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  1. DeMbare boss remains defiant
  2. SuperSport bask in glory
  3. Another silverware for reigning Ms Zim
  4. Nigerians Hate Caitlyn Jenner’s Transvestite Reality Show So Much They Got It Banned
  5. Egypt: Police Officer, 2 Conscripts Injured in Arish Blast - Interior Ministry
  6. Chad: Former Dictator Habre Awaits Verdict
  7. Africa: Black People Viewed As 'Dirty' in Racist Advert
  8. Nigeria: New Militant Group Attacks More Oil LInes
  9. Nigeria: 3.2 Million People Living With HIV, Says Expert
  10. Nigeria: Former Football Boss Giwa, Four Others Get Five-Year CAF Ban
  11. Uganda: Court Jails World Cup Bombers for Life
  12. Ethiopia: Children Missing After South Sudanese Raid
  13. Burundi: Peace Talks Going Nowhere If Govt Stays Picky
  14. Sudan: Primary School Bombed in Latest Attacks
  15. South Sudan: Dangerous Food Shortage in Refugee Camps
  16. South Africa: Zuma Denies Being at 'War' With Finance Minister
  17. Malawi: Drought Leaves Millions High and Dry
  18. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Heads for Pacific
  19. South Africa: How the State Capture Controversy Has Influenced Nuclear Build
  20. Zimbabwe: Over Half a Ton of Marijuana Dumped at Cemetery
  21. Mozambique: Renamo Gunmen Close 41 Schools in Manica
  22. Mozambique: Public Debt Scandal Could Split Frelimo - Jorge Rebelo
  23. Zambia: 10 Parties Pay Nomination Fees
  24. Uganda: Sexual Health Services Arrive On Three Wheels
  25. Zimbabwe: Foreign Affairs Minister Mumbengegwi Lambasts Morocco
  26. Egypt: Google Celebrates Birthday of Late Egyptian Actress Faten Hamama
  27. Algeria: Lamamra Holds Talks With Angolan Counterpart in Oslo
  28. Algeria: Chikoti - UN Must Put Sahrawi Issue Among Its Priorities
  29. Algeria: Nour M'sila, West Asia Wheelchair Basketball Champion
  30. Nigeria: African Football Body Bans Giwa, Four Others for 5 Years
  31. West Africa: Climate Change Citied Among Factors Impacting Stability in Sahel
  32. Nigeria: Nigeria Bleeds As Militants Blow Up More Pipelines
  33. Guinea Bissau: President Names New Prime Minister, Sparking Protests
  34. Nigeria: Oil Companies Owe Govt U.S.$2 Billion - Reps
  35. Uganda: Gunmen Raid UPDF Detach, Kill Two, Seize Guns
  36. Uganda: DR Congo Detains One Ugandan Cop As Bodies of Dead Colleagues Are Brought Hom
  37. Sudan: Is the UN Failing Sudanese Refugees in Unity State?
  38. Uganda: How U.S Forced Museveni to Hire Ex-Daily Monitor Editor
  39. East Africa: Expert Warns of Uncertainties in the Region
  40. South Africa: Home Affairs' Officials Arrested
  41. Angola: Yellow Fever Deaths Cross 300 - WHO
  42. Zimbabwe: Parliament Drafts Code of Conduct for MPs
  43. South Africa: Parliament Approves Expropriation Bill
  44. Zimbabwe: Botswana Says Zimbabwe Failing to Pay U.S.$90,000 Debt
  45. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Foreign Travel Useless, Costly - Opposition
  46. South Africa: DA Calls for Criminal Inquiry After U.S.$320 Million Sale of SA's Strat
  47. Do it in style, do it by video
  48. 7 tips for a perfect video invitation
  49. The Other Side – Million Man March: So hard a fact, so harder to accept
  50. 30 drug, gang-rape girl (16)
