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  1. Burundi: Bujumbura - We're Ready for Talks to End Conflict
  2. Tunisia: ICJ Calls On Tunisian Government to Adopt Key Legal and Policy Reforms to Co
  3. Burkina Faso: Security Forces Launch Assault to Retake Hotel From Militants
  4. Tunisia: LGBT Group Suspended
  5. Zambia/Egypt: Mayuka Signs for Zamalek
  6. Egypt: News Website Managing Editor Released After Security Forces Storm Headquarters
  7. Namibia: Messahel in Namibia for African Union Summit On Security Council Reform
  8. Algeria: EU to Present a New Version of Agricultural Agreement With Morocco
  9. Burkina Faso: Hope for an End to Military Meddling?
  10. Sierra Leone: Ebola Setback As Patient Dies After All-Clear
  11. Nigeria: Boko Haram Disguised As Vendors - Military
  12. Ghana: Law Maker Slams Mahama Over Guantanamo Prisoners
  13. Africa: Anglican Chiefs Exclude U.S. Church From Decisions for Three Years
  14. Ethiopia: Government Backs Down, but Will Protests End?
  15. Burundi: UN Reports Cases of Gang Rape, Mass Graves
  16. Somalia: Kenya Launches Air Strikes After Al Shabaab Attack
  17. Uganda: Museveni Shuns Election Debate
  18. Kenya: Heated Debate at the Hague Over Deputy President
  19. Mozambique: IMF Predicts Gigantic Growth Rate
  20. Mozambique: Opposition Leader 'Seizes' Six Provinces
  21. South Africa: Petition Launched to Reject WhatsApp Regulation
  22. Africa: Defend Gay Rights, Says Botswana's Mogae
  23. South Africa: Granny, 66, Gets Matric Certificate So She Can Start Crèche
  24. South Africa: Telescope Helps Spot Biggest Explosion in History
  25. South Africa: Economy Is On a Cliff Edge
  26. South Africa: #homosletstalk and the Kid Who Encouraged Hate Crimes
  27. Take advantage of weak rand, says, RBZ boss
  28. Samsung opens assembly plant
  29. New measures to fight food crisis
  30. Ebola resurfaces in Sierra Leone
  31. EDITORIAL COMMENT: VP Office break-ins, an attack on Zim
  32. Indonesia police kill IS militant
  33. ‘Let’s go for gold’
  34. Chiyangwa, land barons square off
  35. Chinese New Year celebrations start
  36. ‘Battle of Chefs’ Season 2 beckons
  37. No Secret That Egypt Want To Sabotage Ethiopia’s Nile Dam
  38. Zimbabwe: Nation's Pillars Must Be Safe From Barbarians
  39. Algeria: Installation of Algerian-Croatian Parliamentary Friendship Group
  40. Egypt: FM Holds Series of Meetings With Leaders of Bundestag
  41. Egypt: Nation to Host African Investment Forum in February
  42. Tunisia: New Evidence of Torture Five Years On From 'Jasmine Revolution'
  43. Egypt: Court to Hear Testimonies in Former Agriculture Minister Corruption Case
  44. West Africa: Ebola Is Over. But Public Health Challenge Remains
  45. West Africa: U.S. Court Boosts Child Slave Labour Case
  46. Nigeria: Patients Flee As Doctor of Lassa Fever Victims Dies
  47. Nigeria: Senate Accuses Presidency of Releasing Copies of Fake Budget
  48. Nigeria: Buhari Orders Fresh Probe of Chibok Girls' Abduction
  49. Africa: New Video-on-Demand Service Focuses on Local Content
  50. Kenya: Deputy President Planned Election Violence, Says Prosecutor
  51. Rwanda: Smartphone App Connects Riders With Motorbike Taxis
  52. Uganda: Swine Fever Breaks Out in Kampala
