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  1. Cash crisis: RBZ to unveil bond notes
  2. Biometric vetting to cut NSSA fraud
  3. Mnangagwa meets Aussie envoy
  4. SA, Zim to improve ties
  5. Govt pays $2m school fees
  6. Support ACBF, says Mphoko
  7. National Pledge not partisan — Mohadi
  8. Reuben Barwe’s wife no more
  9. Egypt: Pioneer Video Technicians Course Takes Place in Cairo
  10. Egypt: Egypt Presents Arab Vision Before UN Forum in Baku
  11. Egypt: PM Receives Report On Adding More Hypermarkets, Trade, Logistic Zones
  12. Egypt: Azhar Urges Stopping Bloodshed, Destruction in Syria's Aleppo
  13. Egypt: Pope Tawadros Leads Good Friday Mass
  14. Cote d'Ivoire: Nation Sweetens Up With First Locally Made Chocolate
  15. Ghana: Former First Lady for Presidency?
  16. Nigeria: Gunshots At Edo Assembly As Speaker, Deputy Impeached
  17. Ghana: Ghanaians Still Struggle Under the Weight of HIV/Aids
  18. West Africa: Pirates Paid 'U.S.$400,000' Ransoms in West Africa's Gulf of Guinea
  19. Uganda: More Research Needed On Contraceptives Failing Women With HIV
  20. Sudan: University of Khartoum Shut Down Indefinitely
  21. Kenya: Nyeri Coffee Farmers Switch to Macadamia Citing Frustrations
  22. Kenya: Court Frees 5 Huruma Building Collapse Suspects On Bail
  23. Tanzania: Cholera, Flood Victims in Zanzibar Receive Aid
  24. Zimbabwe: Central Bank to Introduce Bonded Notes to Ease Cash Crisis
  25. South Africa: Link Between Asthma, Stress and Depression Among Children
  26. South Africa: Sustainability Reporting - Why Companies Need to Up Their Game
  27. Zimbabwe: President Mugabe's Former Teacher Dies
  28. Mozambique: Mass Grave 'Discovery' Baffles Mozambique
  29. South Africa: South Africa Struggles to Net Abalone Poachers
  30. Malawi: Locals Complain of High Water Bills
  31. Zimbabwe: Child, 3 Dies After Being Mauled by Dogs
  32. Cote d'Ivoire: Abidjan Regains Its Glamour
  33. Nigeria: Govt Directs Hospitals to Treat Gunshot Victims Without Police Clearance
  34. Nigeria: Lagos Records First Successful Bone Bridge Surgery in West Africa
  35. Nigeria: Abducted Former Nigerian Minister Regains Freedom
  36. Nigeria: Kaduna Govt Arraigns Another 91 Shiites
  37. Kenya: Rabbits Found Alive Under Collapsed Huruma Building
  38. Kenya: Police Foil Plan By Interns to Use Anthrax in Terror Attack
  39. Tanzania: Beer Prices Soar Ahead of Budget Tabling
  40. Tanzania: Govt to Act on Freedom of Information Bill
  41. Uganda: Firm on the Spot Over Workers' Safety
  42. Tunisia: Transitional Justice and the Fight Against Corruption
  43. Africa: Horrified Shipwreck Survivors Watched As Hundreds Drowned
  44. Egypt: Nine Bodies of Egyptians Killed in Libya Identified
  45. Egypt: State-Run Al-Ahram Newspaper Condemns Interior Ministry
  46. Egypt: Police Raid Journalists' Syndicate, Arrest Two Journalists
  47. Nigeria: Abducted Former Minister Rescued
  48. Chad: Q&A - Hissène Habré Before the Extraordinary African Chambers
  49. Liberia: Liberia Council of Churches Oppose Christian State Proposition
  50. Ghana: Trafficked Boys Are Forced Into Early Marriage
  51. Nigeria: Property Boom Follows Boko Haram Retreat
  52. Rwanda: Remains of 568 Genocide Victims Get Decent Burial in Ruhango
  53. Rwanda: Govt Lays Out Strategy to Promote Locally Made Goods
  54. Rwanda: Youth Tipped on Potential of Agribusiness
  55. Africa: Finally, South Africa Relaxes Visa Rules for Kenyans
  56. South Sudan: Opposition Fighters Attack Soldiers
  57. Namibia: Leading the Way Where World Press Freedom Day Began
