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  1. Blast In Eastern Congo Injures 32 UN Soldiers
  2. Obama: ‘Do For Hillary What You Did For Me’
  3. Germany Wants Refugees Returned To Camps In Africa
  4. South Africa’s Nuclear Plan Gaining Ground
  5. Kasukuwere sues Zimpapers
  6. US Decides: The Lady or the Trump?
  7. ‘No-confidence motion against Zuma will fail’
  8. Who is fooling who?
  9. Pastor sweet talks couple to seed car
  10. Zimra bigwigs in tax evasion storm
  11. DPC to sue failed banks directors
  12. EDITORIAL COMMENT : ZEC has spoken, parties must listen
  13. Thousands throng council offices
  14. Pomona fire triggers protest
  15. Mozambique: Mediators Call For Peace
  16. Uganda: Besigye Blocked From Travelling to South Africa
  17. Zimbabwe: Mayhem As Cops Teargas Opposition Rally
  18. Zimbabwe: Student Fined for Asking Mugabe For Work
  19. Africa: Angola Leads Oil Production in Africa
  20. South Africa: Trial of U.S. Hip Hop Star Mos Def Postponed
  21. Namibia: Power Failure At Investment Conference As Geingob Asks Whites to Share Wealt
  22. Africa: Botswana Foreign Minister Launches Campaign to Lead African Union
  23. Kenya: Moi University's Kericho, Nakuru Campuses to Be Closed
  24. Kenya: Kenya Airways Terminates Sevens Rugby Sponsorship Deal
  25. Uganda: What Umeme Acquisition Mean for NSSF
  26. Uganda: Parliament Grills Treasury Secretary Over Expenditure
  27. Uganda: Govt Cry Foul Over Flower Farm Scandal
  28. Nigeria: AfDB Approves $1 Million to Reduce Malnutrition in Borno
  29. Nigeria: Supreme Court Confirms Seriake Dickson As Bayelsa Governor
  30. Nigeria: Parliament Urges Posthumous Promotion for Slain Military Hero
  31. Nigeria: 'We Are Refugees in Our Own Land'
  32. Africa: Nigerians 'Fear' Trump Win - Report
  33. Algeria: Sahrawi Govt - Africa Does Not Need Morocco's Experience in "Invasion, Aggre
  34. Algeria: Batch of Arms, Ammunition Seized Near Borders in Bordj Badji Mokhtar
  35. Algeria: Chadian Minister of Public Security Voices Country's Desire to Reinforce Tie
  36. South Africa: President Jacob Zuma Arrives in Ethiopia to Attend African Union High L
  37. Libya: Why Cooperating With Libya On Migration Could Damage the EU's Standing
  38. Zimbabwe: Malawian Cleric Bushiri 'Crowns' Mohadi in Succession Battle
  39. Tanzania: Reckless Driving Claims 18 Lives
  40. Tanzania: Central Bank Nods to Swiss Account Probe
  41. Uganda: Mbabazi, Rugunda Move to Block Crane Bank Sale
  42. Uganda: Teachers Dominate 10th Parliament
  43. Nigeria: After 10 Years Hiatus, Big Brother Nigeria Returns
  44. Pittsburgh Police Chief Pressured To Resign After Calling For End To White Silence To
  45. South Africa’s Ruling Party Unravels As Jacob Zuma Struggles
  46. Julius Malema Reiterates Pledge To Seize African Land From White Settlers
  47. Kenyan Software To Prevent Fraud In U.S. Election
  48. A More Dangerous World Is Probably Coming After The U.S. Presidential Election
  49. White Supremacist Gets Knocked Out After Harassing Black Man Then Plays The Victim
  50. The Horrifying Moment White Settlers Force Black Man Into Coffin And Threaten To Burn
  51. Tesco Bank: 20 000 customers lose money
  52. CUT student in solo exhibition
  53. Zimdef sells property for a song
  54. ‘Electoral College unfair in presidential election’
  55. Govt grants project status to TradeKings
  56. Dry taps for 20 suburbs over debts
  57. EDITORIAL COMMENT – Bond notes: Scaremongering unhelpful
  58. 320 000t maize in reserves: Made
  59. Oostende hail musona
  60. Parliament slams ‘militant’ Zhuwao
  61. South Africa: Allegations of New Finance Minister Gordhan Charges 'Without Merit'
  62. Zimbabwe: First Lady Orders Police Off Her Farm
  63. Malawi: Late President's Wealth to be Probed
  64. South Africa: President Lodges Complaint Over Leaked Recording of Public Protector In
