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  1. Tanzania: Extinction Threatens Hadzabe People
  2. Kenya: Doctors Successfully Remove Knife From Wajir Woman's Cheek
  3. South Sudan: Govt and Rebels Reach Agreement On Transitional Government
  4. Kenya: Hydropower Dams Fuel Malaria Risk for Villagers
  5. Uganda: All Eight Candidates Set for Presidential Debate
  6. Angola: United Nations Calls for the Release of Marcos Mavungo
  7. Zimbabwe: Country Braces for Bleak 2016
  8. Botswana: Behind the Scenes - A Look at Research in Botswana
  9. South Africa: Case Opened Against Senior ANC Leader
  10. South Africa: Black Teen Told to Get Out of Pool 'Out of Respect for Other People'
  11. Mozambique: Storm Displaces Families in Lichinga
  12. Angst as ‘Mein Kampf’ reprints hit bookstores
  13. Young hotelier inspires youths
  14. Libya truck bomb kills 60
  15. Zanu-PF urges Midlands to resolve squabbles
  16. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Realtime disease tracking system long overdue
  17. The Other Side – Zimbabwe: New Year, Old Thinking
  18. Touts, vendors parade coffin in Chitungwiza
  19. Asiagate saga ends
  20. The Interview – Indigenisation: ‘Take cue from President Mugabe’
  21. Black teen ordered out of pool
  22. Saudi Arabia Still Bans Blacks From Holding Government Positions
  23. College Sports Exploits Unpaid Black Athletes. But They Could Force Change
  24. Maine Governor Sorry For Remark About YOU “Drug Dealers” Impregnating Young White Gir
  25. Online Racism Sparks Outrage, Legal Action In South Africa
  26. South Africa’s Last Apartheid President F.W. de Klerk Takes Heat
  27. Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive For Libya Invasion
  28. Libya: 'Libya Cannot Afford to Remain Divided,' Says UN Envoy, Deploring Latest Deadl
  29. Nigeria/Gabon: 2015 Glo-CAF Awards - Aubameyang Wins Footballer of the Year Award
  30. Sierra Leone: How a Project With Good Aims Delivered Bitter Outcomes
  31. Ghana: Outrage Over Guantanamo Detainees
  32. Nigeria: Nine Things You Probably Did Not Know About Nigeria
  33. South Africa: I Was Jailed for Filming a Police Assault
  34. South Africa: When Will We Stop Dehumanising, Othering and Abusing the Black Body?
  35. Tunisia: Cabinet Reshuffle - New Line-Up of Essid's Government
  36. Libya: ISIL Attacks Highlight Need for Implementation of Peace Accord, Says UN Envoy
  37. Algeria: Algeria - Economic Growth Expected to Rise in 2016, 2017
  38. Tunisia: PM Announces Cabinet Reshuffle
  39. Algeria: Closing of National Holy Quran Week - President Bouteflika's Message Adopted
  40. Nigeria: U.S. Donates 24 Armoured Personnel Carriers to Nigeria
  41. Nigeria: New Electricity Tariff Coming in February
  42. Nigeria: Dasukigate - Court Grants Bail to Ex-Ruling Party Chairman Bello, Son
  43. Gambia: Women Working for Govt Ordered to Wear Headscarves
  44. Nigeria: Statement By IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde At the Conclusion of a
  45. Africa: Nairobi Trade Talks Made History - Kenya Foreign Minister
  46. Tanzania: New PM Threatens to Sack Doctors for Illegal Abortions
  47. Kenya: Jitters Over Athletics Doping Report
