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  1. Africa: Shocks Set Up African Qualifying Drama
  2. Nigeria: The Biafra of Their Dream
  3. South Sudan: Unity in Horizon As Parties Agree On Joint Govt
  4. Kenya: Kenya Intensifies Security After Paris Terror
  5. Ethiopia/Congo-Kinshasa: Congo Topple Ethiopia in Seven-Goal Thriller
  6. Kenya: Kenya Stands With France in War On Terror, Uhuru Says After Paris Attacks
  7. Angola: Activists in Court Over 'Nonviolent' Book
  8. South Africa: Drought Continues in South Africa
  9. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Not a Member, but Mugabe Off to G-20 Summit in Turkey
  10. Africa: FIFA Clears Five Candidates to Replace Blatter
  11. South Africa: South African Tells of Sombre and Mournful Paris
  12. Zimbabwe: Economy in Tailspin
  13. Zimbabwe: Mujuru Scoffs At Zanu-PF Links
  14. College fails to produce exam results in 3 years
  15. Low business force closure of shops
  16. Zhuwao calls for unity in Mash West
  17. Invest in call centres: SK
  18. Audit: Government asks schools to pay
  19. Econet disconnects 1 million subscribers
  20. Govt gazettes rent, farm levies
  21. DeMbare squeeze through
  22. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zim youths need reorientation
  23. CBZ scoops best governed company award
  24. Egypt: Cabinet Deplores Paris Terrorist Attacks
  25. Egypt: Update - Egypt Officially Notified, Cancels Egyptair Flight to Moscow Saturday
  26. Mauritania/Tunisia: World Cup 2018 - Qualifiers - 2nd Round - Tunisia Beat Mauritania
  27. Morocco: King Offers Condolences to France on Attacks in Paris
  28. Africa: Isis Claims Paris Attack
  29. Africa: Africa Gears for Infrastructural Boom
  30. Nigeria: Buhari Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Paris
  31. Africa: Africa Has Hugely Talented Players - Saintfiet
  32. Nigeria/Swaziland: Eagles Drop Points Against 'Unknown' Swaziland
  33. Nigeria/Swaziland: Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup - Swaziland Frustrate Eagles
  34. Africa: Africa Stands in Solidarity With France
  35. Burundi: Obama Calls on Leaders, Military and People to Work for Peace
  36. Tanzania: Zanzibari Leaders in Reconciliation Talks
  37. Burundi: Opposition Calls for President to Step Down
  38. Kenya: Trade Talks to Inject Millions Into Economy
  39. Malawi: SMS Project to Empower People Living With HIV Needs More Publicity
  40. Africa: Flying Under the Radar - Seabirds Hold the Key to Healthy Fisheries
  41. South Africa: Paris Attacks Condemned Around the World
  42. South Africa: Zuma Reaches Out to France As Terror Grips Country
  43. South Africa: Pistorius Reports for Community Service
  44. South Africa: Deputy President Sued Over Marikana Massacre
  45. Mozambique: Renamo Gunmen Force Closure of Ten Schools
  46. Tunisia: 4th UNWTO International Conference On Tourism and the Media Opens
  47. Algeria: Algeria, China Sign MOU On Creation of Metro, Tram Train Manufacturing Plant
  48. Algeria: WFP Forced to Reduce Rations for 'Forgotten' Sahrawi Refugees
  49. Libya: Top UN Relief Official Welcomes Release of Aid Workers Held Captive for Months
  50. Egypt: Cabinet Reviews Report On Russian Airliner Crash
  51. Togo: Rising Seas Ruin Lives
