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  1. Nigeria: Buhari Begins Vacation, Osinbajo is Acting President
  2. Ghana: Farmers, Nomadic Herdsmen Clash in Ghana
  3. Nigeria: Labour Movements Plan Nationwide Rally Against Electricity Tariffs
  4. Uganda: Press Crackdown Is Likely to Worsen
  5. Sudan: Displaced in Central Darfur Reject Dismantling of Camps
  6. Uganda: Sejusa Has Not Been Retired From Army Over Bad Conduct, Says Museveni
  7. East Africa: From University Student to CFO in 2 Years - Rwandan Finance Whiz Shares
  8. Somalia: Car Bomb Blast Targets Senior Nisa Officer in Mogadishu
  9. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Declares 'State of Disaster'
  10. South Africa: Govt to Amend Travel Rules
  11. Zimbabwe: Villagers Forced to Donate for Mugabe's Birthday Bash – Report
  12. Angola: Dos Santos Kleptocracy Is Out of Control
  13. South Africa: Three Miners Missing After Mpuma Mine Collapses
  14. Zimbabwe: Baby Elephant Africa Dies After Being Poisoned
  15. South Africa: Desperate and Divided - South Africa Has Had Enough
  16. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Declares 'State of Disaster' As 2.4 Million Face Hunger
  17. Govt steps up anti-graft fight
  18. Gushungo Dairy bombing saga: Suspect confesses
  19. ‘Don’t axe Pasuwa’
  20. WikiLeaks founder feels vindicated
  21. EDITORIAL COMMENT: The log in your eye Uncle Sam
  22. Social media not an issue: Kasukuwere
  23. Man with many talents
  24. Pre-season test for DeMbare
  25. ‘Can’t win in President’s lifetime’
  26. Domboshava’s day of shame
  27. With China’s Naval Base, Djibouti Could Become The Next Singapore
  28. South Africa: Indian Principal Calls Black Students ‘Monkeys With Shack Mentality’
  29. Senegal Discovers Massive Gas Reserve
  30. Black NYPD Officer Beaten Up By Other NYPD Officers Awarded $15 Million In Damages
  31. Namibia: A Segregated Country Where Old Nazi Ideology Persists
  32. Michigan Officials Quietly Gave Bottled Water To State Employees Months Before Flint
  33. New Claims Of Child Rape By French Soldiers In Central Africa
  34. Mali/Cote d'Ivoire: Bissouma Inspires Mali to CHAN Final
  35. Congo-Kinshasa/Guinea: Ibenge Hails Les Leopards' Fighting Spirit
  36. Africa: Cameron At Large - Want Not to Become a Terrorist? Speak Fluent English!
  37. Libya: UAE - Libyans Facing Unfair Trial
  38. Morocco: Thousands Face Needless Suffering At End of Life
  39. Egypt: Italian Foreign Ministry Calls for Joint Investigation Into Student's Death
  40. Egypt: Whose Cairo Is Featured in Al-Qahira Music Video?
  41. Nigeria: We're Using Minimum Force Against Boko Haram, Says Buhari
  42. Nigeria: Buhari to International Community - Help Us Out of Terrorism
  43. Nigeria: Buhari Scorecard - Presidency Accuses Group of 'False Propaganda'
  44. Nigeria: Govt Bars Bristow From Using Crashed Helicopter Model
  45. Nigeria: Authorities Suspend Use of Helicopter Type
  46. Tanzania: Women Brush Up On Law to Keep Control of Land
  47. Seychelles: Dicaprio Donates U.S.$1 Million to Combat Climate Change
  48. Uganda: Locally-Built Hybrid Car Planned
  49. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Faces Tough Choices Over Party Infighting
  50. South Africa: Shedding Light On Hidden Epidemic of Police Suicide
  51. South Africa: Opposition Refuses to Settle With 'Crook' Zuma
  52. Namibia: Namibia Seeks U.S. Funding Against Human Trafficking
  53. Zimbabwe: Govt to Tax Imported Food Commodities
  54. South Africa: Nkandla Parties Must Decide On Settlement - Concourt
  55. South Africa: Candidate for Mars Mission Faces Final Test
  56. South Africa: Time for an Education On White Privilege - Awake SA
  57. Phiri walks away from football
  58. Fifa candidates avoid real problems: Analysts
  59. Warriors in horror slump
  60. Use long spoon Zim, you are supping with the devil
  61. Africa take heed, Mugabe has spoken
  62. MPs must rise above partisan politics
  63. Editorial Comment – Typhoid: No lessons learnt from the past
  64. WHO warns against blood donations
  65. ‘Assange victim of detention’
