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  1. Kenya: The Refugee Camp That Became a City
  2. Ethiopia: Muslims Jailed for Seven Years
  3. Kenya: High Debt Levels Necessary for Infrastructure Spend - Central Bank
  4. South Africa: Police Need More Than Social Media Savvy to Polish Their Image
  5. South Africa: Inequality - Bs and the Battle Against Buffaloes and the Bahamas
  6. South Africa: Proposed Eskom Hike 'Sinful'
  7. Zimbabwe: Food Crisis - Zim Says Open to International Help
  8. Zimbabwe: Man Tells Court Marijuana Relieves Economic Stress
  9. Africa: 14 Million People Face Hunger in Southern Africa
  10. South Africa: President's Speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos
  11. South Africa: King Dalindyebo Still Receiving R1.1 Million Salary
  12. 2016 Ignition Concert on tonight
  13. ‘Let’s have transparency in diamond sector’
  14. Fifa back zifa
  15. Zim can register faster growth: WB
  16. Sulu to stage first show at revamped Spillway
  17. Second Ebola case recorded in Sierra Leone
  18. Vitori reported for suspected action
  19. Editorial Comment: Let’s all walk the talk on child marriages
  20. Chief Negomo impersonator swindles home-seekers
  21. Merkel unyielding in face of growing revolt over refugees
  22. Poverty Rates Decline Across Africa — Report
  23. 263 Years In Prison For Serial Rapist Cop Who Targeted Black Women
  24. 8 Extraordinary Things Happening In The World, That Most People Haven’t Noticed
  25. On Whites, Persons Of Mixed Race And Those Who Are African Descendants When Convenien
  26. Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam To Start Generating Power Soon