  52. Liberia: US Lifts Liberia Sanctions Citing Democratic Progress
  53. Nigeria: Nigerians Among 250 Influential Women in the World
  54. Sierra Leone: Shame and Stigma - a Conversation On Pregnant Girls' Rights in Sierra L
  55. Africa: University Autonomy - Insights From Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria
  56. Burundi: Ugandan Minister Arrives to Mediate Crisis
  57. Kenya: Europe, U.S. Slap Visa Ban on Graft Suspects
  58. South Africa: Leaving the ICC Won't Absolve Govt of Legal Obligations
  59. East Africa: Hunger to Worsen as El Nino Strikes the Region
  60. Kenya: 70 MPs Spend Millions at Ruto ICC Case
  61. Angola: Independence Celebrations Marred By Crackdown
  62. Zimbabwe: Scandal-Hit Wildlife Industry Fears for Its Future
  63. South Africa: Five Provinces Declared Drought Disaster Areas
  64. South Africa: Two Children 'Missing' in Warden Bus Blaze
  65. South Africa: Outlook Bleak for Already Battered Consumers
  66. South Africa: Afrikaans Language Downgraded at Varsity
  67. South Africa: Obama Calls Zuma to Discuss Meat and the Middle East
  68. Carelse-Juul cleared . . . but Chiyangwa cries foul
  69. Beautiful history in the skies
  70. An irony that baffles me
  71. ‘Swag is for boys, class is for men’
  72. Dufty dreams big
  73. Meikles platinum jubilee celebrations
  74. Choosing sport as a profession: Opportunities, challenges
  75. SA varsity to drop Afrikaans
  76. City reconsiders open space worship by-laws
  77. Tsipa sidelined
  78. Nigeria: Army Cautions Agitators Against Treasonable Felony
  79. Egypt: Egypt to Lose Billions If Flight Suspensions Continue
  80. Egypt: Nine Civilians Killed in Arish Attack - Governor
  81. Africa: EU-Africa Summit On Migration Opens in Valletta
  82. Egypt: UN Human Rights Experts Welcome Release of Egyptian Journalist and Rights Defe
  83. Libya: Journalists Repeatedly Targeted By Libyan Militias
  84. Nigeria: Five-Time Champions - the Story of the Golden Eaglets
  85. Nigeria: How I Bent the Rule in Appointing Perm Secs - - Buhari
  86. Nigeria: Court Halts Trial of Senate President Saraki
  87. Nigeria: What's Stopping Women From Being Screened for Cancer?
  88. Africa: FIFA Clears Sexwale for Presidency
  89. Tanzania: New Vote Expected in Zanzibar
  90. Uganda: Museveni Explains Dwindling Support
  91. Somalia: U.S. Offers Huge Bounty for Al-Shabaab Militants
  92. Burundi: UN to Vote On Burundi As Violence Escalates
  93. Kenya: Free Maternity Services Stop in Nairobi
  94. Africa: Europe Launches U.S.$2 Billion Migration Fund
  95. South Africa: Seeking Divine Intervention From the Drought
  96. South Africa: Is the Springbok Coach Just a Whipping Boy?
  97. South Africa: The Media Sells Black Pain: A Woman's Experience From #FeesMustFall
  98. South Africa: Eskom Aims to Claw Back R22.8 Billion Via Tariffs
  99. South Africa: Slum Fire Detectors Radio for Help
  100. Malawi: Lilongwe Faces Massive Power Cuts
  101. The day we lost our school uniforms
  102. Man’s maintenance arrears hit $34 000
  103. Zanzibar faces fresh elections
  104. It’s EasyCall time
  105. Delta mulls new Chibuku Super plants
  106. Harare City offers Mahachi $500k
  107. Our case is far much better — jazz diva
  108. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Action needed on corrupt elements
