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  1. ‘No room for gays in Kenya’
  2. BRICS nations’ NDB opens in Shanghai
  3. Botswana High Court Registrar wins case
  4. Court ruling costs 700 jobs in 5 days
  5. US, Netherlands fund vendors’ union
  6. Investment projects to rake in $16m
  7. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Kasukuwere’s example worth emulating
  8. Manyuchi targets british star khan
  9. General Wesley Clark Calls For Putting “Disloyal” Americans In Internment Camps
  10. Malian Masons Rebuild Timbuktu Tombs After Arab Destruction
  11. EFF Won’t Rest Until Africa Is Free From Economic Exploitation
  12. Black Mississippi Terrorist Flag Supporter Dies In Traffic Accident
  13. African Leaders Must Help The Continent, Not Sell It Off
  14. China Deal Threatens Only American Military Base In Africa?
  15. Israel’s War On Its Black Population
  16. Kasukuwere distances self from succession talk
  17. Ruling triggers fierce job losses •Companies fire hundreds since Friday •Urgent Govt
  18. Zanu-PF bags Mwenezi East seat
  19. Gomwe put to his defence
  20. Egypt: Sexual Violations At "Highest" Rate During Past Eid - Initiative
  21. Algeria: Terrorism - Nine Soldiers Killed, Two Wounded in Ain Defla
  22. Egypt: France Delivers Three Rafale Fighter-Planes to Egypt
  23. Morocco: Q&A - Tackling Taboos in Morocco's Art Scene
  24. Liberia: Court Date for Trafficked Liberian Girls From Lebanon
  25. Nigeria: Dark Country to Lead in Lighting the World
  26. Nigeria: Obama Praises Buhari's 'Integrity', 'Clear Agenda'
  27. Chad: Habre Brought Before Court 'By Force'
  28. Chad: Court Orders Habré Forced Appearance
  29. Liberia: 'No New Ebola Case' - Govt
  30. Burundi: Clashes Rock Bujumbura Ahead of Poll
  31. Sudan: Students Head for Syria to Join ISIS
  32. Uganda: Mineral Ore Export Ban Leaves Dealers in Tears
  33. Kenya: Obama to Deliver Stadium Address
  34. Rwanda: 'Our Children Should Not Forgive Us' - Rwanda Women Killers Recall Genocide
  35. South Africa: When and How Spending On Science Can Lead to Big Social Returns
  36. Mozambique: Nyusi Rejects Ex-Rebel's Demand to Govern
  37. South Africa: How Zuma-Linked Charities Flout the Rules
  38. Malawi: What's Driving Young People to Have Transactional Sex in Malawi's Slums
  39. South Africa: Marikana's Deep Throat
  40. South Africa: Zuma Recuperating After Gallstone Operation
  41. Nigeria: South Africa Returns Seized U.S.$15 Million to Nigerian Government
  42. South Africa: France Hosts 10-Country Anti-Tobacco Conference Amid Plain Package Deba
  43. Gono, Kereke case to proceed to hearing
  44. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Govt’s proactiveness commendable
  45. Sadc convenes meeting on Lesotho
  46. Quest looks to Govt for revival
  47. Zim artistes for us awards
  48. What a humiliation
  49. Sweswe joins ZPC Kariba
  50. Powertel leaves consumers in the lurch
  51. Being an ambassador for your country
  52. Govt to assist telecoms sector
  53. Nazi Queen: Home Movies Show Queen Elizabeth Performing Nazi Salute
  54. KKK Clash With Black Panthers At Confederate Flag Rally In South Carolina
  55. A Fight Inside Gabon’s Kleptocratic Dynasty Exposes The Complicity Of French Business
  56. Arab ISIL Terrorists Claims Kidnapping Of Three African Christians In Libya
  57. Algeria: Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Killing of Soldiers
  58. Egypt: 5 Security Personnel Killed in North Sinai Militant Attack - State Agency
  59. Egypt: Army Says 3 Security Personnel Killed By "Random Shell" On North Sinai Checkpo
  60. Egypt: Rise in Verbal Harassment Incidents, No Mob Harassment On 2nd Day of Eid - Ini
  61. Egypt: 7 Army Personnel Killed in Fighting in North Sinai On Saturday - Army Spokesma
  62. Nigeria: Obama, Buhari, and African Policy Dilemmas
  63. Chad: We Have Solid Evidence, Says Habre Prosecutor
  64. Nigeria: Hail to the Chiefs
  65. Ghana: World Bank Approves Huge Budget Support
  66. Mali: UNESCO Refers Insurgent Destruction of Shrines to ICC
  67. Burundi: Opposition Leaders to Boycott Elections
  68. Somalia: Deadly Car Bomb Hits AU Vehicle
  69. South Africa: SRCC Appeals for Peace and Reconciliation in Somalia As World Marks Nel
  70. Somalia: Somali President Extends Amnesty for Al Shabaab Fighters
  71. Kenya/South Africa: Brave Starlets Fall to Lone Banyana Goal
  72. Southern Africa: A Tale of Two Kingdoms
  73. South Africa: President Jacob Zuma Discharged From Hospital
  74. Africa: Woman Pilot Gets Africa's First Drone Licence
  75. South Africa: Surfer Survives Shark Attack
  76. Zimbabwe: Giants Feel the Heat As Economy Tumbles