  65. South Africa: Meet the 'Olympians' of W Cape Teaching
  66. South Africa: Cop Kills Himself After Double Murder
  67. Zimbabwe: Govt Rejects Gay Rights Proposal
  68. Namibia: Transformative Policies Create Investment Opportunities – President Geingob
  69. Uganda: Uber's First Five Months in Kampala
  70. Ethiopia: Australia Protests Prompt Reprisals
  71. Somalia: Huge Explosion Heard in Bakaro Market
  72. Ethiopia: Govt Eyeing Iron Ore Extraction Options
  73. Somalia: U.S. Republican Candidate Trump Blasts Somali Refugees
  74. Nigeria: Ruling Party Legal Adviser Accused of Bribing Judge
  75. Nigeria: Army Chief Urges Media Restraint in Reporting Boko Haram
  76. Nigeria: Govt Sets Up Committee to End Farmers, Herdsmen Conflict
  77. Nigeria: Why We Suspended Judges Accused of Corruption - Chief Justice
  78. Nigeria: Oil Board Wrong On Petrol Price Hike - Minister
  79. Egypt/Ghana: Ghana Name Two Debutants for Egypt Clash
  80. Morocco: Govt Sees 'No Turning Back' for Climate Pact
  81. Algeria/Nigeria: Over-Joyed Rohr Wary of Battle-Hardened Algeria
  82. Egypt: Saudi Aramco Suspends Petroleum Shipments to Egypt Until Further Notice
  83. Morocco: Govt Appoints Woman to Head Up Technopark
  84. East Africa: EU Economic Partnership Deal Criticised
  85. Rwanda: Ministry Launches Diabetes Awareness Campaign
  86. East Africa: Tanzania Reduces Resident Permit Fees for Region
  87. Tanzania: Simon Group Says State Owns 49% Shares in UDA
  88. Kenya: Publish Report on Tana Delta Killings, Govt Told
  89. Rwanda: Experts Call for Action As UN Climate Meeting Opens in Morocco
  90. Neo-Nazis Rally In Pennsylvania
  91. The Campaign To ‘Buy Black’
  92. U.S. In Dramatic Decline, No Longer A Superpower?
  93. DISTURBING: Video Surfaces Showing White Settlers Forcing African Boy Into Coffin
  94. OK reports 87pc increase in profit
  95. Are song lyrics literature?
  96. Zim Radio awards flop dismally
  97. Lawyer, estate agent up for $227 000 fraud
  98. Editorial Comment
  99. Govt works on $40m facility for drug firms
  100. SA’s nuclear plan gains ground
  101. From sweden with love
  102. Command farming takes off
  103. Pasi hearing deferred
  104. Zimbabwe: Clients Sleep in Bank Queues As Bond Notes Beckon
  105. South Africa: Start-Up Uses Innovative Approach to Catch the Pirates Online
  106. South Africa: Jacob Zuma - 'I Do Not Fear Prison'
  107. South Africa: Deputy President Meets With Lesotho Leaders
  108. Southern Africa: Plans Afoot to Make Trans Kalahari Corridor Safer
  109. South Africa: New Partnerships Are Needed to Arrest Economic Malaise
  110. South Africa: How Training Can Prepare Teachers for Diversity in Their Classrooms
  111. South Africa: Zuma's Survival Strategy
  112. Somalia: Dozens Killed After Ceasefire Breach
  113. Tanzania: Magufuli Denies Suppressing Democracy
  114. Sudan: Fuel and Electricity Prices Increase
  115. Uganda: MPs, Media Bury Their Differences to Save Economy
  116. Uganda: Besigye Rallies People of Tooro for Liberation
  117. Sierra Leone: Firm to Pump U.S.$700 Million into Iron Ore Project
  118. Nigeria: T.B. Joshua Predicts 'Narrow' Clinton Win in U.S. Election
  119. Nigeria: Buhari Lauds Army for Rescuing Another Chibok Girl
  120. Nigeria: Buhari Hands Over Presidential Lodge to Lagos Govt
  121. Nigeria: Tributes Pour in for Slain Nigerian Army Hero
  122. Algeria: Refinery of Algiers - Sonatrach, Chinese CPECC Sign DZD 45 Billion Contract
  123. Algeria/Congo-Kinshasa: Kalaba Inspires Mazembe to Confed Cup Title
  124. Algeria: Tour Du Faso - Saidi Ranks Second in 9th Stage
  125. Egypt: Kerry Lauds 'Important' Economic Reform Measures
  126. Algeria: 4.7-Magnitude Earthquake in M'sila
  127. St. Louis Cop Caught Posing For Picture With Dead Body
  128. Canadian Companies Loot Africa As NGOs Preach Charity
