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  1. Kenya: Will Kenya Really Close Dadaab?
  2. Africa: Not Yet Uhuru in Africa
  3. Kenya: Locked Out of Their Forests, Kenya's Sengwer People Fight Back
  4. Tanzania: Magufuli Sacks 'Drunk' Minister
  5. Kenya: WhatsApp in Kenya - Real Time Messaging About HIV
  6. Africa: African Economies Must Diversify to Survive
  7. Congo-Kinshasa: Opposition Leader Leaves for South Africa Despite Arrest Warrant
  8. Malawi: Activists to Protest Albino Killings
  9. Angola: A Bittersweet Victory for Leading Activist
  10. Zimbabwe: Opposition Politician Tsvangirai Admitted at South African Hospital
  11. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Off to Singapore to Pick Up Wife and Grandson
  12. Africa: Nasper's VoD Platform Showmax Takes On Three Big Challenges As It Rolls Out
  13. Egypt: Egyptair Confirms Floating Objects Found Near Karpathos Island As Plane Wrecka
  14. Ethiopia: Irreversible Tread to Finalize GERD
  15. East Africa: GERD - Hope for Regional Integration
  16. Tanzania: Rural Power Budget Up By 50 Percent
  17. Algeria: Egyptair Crash - President Bouteflika Assures French Counterpart of His Soli
  18. Nigeria: Chibok Community Lambast Govt, Media Over Treatment of Rescued Girl
  19. Nigeria: Second Rescued Girl Not From Chibok School - Parents
  20. West Africa: Children, Not Terrorists
  21. Nigeria: Army Confirms Rescue of Another Chibok Schoolgirl
  22. Nigeria: Buhari's Wife to Chibok Girls - Come Out of Sambisa Forest
  23. Uganda: Walk Out On Museveni By US, EU Envoys 'Amateurish'
  24. Sudan: Khartoum Protest - Woman Suffocated By Teargas
  25. East Africa: Tanzania Blames New Wave of Robberies on Ethiopian Immigrants
  26. Burundi: A Dangerous Third Term
  27. Africa: Malawi Refuses to Budge As Lake Battle With Tanzania Rages On
  28. Malawi: Parliament Leader Caught Sleeping As President Delivers SONA
  29. South Africa: Uber Decision to Allow Cash Payments Alarms Drivers
  30. Zimbabwe: High Court Clears Jobs Protest, Tsvangirai to Lead
  31. Namibia: Family Waits 18 Years to Bury Father
  32. South Africa: Piercing Zuma's Bubble - Mantashe and Gordhan's Grim Tasks On State Cap
  33. Angola: Bengo Steel Plant Is a Living Example of Economic Diversification
  34. Zimbabwe: Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri Says She Never Banned Quail Bird Farming
  35. Copa Coca-Cola roars into life
  36. Tapera braces for Cameroon battle
  37. Wounded DeMbare seek redemption
  38. Sweswe taunts Caps
  39. Thompson elected Golfers Association president
  40. Anderson destroys Sri Lanka
  41. Southern Rocks face Tigers
  42. Destroyer the boxer no more
  43. FC Platinum to cement top place
  44. Celtic appoint Rodgers new manager
  45. School Valedictorian Banned From Graduation For Having Beard
  46. Nigeria Gets New World Trade Center
  47. Teff, The Ethiopian Superfood That Used To Be Banned
  48. The Gantt Report – President Trump?
  49. Egypt: Reports About Finding EgyptAir Wreckage 'Not Confirmed'
  50. Egypt: Greek Army Finds Egyptair Jet Wreckage Near Crete Island
  51. Egypt: Missing EgyptAir Airliner Made Sudden Swerves, Plunged - Greek Minister
  52. Egypt: We Cannot Rule Out Terrorism - PM Speaks on Missing Plane
  53. Gambia/Morocco: Under-20 Coach On Technical Preparations Ahead of Morocco Qualifier
  54. Nigeria: Enyeama, Emenike to Play in Yobo's Testimonial
  55. Nigeria: Rescued Chibok School Girl Will Undergo Medical Screening - Army
  56. Nigeria: How Chibok Girl Was Found
  57. Cameroon: Rich Sub Soils up for the Grabs!
  58. Nigeria: Mother Reunites With Missing Chibok Girl
  59. Tanzania: Govt Orders Drought-Hit Herders to Leave National Parks
  60. Kenya: Why Kenya Will Not Shut Down World's Largest Refugee Camp
  61. Uganda: Kadaga Elected Speaker As Museveni Joins MPs to Choose Deputy
  62. Tanzania: Govt Ban On Travel Crippling My Office - Controller and Auditor General
