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  1. Nigeria: Adesina - Buhari Not Shy Around Women
  2. Nigeria: Suicide Bomber Kills 27 Worshippers, Injures 96 in Adamawa
  3. Cote d'Ivoire: Ivory Coast's Comeback
  4. Tanzania: Tough Choice for Tanzanians in Hotly Contested Election
  5. Kenya: Save Cricket From Doom
  6. Uganda: Indecent Exposure of Ugandan Activist Blows Lid On Police Brutality
  7. Tanzania: Tanzanians Poised for Tense Sunday Poll
  8. Tanzania/Malawi: Malawi, Tanzania Women Football Friendly Moved to Dar es Salaam
  9. South Africa: Govt Relaxes Immigration Regulations
  10. South Africa: All Blacks Edge Boks in World Cup Thriller
  11. South Africa: Govt Halts University Fee Hikes After Mass Protests
  12. South Africa: Govt Bows to Student Pressure
  13. South Africa/Angola: Victory Not Enough for Bafana
  14. Malawi: Eminent Catholic Priest Edward Masauko Dies
  15. Zimbabwe: Journos Who Call Grace 'Controversial' Could Lose Press Card
  16. South Africa: Springboks Going All-Out for Final - Du Preez
  17. An African American From Compton Is A Rising Star On The Mexican Music Scene
  18. The 40 Highest-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without A Bachelor’s Degree
  19. Ghana To Change English As Medium Of Instruction
  20. Libya: UN Urges Libyan Parties to Talk Peace Despite Last-Minute Glitches
  21. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Businessman Hassan Malek Arrested At His Home
  22. Libya: Clinton At Benghazi Hearing 'To Honour Those We Lost'
  23. Libya: Abubakar Gassama in Prison in Misrata Libya Father Calls for His Release
  24. Morocco/Rwanda: Duo Head to Morocco for Specialised Treatment
  25. Nigeria: 18 Killed in Attack On Maiduguri Mosque
  26. Cote d'Ivoire: Heading to 'Watershed' Presidential Polls
  27. Liberia: It's Time to Put Local Communities in Charge of Forests
  28. Mali: Leader of Troubled Mali Seeking Renewed International Support
  29. Cote d'Ivoire: Presidential Election - What's At Stake for Stability?
  30. East Africa: Lessons in Refugee Hospitality From the Horn of Africa
  31. Africa: Paris Police Clear 1,300 Migrants From Abandoned School
  32. Kenya: New York Now Has Lupita Nyong'o Day
  33. Kenya: Officials Say Pope Looking Forward to Nairobi Mass
  34. Ethiopia: Latest MDG Progress Report Released
  35. South Africa: Education Minister Nzimande Withheld Report On Free Varsity Education
  36. South Africa: Issue of Free Education Will Be Followed Up On - President
  37. South Africa: Will Zuma Still Address the Union Buildings Protesters?
  38. South Africa: Economic Realities Versus the 'FeesMustFall' Movement
  39. South Africa: How to Structure a System That Benefits Poor Students
  40. South Africa: Students Recover From Injuries After Police Action - Protest Leaders
  41. South Africa: Illegal Hunter Mauled to Death By Lions
  42. South Africa: Why Nuclear Plan Is Everyone's Business
  43. No compensation for razed houses
  44. ‘Return PSMAS $100k, resign’
  45. President caps 1 883 GZU graduates
  46. India remains Africa’s all-weather friend
  47. ‘VP Mnangagwa did not snub Zanele’s burial’
  48. Mushohwe implores media to report responsibly
  49. Prof Moyo’s daughter buried
  50. Cabinet sits on Monday
  51. China: Creating facts on British ground
  52. ‘I’m the game changer’