  129. Cameroon To Construct Massive Sporting Complex To Host AFCON 2019
  130. Black People Cannot Be Racist – MUST READ
  131. African Countries Oppose UN’s Appointment Of Investigator To Protect Gay Rights
  132. Why Blacks And Native Americans Feel The American Flag Is Offensive
  133. Zambia: Kalusha Nominated For Fifa Council Membership
  134. Zambia: Police Arrest Muvi TV Journalist
  135. Zambia: Football Body Backs 'Self-Confessed Thief' Bwalya for Fifa Job
  136. Zimbabwe: 'Econet Founder Masiyiwa Has No Interest in Bond Notes Fight'
  137. Zimbabwe: Employers Engage Anti-Corruption Body Over Moyo Saga
  138. Zimbabwe: 'We Want Jobs Mugabe' - Student Arrested During Graduation Protest
  139. Zimbabwe: Former VP Mujuru Challenges Presidential Powers
  140. South Africa: Local Woman Brings Coding Skills to Marginalised Communities
  141. Kenya: Fears After Kenya Deports South Sudan Rebel Spokesman
  142. South Sudan: 3,500 People Are Fleeing Country Each Day - UN
  143. Tanzania: When Marriage Takes Away Your Right Over Your Body
  144. Burundi: Nkurunziza Stalls Talks, Eyes Term Limit Removal
  145. Somalia: Al Shabaab Gains Ground As Ethiopia Withdraws Its Troops
  146. Nigeria: Football Star Moses Helps Chelsea Thrash Everton
  147. Nigeria: Troops Kill 37 Boko Haram Militants
  148. Ghana: Nation Urged to Support Winner of Upcoming Presidential Election?
  149. Nigeria: Investigate Attack On Vanguard Reporter, Police Told
  150. Nigeria: Presidency Approves Two Supreme Court Justices
  151. Nigeria/Algeria: Algeria Clash - Absence of Goal Keeper Ikeme 'Not Cause for Worry'
  152. Egypt: 'Returnees From Libya' Sentenced to Death, Life in Prison
  153. Morocco: King Pays Official Visit to Senegal
  154. Algeria: Nation Elected to UN International Law Commission
  155. The Presidential Election And The Threat Of White Supremacist Violence
  156. Colin Kaepernick Starts Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp To Teach Kids To Fight Oppr
  157. Blue Lies Matter Silent After Iowa Cop Killer Is Identified As White
  158. Michael Slager Staged Crime Scene After Killing Walter Scott
  159. 10 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses
  160. 40,000-Year-Old Tools Used By Stone Age Artisans To Create Body Paint Discovered In E
  161. Rumble in the jungle
  162. President caps 2 300 NUST graduates
  163. The cubs have tamed their goat and our warriors can also tame our fears and foes
  164. Climate pact enters into force
  165. EDITORIAL COMMENT : PSL, spare a thought for football sponsors
  166. Comesa boss to chair renewable energy body
  167. Walking for a healthy cause
  168. Gandawa detained over Zimdef saga
  169. Concourt suspends Prof Moyo arrest
  170. Media: End of Meaning
  171. South Africa: South African Taxi Association Introduces Racing League [SATIRE]
  172. Angola: State Oil Company 'Can't Even Afford Toilet Paper'
  173. Southern Africa: Leaders Deliberate On Lesotho, DR Congo Peace
  174. South Africa: Prosecuting Authority Not Captured By Anyone, Director Says
  175. Namibia: Anti-Corruption Body Charges Army General
  176. Zimbabwe: Counterfeit Bond Notes Printed - Govt
  177. Zimbabwe: Activists Dismiss VP Mnangagwa's Claims As 'Blatant Lies'
  178. South Africa: The Country Should Not Become Another Zimbawe
  179. Kenya: Govt Deports Riek Machar's Spokesman to Juba
  180. Uganda: 15-Year-Old Girl Delivers During Exams
  181. Uganda: Makerere Taken to Another Court Over MP Lubwama
  182. Kenya: Jubilee Holds Governing Council Meeting, Unveils New Officials
  183. Tanzania: The Trials and Tribulations of Magufuli's First Year in Office
  184. West Africa: Drug-Resistant TB Higher than Thought
  185. Nigeria: Dating Agency for People With HIV-Aids
  186. Nigeria: How I Almost Ran Away From Office - Buhari
  187. Cameroon: Amnesty Condemns Jailing Over Boko Haram Joke