  48. Ethiopia: Arrest of Respected Politician Escalating Crisis
  49. Uganda: An America More Like Uganda - A Better Place!
  50. South Africa: Woman Recounts Alleged Rape On Instagram
  51. South Africa: South Africa, U.S. Resolve Outstanding Agoa Issues
  52. Zimbabwe: Newsday Deputy Editor, Reporter Arrested Over Bonus Story
  53. South Africa: Universities May Not Be Ready for the Latest Crop of School Leavers
  54. Malawi: Prophet Bushiri Acquires Third Jet
  55. Zimbabwe: Civil Servants Fail to Pin Government On Bonus Dates, Only January Salary C
  56. Malawi: Leprosy Hits Seven Districts
  57. Zimbabwe: Sulu Gains Ground With 'Macamarada'
  58. Quartet caught trekking rhino in Matobo . . .MP, Cllr nabbed over poaching
  59. NewsDay editor, reporter arrested
  60. Rooney scare
  61. Govt moots Plan B for drought
  62. DPRK stands on the side of justice
  63. MP Chihota’s property under the hammer
  64. Zimasco applies for judicial management
  65. Story behind Bhonzo’s fall from grace
  66. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Govt, workers must maintain dialogue
  67. Of Annus horribilis and inveterate opportunism
  68. Nigeria: How Nigeria Can Get Out of Economic Crisis - IMF Boss
  69. Algeria: Reserve Currency Shrinks to U.S. $152.7 Billion By End September 2015
  70. Algeria: Ouyahia - Postponement of Revision of Constitution Allowed Consulting All Pa
  71. Algeria: 2016 Will Be Year of Local Development, Says Bedoui
  72. Algeria: Ouyahia - Algeria Has Potential to Overcome Crisis in Five Years
  73. Algeria: Draft Revision of Constitution Widely Taken Up By National Press
  74. Cote d'Ivoire: Prime Minister and Government Resign
  75. Nigeria: We'll Arrest More Influential Nigerians Soon - Anti-Corruption Boss
  76. Nigeria: IMF Chief Wants Nigeria's Forex Restriction to Be Temporary
  77. Nigeria: IMF Chief's Prescription for Nigeria's Economy
  78. Cameroon: Boko Haram Arrests Worsen Cameroon Prison Conditions
  79. Uganda: Police Block Besigye, Fire Teargas and Live Bullets to Disperse Supporters
  80. Uganda: 2016 Elections - Same Same but Different?
  81. Eritrea: Questions No One Asks About Eritrea
  82. Kenya: Court Declines to Suspend Law Giving President Appointment Power
  83. Uganda: Back On Track, Railways Signal Better Days Ahead
  84. Zambia: We're Not Afraid of 50+1 Vote - Ruling Party
  85. Mozambique: Opposition Leader Boasts That Party 'Will Govern' in March
  86. South Africa: Hashim Amla Quits As Test Cricket Captain
  87. South Africa: 'More to Agoa Dispute Than Meets the Eye'
  88. South Africa: Zuma a 'No-Show' At Marikana
  89. South Africa: What a Sheep Eats Affects the Taste of Your Lamb Roast
  90. Africa: What Final Exam Results Reveal About South Africa's School System
  91. South Africa: Twitter Death Threats Can Lead to Criminal Investigations - Police
  92. TV licence fees to be scrapped
  93. Maridadi fined $300
  94. Road dualisation project gathers pace
  95. Editorial Comment: Maize price hike must be contained
  96. Good times roll
  97. Zim, China city ink investment deal
  98. Govt awards Sakunda 200MW tender
  99. ‘Rapid Results Action Plan: Major boost for economy’