  58. Mozambique: Public Debt Now 'Unsustainable'?
  59. South Africa: Xhosa Design a Hit On Global Catwalks
  60. Angola: Dark Cloud Over Activists and Prisons
  61. Africa: SA Aims to Increase African Trade By Half a Trillion By 2019
  62. Malawi: People With Albinism Risk 'Extinction', Says UN Official
  63. Namibia: Do Not Tamper With Media Freedom
  64. Govt committed to media development
  65. National Pledge officially launched
  66. Minister in hospitals’ SOS
  67. Scribes call for better working conditions
  68. Mudenda reprimands Kereke
  69. Maize price stabilises
  70. Zivhu extends helping hand
  71. Dry weekend for Harare
  72. Mushore indaba deferred – again
  73. Remain connected to the people, ZANU-PF urged
  74. Israel Is Torturing Ethiopian And African Refugees – NGO
  75. Climate Change To Drive Exodus From Middle East And North Africa?
  76. Ted Cruz Drops Out Of Republican Presidential Race
  77. South Africa: Julius Malema Vows To Reclaim African Land From White Settlers
  78. New Study On Drug Use Confirms What Black People Have Been Saying For Years
  79. NY Police Commissioner Bill Bratton: “If You Don’t Want To Get Shot By Cops, Don’t Po
  80. Asian Cops Accused Of Sending Racist Text Messages
  81. Govt addressing liquidity crunch: VP
  82. Don’t chase children away, schools told
  83. Mphoko mourns Muchena
  84. Transformer crisis hits Zesa
  85. Workers mark May Day across the globe
  86. Editorial Comment – Cash shortage: Lasting solution needed
  87. Lodza deserves to party
  88. CAPS United board hail team
  89. 250 years of freedom of media
  90. President Mugabe man of his word
  91. Africa: Press Freedom Violations Undermine AU's Vision of Transparency
  92. Algeria: Algeria Has 10.6 Million Workers, 1.4 Million Unemployed
  93. Algeria: Amended Constitution, New Step Towards Consolidation of Democracy
  94. Egypt: Journalists Stage Sit-in, Interior Ministry Denies Using Force
  95. Egypt: PM Says Cabinet Following Up Probe Into Death of Egyptian National in London
  96. Nigeria: Crime, Jihad, and Dysfunction in Nigeria - Has Buhari an Answer?
  97. Nigeria: #Panamapapers - Secret Assets of Top Businessman Uncovered in Tax Haven
  98. Nigeria: World Bank to Disclose More Information On Spending of Abacha Loot
  99. Ghana: Party Picks Former First Lady as Presidential Candidate
  100. East Africa: Juba Asks Nairobi Court to Release Frozen Funds
  101. South Sudan: Nation Looks to Machar, Kiir for Reconciliation
  102. Kenya: Developer of Collapsed Building Arrested
  103. Somalia: UK Troops Arrive to Beef Up AU Operation
  104. South Africa: Rhodes Must Fall Leader Tells Waiter - 'We Will Give Tip When You Retur
  105. Zimbabwe: Netherlands Pledges 1,5 Million Euros to Combat El Nino
  106. Zimbabwe: 18 000 Farmers Face Eviction
  107. Zimbabwe: U.S. Diplomat Says South Africa Sabotaged Democracy Transition
  108. Zimbabwe: Local Firms Wanted Social Media Platforms Banned - Mandiwanzira
  109. Zimbabwe: Famine As El Nino Scorches Farmland
  110. Malawi: Married Girls Rescued, Taken to School
  111. Zimbabwe: Govt Thwarts EU Bid to Ban Trophy Imports
  112. US To Grant Israel The Largest Military Aid Package In History
  113. Nigeria Army Frees 400 Hostages From Boko Haram Terrorists
  114. Egypt-Sudan Border Dispute Flares Up
  115. France To Increase The Number Of Soldiers Based In Ivory Coast
  116. How Tanzania’s President John Magufuli Is Shaping East Africa’s Geopolitics
  117. ‘The Wire’ Actor Wendell Pierce Announces $20 Million Investment In Baltimore Apartme