  27. Kenyan Muslim Who Shielded Christians In al-Shabab Attack Dies
  28. Nigeria: Contentious Court Rulings Reveal Need for Electoral Reform
  29. Libya: As Libyan Parties Delay Naming Unity Government, UN Urges Steps to End Politic
  30. Algeria: Maltese President Receives Ould Khelifa
  31. Egypt: Egyptian Stock Market Declines By 5.2 Pct in Response to Changing Oil Prices
  32. Tunisia: 57 Victims of Human Trafficking in Tunisia Since 2012 (Iom)
  33. Tunisia: Abassi Stresses UGTT's Commitment to Protect Citizens' Purchasing Power, Com
  34. Cameroon: Christians and Muslims Unite Against Boko Haram
  35. Nigeria: Synagogue Building Collapse Trial Adjourned Again
  36. Nigeria: Ban Ki-moon Commends Buhari's Efforts to Fight Corruption, Tackle Insurgency
  37. Liberia: Liberian Chiefs Plead With Côte D'ivoire to Reopen Borders
  38. Gambia: Jammeh Removes Planning Minister
  39. Kenya: Anthropologists Find Evidence of 10,000-Year-Old Massacre
  40. Kenya: Army Unsure of Somalia Death Toll
  41. Ethiopia: Ketera, Eve of Epiphany Colorfully Celebrated
  42. Somalia: Scores of Kenyan Soldiers Feared Dead
  43. Uganda: Hague Court to Pay Kony War Victims If Suspect Convicted
  44. Southern Africa: What's Wrong With Kariba Dam?
  45. Botswana: Khama Saves Lesotho From Sanctions
  46. South Africa: The Trevor Noah Phenomenon - Young, Black People Are Standing Up
  47. Zimbabwe: Court Outlaws Child Marriages
  48. Zimbabwe: Death Penalty Is Cruel, Inhumane - Traditional Leaders
  49. Zimbabwe: Don't Donate to Mugabe Birthday Party, Says Opposition
  50. Angola: Africa's Richest Woman Controls Fate of Bank
  51. South Africa: Inflation Hits Highest Level for Year
  52. Scrap immigration laws for Africans, says EFF
  53. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Nothing beats unity of purpose
  54. Gospel artiste loses $2k to traditional healer
  55. Concourt bans U18 marriages
  56. Solar feasible in Zim: Study
  57. Trump lures many ‘lost’ voters
  58. Schoolboy blows $300 on booze, steals taxi
  59. Landmark ruling hailed
  60. Chevrons finally get it right
  61. ‘We’ll fight ISIS until its complete annihilation’