  53. A Simple Act Such As Wearing A Hoodie Landed This Man In In Jail
  54. Haptom Zarhum Lynching: They Killed Him Because He Was Black
  55. 10 Amazing Facts About Tanzania
  56. Sexual Beast Jared Fogle Gets Away With Minimum Payout To Victims And Slap On Wrist –
  57. Outrage As Israel Refuses To Arrest Jews Who Lynched African Refugee
  58. Egypt: Egyptian Women Make Gains in Parliamentary Ballot Box
  59. Algeria: French, Malian Presidents Pay Glowing Homage to Algeria
  60. Morocco: U.S. Companies See Opportunities in Morocco's Agricultural Sector
  61. Libya: Hardliners Will Not 'Hijack' Libyan Political Process - UN Envoy
  62. Uganda: Algeria, Uganda for 'Fair,' 'Lasting' Settlement of Western Sahara's Conflict
  63. Mauritania: Women, Children, Refugees Bear Brunt of Food Crisis
  64. Cameroon: Harvesting Floodwater Brings Better Health
  65. Nigeria: Forced Evictions Leave Slum Dwellers Homeless
  66. Nigeria: Men Accused of Writing Exams for Girlfriends
  67. Mali: Hollande Promises Millions in Aid for Mali
  68. South Sudan: UN Calls for Access to Conflict-Affected Areas to Prevent 'Catastrophe'
  69. Kenya: Millions Raised to Help Somali Refugees Return Home
  70. Kenya: Kenyatta Gives Kenyans Permission to Annoy ICC Judges With Prayers
  71. Africa: Africa's Senior Citizens Cornered By Poverty
  72. Ethiopia: New Cabinet, New Plan, New Direction?
  73. Southern Africa: Universal Health Care a Tall Order Given Poor Region's Finances
  74. Africa: 3D-Inspired Hi-Tech Buoy Takes Marine Monitoring to New Levels
  75. South Africa: How Higher Education Leaders Missed a Golden Opportunity
  76. South Africa: #FortHareCrisis Deepens Over Fee Increases
  77. South Africa: President Zuma Agrees to Meet Protesting Students
  78. Africa: Free Education Is a Worthy Goal, but South Africa Isn't Ready for It Yet
  79. South Africa: 80 Arrested for Attacks On Foreign-Owned Businesses in Grahamstown
  80. Hundreds mourn Zanele
  81. Cabinet consoles Moyo family
  82. Don’t push Govt to act
  83. ‘Desist from hate speech’
  84. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Alternative to death sentence way to go