  53. Ethiopia: 'Eating Banana With Its Cover' - Misconceptions About Condoms
  54. Zambia: El Niño Pushes Farmers to Question Maize Habit
  55. Zimbabwe: President Mugabe Well and Fine - Report
  56. South Africa: Why Tentative Moves Toward Restorative Justice Need Support
  57. South Africa: How Red Meat Has Become Leaner Over the Last Four Decades
  58. Malawi: Harmful Cultural Practices Resurface and Threaten HIV Response
  59. South Africa: Student Leaders Walk Out of Meeting With Nzimande
  60. South Africa: Rastafarians Protest Against Police Brutality
  61. South Africa: Philippi Ward Beset By Internal Politics
  62. Celine Dion’s husband René Angélil dies at 73 after long battle with cancer
  63. Foreign firms in reserved sectors to pay levy
  64. Crack team to probe Mnangagwa break-in
  65. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Nation’s pillars must be safe from barbarians
  66. E-cigarettes vapour affects driving
  67. 40 000 dormant civil cases clog High Court
  68. French envoy hails President
  69. Bob Nyabinde goes to Bar Rouge
  70. Ebola outbreak officially over
  71. Rumble in the jungle
  72. This 63-Year-Old Senate Worker Is Actually Homeless
  73. Police Brutality And Black Self-Defense
  74. Why Starting An E-Commerce Business In 2016 Is A Great Idea
  75. 2016: This Is Your Year – The Gantt Report
  76. Nigeria: Govt Earmarks N140 Million to Fight Lassa Fever
  77. Nigeria: Oil Board Wins Reuters Award Over U.S.$1.2 Billion Financing Deal
  78. Algeria: Poor Chances for Algerian Asylum Seekers
  79. Africa: African leaders Expected in Sharm el Sheikh Next Month for High-Level Investm
  80. Libya: Senior UN Relief Official Condemns Attacks On Benghazi Power Plant
  81. Algeria: Constitutional Revision - 'Decriminalization of Press Offenses, Major Breakt
  82. Libya: Colloquium On Peace Initiatives in Mali-Libya - Algeria's 'Positive Neutrality
  83. Nigeria: Nation Faces Major Challenge to Vaccinating Children
  84. Cameroon: Mosque Suicide Attack Kills 12
  85. Nigeria: Govt Approves U.S.$200 Million Loan for Lagos
  86. Nigeria: UK Military Team for Nigeria Confirmed
  87. Nigeria: 'Missing' 2016 Budget Documents - Senators to Begin Debate Without Budget Co
  88. Africa: Change of Direction for African Union?
  89. Ethiopia: Addis Plan Scrapped After Protests
  90. Kenya: Confusion Mars Oil Riches Dream This Year
  91. Burundi: Journalists Keep the News Flowing
  92. East Africa: Bid to Stop Nkurunziza Leading Region
  93. Zimbabwe: V-P Reports Fourth Break-in At His Office
  94. Lesotho: Desperate Judge Fights for Survival
  95. South Africa: WhatsApp Facing Regulation?
  96. Zimbabwe: Tweeps Revive Annual Mugabe Health Rumour
  97. Namibia: Towns to Run Out of Water by September
  98. South Africa: Famers Arrested Over Deaths of Alleged Attackers
  99. South Africa: Poor Face Rising Food Prices As Drought Intensifies
  100. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Succession Wars - Minister Finds Live Bullet in His Hotel Room
  101. Govt calls for media unity
  102. Sixth break-in at Mnangagwa’s office
  103. Medical report worries Kereke
  104. Lonrho exits agric unit
  105. Two Burundi defectors killed
  106. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Banks must adapt to technology or die