  188. Libya: Hundreds Feared Dead in Refugee Shipwrecks
  189. Egypt: Govt Raises Energy Prices By Up to 47%
  190. Africa: Refugee Restaurant Dishes Up African Fare to Win Italian Hearts
  191. Algeria: State Won't Abandon Subsidy Policy in Finance Bill 2017
  192. Africa: Competition Funds Tech Innovations to Help Refugees
  193. Uganda: UN to Review Uganda's Human Rights Record
  194. Nigeria: Why U.S. Is 'Slow' in Helping Nigeria Recover Stolen Assets - Envoy
  195. Egypt: Lift Abusive Arbitrary Travel Bans
  196. Algeria: President Bouteflika Reshuffles Heads of Sub-Provinces, Local Administration
  197. Egypt: International Rights Groups Demand End to 'Arbitrary' Travel Bans
  198. Algeria: Work Bearing Image of Hugo Chavez in Algiers
  199. Egypt: Central Bank Hikes Interest Rates for 'One Night Only'
  200. Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud In Clinton Probe
  201. Jim Crow Jury Selected For Michael Slager The Thug Cop Who Murdered Walter Scott
  202. Police Chief Caught Doing Over 100 Miles Per Hour Gets A Laugh But No Ticket
  203. If You See These 9 Symptoms, Do An HIV Test Immediately!!!
  204. 13 Amazing Black-Owned Software And Tech Companies
  205. Peers call for sanctions to go
  206. Jitters as US presidential race goes to the wire
  207. RBZ tackles bond note fears
  208. Militants bomb Nigeria oil pipeline
  209. Tyre burst-induced crashes worry police
  210. Senegalese hitman scores wonder goal
  211. EDITORIAL COMMENT : Zim-SA BNC tonic for economic growth
  212. Timmy revisits comic moments with Bhonzo
  213. Counterfeit bond notes printed
  214. Gandawa arrested
  215. South Africa: Zuma Brings Shame to SA - ANC Veterans
  216. South Africa: 'We Are Happy You Are Still in One Piece,' Mugabe Tells Zuma
  217. South Africa: #StateCaptureReport - Key Players, Violations and What's Next
  218. South Africa: I Haven't Considered Resigning Yet - Prosecution Chief
  219. Zimbabwe: Zuma in Zimbabwe On a Two-Day State Visit
  220. South Africa: Parliament Edges Closer to SABC Investigation
  221. South Africa: Ruling Party Welcomes 'State Capture' Report, Promises Action
  222. South Africa: What You Need to Know About State Capture Report
  223. Tanzania: President Magufuli to Meet Editors
  224. Ethiopia: Unrest Worries Foreign Investors
  225. Uganda: Lecturers Deny Demanding University Shutdown
  226. Uganda: Railway Workers Protest Dismissal of Colleagues
  227. Ethiopia: Why Freewheeling Regime Needs State of Emergency
  228. Mali: Militants Still Waging War, Dismiss Ceasefire Report
  229. Ghana: Journalists Reject Fee to Cover Elections
  230. Nigeria: If Trump Wins U.S. Election, I'll Destroy My American Green Card - Soyinka
  231. Nigeria: AfDB Approves U.S.$600 Million Financial Support for Nigeria
  232. Tanzania: Public Servants Cautioned On Unethical Conduct
  233. Nigeria: Nigeria Commences Process to Kick-Start New National Airline
  234. Nigeria: Militants Blow Up Major Pipeline
  235. Nigeria: Billions Left Unclaimed in Nigerian Banks
  236. Nigeria: Senate Threatens to Boycott Sittings
  237. Nigeria: Officials Tear-Gas Protesting Shiites Demanding El-Zakzaky's Release
  238. Lil Wayne Dismisses Entire Black Lives Matter Movement
  239. Two Cops Executed By White Thug In Des Moines – Blue Lies Matter Absent
  240. Des Moines Police Killing Suspect In Custody
  241. Big Problem For Clinton: Black Voters Are Not Turning Out
  242. South Africa’s Day Of Rage Against Jacob Zuma
  243. Black Church Set Ablaze, Vandalized With ‘Vote Trump’
  244. Advancing Black Liberation Through Economic Justice
  245. Bogus cops on the prowl
  246. Zim, SA ties enter new chapter
  247. SA adds voice to UN reform calls
  248. Currency debate: The problem with adopting the rand
  249. What next for ‘lame duck’ Obama?
  250. RBZ must embrace social media on bond notes