  109. 200MW power deal on course
  110. Zimra opposes tax incentives
  111. Africa Dominates Youth Football—So Why Can’t It Succeed At The Highest Level?
  112. Multinationals In Africa Are Being Outclassed By Local Companies
  113. The Rape Trial Everyone In America Should Be Watching
  114. Conditions Divide EU-Africa Summit Deal On Migrants
  115. Nigeria Remembers Ken Saro-Wiwa
  116. Towns Thwart Neo-Nazi’s Efforts To Create All-White Enclaves
  117. Nigeria: Family of Boko Haram Kingpin Reveals Secrets to Troops - Army
  118. Africa: Leaders Divided at Europe-Africa Talks On Migrants
  119. Morocco: King Contracts Severe Flu Following Visit to India
  120. Africa: Helen Clark - Statement At the Valletta Summit On Migration
  121. Egypt: Fate of Charges Against Hossam Bahgat Still Unclear
  122. Egypt: Egypt Approves U.S. Involvement in Russian Plane Crash Investigation
  123. Nigeria: Buhari Assigns Ministers
  124. Nigeria: Heroes Welcome for Victorious Eaglets
  125. Nigeria: 'Country's New Cabinet a Blend of Experience'
  126. Nigeria: List of Ministers and Portfolios
  127. Kenya: Birth APP a Hope for Ethiopian Women
  128. Kenya: Priests Sacked Over Gay Claims Sue Bishop
  129. Eritrea/Ethiopia: Ethiopia Bars Eritrea From African Football Tourney
  130. Uganda: Truvada Effective for HIV Prevention
  131. South Africa: It's Time Foreign Policy Was Driven By Ideas (Again)
  132. South Africa: Universities Must Rethink How They Retain Young Academics
  133. Mozambique: A Community-Driven Approach to Electrification Needed
  134. South Africa: Matric Pupil Unresponsive After Crash On Way to Exam
  135. Lesotho: A Way Out of Hunger in Lesotho
  136. Zimbabwe: No Shortage of Entries for Mr Ugly Competition
  137. South Africa: Riot Police Use Stun Grenades to Disperse Workers at Parliament
  138. South Africa: Meet The Student Who Ripped Into Premier Helen Zille
  139. ‘Please vote wisely’
  140. Buhari finally names Cabinet
  141. Sino-Zim to start tile, brick-making
  142. Ammara in SA theatre show
  143. Caning: Chief Justice digs in •. . . spare rod, spoil child •. . . questions bid to i
  144. Japanese man hid in gutter to peep up skirts
  145. Fake B-Metro reporter sentenced
  146. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Debt clearance strategy a confidence booster
  147. Press freedom and media responsibility
  148. Allied Timbers to double export revenue
  149. Selling Stolen Property: Christie’s Halts Sale Of Haile Selassie’s Watch After Disput
  150. Online Threats Against Blacks Net Arrest At University Of Missouri Campus
  151. Black College Football And Basketball Players Are The Most Powerful On Campus
  152. Tanzanians And Kenyans Left Out Of $2bn Embassy Bombing Suit
  153. The World Does Not Aid Africa – Africa Aids The World!
  154. Ethiopia Plans To Construct Africa’s Largest Airport
  155. 15 Amazing Facts About Africa You Probably Didn’t Know
  156. Levy scams cost schools millions• Audits implicate authorities • Accounts doctored co
  157. New book revisits old traditions
  158. Missing in action
  159. ‘Arrears strategy boosts investor confidence’
  160. More assets identified in Mujuru estate
  161. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Tobacco debunks myth of land reform failure
  162. SA water crisis worsens
  163. Obama loses latest immigration battle
  164. MP, 15 MDC-T activists in the dock
  165. Fare-thee-well steelman
  166. Egypt: Russian Plane Crash - Spotlight on Sinai Terrorist Network
  167. Algeria: Lamamra Discusses With Macky Sall Implementation of Decisions Taken With Pre
  168. Egypt: Russia Refuses to Comment On Reports U.S. Offered Crash Investigation Assistan
  169. Morocco: Opening the Door to Community Activism - Will Moroccan-Americans Respond?
  170. Egypt: ICTJ Calls for Immediate Release of Egyptian Activist Hossam Bahgat
  171. Nigeria: I'll Never Seek Political Office Again - Ex-Military President
  172. Nigeria: Buhari Appoints 18 New Permanent Secretaries
  173. Nigeria: Buhari Fires Permanent Secretaries
  174. Chad: Chad Imposes State of Emergency in Boko Haram-Hit Area
  175. Nigeria: Ken Saro-Wiwa - 20 Years After
  176. Burundi: NGOs Issue Urgent Call for Human Rights Council Focus on Preventing Atrociti
  177. Uganda: Nakaseke to Be Turned Into Industrial Town - Museveni
  178. Kenya: El Nino to Affect Tea Prices, Agency Says
  179. Uganda: Thousands Affected as HIV/Aids Drugs Run Out
  180. Burundi: International Community Hesitates Over Burundi Crisis
  181. South Africa: A Clash of Realities - An Outsider's View of the Recent Student Actions
  182. South Africa: Mysterious 'Meteor' May Have Disintegrated
  183. South Africa: Advances in Getting Solar Onto the Grid, and Into the Home
  184. Africa: Natural Cancer Remedies - Sorting Fact From Fiction
  185. Namibia: Presidency Defends 'Unemployed Black' Jab
  186. South Africa: 200-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Thigh Bone to Be Revealed
  187. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Should Brace for Massive Protests, Says Biti