  85. I haven’t decided yet, says Jere
  86. Busy Signal jets in today
  87. Undenge’s maintenance appeal hits snag
  88. Tshinga Dube backs Gwarada
  89. Kariba water levels keep falling
  90. A Deeper Look Into The Life Of Mansa Musa – The Richest Human Being Who Ever Lived
  91. Corey Jones Was A Church Drummer Stranded On The Side Of The Road…Until A Cop Killed
  92. Malcolm X Suggests Cure To Racism In Newly-Discovered Handwritten Letter?
  93. Egypt: New Central Bank Governor Appointed
  94. Uganda: Museveni in Trade, Security Talk With Algeria's Bouteflika
  95. Western Sahara: Moroccan Authorities Arrest Two Former Saharawi Political Prisoners
  96. Western Sahara: A Saharawi Political Prisoner Began a Hunger Strike
  97. Western Sahara: Health Ministry Warns of Flood Effects On Health
  98. Africa: Don't Forget the Islands - Extending Africa's Boundaries of Knowledge
  99. Sierra Leone: Deaths Spread Fear of Ebola Relapses
  100. Nigeria: Oyo-Ita Is Nigeria's New Head of Service
  101. Nigeria: 3-Storey Building Collapses in Lagos
  102. Nigeria: 75% of Girls Get Married Before 18 - Action Aid
  103. Kenya: Microsoft Introduces Swahili Language Translator
  104. Kenya: Mashujaa Day... If Victorious Rebels Had Won the Kenyan Shooting War
  105. Kenya: Treasury Urges Speed on New Law for Taxes
  106. Mozambique: Former Rebels Urged to Disarm
  107. South Africa: Students Breach Parliament During Fee Demo
  108. South Africa: The Day the Students Stormed Parliament
  109. South Africa: Parliament 'Not Prepared for Protesting Students'
  110. South Africa: Funds Secured for Landmark SA Solar Facility
  111. South Africa: Only Pressure On Elites Can Ease University Fee Stress
  112. Namibia: San Set to Make Legal History With Etosha Land Claim
  113. South Africa: Hamas Leader Gets Huge Welcome in Cape Town
  114. EDITORIAL COMMENT: NSSA shake-up will open more avenues
  115. House deal backfires . . . as man loses $90 000 to fraudsters
  116. GetBucks set for $3,7m IPO
  117. Assad in surprise visit to Moscow
  118. Sino-Zim mega deals pick pace
  119. Death row prisoners seek to duck hangman’s noose
  120. PSMAS funnels $100k to minister. . . money unprocedurally sent to Parirenyatwa’s comp
  121. Angry students besiege SA parly
  122. Pasuwa’s riot act
  123. NSSA turns screws on investee firms
  124. South Africa On The Brink: Police Clash With Students In Largest Protests Since Apart
  125. The $5bn Project That Could Turn Ethiopia Into Africa’s Water Powerhouse
  126. Libya: From Africa’s Wealthiest Democracy To US-NATO Sponsored Terrorist Haven
  127. 5 High-Paying Careers That Don’t Require A 4-Year College Degree
  128. Alabama Judge Orders Hundreds To Give Blood Or Go To Jail
  129. Sudan Sends Troops To Yemen
  130. Can Africa’s Richest Man Save Zimbabwe’s Economy?
  131. Nigeria: Military Issues Third "Final" Warming to Boko Haram
  132. Eritrea: A Refugee's Gruelling Odyssey - From Eritrea to Germany
  133. Egypt: Morgan Freeman in Cairo to Film New Documentary
  134. Egypt: Govt, Media Scurry to Reverse Low Voter Turnout
  135. Egypt: More Voters Compared to First Day of Egypt Elections - NCHR
  136. Algeria: 1st International Mining Industry Show Opens in Algiers
  137. Nigeria: Ministerial List - Abuja Natives Stage Protest Over Non-Inclusion
  138. Nigeria: The Source Magazine Apologizes to Premium Times
  139. Nigeria: Buhari Sacks Head of Service, Kifasi
  140. Nigeria: Women Protest Radio Director's Arrest, Demand His Release
  141. Ghana: Ghana Resolves Dispute With Nigeria Over Unpaid Gas Bill
  142. Tanzania: Tanzanian Election May Hinge On Youth Vote
  143. Kenya: New Plan Needed to Make Contraceptives Accessible Again
  144. Kenya: Crash of Kalonzo's Plane Under Probe
  145. Africa: India - Do Not Welcome Bashir
  146. South Africa: Senators Tackle South Africa Over Chicken Import Restrictions
  147. South Africa: Students Reject 6 Percent Cap On Fee Increase
  148. South Africa: How an SMS Service Keeps Pregnant Women in Check
  149. South Africa: Fee Protests Point to a Much Deeper Problem at Universities
  150. South Africa: Boks Have to Be 'Better Than Best'
  151. South Africa: Nene Will Focus On Debt As Inflation Levels Out
  152. South Africa: 'We Can't Compromise With This Fee Increase'
  153. Africa: Attacks On Foreigners in South Africa Expose Refugee Women to New Dangers
  154. Busy Signal to celebrate carnival success
  155. Govt rolls out 100 000t food relief
  156. Drug mule dies with £41 000 cocaine in his stomach
  157. Nine arrested as SA’s varsity protests spread
  158. Old Mutual fraud: Garudzo’s wife jailed
  159. Litmus test for trade unionism…Constitutionality of NECs under spotlight
  160. ‘Regulate mobile banking’
  161. Warriors boycott training
  162. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Gaddafi: World dare not forget
  163. Fidelity eyes profit in Langford Estate
  164. Germany’s First Holocaust And Concentration Camp Was In Namibia
  165. Oprah Rakes In $60M In A Day From Weight Watchers Deal
  166. US Military Quietly Builds Giant Security Belt Across Of Africa
  167. Israel Wants Observer Status At The African Union
  168. Enemy Within: Ex-Chicago Schools Chief Pleads Guilty To $23 Million In Corruption And
