Secures $350 Million Loan to Cut Youth Unemployment
  205. Africa: Israeli Leader Makes Landmark African Tour
  206. Zimbabwe: Can IMF Really Drag Nation Out of Crisis?
  207. Zimbabwe: Amid Drought, Mystery Disease Kills Baobabs
  208. Zimbabwe: Company Pays Employees in Bricks, Tiles
  209. Zimbabwe: Taxi Operators and Police Clash
  210. South Africa: The SABC's 'Betrayal of the South African Public'
  211. Swaziland: Swazi King Set to Get 375-Seater Jet
  212. South Africa: Why Indian PM Narendra Modi Doesn't Deserve the Red Carpet
  213. MDC-T in bid to escalate violence
  214. Zivhu warns traders against violence
  215. Govt reassures civil servants
  216. President calls for unity in Masvingo
  217. Put us on judges’ pay scale, say chiefs
  218. 30 NABBED IN EPWORTH, RUWA AS . . . Police rein in rowdy touts
  219. UPDATED: Lumumba comes out of hiding
  220. Govt to set up standards regulatory authority
  221. ZSE debt listing rules approved
  222. Jah Prayzah reflects on career
  223. Black Labor White Wealth: The Black Man Who Created Jack Daniels
  224. British Transvestites Set To Compete Against Women At Olympic Games
  225. Unarmed Man Tortured, Maimed, Then Killed By Mississippi Cop
  226. The Crack Candidates – The Gantt Report
  227. U.S. Arming Somali Warlords To Fight Against Al-Shabaab
  228. No Charges For French Soldiers Who Raped African Children
  229. Uganda To Pull Army Out Of Somalia And CAR
  230. Egypt: Policewoman Tells Women Not to Worry About Harassment During Eid
  231. Sierra Leone: Did the World Fail Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone?
  232. Nigeria: What Buhari Can Do to Help Ogoniland Clean Up Oil Pollution
  233. Nigeria: Retired Military Officers Distance Self From Alleged Planned Pension Protest
  234. Nigeria: That Education in Western Nigeria May Prosper Again
  235. Nigeria: Ssallah Celebrations - NSCDC Deploys Over 2000 Personnel in Bauchi
  236. Kenya: Police to Be Charged With Murder of Human Rights Lawyer
  237. Rwanda: Dusty Chalk Put Teachers' Lives At Risk
  238. Uganda: Mission (Not) Accomplished
  239. Africa: Madonna Visits Continent's Largest Slum
  240. South Sudan: Dozens Killed As Violence Flares in Wau
  241. South Africa: Anti-Democratic Element in Student Movements Holds Warnings
  242. Zimbabwe: Family Claims Lumumba Kidnapped After Insulting Mugabe
  243. Angola: President Sacks Vice Governor
  244. Zimbabwe: Under Siege Mugabe Hangs On in the Face of Protests
  245. Zimbabwe: Minister Ridicules Morgan Tsvangirai Over Illness
  246. Malawi: Resolute Wizards Frustrate Bullets - Malawi TNM Super League
  247. Malawi: Opposition Party Suspends MP for Workng With Another Party
  248. Malawi: Political Scientist Dulani Cautions DPP Against Ignoring Kalindo On Activism
  249. CAPS blow chance
  250. ‘Import controls to boost capacity, save jobs’