  107. Fans gear for ‘Ignition Concert’
  108. Iran releases US sailors
  109. Pasuwa’s sleek car
  110. President well, fine
  111. Barack Obama Just Can’t Stop Talking Down To Africa
  112. Why South Africa Should Do Away With Mandela’s Economic Deals
  113. What Is Holding Ethiopia Back?
  114. Egypt: New Parliament Dubbed 'Rubber Stamp' But Some Are Hopeful
  115. Egypt: Women's Groups Put Forward 5 Draft Laws for New Parliament's Agenda
  116. Africa: Zinedine Zidane Named Real Madrid Coach
  117. Egypt: House of Representatives Names Law Professor Ali Abdel Aal As Speaker
  118. Egypt: Parliament Should Fix Abusive Laws, Says Rights Group
  119. Nigeria: 2016 Budget Documents Stolen From National Assembly
  120. Africa: What (Else) to Expect in Africa in 2016?
  121. Nigeria: Court Rejects Govt's Application to Freeze MTN's Accounts
  122. Nigeria: 'Shocked' Ribadu Denies Receiving Money From Dasuki
  123. Africa: It's Not Game Over for Netflix
  124. Sudan: Rebels to Join Darfur Negotiation Rounds
  125. Burundi: Torture Rife in Burundi, Opposition Claims
  126. Africa: Why Millions Chose Africa As Their Safari Destination
  127. Sudan: Govt Forces 'Kill Six in Nuba Mountains'
  128. Angola: The War On Social Media and the Trial of Activists
  129. Botswana: Drought Triggers Clash Over Fishing
  130. South Africa: Court Battle Over Mining Rights Heats Up
  131. Zimbabwe: El Nino and Drought Take a Toll On Cattle
  132. South Africa: U.S.-SA Agoa Wrangle Continues
  133. Zanu-PF readies for 21st February festivities
  134. Getbucks targets working man
  135. Inside Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa’s affair
  136. Zim working on diamond bourse• Consultants hired to spearhead project • Plans to beco
  137. Shame on you
  138. Roadblocks to stay: Govt
  139. 10 killed as IS strikes in Istanbul
  140. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Non-essential imports bad for economy
  141. Libya foils IS attack on oil terminal
  142. Right-wing Germans protest over migrants
  143. The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You Buy
  144. 7 Ways To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck
  145. 11 Year-Old College Freshman Carson Huey-You Is Studying Quantum Physics
  146. We Have Enough “Evidence” To Convict Kenya’s Deputy President Says Discredited ICC
  147. Hitler’s Book “Mein Kampf” Sold Out Immediately After Going On Sale In Germany
  148. Chicago Cops Frantically Fight To Destroy Torture Records Before Homan Square Investi
  149. Having Cash While Black — Rapper Attacked By Police After He Withdrew $200K To Buy Ca
  150. Nigeria: Nigerian Banks At Risk Over Oil Price Decline - Lagarde
  151. Angola: President Appoints New Government Officials
  152. Messi wins fifth Ballon d’Or
  153. Masike nominated for Kora Awards
  154. Rare diseases pose new threats
  155. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zim should stand together in prayer