  51. Byo to regain super industrial status, says First Lady
  52. We rule Mzansi
  53. Kereke trial: Ex-security guard testifies
  54. Get to know winter must have
  55. Malawi bans foreign witch doctors over albino murders
  56. EDITORIAL COMMENT: We’re a nation of football, not violence
  57. Africa’s Ten Fastest Growing Cities
  58. South African Parliament Approves Expropriation Bill
  59. Egypt Back To Its Old Game Of Trying To Undermine Ethiopia
  60. Africa: Africa Confused, Conflicted Over Drug Control
  61. Egypt: Rights Bodies Lash Out at Govt Crackdown
  62. Egypt: Egyptair to Contract French, Italian Companies to Search for Black Boxes
  63. Nigeria: 'Successes and Setbacks' in Buhari's First Year in Office
  64. Nigeria: Biafra's Kanu Loses Bail Application at Appeal Court
  65. Mauritania: Court Rulings End Slavery?
  66. Liberia: Sanctions, Arms Embargo Finally End
  67. East Africa: Sudan, Eritrea Crack Down On Migrants
  68. South Sudan: Women Demand Role in Transitional Government
  69. Uganda: Museveni's Son Eyeing Presidency?
  70. Uganda: Man Found Guilty of Masterminding Kampala Bombings
  71. Lesotho: Top Judge Faces Charges
  72. Zimbabwe: 'Go Hang', Mugabe Tells Those Who Want Him to Step Down
  73. Zimbabwe: Vendors Count Losses After Being Forced to March in Mugabe's Honour
  74. Africa: Why Sexuality Education in Schools Needs a Major Overhaul
  75. Mozambique: Govt and Opposition Party Meet Behind Closed Doors
  76. Mozambique: IMF Chief Links Secret Loans to Corruption
  77. Africa: Continental Free-Trade Negotiations to Conclude By 2017
  78. Industry should invest in R&D: Chiwenga
  79. Celebration Choir launches new album
  80. POSB starts offering mortgage loans
  81. Sulu celebrates birthday with fans
  82. High-flying CAPS
  83. Parly drafts code of conduct for MPs
  84. EDITORIAL COMMENT: It’s time to end the kombi menace
  85. 4 Airzim boss’ killer suspects in the dock
  86. 100MW boost for Zim national grid
  87. Gospel Divas concert ready to roar
  88. Meet Siza Mzimela From South Africa, The First Black Woman In History To Own An Airli
  89. Nigeria: Govt to Review Fuel Price
  90. Nigeria: Dependence On Oil, Nigeria's Costly Mistake - Buhari
  91. Nigeria: New Director Generals Named for Information Parastatals
  92. Nigeria: Kogi Govt Sacks Nigerian Labour Congress Leader
  93. Nigeria: No Better Time to Diversify Nigerian Economy Than Now - Buhari
  94. Egypt: Egypt's Highest Court Cancels 5-Year Prison Sentence for Five Female Students
  95. Egypt: Scores of Protesters Jailed Unjustly
  96. Tunisia: China, Tunisia Pledge to Boost Cooperation in Trade, Infrastructure
  97. Africa: Egypt Seeks Genuine Partnership With African Countries
  98. Algeria: New Constitution Removed Many Obstacles to Development, International Partne
  99. Nigeria: Edo Govt Withdraws Letter Approving New Oba of Benin
  100. Nigeria: How Former Oil Board Boss Bought a £890,000 UK Home
  101. East Africa: Regional Competition Could Obstruct South Korea's Charm Offensive
  102. Somalia: FBI 'Set Up' Our Sons Somali-American Defendants' Mothers Say
  103. Kenya: Protests Against Electoral Commission Temporarily Stopped
  104. Burundi: US Envoy: Talks Off to Good Start
  105. Uganda: Deputy Speaker Oulanyah's Opponent Goes Missing
  106. Malawi: Stiffer Penalties for Albino Attacks
  107. Africa: Rural E-Commerce Model Pitched for Africa
  108. Africa: High-Voltage Power Line to Zambia On Drawing Board
  109. Zimbabwe: Is Govt Investigating Diamond Money Saga?
  110. Zimbabwe: Lucky Fans to Attend J Cole Concert in South Africa
  111. South Africa: President Zuma to Appeal Gauteng High Court Decision
  112. Zimbabwe: Revenue Authority to Probe Executive Payroll
  113. Africa: Kagame, Kenyatta Endorse New AfDB Energy Deal
  114. RBZ to hold 80pc tobacco receipts
  115. Africa Day treat from Tuku, Macheso
  116. Mangudya to provide insight on cash shortages
  117. Ridiculous prices dampen visual arts
  118. Migrants drown off Libyan coast
  119. Tsipa the sniper
  120. DNA tests settle child-swap row
  121. Zanu-PF’s tour de force