  62. The Fate Of One Of Portugal’s Largest Banks Depends On One Of Africa’s Richest Women
  63. Historic Growth: Mozambique’s Economy Projected To Grow 24% Annually
  64. Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme Almost Complete
  65. San Francisco’s Vanishing Black Population
  66. Martin Luther King Explain How Handouts Created America’s White Middle Class
  67. Flint Water Crisis Is A “Racist Genocide”
  68. Global Outrage After Majority Black City Of Flint Is Poisoned By Lead
  69. Libya: Factions Announce Unity Government
  70. Morocco: Authorities Arrest Belgian Linked to Paris Attackers
  71. Africa: Africa's Nuclear Energy Plans
  72. Africa: European Policies Worsened 2015 'Refugee Crisis'
  73. Libya: UN Mission Chief Congratulates Libyans and Presidency Council On Formation of
  74. Liberia: Ouattara Wants Peacekeepers to Stay for Polls
  75. Nigeria: How Jonathan Govt Paid For Hacking of 'Unfriendly' Websites
  76. Nigeria: Biafra Group Wants to Take Buhari to Hague Court
  77. Nigeria: Bird Flu Kills 3.3 Million Birds in 24 States
  78. Ghana: Soldiers Deployed At Borders
  79. Sudan: Villagers Flee to Mountain Top On Fourth Day of Offensive
  80. Uganda: U.S. Says Uganda's Electoral Environment Deteriorating
  81. Kenya: Maternal and Child Health Key to Economic Growth
  82. Kenya: MPs Have Turned Parliament Into 'Den of Sycophants' - Ruto
  83. Kenya: UN Committee to Review Kenya's Record On Children Rights
  84. Lesotho: Judicial Inquiry Calls for Firing of Defence Chiefs, Confirms Nyusi
  85. Malawi: Thousands Face Hunger and Pray for Enough Rain
  86. Lesotho: Inside the Summit on Lesotho
  87. Botswana: Cattle 'Dying Like Bees' in Drought
  88. Angola: Cult Leader's Trial Begins
  89. South Africa: Varsities Spending U.S.$120 000 Per Month On Security Since #FeesMustFa
  90. Angola: Activist Lodges a Criminal Complaint Against Land-Grabbing Governor
  91. South Africa: Agriculture More Than Just a 'Khakis and Shorts Career' - MEC
  92. Acute drug crisis hits big hospitals
  93. Sadc ultimatum for Lesotho
  94. Bulawayo man in court for killing four rhinos
  95. Association to monitor pageants, models
  96. Zamco invites fresh applications for NPLs
  97. Kenya arrests 2 foreigners over fake currencies
  98. Council, developers at fault for housing mess
  99. Wasteful warriors
  100. Iran’s supreme leader hails sanctions removal
  101. My Turn: Is this Shingi Munyeza’s greatest crime?
  102. UN Suspended Official Who Exposed The Rape Of African Children By French Soldiers In
  103. Nigerian Smart Phone Entrepreneur Aims To Dominate Africa’s Mobile Market
  104. Martin Luther King: The Saint Honored By The Govt That Shot Him In The Face
  105. Haitians Fighting To Overturn Stolen Election By US-UN Backed Forces
  106. Emergency Declared In Flint After Majority Black City Is Poisoned
  107. Drug Overdoses Driving Rise In Death Rates Among White Americans
  108. Morocco: Govt Arrests Belgian National Linked to Paris Attackers
  109. Sudan: Egypt Invites Bashir to Investment Forum
  110. Morocco: Protests Violently Dispersed
  111. Algeria: Terrorist Attacks in Ouagadougou - No Algerians Among Victims
  112. Egypt: Egypt Condemns 'Terrorist' Attack On AU Military Base in Somalia
  113. Nigeria: Beauty Turns to Ashes, Peace to Death - Special Report on Boko Haram
  114. Nigeria: Envoy Absence Grounds Foreign Missions
  115. Africa: Netflix Takes the Continent By Storm
  116. Ghana: New Deal to Boost Power Production
  117. Nigeria: Moribund State of Former First Ladies' Pet Projects
  118. Sudan: Govt Launches Offensive on Darfur Rebel Stronghold
  119. Tanzania: Zanzibar Political Divisions Could Spark Crisis
  120. Seychelles: Two Oil Exploration Companies Withdraw From Seychelles
  121. East Africa: Election Fever, Insecurity Pose Threats to Region's Economy
  122. Lesotho: Maseru Heads for Fall-Out With Region Over Killing of Army Leader
  123. Malawi: Former President's Billions Still Under Investigation
  124. South Africa: Prison Food Best for King's Condition - Dietician
  125. Zimbabwe: U.S.$800,000 Birthday Bash for Mugabe?
  126. Zimbabwe: Another Elephant Poisoned With Cyanide - Report
  127. South Africa: Banks 'Coping' Amid Global Cybercrime Wave
  128. South Africa: Apartheid President's Statement Insulting to Black People - Ruling Part
  129. Gold panners die in mine shaft
  130. Trio drowns on way to school
  131. MDC-T duo contests National Heroes Act
  132. Girl (5) goes missing
  133. Call for by-election to replace jailed councillor
  134. SA school bars foreign pupils
  135. Steps to follow before, during building
  136. AFZ dismisses social media recruitment messages
  137. Zinara reinstates 51 workers
  138. Mnangagwa office break-in: Crack team analysing evidence
  139. I Sent My Man To Jail, Now My Bed Is Cold And My Pockets Are Empty
  140. Fear Of Freedom – The Gantt Report
  141. Black Community Must Control Cops, Politicians
  142. Pursuing The Revolution Versus “Selling Out”: Did The ANC Make The Right Choice?
  143. Botswana: BancABC Launches Self Registration Application
  144. South Africa: Nersa Starts Eskom Tariff Hike Hearings
  145. Southern Africa: Troika to Discuss Lesotho
  146. Botswana: Pula Strengthens
  147. Egypt: China President to Visit Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran Next Week
  148. Egypt: PM Opens Institute of National Planning After Development
  149. Egypt: Egypt Condemns Attack On AU Base in Somalia
  150. Egypt: Egypt, Britain Stress Need to Upgrade Mechanisms of Fighting Terrorism
  151. Burkina Faso: Nation Mourns Victims of Al Qaeda Attacks
  152. Nigeria: More Worries Over Oil Sales As U.S. Lifts Sanctions On Iran
  153. Nigeria: Buhari to Open Talks On Middle-East Re-Engagement
  154. Nigeria: Jega Advises FG to Formulate Policies to Make Polys, Colleges of Education A
  155. Rwanda: Hosts Play for More Than Football At CHAN 2016