  156. Pasuwa’s big CHAN secret
  157. Ministries, parastatals face tenders audit
  158. Top courts mull ban on junior lawyers
  159. Kereke rape trial opens
  160. Power projects on course: Undenge
  161. Kenyan university reopens
  162. Algeria: Algerian-British Economic Forum in May in Algiers
  163. Algeria: List of Upper House's Members Appointed By President Bouteflika
  164. Tunisia: 3.9-Magnitude Earth Tremor Recorded in Beni Khiar
  165. East Africa: Is Al-Jazeera More Concerned About GERD Than Egypt, Sudan?
  166. Egypt: Justice Ministry Response On U.S. State Department Comments On Human Trafficki
  167. Africa: A New Political Era Dawns for Africa
  168. Nigeria: Switzerland to Transfer Another U.S.$300 Million Abacha Loot to Nigeria - Mi
  169. Nigeria: Army Panel Praises Captain Who Exposed Ekiti Rigging Video
  170. Nigeria: Indian National Arrives Lagos On Bicycle
  171. Ghana: British Murder Suspect Arrested While Eating a Coconut
  172. Mauritius: Waiting On a Second Economic Miracle
  173. Burundi: Regional Ministers to Discuss Peace Talks Impasse
  174. Kenya: Kenyatta Gets New Power in Choosing Chief Justice
  175. Tanzania: Pollution, Low Water Levels Threaten Lake Tanganyika
  176. South Africa: Pistorius Appeals to Constitutional Court
  177. Angola: New Law Enables Indefinite Detention of Dissenters
  178. South Africa: Instagram Bans Post of Rape Survivor's Live-Blog
  179. Zimbabwe: VP Mnangagwa Now Acting President
  180. South Africa: Woman Killed and Eaten By Lion
  181. Most Americans Are One Paycheck Away From Being Homeless
  182. What Is Eritrea Getting From Saudi Arabia For Backing The War In Yemen
  183. Canada Denies Refuge To American Man Fleeing Police Brutality And State Terrorism
  184. Are Liberal Democracy And Competitive Politics Obstacles To Transformative Growth In
  185. Nigeria: Military Denies Report of Soldiers On Hunger Strike
  186. Nigeria: Should Abuja Join Saudi Arabia's Military Alliance?
  187. Nigeria: SSS Detains Faleke, Abubakar Audu's Son - Aide
  188. East Africa: Malawi, Tanzania in New Dispute Over Lake Border
  189. Zimbabwe: Realtime Disease Tracking System Long Overdue
  190. Botswana: Heat Wave Claims Three Lives
  191. Zimbabwe: Stop the Barbaric Arrests of Scribes
  192. Zimbabwe: Stepdad Gets 30 Years for Rape
  193. Govere abused NSSA funds — Audit
  194. EDITORIAL COMMENT: The case for acceptable power tariff
  195. Traditional music conquers time
  196. Farm row spills into Supreme Court
  197. Madagascan president’s party wins senate vote
  198. GMB gets nod to import 230 000t
  199. US sends B52 bomber over South Korea
  200. ZIFA eye Pasuwa deal
  201. 16 death row inmates challenge law
  202. Musicians should not be exploited
  203. Egypt: Parliament Reconvenes
  204. Africa: Hope As African Leaders Reduce Terms
  205. Nigeria: Alarm Over Suspected Cases of Lassa Fever
  206. Nigeria: Named in Dasukigate, Ex-Anambra Gov Jim Nwobodo Dumps PDP for APC
  207. Nigeria: Former Lawmaker, Sacked From Senate, Defects to APC Before Fresh Poll
  208. Nigeria: Dasukigate - Accord Party Admits Ex-Gov Ladoja Received N100 Million From An
  209. Ethiopia: Crackdown On Dissent Takes Deadly Toll
  210. Tanzania: Zanzibar Plans Election Rerun
  211. Burundi: Uganda in Spotlight As Peace Talks Fail to Take Off
  212. South Sudan: Finally, South Sudan to Form Interim Govt
  213. Zimbabwe: Govt Embassies Abroad Face Closure
  214. South Africa: Jailed King 'In Good Spirits' In Hospital
  215. Zimbabwe: Mujuru 'Grand' Strategy Revealed
  216. Zimbabwe: AMH Trio Arrested, Detained Overnight
  217. Zimbabwe: Govt Sharpens Spying Tools
  218. Zimbabwe: Indigenisation Discord Ruinous
  219. Zimbabwe: Malawi Cops Intercept UK-Bound Marijuana Wrapped As Cakes From Harare
  220. Zimbabwe: Chitungwiza Violence Juveniles Freed, Lads Among More Than 30 Granted U.S.$
  221. This Good Saudi Muslim Is Selling His “Castrated African Slave” On Facebook
  222. Libya: UN Condemns Attack on Security Training Centre
  223. Egypt: Security Forces Kill 14 in Sinai
  224. Mali: Missionary Abducted for Second Time in Timbuktu
  225. Chad: UN Gives Aid to Boko Haram Refugees
  226. South Sudan: Rebels Welcome New Coalition Govt
  227. East Africa: Region to Roll Out Faster Internet Speeds
  228. South Sudan: Violence Breaks Out in New Area
  229. Tanzania: Post-Election Stalemate Damages Zanzibar
  230. Uganda: Editors Arrested for Refusing to Reveal a Source
  231. South Africa: Governing Party Celebrates 104 Years Amid Growing Disaffection
  232. Malawi: Gay Fears Murder If Deported to Malawi From UK
  233. South Africa: Jailed King in Hospital
  234. Angola: Don't Look, Don't Point! the Savagery of an Encounter With the Police
  235. South Africa: Racists Live in the Past - Zuma
  236. South Africa: Accused Premier's Fate to Be Discussed
  237. South Sudan: Sudanese People's Liberation Movement Resolves Conflict
  238. South Africa: Idols Judge Fired Over Race Row
  239. Algeria: Two Algerian Windsurfers to Compete in 2016 African 470 Championships
  240. Nigeria: Lagos Marathon - Deborah Pam Shakes Off Injury for Fresh Challenge
  241. South Africa: From Headboy to Provincial ANC Head Honcho - Who Is Marius Fransman?
  242. South Africa: Sexual Harassment Laid Against ANC Member
  243. Algeria: New Constitution Enshrines Principles of Democracy, Foundations of New Polit
  244. Algeria: EU Called to Strengthen Its Partnership With Algeria, Region's Key Player
  245. South Africa: Presidency Rejects Malicious Gossip Report By Mail & Guardian
  246. Tunisia: President Beji Caid Essebsi and Morjane Talk
  247. Nigeria: Who Is Femi Fani-Kayode?
  248. Nigeria: U.S.$2.1 Billion Arms Probe - Buhari Won't Interfere in Jafaru's Case - Pre
  249. Nigeria: Buhari's Ally Arrested in Arms Deal Scandal
  250. Nigeria: Why EFCC Arrested Lawal Jafaru Isa