  122. Obama tries to reassure Asians
  123. RBZ to hold 80pc tobacco receipts
  124. Why Is It So Hard For The Govt To Tell Us How Many People Police Are Killing?
  125. White Football Players Charged For Raping Black, Disabled Teammate
  126. FBI ‘Set Up’ Our Sons Somali-American Defendants’ Mothers Say
  127. The 30 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa 2016
  128. Nigeria: Borno Emirs Return Home, Two Years After Fleeing Boko Haram Insurgents
  129. Niger: Niger to Hand Over Scores of Boko Haram Militants to ICC
  130. Nigeria: Nigeria Adopts New Forex Policy As Economy Faces "Imminent Recession"
  131. Nigeria: Emir Sanusi Wants Nigeria to Ban Child Brides, Under-18 Marriage
  132. Nigeria: Govt to Repatriate Looted £300 Million Pounds From Jersey - Minister
  133. Zimra to probe executive payroll
  134. Dance show ‘Magic on Broadway’ for Dstv
  135. Hilarious actor Gringo turns to music
  136. Natfoods, Profeeds in partnership
  137. Lucky fans to attend J Cole’s SA concert
  138. Kereke saga: Witness cautions prosecutor
  139. EDITORIAL COMMENT – Million-Man March: Bridging past, future
  140. Undenge admits to $5m ZPC boob• Chivayo payout ruled out of order • Experts demand im
  141. Harnessing taxation from the informal sector
  142. Moi backs Cord coalition protests
  143. Tunisia: Despite Extremism, An Island Enclave of Tolerance
  144. Egypt: Investigators Play Down Explosion Theory in EgyptAir Crash
  145. Egypt: Sources Point to Explosion On Egyptair Plane, Head of Forensics Denies
  146. Egypt: Human Remains Point to Blast On Egyptair Flight Ms804
  147. Rwanda/Egypt: Junior Wasps Team Vow to Turn Tables in Egypt
  148. Nigeria: Govt Mulls Privatisation of Lagos-Kano Rail Line
  149. Africa: Samoura - the First African Woman At the Helm of FIFA
  150. Nigeria: Nigeria Heads Toward Recession
  151. Liberia: Ruling Party Chair 'Resists Arrest'
  152. Ghana: Calling the Electoral Commission to Order
  153. Kenya: UN Resists Closing Refugee Camps
  154. Sudan: Khartoum and Juba to Resume Border Talks
  155. South Sudan: Civilians Killed, Tortured in Western Region
  156. Africa: Uganda Threatens War On DR Congo Over Lake Albert Attacks
  157. Kenya: 14,000 Die Annually Due to Air Pollution - Report
  158. Mozambique: Nation Downgraded Over Secret Loans
  159. South Africa: Sundowns Bounce Back in Champions League
  160. South Africa: SA to Host Palestinian President
  161. Zimbabwe: Broke Harare Council Sells Properties, Land
  162. Zimbabwe: Manhunt Launched As Inmate Escapes Prison
  163. Zimbabwe: Zambian Poachers Killed in Shoot-Out
  164. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Bomb Plot Case Now in Open Court
  165. South Africa: Chemists Make Cancer Treatment Breakthrough
  166. U.S. Diplomats Shouldn’t Have Walked Out Of Museveni Swearing-In
  167. Aiding The Enemy: China Signs Deal With Sudan To Build Nuclear Power Plant
  168. Tanzanian President Fires Minister For Showing Up In Parliament Drunk
  169. No Charges For White Cops Who Executed Man In Wheelchair On Video
  170. Nigeria: Obasanjo Advocates National Legislation to End Female Genital Mutilation
  171. Egypt/Rwanda: Rwanda Succumb to Egypt in Kigali
  172. Tunisia: UN Panel Condemns Forced Anal Exams
  173. Egypt: President Sisi Inaugurates Expansion of MOPCO Fertilizers Factory in Damietta
  174. Tanzania/Egypt: Taifa Stars Prepare For Clash Against The Pharaohs
  175. Rwanda/Egypt: Junior Wasps Face Uphill Task in Egypt
  176. Nigeria: 7 Top Sporting Moments Last Week
  177. Nigeria: Fayose Makes History, Bans Cattle Grazing in Ekiti
  178. Nigeria: 'Govt Will Reset Economy to Tackle Negative GDP Growth Rate'
  179. Nigeria: State Uncovers Fresh N2.23 Trillion Fraud in Oil Board Report
  180. Nigeria: Labour Congress Calls Off Strike
  181. Eritrea: 25 Years After Independence Eritreans Still Yearn for Freedom
  182. Kenya: County Govts Must Take Lead in Fight for Gender Equality
  183. Tanzania: Court of Appeal Quashes Petition Against Jeetu Patel & Co Trial
  184. Tanzania: Govt Defends Control of Parliamentary Live Television Coverage