  66. Whale stranded on British beach
  67. Asian Stone Tools Hint Humans Left Africa Earlier Than Thought?
  68. Uganda’s Kiira Motors Unveils ‘Africa’s First Solar Bus’
  69. Five Judges Ruled Kevin Cooper Innocent. California Wants To Execute Him Anyway
  70. Cop Kills Unarmed Man On His Job Over Traffic Fines, Then Gets Huge Promotion
  71. Kenya: Women's Empowerment Will Accelerate Economic Prosperity
  72. Tanzania: Govt to Drop Live TV Coverage of Parliament
  73. Africa: Should African Leaders Reconsider Drone Strikes?
  74. Africa: Chan 2016 - Mali and Guinea Through to the Semi-Finals
  75. Egypt: Talks Underway With Moscow for Return of Russian Flights - Minister
  76. Egypt: Sisi Says Ultras Ahlawy Can Form Panel Over Port Said Stadium Massacre
  77. Egypt: Egypt's Main Stock Index Climbs Up By 0.96 Pct
  78. Nigeria: Saraki Blames Self, Public Office Holders Since 1999 for Nigeria's Problems
  79. Nigeria: Why We're Not Hard On Boko Haram - Buhari
  80. Nigeria: Video - Nigeria Air Force Drone Destroys Boko Haram's Logistics Base
  81. Nigeria: Buhari Laments Mismanagement of Nigeria's Oil Wealth
  82. Somalia: One Killed in Mystery Plane Blast
  83. Burundi: 'Let Us Be Heard' - Refugees Tell Stories of Ethnic Targeting
  84. Uganda: Trafficked Into Sex Work, Women Stunned to Be Duped By Other Women
  85. Mauritius: Industrial Waste Assessment Project to Be Implemented
  86. Uganda: Gen David Sejusa Sent to Luzira Prison
  87. Africa: Banning Child and Forced Marriages Is Gaining Traction
  88. South Africa: Public Protector Meets Legal Team Over Zuma's Nkandla Proposal
  89. Angola: Rebel Leader Savimbi's Family Sue 'Call of Duty' Video Game Makers
  90. Zimbabwe: Top Court Scraps Defamation Law
  91. Zimbabwe: Rabbit Farming Now a Big Hit
  92. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Dairy Bomb Suspects Charged With Treason
  93. South Africa: I Will Not Resign - Suspended Police Chief
  94. Timba wins RFHL properties, assets case
  95. Net revenue collections fall 3pc
  96. Govt unveils bonus dates…Payments to run until May, says Chinamasa
  97. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Efforts to ease grain shortage laudable
  98. Spanish designer hails local talent
  99. Liberation war hero Mhandu buried
  100. Zuma seeks to pay back Nkandla upgrade cash
  101. ZIFA still mum on Pasuwa
  102. Court annuls 149 death sentences
  103. WB lauds service-based sectors growth
  104. Boys Born Into Poverty Face Higher Joblessness Than Girls – Study
  105. Africa’s Largest Oil Producers Are In Trouble
  106. Ten Things They Wont Tell You About The Flint Water Crisis – But I Will
  107. Ethiopian Orthodox Church In Seattle Set On Fire By Arsonists
  108. $100 Million Lawsuit Filed Over Flint Legionnaires’ Outbreak As FBI Joins Water Probe