  169. Over 7,000 People Detained By Chicago Cops At Off-The-Books Torture Site
  170. Terrorism Alert: Cops Dither As 6 Black Churches Are Torched In St. Louis
  171. NSSA fires Matiza
  172. Our miracle girls
  173. $1bn funding in pipeline
  174. Afrika Revenge joins Tuku for SA show
  175. Prof Moyo daughter: SA cops open murder probe
  176. PSMAS boss reinstated
  177. SA varsities closed over fee increases
  178. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Employers must honour termination pledges
  179. Migrant crisis: Thousands stranded at borders
  180. Pasuwa pardons Zvirekwi
  181. Egypt: Corrected - Elections Committee Says Turnout of 1.19 Percent of Egyptians By N
  182. Egypt: Novelist Gamal Al-Ghitani Dies At 70
  183. Tunisia: IMF Projects Growth Increase to 4.7 Percent for Tunisia By 2020
  184. Egypt: 'Moderate' Turnout in Voting Abroad in Egypt Elections - Diplomat
  185. Egypt: As Egypt Votes, Many to Boycott Elections in Cairo
  186. Nigeria: The Source Magazine's Unprovoked Attack On Premium Times - Our Stand
  187. Nigeria: Buhari's Era Will Rekindle Hope for Black Race - Former U.S. Ambassador Carr
  188. Nigeria: The Highs and Lows of Ministerial Screening
  189. Sierra Leone: Ebola Beds Saved 40,000 in Sierra Leone
  190. Nigeria: Women's Cabinet Hopes Raised, Then Dashed
  191. Uganda: Govt Targets Houses, Cars in New Spy Operation
  192. Kenya: Transforming Mandera County's Deadly Reputation for Maternal Health
  193. Tanzania: Poll Will Be Like No Other, Analysts Say
  194. Uganda: 108 UPDF Soldiers Fly to South Africa for Training
  195. Tanzania: Hinks Assures Full Support to JMK Youth Park
  196. Swaziland: Committee Tells Swazi Speaker to Quit
  197. South Africa: Shell Gets Nod to Drill Wells in Orange Basin
  198. South Africa: A Blanket University Fee Reduction Benefits the Wealthy
  199. Zimbabwe: Govt Battling to Feed Its People - VP Mnangagwa
  200. Zambia: President Leads Day of Prayer for the Economy
  201. Angola: President Pardons Dozens
  202. South Africa: Why SA Needs Specialised Detective Units
  203. Lamar Odom Was Robbed While Unconscious At Bunny Ranch
  204. Gun Control And The Disarming Of Black Americans
  205. Israel: Jewish Mob Lynch And Murder African Refugee
  206. Britain: The Worlds Worst Mass Murderer…Or The Charles Manson Of Nations
  207. Egypt: Voting Kicks Off In Parliamentary Election
  208. Libya: Security Council Urges Parties to Endorse and Sign Political Deal
  209. Western Sahara: President of Republic Supervises Opening Work of Judicial Year 2015-2
  210. Algeria: 17 October 1961 Events, Peak of Contribution of Algerians Settled Abroad to
  211. Egypt: Egypt's Elections Under the Spotlight By Observation Missions
  212. Guinea: President Alpha Conde Easily Wins Re-Election
  213. Zimbabwe: Dangote Secures Investment Licence
  214. Ghana: Ghana Pays U.S.$10 Million to N-Gas
  215. West Africa: Wapco Defers Decision to Cut Gas Supplies to Ghana
  216. Ghana: World Bank Boss to Launch Poverty Report in Ghana Today
  217. Kenya: Carrots, Yams, Fruits or Omena - I Make Cakes From Any Produce
  218. Kenya: We Respect the ICC, but Reject Evidence Charade - Duale
  219. Kenya: Body Buried Mistakenly After Garissa Attack Exhumed
  220. Kenya: Kiambu Beauty Crowned Miss World Kenya
  221. Somalia: Gunmen Dressed in Govt Military Uniform Rape Women Near Afgoye Town
  222. Mozambique: Refugees Shun Europe for Southern Africa
  223. Zimbabwe: Govt Fails to Curb Escalating Unemployment Crisis
  224. Zimbabwe: Moyo's Daughter Struggled With Depression
  225. Zimbabwe: Macheso Rehires 'Rebels' for New Album
  226. Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe Now De Facto President of Zimbabwe
  227. Angola: Agroangola - Coffee Production Needs Strong Mechanisation
  228. Angola: Hockey - Académica De Luanda Thrash Académica Do Lobito
  229. Decline in agric activity hampers economic growth
  230. Mighty Warriors make history with Rio date!
  231. NGOs fail to account for $224m donor funds
  232. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Sable crisis requires win-win scenario
  233. Typhoon Koppu sweeps through the Philippines
  234. ‘ZETDC not a credible off-taker’
  235. Cinemas lose their lustre
  236. Gulliver bosses sued over firm’s collapse
  237. Tourist arrivals in Q1 up 7pc
  238. Prison escapee faces 19 counts of robbery
  239. Thug Cops Pepper-Spray School Kids Protesting Cop Caught On Film Body-Slamming Teen
  240. Nigeria: 22 Killed In Fresh Suicide Attacks By Suspected Muslim Terrorists
  241. The 20 Richest Drug Dealers Of All Time
  242. Tunisia: Launch of Tunisia-Africa Business Council
  243. Egypt: Brotherhood Protest Against Elections in Alexandria
  244. Kenya: MCAs Defend Trip to Egypt Amid Luxury Claims
  245. Morocco: HM the King, Amir Al Mouminine, Performs Friday Prayer in Al Andalous Mosque
  246. Morocco: "Tangier-Metropolis" Program - HM the King Dedicates and Launches Set of Cul
  247. Nigeria: Nigerians Set Agenda for New Ministers
  248. Burkina Faso: Coup Leader Charged With Crime Against Humanity
  249. Guinea: President Alpha Conde On Track for Re-Election
  250. Nigeria/Burkina Faso: Super Eagles Beat Burkina Faso