  185. Uganda: Ugandan Policemen Shot Dead At DR Congo Border
  186. Africa: Lessons On Why Gender Matters in Social Welfare Policies
  187. South Africa: NPA to Appeal the Spy Tapes Ruling
  188. Botswana: Khama's Headache Over VP's Health
  189. Zimbabwe: Police Ban Ruling Party Minister Mupfumira's March
  190. South Africa: Gelant Grabs National Record As SA Athletes Shine Abroad
  191. Zimbabwe: ICT Minister Mandiwanzira Fumes At Social Media Critics
  192. South Africa: #PSLAwards Nominees Announced
  193. Zimbabwe: HIV Rate Up As Idle Farmers Resort to Sex - Report
  194. MFI loans going towards consumption
  195. Zim Greatest Talent must be creative
  196. Africa preferred frontier for investment: PwC
  197. Chirisa charms film buffs in ‘Happiness is a 4-letter word’
  198. MPs to declare assets
  199. Khama set for rich pickings
  200. DJ Sbu rips the stage at Pabloz VIP
  201. Chief Negomo in trouble over Presidential inputs
  202. MedAid societies to cough up: Govt
  203. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Town House must pursue new money
  204. Nigeria: Dangote Flour Reopens Kano Plant, Saves 3,000 Jobs
  205. Nigeria: Kaduna Refinery Shut Down Over Non-Supply of Crude Oil
  206. Nigeria: Militant Group Breaks Silence, Tackles 'Niger Delta Avengers'
  207. Nigeria: Residents Flee As Rival Militants Engage in Gun Battle in Bayelsa
  208. Egypt: UN Security Council Consults With Arab League On Regional, Global Issues
  209. Egypt: Preliminary Report On Crashed Egyptair Jet to Be Released in 1 Month
  210. Africa: New Generation Aims to Plug Africa's Research Deficit
  211. Egypt: Egyptair Plane Crash - Sisi Says No Scenario More Likely Than Others
  212. Gambia/Morocco: Junior Scorpions Sting Moroccan Lions
  213. Africa: How Black Bin Bags and Common Sense Helped End Ebola
  214. West Africa: Driven Back and Desperate, Boko Haram Heaps Misery On Niger
  215. Nigeria/Burundi: Holders Nigeria, Senegal, Mali in Away Wins
  216. Nigeria: Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph 'Flaunts Boobs' On Instagram
  217. Nigeria: Father of Missing Nigerian 'Chibok Girl' Hears Ordeal From Rescued Friend
  218. Uganda: Besigye Could Be Poisoned, Says Wife Byanyima
  219. Kenya: Tea Tree Success Launches Women's Battle for Cash in Arid Kenya
  220. East Africa: Is Tanzania Ousting Kenya As Region's Powerhouse?
  221. Kenya: Qualified Women Abound, So Why Is Your Expert Panel All Men?
  222. Tanzania: Coffee Growers Appeal for Presidential Help
  223. Malawi: Govt to Construct New Airport
  224. South Africa: Why a Diverse Diet Is Crucial for Rural South Africans
  225. South Africa: The Time 'The Other Kennedy' Visited Apartheid South Africa
  226. Zimbabwe: Grace Stuck in Singapore, Mugabe Follows
  227. Mozambique/Rwanda: Rwanda Unveils Squad for Mozambique Clash
  228. Malawi: Comedian 'Izeki' Dies
  229. Zimbabwe: VP Mnangagwa Associate Dies in Horrific Accident
  230. Zimbabwe: Parly Finance Chair Backs Central Bank's Bond Notes
  231. Zim tourism in remarkable recovery, says Mzembi
  232. India-Africa Incubation Centre for Harare
  233. Zanu-PF warns against corruption
  234. RBZ endorses EcoCash Diaspora
  235. Row over council boss’ mega perks
  236. Govt to revamp Save Conservancy
  237. President Mugabe meets grandson
  238. We’re still work in progress
  239. Editorial Comment: Mandatory HIV testing for kids ill-conceived
  240. Young Warriors fire blanks
  241. Libya: Why Islamic State Gets Away With Murder in Sirte
  242. Western Sahara: What Referendum?
  243. Algeria: Algeria Seeks to Diversify, Reshape Economy as Oil Revenues Decline
  244. Algeria: IMF Executive Board Concludes 2016 Article IV Consultation With Algeria
  245. Egypt: Detained Protesters Begin Hunger Strike
  246. Africa: Zika Virus 'On Doorstep of Africa' - UN Health Agency
  247. Niger: Six Killed in Suspected Boko Haram Violence
  248. Nigeria: Return of Chibok Schoolgirl Renews Hope
  249. Rwanda: Family of UN Peacekeeper Who Saved Hundreds in Rwanda Shares Stories About Th
  250. Ghana: Parliament Begins Debate On Amendments of RTI Bill