  156. Somalia: Kenyatta Pays Tribute to KDF Soldiers Killed in Somalia, Says Mission Still
  157. Somalia: UN Chief Condemns Attack On African Union Base
  158. Africa: UN Condemns Attack On African Union Base in Southern Region of Somalia
  159. Kenya: Kenyatta Launches Sh7.6bn Street Lighting Project
  160. South Africa: Rand Weakness Takes Shine Off Fuel Price
  161. Zimbabwe: Mujuru Tormenting VP - Mugabe Aide
  162. Mozambique: Clashes Between Govt, Opposition Forces Send Civilians Fleeing to Malawi
  163. Mozambique: Govt Issues Alert After Heavy Rains
  164. South Africa: ANC MP Apologises for Provocative Comments On 'Zuma Must Fall' Billboar
  165. Zimbabwe: Jonathan Moyo Breaks Ranks
  166. Zimbabwe: Little Interest in Zim's First IPO in 10 Years
  167. Zimbabwe: Opposition Parties Plan Protests, Diplomatic Offensive to Force Electoral R
  168. Chombo calls for tighter security at Govt offices
  169. Zimbabwe faces hangman crisis
  170. Pasuwa’s battle cry
  171. Gweru City Council bigwigs face the boot
  172. Let’s invest in irrigation as rain-fed agric wobbles
  173. Tobacco hectarage declines 20 pc
  174. SA: End racism by changing the system
  175. Shumba targets international market
  176. Editorial Comment: ZESA must be proactive in debt collection
  177. Govt, UN join hands to mitigate drought
  178. Morocco/Gabon: Gabon, Morocco in Stalemate
  179. Burkina Faso: French Nationals Among Dead in Hotel Attack
  180. South Africa: Proteas Crushed, Lose Series
  181. Tunisia: African Union Base in Somalia Seized By Al-Shabab Militants
  182. Zimbabwe: Drowned David Livingstone Pupil Buried
  183. Zimbabwe: More Steal From First Family
  184. Zimbabwe: Three in Court for Robbing Mugabe Dairy
  185. South Africa: Ruling Party MP Wants Residents 'Burnt to Death'
  186. Zimbabwe: Noczim Boss Hires Hitmen to Kill Company Auditor to Conceal Theft of Compan
  187. Burundi: Exclusive - Nkurunziza's Spokesman Denies Burundi Rights Abuses
  188. Zimbabwe: Where Is the President?
  189. Uganda: U.S. Questions Fairness of Election Process
  190. Uganda: Museveni Avoids First Live Presidential Debate
  191. Tunisia: Illegal Workshop of Weapons Discovered in Menzel Temime (IM)
  192. Tunisia: Bizerte - 20 Kg of Cannabis Rejected By Sea Near Sidi Mechreg Beach
  193. Tunisia: Algerian Terrorist Arrested in Tabarka
  194. Burkina Faso: Hotel Siege Ends but Second Hotel, Restaurant Still Under Assault
  195. South Africa: Zuma Condemns Deadly Attack At Top Burkina Faso Hotel
  196. Rwanda/Cote d'Ivoire: Bayisenge Free-Kick Hands Amavubi Winning Start
  197. Nigeria: Ighalo Wins EPL Player of the Month Award
  198. Somalia: UN Condemns Attack On Kenyan Troops
  199. Burundi: Bujumbura - We're Ready for Talks to End Conflict
  200. Tunisia: ICJ Calls On Tunisian Government to Adopt Key Legal and Policy Reforms to Co
  201. Burkina Faso: Security Forces Launch Assault to Retake Hotel From Militants
  202. Tunisia: LGBT Group Suspended
  203. Zambia/Egypt: Mayuka Signs for Zamalek
  204. Egypt: News Website Managing Editor Released After Security Forces Storm Headquarters
  205. Namibia: Messahel in Namibia for African Union Summit On Security Council Reform
  206. Algeria: EU to Present a New Version of Agricultural Agreement With Morocco
  207. Burkina Faso: Hope for an End to Military Meddling?
  208. Sierra Leone: Ebola Setback As Patient Dies After All-Clear
  209. Nigeria: Boko Haram Disguised As Vendors - Military
  210. Ghana: Law Maker Slams Mahama Over Guantanamo Prisoners
  211. Africa: Anglican Chiefs Exclude U.S. Church From Decisions for Three Years
  212. Ethiopia: Government Backs Down, but Will Protests End?
  213. Burundi: UN Reports Cases of Gang Rape, Mass Graves
  214. Somalia: Kenya Launches Air Strikes After Al Shabaab Attack
  215. Uganda: Museveni Shuns Election Debate
  216. Kenya: Heated Debate at the Hague Over Deputy President
  217. Mozambique: IMF Predicts Gigantic Growth Rate
  218. Mozambique: Opposition Leader 'Seizes' Six Provinces
  219. South Africa: Petition Launched to Reject WhatsApp Regulation
  220. Africa: Defend Gay Rights, Says Botswana's Mogae
  221. South Africa: Granny, 66, Gets Matric Certificate So She Can Start Crèche
  222. South Africa: Telescope Helps Spot Biggest Explosion in History
  223. South Africa: Economy Is On a Cliff Edge
  224. South Africa: #homosletstalk and the Kid Who Encouraged Hate Crimes
  225. Take advantage of weak rand, says, RBZ boss
  226. Samsung opens assembly plant
  227. New measures to fight food crisis
  228. Ebola resurfaces in Sierra Leone
  229. EDITORIAL COMMENT: VP Office break-ins, an attack on Zim
  230. Indonesia police kill IS militant
  231. ‘Let’s go for gold’
  232. Chiyangwa, land barons square off
  233. Chinese New Year celebrations start
  234. ‘Battle of Chefs’ Season 2 beckons
  235. No Secret That Egypt Want To Sabotage Ethiopia’s Nile Dam
  236. Zimbabwe: Nation's Pillars Must Be Safe From Barbarians
  237. Algeria: Installation of Algerian-Croatian Parliamentary Friendship Group
  238. Egypt: FM Holds Series of Meetings With Leaders of Bundestag
  239. Egypt: Nation to Host African Investment Forum in February
  240. Tunisia: New Evidence of Torture Five Years On From 'Jasmine Revolution'
  241. Egypt: Court to Hear Testimonies in Former Agriculture Minister Corruption Case
  242. West Africa: Ebola Is Over. But Public Health Challenge Remains
  243. West Africa: U.S. Court Boosts Child Slave Labour Case
  244. Nigeria: Patients Flee As Doctor of Lassa Fever Victims Dies
  245. Nigeria: Senate Accuses Presidency of Releasing Copies of Fake Budget
  246. Nigeria: Buhari Orders Fresh Probe of Chibok Girls' Abduction
  247. Africa: New Video-on-Demand Service Focuses on Local Content
  248. Kenya: Deputy President Planned Election Violence, Says Prosecutor
  249. Rwanda: Smartphone App Connects Riders With Motorbike Taxis
  250. Uganda: Swine Fever Breaks Out in Kampala