  118. Massive Payday May Bring Floyd Mayweather Out Of Retirement
  119. Egypt: Amnesty International Demands Truth About Slain Italian Student
  120. Egypt: Woman, Egyptian, Veiled and Football Midfielder
  121. Sierra Leone: Cocoa Farms Spring Back to Life
  122. Nigeria: Nigerian Troops Discover Boko Haram Bomb Factory - Report
  123. Nigeria: Former Diplomat Hamzat Ahmadu Dies
  124. Nigeria: Suspected Gun Runners Nabbed in Plateau
  125. Nigeria: Nigerian Troops Foil Boko Haram Attack, Kill 9 Terrorists - Spokesperson
  126. Tanzania: President Magufuli Cuts Employee Tax
  127. Kenya: Democracy On Trial?
  128. Kenya: Conjoined Twins Born in Mombasa Die
  129. Kenya: Body of Lucy Kibaki Arrives From London
  130. Kenya: Kenya Burns Huge Pile of Ivory in Bid to Stop Poaching
  131. South Africa: Julius Malema Vows to Seize White-Owned Land
  132. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Drops Poll Boycott
  133. Malawi: China Promises More 'Buffet' of Assistance
  134. Zimbabwe: Economy Under Threat of Using U.S. Dollar
  135. South Africa: SA Express Grounded
  136. Zimbabwe: MDC-T Leader Speaks On Violence, Reconciliation
  137. Zimbabwe: Mujuru Ruins Mugabe Plot
  138. Zimbabwe: Sex for Land Rife in Chisumbanje
  139. Editorial Comment: ZCTU must stop playing to the gallery
  140. Hwange seeks $7,5m loan
  141. Law Society blacklists 35 lawyers
  142. Zim is not in tatters, broken
  143. ‘What is wrong with being Black?
  144. When laughter becomes the panacea to suffering
  145. President to sign Banking Amendment Bill
  146. It must have been painful but the jinx is over now
  147. US elections: The lesser evil phenomenon
  148. ZITF a resounding success: Official
  149. Egypt: Court to Try Policeman Accused of Killing Tea Vendor
  150. Egypt: Prosecutor Demands Investigation into Killing of Egyptians in Libya
  151. Africa: Deadly Fish Virus Finally Identified
  152. Western Sahara: UN Votes to Extend Mandate in Western Sahara
  153. Angola: Saharawi Ambassador Bids Farewell to Angolan Speaker
  154. Nigeria: President Mourns Oba of Benin
  155. Africa: Beyond the ICC - How International Criminal Justice Can Thrive
  156. West Africa: Oil Theft - Multinational Taskforce to Patrol Gulf of Guinea
  157. Nigeria: Tension As Soldiers Kill Pregnant Woman in Warri
  158. Cote d'Ivoire: France to Boost Military Presence
  159. Burundi: Five Killed as Mediation Efforts Delay
  160. South Sudan: Former Rebels, Ex-Detainees in President Salva Kiir's Cabinet
  161. Uganda: Kampala Borrows U.S.$48 Million to Build Inland Port
  162. Somalia: Several Killed in Mosque Collapse
  163. Africa: Menstruation Is Not a Dirty Word
  164. Zimbabwe: Elephants Face Slaughter in Save Valley
  165. Lesotho: Ruling Allowing Detention of Soldiers Raises More Questions About Fair Trial
  166. South Africa: Disabled Golfers Show Media Just How Tough the Going Is
  167. Mozambique: Hundreds Displaced as Hunger Bites
  168. South Africa: Abused Circus Lions Flown to New Home
  169. Zimbabwe: Army Resistance Shocks Mugabe
  170. Zimbabwe: Warriors Assistant Coach Dube in Court Over Bribery
  171. Malawi: China to Assist Malawi in Agriculture
  172. Tunisia: Uphold Rights While Fighting Terrorism
  173. Morocco: UN to Vote On Western Sahara Mandate
  174. Kenya/Tunisia: Prisons Fall As Pipeline Advance to Club Championship Semis
  175. Kenya: Pipeline Storm Semis in Tunisia
  176. Nigeria: Egypt's Maamoun Ends Mugabe's Tombim Open Fairytale
  177. Niger: Inquiry Hearings Into Nigerian Military Over Shi'ite Killings Finish
  178. Nigeria: Govt Begins Preparation of 2017 Budget
  179. Nigeria: Transport Ministry to Acquire National Carrier
  180. Nigeria: Saraki Files Fresh Appeal Against Tribunal Chair at Appeal Court
  181. Nigeria: International Airlines Operators Made U.S.$15 Billion From 2015 Ticket Sales
  182. Sudan: Rebels Announce Unilateral Ceasefire
  183. Mauritius: 'Mauritius to Become a Higher Income Economy Through Knowledge, Innovation