  100. Kirsty Coventry gets international recognition
  101. Albert Nyathi’s multi-lingual gender fight
  102. Nigeria: Davido, Baby Mama's Quarrel Gets Messier
  103. Nigeria: What Buhari told IMF Chief, Lagarde - Presidency
  104. Algeria: Two-Term Limit for Presidents, a Provision Excluded From Any Future Revision
  105. Egypt: Egypt Detains Two Journalists, Sentences Another Already Detained
  106. Ethiopia: Nile Is Not Only Source of Life but Also Source of Cooperation
  107. Algeria: Role of Parliamentary Opposition Reinforced in Draft Revision of Constitutio
  108. Nigeria: Soldiers Raped Our Members Before Killing Them - Shiite Women
  109. Nigeria: IMF to Buhari - Make Your Economic Policies Flexible
  110. Nigeria: Lagarde Urges Nigeria to Diversify Its Economy Away From Oil
  111. Nigeria: Boko Haram Not 'Defeated' but Buhari Strategy Is Working
  112. Africa: How Drones Help Keep the Peace
  113. Burundi: Government Refuses to Join Peace Talks
  114. Africa: Smart Africa Secretariat to Open in Kigali
  115. Burundi: Shells and Shots Instead of Peace Talks in Burundi
  116. Rwanda: Rwandan President Hits Back At U.S. Over Extending His Rule
  117. South Africa: 2015 Matric Exams Were Tougher Than Previous Years
  118. Namibia: Angula Gets New Top High Court Post
  119. Namibia: Airport Tender to Be Advertised
  120. Zimbabwe: Govt Pays Civil Servants, Convenes Indaba
  121. South Africa: 2015 Matric Pass Rate Drops
  122. South Africa: Govt Denies Arrest of Diplomat in Norway
  123. South Africa: Gauteng Braces for Record-Breaking Heatwave
  124. South Africa: Country's Developing Solar Energy Landscape
  125. Violence erupts in Chitungwiza
  126. Govt pays civil servants, convenes indaba
  127. NSSA audit unearths shady property deals
  128. Warriors step up act
  129. Macheso’s new songs thrill fans
  130. Indigenisation framework attracts investors — experts
  131. EDITORIAL COMMENT: New indigenisation framework progressive
  132. CZI optimistic about economic transformation
  133. Zim, Afghanistan in decider
  134. Tehn Diamond in fresh start
  135. TREASON: How Netanyahu Bribed Republican Congressmen To Vote Against Iran Nuclear Dea
  136. T.D. Jakes Comes Out For ‘Gay Rights’ And ‘LGBT Churches’
  137. Epidemic: Black Men Killed By American Cops At Highest Rate
  138. The Sudden Fall Of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
  139. White And Republican — Welcome To Owsley County, Kentucky, The Food Stamp Capital Of
  140. Western Sahara: Health Deterioration of Saharawi Political Prisoner Mohamed Bambari
  141. CAAZ set to lose fire engines
  142. Butcher faces sodomy charge
  143. Drunken soldier fondles woman
  144. Multiple fractures land ‘callous’ Epworth stepmom in the dock
  145. President promotes AFZ female officer
  146. What makes people love their country?
  147. Three arrested in slaying of Mexico mayor
  148. SA maize prices scale new peaks
  149. How compromises, mistakes made in Mandela era hobbled SA’s economy
  150. Sunshine Boys get down to business
  151. Tunisia: Mohamed Bouazizi - Was the Arab Spring Worth Dying For?
  152. Africa: Terrorism Was Biggest Concern in Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia - Poll
  153. Morocco: Abdul Rahman Alhaj Ali Still Pending Extradition More Than One Year After Hi
  154. Egypt: Journalist Ahmed Naje Acquitted of Charges of 'Offending Public Decency'
  155. Egypt: 26 Takfiri Elements Killed in Security Campaign in Central Sinai
  156. Nigeria: #BringBackOurGirls Movement Fumes Over Boko Haram Defeat Claim
  157. Africa: Young Mums Sidelined Over Child Nutrition
  158. Nigeria: Sex Workers in Delta Attack Customers Over Unpaid Bills
  159. Nigeria: Super Eagles Squad for Afcon Named
  160. Nigeria: Fire Guts Yola Market
  161. Burundi: What Next for the Peace Process?
  162. Ethiopia: Nation in 'Strong Position' to End Aids By 2030
  163. Kenya: Defiant Kenyan University Reopens After Terror Attack
  164. Rwanda: Brains Behind Rwanda's First Drones
  165. Ethiopia: Ethiopia Uses Technology to Tackle Misinvoicing
  166. South Africa: Rights Commission to Probe Racist Social Media Comments
  167. Mozambique: Suspected Kidnapping Kingpin Arrested
  168. South Africa: Beyonce Not Worthy of Playing Sarah Baartman - Chief
  169. Africa: First Children's TB Drug Hits Market
  170. Zambia: Presidential Election Date Set
  171. Angola: President Dos Santos Wants Dictatorial Control of the Net
  172. South Africa: Govt Prepares for Agoa Trade Suspension
  173. Malawi: 'Snake' Pastor Hoax - Police in Running Battles With Mob
  174. Good Move: Senegalese President Slashes His Term In Office By Two Years
  175. Somalia Undergoing A Housing Boom As Mogadishu Emerges From The Ashes Of War