  109. UN Committee Urges American Government To Pay Reparations For Slavery
  110. South Africa’s Last Apartheid Leader FW de Klerk Facing Criminal Charges?
  111. Tunisia: Widespread Abuses Under Drug Law
  112. Algeria: Revision of Constitution Enshrines Reforms Announced By President Bouteflika
  113. Egypt: Family of Disappeared Man Receives Corpse With Gunshot
  114. Egypt: PM Orders Giving Priority to Implementing Urgent, Strategic Ventures
  115. Egypt: Egypt's Mufti Condemns Damascus Terror Attack
  116. Nigeria: Abuja Seeks U.S. $3.5 Billion After Oil Price Plunges
  117. Sierra Leone: Abortion Debate Heats Up After President Acts on Bill
  118. Nigeria: Govt Ends Crude Oil Swap Deals
  119. Africa: What Next for Africa and Hague Court?
  120. Liberia: Entrepreneur Helps Nation Heal From War and Ebola Through Film
  121. Sudan: Rebels Claim Victory Over Govt. Forces in Blue Nile
  122. Uganda: Leading Museveni Critic Remanded to Prison Ahead of Polls
  123. Africa: Are African Heads of State Dropping the Ball in Burundi?
  124. Africa: Africa Urged to Be Vigilant Over Zika Virus
  125. South Africa: Zuma to 'Pay Back the Money'?
  126. Zimbabwe: Tables Turned On Top Prosecutor
  127. South Africa: Court Case 'Taxing' On Mos Def - Lawyer
  128. Zimbabwe: Bottled Water Is 'The New Gold' in Drought-Hit Harare
  129. Africa: Combating HIV Among Teens
  130. Zimbabwe: Opposition Slams Mugabe Over Threat to Quit UN
  131. South Africa: How to Reverse the Decline of Southern Ground Hornbills
  132. Botswana: Race for State House
  133. Tomana in court, gets $1 000 bail •. . . arraigned under heavy police guard •Criminal
  134. Police blasts social media abuse
  135. Politburo meets next Wednesday
  136. Suspected terrorists remanded in custody
  137. Form own party, G40 told
  138. Mhandu to be buried today
  139. Ezekiel Guti varsity’s law school stopped
  140. Illegal to withhold results from pupils, schools warned
  141. President presents Mbita publication to AU
  142. Casa Mia restaurant faces demolition
  143. Nigeria: Governors Have Become Emperors - Olusegun Obasanjo
  144. Nigeria: Lecturer Granted Bail Over Alleged Hate Speech
  145. Egypt: Court Postpones Top Auditor's Investigation for Third Time
  146. North Africa: Countries in Conflict Can Hold On to Science Expertise
  147. Libya: Kikwete Appointed AU Special Envoy to Libya
  148. Libya: Western Powers Make Plans to Hit Islamic State in Libya
  149. Morocco: Polisario Front Calls On Spain to Complete Decolonization Process in Western
  150. Nigeria: WHO Declares Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency As Nigeria Advises Travel
  151. Nigeria: Nigeria, Italy to Pledge to Strengthen Bilateral Relations
  152. Nigeria: Govt Attacks Jonathan Over Boko Haram Weapons Claim
  153. Nigeria: Anti-Terrorism Talks - President Buhari Leaves for France, Britain
  154. Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Accuses France of Helping Ouattara Topple Him By Force
  155. South Africa: Al-Bashir, Zuma Hug, Happily Shake Hands At AU Meeting
  156. Ethiopia: US Announces $97 Million in Additional Food Assistance for Ethiopia
  157. Ethiopia: Several People Die in Prison Attack
  158. Africa: AU Backs Kenyatta's Call to Withdraw From Rome Statute
  159. Uganda: Former Top Spy Held as Tensions Mount Ahead of Polls
  160. South Africa: Civil Service Pay - Govt Has Some Harsh Choices to Make
  161. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Photographer Plans 'Well Done Bob Concert'
  162. Lesotho: Nation Faces Rule of Law Crisis, Says Rights Group
  163. South Africa: Dear Teacher - Why Did You Make Me Fear Sex?
  164. South Africa: Research Focus Must Shift From Fossil Fuels to Renewables
  165. South Africa: Protesters Demand Atlantis School Be Made Safe
  166. South Africa: Eskom Slams Gupta Coal Report As Mischievous
  167. Politburo to tackle social media abuse
  168. USA’s anti-Zim agenda exposed…•Back off Zim affairs, says Govt •Bid to set Harare len
  169. ‘Rtd Brig-Gen Mhandu a dedicated cadre, unifier’
  170. Tongaat allays sugar shortage fears
  171. Don’t speak on behalf of First Family — War Vets
  172. More water cuts loom for city residents
  173. Adultery damages test case spills into Concourt
  174. One more typhoid case reported
  175. Managers, bank lock horns over job losses
  176. 13 000 arrested for stocktheft
  177. Six Basic Facts White Settlers In South Africa Must Know
  178. Nigeria: My Father Not Involved in October 1 Bombing - Charles Okah's Daughter
  179. Burundi: African Union Shelves Plan for Peacekeepers
  180. South Africa: World Rugby Sevens - Referee Ruffles South African Feathers in Wellingt