  184. South Sudan: Transitional Government to be Formed 'Any Time Now'
  185. Somalia: AU Forces Face Resurgent Al-Shabaab
  186. Uganda: MPs - We Struck Tax Deal With Museveni
  187. South Africa: Zuma Faces Return Bout in Battle Over Corruption Charges
  188. Zimbabwe: Over 2 000 Lose Homes to Bank
  189. Namibia: Country Prepares for Floods As El Nino Rapidly Transitions to La Nina
  190. South Africa: Govt Must Open Student Funding to Public Scrutiny
  191. Zimbabwe: Probe Against Mining Firms Opened
  192. Malawi: Albinos Still Living in Fear, Call for Police Protection
  193. South Africa: Parliament Calls for Submissions for Constitutional Review
  194. Swaziland: Groups Kick Against Amendment Bills
  195. It’s always special to beat CAPS Utd — Mutuma
  196. We’ve the quality to upset DeMbare — Chitembwe
  197. Mosimane concerned about CBD talk
  198. Guinea risk 2017 Nations Cup ban
  199. Mawiwi ready for Rhinos
  200. Big Boys bash at Dairi-Fest
  201. Zim team ready to defend Cossasa title
  202. Williams stars in defeat
  203. Mketekete takes a break
  204. It’s a Platinum battle
  205. West Africa: Boko Haram, Islamic State, and Underlying Concerns for the Region
  206. Nigeria: #PanamaPapers - Swiss Lawyer Hired By Nigeria to Repatriate Abacha Loot Deni
  207. Nigeria: Buhari 'Concerned' About States' Inability to Pay Salaries Despite Bailout
  208. Nigeria: Bayelsa Assembly Passes Child Rights Bill
  209. Nigeria: Saraki Returns to Appeal Court
  210. Nigeria: Senators Disagree On Nationality of Killer Herdsmen
  211. Africa: Egypt Looks South, Finally
  212. Western Sahara: Add Rights Monitoring to UN Mission's Western Sahara Role - Rights Gr
  213. Libya: UN Envoy 'Deeply Concerned' By Terrorist Attacks On Oil Fields
  214. Tunisia: Uphold Rights While Fighting Terrorism
  215. Rwanda: RRA Face Tricky El Shams in Africa VolleyballQuarters
  216. Nigeria: How Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun 'Tamed' the IMF
  217. Ghana: Ghanaian Women Reluctant to Become Nuns
  218. Nigeria: Nigerite At 57 - the Making of a Wholly Nigerian Brand
  219. Nigeria: Girl-Child Education - An Issue With Growing Silence
  220. Africa: Do Nigeria's Big Corporate Fines Signal the End of 'Anything Goes'?
  221. Sudan: Student Unrest Continues Across the Country
  222. Uganda: Cabinet Bans Broadcast of Erotic Dances, 'Vulgar Language'
  223. Ethiopia: Meat Exporters Free to Leave Dubai
  224. Tanzania: Forest Conservation At Risk As Funds Run Out
  225. South Sudan: Aid Agencies Say Return of Machar to Improve Humanitarian Situation
  226. Southern Africa: Recovery From Drought Unlikely in Most of Southern Africa
  227. South Africa: Winnie Mandela to Be Honoured With National Order
  228. Africa: UN Exonerates Namibia Over North Korea
  229. Burundi: Tool Promotes Rights of People Most At Risk of HIV Infection
  230. Zimbabwe: Missing U.S.$15 Billion Looters Face Probe
  231. Zimbabwe: Trial Delay Affecting My Work - Prosecutor-General
  232. Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank Sued Over 'New' Currency
  233. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Scoffs At 'Succession Plot' Reports
  234. Russia investment deals gather pace
  235. Ministers clash over STEM
  236. Zimra loses millions in car import scam
  237. ZITF opens to public
  238. Mangudya sues Govt
  239. Councillors protest against Mushore
  240. Panners occupy ex-minister Kuruneri’s farm
  241. Man shoots wife, maid over HIV
  242. Toddler killed as parents fight
  243. Pastor in maintenance storm
  244. Manny Pacquiao’s Final Fight Was Such A Dud, It’s Going To Lose Money
  245. Africa In Geopolitics Nothing Is Ever Innocent
  246. Hillary Clinton Is No Friend Of Black Empowerment
  247. Tipping Point In Texas Prison Strikes? The History Of Slavery Is At Stake
  248. Nigeria: Unknown Gunmen Abduct Senator Iyabo Anisulowo
  249. Nigeria: Police Arrest Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe
  250. Nigeria: Saraki Insists Tribunal Chairman to Stand Down From Trial