  176. If They Were Black They Would Be Dead By Now: Racial Double Standard And The Oregon T
  177. Africa: 10 Things To Watch In Africa In 2016
  178. Nigeria: Exclusive - Buhari Puts More Cash Into War Against Corruption - See How Anti
  179. South Africa: Drought - Farmer Commits Suicide a Day Before Rain Falls
  180. Kenya: Hague Court Returns From Winter Recess
  181. East Africa: What Would Nyerere Do About Burundi?
  182. Somalia: Restaurant Hit By Deadly Suicide Attack
  183. Nigeria: Tension in Ile-Ife Over Selection of Second-in-Command to Ooni
  184. Uganda: Violence Looms in Election Campaigns
  185. Nigeria: Davido VS Baby-Mama Drama - Davido Apologises to Dele Momodu
  186. Africa: Somali Militants Use Donald Trump to Whip Up Support
  187. Africa: Africa's Election Year - a Long Way to Democracy?
  188. Africa: What Obama Still Owes Africa (a Visit to Nigeria for One Thing)
  189. Angola: Excitement and Devotion Mark National Team's First Training Session
  190. Libya: UN Envoy Holds New Year Talks to Boost Support for Unity Accord
  191. Kenya: Bill to Allow Candidates to Appeal Cancelled Results
  192. Zimbabwe: Govt Waters Down Controversial Indigenisation Law
  193. Malawi: Gay Man Comes Out - 'Either Kill Gays or Give Us Rights'
  194. South Africa: No Bail for Man Who Beat Girl to Death for Wetting Herself - ANCWL
  195. South Africa: Plans to Upset Abathembu Household Hatched 'Even in Brothels' - Family
  196. South Africa: Many Schools Discourage Pupils to Write Matric Exams - Equal Education
  197. South Africa: Yelland Raises Concern As Medupi Boss Quits
  198. South Africa: Eight People Have Drowned Since New Year's Day
  199. South Africa: Thieves Steal Money From State Security Agency Safe
  200. 2 Jewish extremists charged with arson
  201. Denver seeks fresh start
  202. Home-seeker loses car in botched stands deal
  203. Ex-PM in early CAR lead
  204. One-man demo pastor freed
  205. Govt to float infrastructure bond
  206. 2015: Forgettable year for ZSE
  207. Teen convicted of selling mbanje
  208. Blessing Shumba rules the roost
  209. Xmas party feud lands man in court
  210. #OregonUnderAttack: People Slam Lack Of Govt Action And Media Blackout After Bundy’s
  211. Hundreds Of Armed Right-Wing Terrorists Take Over Federal Building In Oregon
  212. Nothing Matters – The Gantt Report
  213. Egypt: At Least 15 Dead in 'Overloaded' Ferryboat Sinking
  214. Nigeria: Buhari - I Will Rescue Chibok Girls
  215. Nigeria: 'Tallest' Jesus Statue in Africa Unveiled
  216. Nigeria: Presidency - Buhari Has Not Banned Hijab
  217. Nigeria: No Ban On Hijab, Presidency Clarifies
  218. Africa: Bishop Ukwuoma Unveils Tallest Jesus Statue in Africa
  219. Burundi: Protest Could Delay a Return to Peace Talks
  220. Sudan: Rwandan General's Darfur Posting Called 'Dubious'
  221. Somalia: Deadly Suicide Blast At Popular Mogadishu Restaurant
  222. Kenya: Millions Need Food Aid, UN Agency Warns
  223. Sudan: Children Burn in Third Day of Darfur Attacks
  224. Zimbabwe: 35 Years in Jail for Zim Rhino Poacher
  225. South Africa: Cricketers On the Back Foot
  226. South Africa: England Edge Ahead in Cape Town
  227. State Terrorism And Police Brutality Forcing This American To Seek Asylum In Canada
  228. Eritrea: The Red Sea Is Slipping Into Total Arab Control
  229. Somalia No Longer A Failed State
  230. White Supremacy Gone Wild: Nigerian Businessman Builds ‘Biggest’ Statue Of Jesus In A
  231. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Author Of The Isis Papers, Dead At 80
  232. Rwanda: Kagame's New Year Message
  233. North Africa: Record Number of Migrants Die at Sea
  234. Egypt: At Least 13 Dead in Ferryboat Sinking
  235. Nigeria: Appeal Court Rules on Taraba and Abia State Governors
  236. Nigeria: Presidency Denies Plan to Ban Hijab
  237. Liberia: UN Probes Beating of Boy
  238. Sudan: Govt Assault on Darfur Villages Continues
  239. Burundi: Sanctions Threat Sparks Controversy
  240. Rwanda: Kagame Confirms He Will Run for Third Term
  241. Rwanda: President to Run for Third Term in Office
  242. South Africa: King's Imprisonment Causes Royal Ruckus
  243. Zimbabwe: Protesting Pastor Speaks After Release
  244. Kenya: From Cattle Raiders to Heavy Rains - Displaced Families Under Threat
  245. Tunisia: Tunisia World's Fourth Cheapest Country to Live In - Analysis
  246. Algeria: 4G Wireless in Algeria - Invitation to Tender Authorized By Council of Minis
  247. Algeria: Biometric National Identity Card Issued From January
  248. Algeria: Messahel Hands Over Message From President Bouteflika to Burkina Faso Counte
  249. Tunisia: TAP Publishes Book on Its 55th Anniversary
  250. Africa: 10 Things to Watch in Africa in 2016