  181. Govt sets mid-year deadline for Vic Falls Airport commissioning
  182. VP Mnangagwa visits liberation stalwarts
  183. 12 000 boreholes run dry — Minister
  184. Sugar shortage looms as drought bites
  185. Toe the line or face the boot . . . President warns factionalists
  186. Govt installs CCTVs at Beitbridge Border Post
  187. Kanyakanye faces $300 000 tax liability
  188. High-flying warrior
  189. ‘President did not turn his back on Burundi’
  190. Serena motivated by defeat
  191. Mali/Tunisia: Mali Come Back to Oust Tunisia
  192. Egypt: World Bank Reveals Details On Egypt's U.S.$3 Billion Loan
  193. Egypt: Egyptian Boat Capsizes in Sudan, Dozen Fishermen Missing
  194. Egypt: Public Figures, Organisations Call for Release of Egyptian Writer Hesham Gaafa
  195. Egypt: Egyptian Doctors Threaten Partial Strike After Police 'Assault' On 2 Doctors
  196. Nigeria: Scores of Villagers Killed in Boko Haram Attack
  197. Nigeria: Scores Killed in Boko Haram Attack On Dalori Village, Borno
  198. Nigeria: Country's Judiciary Is My Main Headache in Corruption War - Buhari
  199. West Africa: Appeals for Reform of Drug Policies
  200. Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Borno Village
  201. Tanzania: Opposition to Boycott Zanzibar Election Re-Run
  202. Sudan: Air Force Bombs Villages in Blue Nile
  203. Ethiopia: UN Chief Calls for Help to Battle Drought
  204. Burundi: Govt Rejects African Union Plans to Deploy Peacekeepers
  205. Kenya: Uhuru Asks AU to Develop a Roadmap for Withdrawal From ICC
  206. Zimbabwe: I Will Rule Till God Says Come - Mugabe
  207. Africa: Africa Called to Implement Climate Change Agreement
  208. South Africa: Capetonians Can Now Be Jailed If Their Cars Smoke Too Much
  209. South Africa: Blitzboks Fall At Final Hurdle in Epic New Zealand Encounter
  210. Malawi: Army Worms Attack Maize Fields, Threatening Food Security
  211. Africa: Hunger in Southern Africa
  212. Mozambique: Nyusi Discusses Investments With Head of ADB
  213. South Africa: 33 People Being Treated for Meningitis in Mossel Bay - Health Dept
  214. Egypt: Egypt Thrashes Angola 25/15, Qualify for African Handball Final
  215. Egypt: Sisi Meets Kenyan, Somali Counterparts, VP of Burundi
  216. Algeria: African Handball Championship - Tunisia to Play Algeria At Semi-Final
  217. Tunisia: African Nations Championship - Tunisia to Organise 2020 Edition
  218. Tunisia: Chan 2016 - Quarter-Final Fixtures
  219. Nigeria: President Buhari's Southern Dilemma Heating Up
  220. Nigeria: Ikpeba, Rufai Predict Bright Future for Ikorodu United FC
  221. Cameroon: Cameroon Vs Cote d'Ivoire - What They Said
  222. Nigeria: Nema Confirms 4 Dead in Another Lagos Boat Mishap
  223. Nigeria: Benue Govt to Domesticate Public Procurement Act to Check Corruption
  224. Rwanda: The Changes Made to Rwanda's Constitution Are Peculiar. Here's Why
  225. Somalia: Bardere Court Chief Survives Assassination Bid
  226. Kenya: I Have New Ways to Win Presidency, Says Odinga
  227. Kenya: President Kenyatta Urges Boost of Amisom Mandate
  228. Angola: Land-Grabbing As a Path to Riches and Status
  229. Mozambique: Renamo Attacks Defence Forces - Report
  230. Zimbabwe: Maiming of Opposition Activists Evokes Memories
  231. South Africa: 'Thrilled' Cliff to Respond to Court Judgment After Winning Lawsuit
  232. Mozambique: Nyusi Attending African Union Summit
  233. South Africa: Double Win for Blitzboks in Wellington
  234. Mozambique: INSS/CR Aviation - Manuel Denies Receiving Seven Million
  235. Egypt: Egypt to Receive 2nd Batch of Rafale Jets From France Thursday
  236. Egypt: Sinai Province Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Deadly Arish Attack
  237. Libya: '2 Million Libyans Cannot Wait for Political Solution' to Conflict'
  238. Tunisia: Head of State Presented With Annual Report of Court of Auditors
  239. Libya: UN Envoy Strongly Condemns Abduction of Parliamentarian, Calls for His Immedia
  240. Cameroon: Pioneering Company Brings African Myths to Gaming
  241. Nigeria: Supreme Court Sacks Stella Oduah, Andy Uba From Senate
  242. Nigeria: Army Apprehends Wanted Boko Haram Kingpin in Sapele
  243. Nigeria: College Professor Appears in Court on Homosexuality Charges
  244. Nigeria: Obasanjo Has 'No Moral Ground'
  245. Kenya: Rigging of 2017 Elections Not Possible, Says Odinga
  246. Kenya: Govt Withdraws Church Regulations
  247. Sudan: Students Protest Against Jebel Marra Attacks
  248. Uganda: Army Boss Warns On Election Chaos
  249. Africa: Stillbirths Down By Quarter Since 2000
  250. Zimbabwe: Typhoid Hits Harare, As Water Crisis Fuels Fears of New Epidemics