  63. Ethiopia: Is Africa's 'Lion' Ready to Jump?
  64. Zimbabwe: 400 000 People Run Out of Food
  65. Zimbabwe: President Mugabe Takes Charge of March
  66. Zimbabwe: Zim Women On Death Row in China
  67. South Africa: Refugees Allegedly Denied Social Grants
  68. Southern Africa: Decriminalisation of Drugs Urged in SADC
  69. Mozambique: Govt Looks to China for Financial Help
  70. South Africa: Polls Show Shifting Attitudes but Voters Still Opt for ANC
  71. Mozambique: South Africa, Not Mozambique to Industrialize With Mozambican Gas
  72. 47pc of UZ students HIV+
  73. No cash payment at roadblocks
  74. President arrives in SA
  75. Accident claims businessman, wife
  76. Civil service reforms save Govt $300 million
  77. Dembare crisis spills into the boardroom
  78. Kereke gets support from wife
  79. HHPC seeks $5m for hydro project
  80. Njelele commemorates third anniversary in style
  81. Govt seeks strategic partner for Airzim
  82. White Saviours Give Birth To Black Triplets After ‘Adopting’ Leftover Embryos
  83. Australian Politicians Urged To Take A Stand On West Papuan Independence
  84. Zimmerman Insults Trayvon Martin’s Parents
  85. Nigeria: Minister Lauds Return of Nigeria's Artefacts By France
  86. Nigeria: Six Abducted Chibok Schoolgirls 'Dead'
  87. Nigeria: Nigeria Made Faster Progress Against Boko Haram After Curbing Corruption in
  88. Nigeria: Army Releases Photos of Rescued Chibok Schoolgirl, Husband
  89. Seychelles: Govt Passes Bill to Decriminalize Homosexuality
  90. Kenya: Opposition Vows to Continue Protests
  91. Intwasa Fashion Show seeks models
  92. Zimac needs $4,7m for de-mining
  93. Anglican Trinity Singers aim high
  94. NSSA demands meaningful returns from NBS
  95. Editorial Comment: Patronage stalls public sector growth
  96. No to hooliganism
  97. Fatal domestic violence cases worry police
  98. Embrace local content to spur growth
  99. Coca-Cola partners Swedish artiste
  100. Parents should prioritise digital skills for kids
  101. Libya: Islamic State Executed Dozens in Newest Stronghold
  102. Congo-Kinshasa/Tunisia: Ten-Man Mazembe Advance Despite Gabesien Defeat
  103. South Africa: Horn Has Unfinished Business As She Races in Rabat
  104. Nigeria: Militants Demand Release of Kanu, Dasuki
  105. Egypt: Draft Law On Construction of Places of Worship Presented to Parliament
  106. Nigeria: Missing Chibok Schoolgirl 'Found'
  107. Nigeria: Fani-Kayode Still Being Held Despite Meeting Bail Conditions
  108. Nigeria: Crimes Commission Arrests Jonathan's Principal Secretary, Others
  109. Nigeria: Labour Shuns Court Order As Strike Begins Today
  110. Nigeria: Buhari to Kick Off Ogoniland Clean-Up Next Month
  111. Kenya: Olympic Dreams Fade After New Doping Claims
  112. Kenya: Young Inventors Shake Up Old Technology
  113. Uganda: Uganda to Represent Africa At 2016 Quidditch World Cup
  114. Ethiopia: Bees and Silkworms Spin Gold for Rural Youth
  115. Mauritius: Govt Requests Chagos Archipelago Be Returned by UK - PM
  116. South Africa: Man Taken to Court After He Films Alleged Police Brutality
  117. South Africa: Why Malema's Party Doesn't Offer a Way Out of Poverty
  118. Namibia: Business Slams Visa Rules for South Africans
  119. South Africa: Bill Gates to Deliver the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture
  120. South Africa: Can There Be Any Logic to Setting Schools On Fire?
  121. South Africa: First Black Woman Deputy Harbour Master Named
  122. Namibia: Stricter Gun Control Measures Mooted
  123. Angola: The Emperor Has No Clothes and the Naked Hunger Strike
  124. Its Official: Indians Now Back In Control Of Uganda’s Economy
  125. Fear Of Becoming A Racial Minority Driving Whites Towards Racism And Terrorism
  126. Zuma’s Government Working With British Military To Stay In Power
  127. George Zimmerman Set For Big Payday For Murder Weapon Thanks To The US Justice System