  188. South Africa: It's Almost 2016 and We're Still Having to Explain Why Blackface Is Wro
  189. Only Obama Has A Better Plane Than Zuma
  190. Israeli Court Rules African Refugees Can Be Expelled And Jailed Indefinitely
  191. Why Is White America Killing Itself With Drugs?
  192. Disturbing Video Shows Thug Cops Savagely Assaulting Men For Crossing The Street
  193. Nigerian Becomes World’s First African Scrabble Champion
  194. Five African-American Museums To Visit
  195. iROKO TV Is Nigeria’s Answer To Netflix As It Launches iROKO Global
  196. Job cuts cripple service delivery
  197. Govt focuses on debt repayment
  198. Zanu-PF wins two more wards
  199. PSMAS saga takes new twist
  200. Sex accused pupils sue head over expulsion
  201. Zim major tobacco producer in Africa
  202. Court relief for Kereke
  203. Bakhresa gets work permit for CEO
  204. Chimurenga group promotes Zim culture
  205. ShoreCap officials visit Zimbabwe
  206. Egypt: Arrest of Prominent Activist Hossam Bahgat Is Another Blow for Freedom of Expr
  207. Egypt: Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Badie Granted Retrial After Appealing Life in Pris
  208. Egypt: Human Rights Activist, Journalist Hossam Bahgat Faces Military Prosecution
  209. Egypt: Death Toll in Beheira Rises to 25 in Weather Calamity
  210. Tunisia: Ceremony in Honour of National Dialogue Quartet
  211. Nigeria: Army 'Arrests' Another Boko Haram Terrorist On Wanted List
  212. Nigeria: Thousands of Nigerians Crossed European Borders Illegally in 2015 - EU
  213. Nigeria: Buhari Removes EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde, Appoints Replacement
  214. Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Is Ebola Free but a Legacy of Fear Remains
  215. Nigeria: Buhari Swears in New Electoral Commission Chair
  216. Tanzania: Solar Energy Lights the Way for One Forgotten Tanzanian Village
  217. Uganda: Young People Need Access to Quality Family Planning Services
  218. Kenya: Seven Trapped in Mandera Floods
  219. Sudan: Govt Acknowledges Death of 86 Protesters in 2013
  220. Kenya: Boda Bodas Banned From Nairobi CBD
  221. South Africa: Question of Rights Violations Against the #feesmustfall Protesters
  222. Zimbabwe: Press Freedom Shaken
  223. South Africa: More MTN Execs Could Face Axe
  224. South Africa: 'We Want Zuma,' Students Chant Outside Parliament
  225. South Africa: Getting Ready for a Woman President?
  226. South Africa: Why Textbooks Are a Crucial Part of Every Child's Learning Journey
  227. Zimbabwe: Police Break Up MDC Rally, Detain MP, Supporters
  228. Southern Africa: Value Chains - Entry Points for Donor Impact
  229. Angola, One Of Africa’s Wealthy Oil-Producing Countries
  230. The Little DJ Who Just Won South Africa’s Got Talent
  231. Why Black Lives Should Matter Most To Black People
  232. Saudi-UAE Military Coalition Expands Into The Horn Of Africa
  233. Gulf Cooperation Council Wants Stronger Ties With Africa
  234. Kenyan Student Design Ultra-Modern Electric Wheelchair For Disabled Persons
  235. Meet Thessalonika Arzu-Embry The 16-Year-Old Who Is Now Working Towards A Doctorate
  236. Nigeria: Golden Eaglets Are World U-17 Champions
  237. Egypt: Russia to Inspect Airports Security After Plane Crash
  238. Libya: Security Council Urges Parties to Endorse, Sign Unity Govt Deal
  239. Egypt: Russia Suspends Flights to Egypt
  240. Congo-Kinshasa/Algeria: Mazembe Beat USMA to Reach Fifth Heaven
  241. Egypt: Egypt-Led Committee On Russia Plane Still in 'Information-Gathering' Phase
  242. Nigeria: Buhari to Swear in Ministers On Wednesday
  243. Nigeria: Ex-National Security Adviser in Tussle With Intelligence Service
  244. Nigeria: Tribunal Sacks Taraba Governor, Declares APC Candidate Alhassan Winner
  245. Nigeria: Controversial Vice Chancellor Appointment at Federal University
  246. Nigeria: Degrees for Sale at Some Universities
  247. Somalia: Flooding Affects Tens of Thousands
  248. Burundi: Govt Begins House-to-House Searches Amid Concern of Massacre
  249. Kenya: Nation Risk Ban for Complicity in Fighting Doping
  250. Kenya: Pope Francis Visit Offers Kenya Golden Opportunity to Unite, Says Kibaki