  128. Another Black Woman Raped By A White Thug Cop
  129. Nigeria: Court Stops Main Opposition Party's National Convention
  130. Nigeria: Govt Approves Six Air Carriers for Hajj 2016
  131. Nigeria: Premium Times Journalist, Ibanga Isine, to Speak At UN Group's Event
  132. Nigeria: Labour Groups to Go Ahead With Strike Despite Court Order
  133. Africa: 2016 Transform Africa to Focus On Smart Cities
  134. Kasukuwere okays Harare City’s $340m budget
  135. War vets die in accident
  136. Zanu-PF appeals committee to review 36 cases
  137. Parly moves to charge Kuwaza
  138. Mbeki hails Zim farmers in SA
  139. Zim’s saving rates low
  140. Writer Munyuki in class of his own
  141. Editorial Comment: Thank you Madhuku for stating the obvious
  142. Coca-Cola launches ‘One Brand’ strategy
  143. Theatre in the Park on a roll
  144. Egypt: Egypt Court Hands Life Sentences to 25 Defendants
  145. Egypt: Journalist Covering Protests in Egypt Jailed for Two Years
  146. North Africa: Egypt Hosts North Africa's Regional Center for Disease Control
  147. North Africa: Egypt Takes Part in Vienna Conference On Libyan Crisis
  148. Libya: U.S., Allies 'Ready to Respond' to Libyan Arms Requests
  149. Africa: New Friends, New Risks As the Gambia Looks East
  150. Nigeria: Laws Give Conflicting Message On HIV and Homophobia
  151. Nigeria: Senate Bows to Public Pressure, Withdraws Anti-Social Media Bill
  152. Chad: Hissène Habré Verdict Set for May 30
  153. Nigeria: Radiologist Urges Govt to Subsidise Cancer Treatment
  154. Ethiopia: Former Minister of Justice Appointed as First Attorney General
  155. Kenya: No 'Silver Bullet' for Kenya's Security
  156. Uganda: Museveni Makes U-Turn On MP Tax Exemption
  157. Tanzania: Opposition Drops Speech Over 'Excessive' Censorship
  158. Uganda: Déjà vu for Africa - Bashir Goes in and Out of Uganda Unscathed
  159. Mozambique: How Can Mozambique Manage Its Debt Crisis?
  160. South Africa: Violence, Inc - Parliament in Chaos As 'Bouncers' Act Against EFF MPs
  161. Namibia: Diamond Agreement Worth N$67 Billion Signed
  162. Namibia: Health Ministry Gags Employees
  163. South Africa: John Kani Showcases Xhosa in Captain America - Civil War
  164. Zimbabwe: Cecil the Lion's Killing Generates Millions
  165. Malawi: IMF Approves Extended Credit Facility
  166. Mozambique: Exposing Govt's Secret Financial Deals
  167. South Africa’s Indian Finance Minister On The Verge Of Being Charged With Espionage?
  168. ANC To Present Plan To Remove Jacob “Baboon” Zuma From Presidency
  169. White Thug Cop Brutally Beats Teen For Riding Bike — Then Charge Her With Assault
  170. Besides Jailing Mandela, Four Other Egregious Crimes The CIA Committed In Africa
  171. Boom Time For Ethiopia
  172. South Africa: The British Army’s Secret Plan To Keep The ANC In Power
  173. Egypt: Cabinet Approves Draft Bill Governing Media and Press
  174. Algeria: Need to Review Health Charter, Create Health Districts
  175. Algeria: Serbian President On State Visit to Algeria On Monday
  176. Algeria: Sellal - Tripartite Meeting On 5 June to Examine New Economic Model
  177. Algeria: Lamamra Hails Political, Institutional Reforms in Mali As Part of Peace Agre
  178. Nigeria: Govt May Integrate Civilian Task Force Into Army, Police - Buhari
  179. Nigeria: Govt Debunks Rumour of Outbreak of Steven Johnson's Syndrome
  180. Nigeria: Chevron Evacuates Staff as Installations' Attackers Apprehended
  181. Nigeria: Foreign Reserves at Four Year Record Low
  182. Nigeria: France, Nigeria to Sign Defence Deal in Anti-Boko Haram Fight
  183. Comoros: UN Chief, AU Commission Welcome Partial Re-Run of Elections
  184. Kenya: Refugee Camp Closures - 'We've Been Crying Out but No One Heard'
  185. Uganda: Negotiate With Opposition Leaders Instead of Jailing Them - Mbabazi
  186. Uganda: Museveni Orders Investigation Into Besigye's Escape
  187. Uganda: Opposition Warns Museveni on Using Brutal Force
  188. South Africa: Uber Driver Partners to Be Licensed As Transport Operators
  189. Zimbabwe: Why Mnangagwa Candidacy Would Be Good for Opposition
  190. South Africa: Presidency Dismisses Finance Minister's 'Imminent Arrest' Report
  191. Malawi: A Dangerous Life If You're Gay - Malawi's Homophobic Legislation
  192. Africa: China to Take Over Tanzania-Zambia Railway in New Plan
  193. South Africa: Former Diplomat Admits CIA Involvement in Nelson Mandela Arrest
  194. Zambia: Election Campaign Begins Monday
  195. Zimbabwe: Equatorial Guinea Donates Food
  196. Govt to probe irregular mineral exports
  197. Multichoice places Africa’s story tellers on spotlight
  198. 200 artists showcase at Wild Geese Arts Festival
  199. Market shrugs off Abraaj’s interest in Barclays Africa
  200. High Court dismisses ZSE application
  201. Clash of the giants on Africa Day Eve
  202. CMED boss was ‘suffering from depression’
  203. Romeo Gasa loses equipment to thieves
  204. Govt appoints Hwange board
  205. ‘i’m not quitting’
  206. These Hindus In India Are Calling Donald Trump The ‘Lone Protector Of Mankind’
  207. Business Leaders Say Africa Still Rising
  208. These People Are Making A Political Statement By Not Voting In The 2016 Election
  209. How America’s CIA Got Nelson Mandela Arrested
  210. Nigeria: Main Opposition Party Chairman Sheriff Apologises to Jerry Gana, Others
  211. Egypt: Luxor Chosen As World Tourism Capital for 2016
  212. Tunisia: Farmers Suffering Wind Damage Winds Will Be Compensated - Minister
  213. Egypt: Egyptair Pilots End Strike After Reaching Agreement With Company - Sources
  214. Egypt: Conscript Killed, Police Officer Injured in Sinai's Arish - Interior Ministry
  215. Nigeria: Top Oil Players Linked to Ex-Petroleum Minister's Alleged U.S.$115 Million B
  216. West Africa: Buhari Seeks 916 Million Euros for Lake Chad Development
  217. Nigeria: Two Nigerians Clinch 2016 Brunei Poetry Prize
  218. Nigeria: Herdsmen Killings As Anti-Buhari
  219. Nigeria: NBC Loan - Ozekhome Says Mohammed's Request Illegal, Unlawful
  220. Tanzania: Yanga Crowned League Champions
  221. Kenya: Meet Records Tumble As Kenyans Shine in Shanghai
  222. Seychelles: Court Charges Iranian Sailors On Drug Offenses
  223. Rwanda: Blending Poetry With Pop Culture
  224. Africa: How Can Africa Become a Fully 'Powered' Continent?
  225. Zimbabwe: Joice Mujuru's Book to Expose Mugabe
  226. Zimbabwe: Cash Crisis As Bond Notes Trigger Panic Withdrawals
  227. South Africa: Small Business Driving SA Economy
  228. South Africa: Measures in Place to Ensure Economy's Resilience
  229. South Africa: Minister Hopeful Learning Will Resume in Vuwani
  230. Angola: Zaire - Analysis of Preliminary Draft of Port Authorities Regulation Recommen
  231. Zimbabwe: Legality of Bond Notes - a Comedy of Errors
  232. Zimbabwe: Bond Notes - Counting the Cost of a Bad Name
  233. MDC-T councillors get cold feet on Mushore
  234. Defence ministry partners SA mining firm
  235. Govt to tighten screws on ‘goods-in-transit’
  236. Hre International Airport set for major expansion
  237. No vote rigging in Zim, says Madhuku
  238. CHAOS AT RUFARO…DeMbare fans turn violent
  239. Dynamos set to appoint Munemo, Murape
  240. Border Strikers lose again
  241. Mighty Warriors fall to Banyana Banyana
  242. Editorial Comment – Compensation: Zim’s big sacrifice
  243. Egypt: Luxor Residents Set Fire, Hurl Stones At Police Cars
  244. Egypt: Egyptair Pilots Strike, Flights Delayed
  245. Nigeria: Herdsmen Behead Woman, Kill 30 in 3 Years
  246. Nigeria: International Summit On Boko Haram Underway
  247. Nigeria: No Timeframe to Ending Boko Haram, Says U.S Envoy
  248. Nigeria: France's Hollande Attends Nigeria's Boko Haram Summit
  249. Nigeria: Petrol Price Hike - Nigerians React, Adopt Self-Discipline
  250. Uganda: Opposition's Kizza Besigye Charged With Treason