  77. Zimbabwe: Labour Laws Need Alignment
  78. Zimbabwe: Drama As Bhasikiti 'Arrests' Female CIO Agent Who Had Been Trailing Him for
  79. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Manyuchi deserves national support
  80. UK royals, Nazi relations to be uncovered
  81. Cigarette dealer fined
  82. MP’s firm bilks $1m Zinara funds
  83. Panashe vies for Top Model title
  84. AU launches new Somalia offensive
  85. Takura to inject $33m into Cairns
  86. Unstoppable Charles…champion Manyuchi retains WBC belt
  87. Mnangagwa tours giant Belarus firm
  88. Young Warriors choke
  89. The iPad for poor people has arrived, here is our review
  90. The iPad for poor people has arrived, here is our review
  91. Fractured image effect – Photoshop CS6
  92. Asus Xonar U7 sound card has a built-in Headphone Amp
  93. The iPad for poor people has arrived, here is our review
  94. Fractured image effect – Photoshop CS6
  95. Amazon Kindle Fire tablets hd was arrived
  96. Western Sahara: EU Backs UN Efforts to Settle Conflict With Morocco
  97. Algeria: Islamist Gunmen Kill Soldiers - Security Source
  98. Egypt: Armed Forces Greets Sisi On Eid
  99. Egypt: FM - Egyptian People Capable of Making Their Own Decision
  100. Egypt: PM Holds Meeting On Scientific Institute
  101. Nigeria: Two Planes Collide in Lagos
  102. Nigeria: Twin Blasts Leave Over a Dozen Dead
  103. Ghana: Stakeholders Call for Ban On Plastics
  104. Nigeria: Dickson Hails Muslims On Ramadan Fast
  105. Nigeria: Brace Up for Service, Ugwuanyi Tells Commissioners, Aides
  106. Kenya: Westgate Mall Re-Opens Two Years After Attack
  107. Burundi: President Says Poll Is On Despite Threats
  108. Kenya: Grandma Accepts She Won't Cook for Obama
  109. Kenya: Westgate Mall Re-Opens Amid Security Concerns
  110. Kenya: Westgate Shopping Mall to Reopens
  111. South Africa: Scores Injured in Johannesburg Train Crash
  112. Zambia: President Commutes Death Sentences
  113. Zimbabwe: Calls for 'Generous' Cash Donations for Grace Mugabe's Birthday
  114. South Africa: Community Service Activities Mark Nelson Mandela Day
  115. Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe Refuses to Shake Minister's Hand
  116. Zimbabwe: Zim Now Needs a Pragmatic Leader
  117. Malawi: Opposition Leader Dies
  118. Zimbabwe: Assailants Attack High School Lovers, Kill Girl and Toss Body Into Zambezi
  119. Zim take Davis Cup lead
  120. Caught between faith, reason. . . prophet ‘turns’ snakes to ‘chocolates’ . . . ‘mirac
  121. Tanzania’s Serengeti Voted World’s Best Safari
  122. Puppet Of France: Burkina Faso’s Ex-President Charged With Treason
  123. Jamaican Scientist Offered $11 Billion For His Cancer Research Patent
  124. South Africa: All 10 South Africans Detained in China Heading Home - Dirco
  125. All eyes on Manyuchi
  126. Egypt: Security Forces Raid News Offices
  127. Libya: Security Council Urges All Libyan Parties to Unite in Support of New Political
  128. Egypt: Islamic State Claims Missile Attack On Navy Vessel, Army Killed 22 Militants
  129. Egypt: Egypt Police Raids News Network HQ, Describes It As "Brotherhood Media Committ
  130. Egypt: Arbitrary Detention of Young Individuals Is Systemic and Widespread Says UN Wo
  131. Nigeria: Suicide Bombers Kill Muslim Worshippers
  132. Nigeria: Bomb Blast Hits Prayers for Eid
  133. Cameroon: Now Face Veils Banned in Cameroon Region
  134. Gambia: Journalists Trained On Ethical Reporting of Gender-Based Violence
  135. Liberia: Millions Vulnerable to Climate Change
  136. Sudan: Gunmen Fire on Darfur Peacekeepers
  137. Somalia: Somaliland Losing Youth to Lure of Europe
  138. Ethiopia: FfD3 - Ends Adopting the "Addis Ababa Action Agenda"
  139. Ethiopia: FfD3 - Political Support Crucial for Successful Domestic Resource Mobilizat
  140. Somalia: Full-Fledged UN Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia Would Be 'High-Risk Undertak
  141. Zambia: Judge Grants Bail to Arrested Zambian Journalists
  142. Africa: What It Takes to Teach a Large Class - and Do It Well
  143. South Africa: Human Trafficking in South Africa - an Elusive Statistical Nightmare
  144. South Africa: Unpacking the Secrets of South Africa's Dolerite Sills
  145. Zambia: World Press Group Condemns Charges Against Journalists
  146. Zambia: Journalists Arrested in Lusaka
  147. South Africa: What Really Happened to the Young Man Who Died Last Weekend
  148. Dzamara: When one is more than a million
  149. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Labour laws need alignment
  150. Why you must fight to break the bondage of being average
  151. VP Mnangagwa leaves for Belarus
  152. Dead end for Bhasikiti
  153. Chidyausiku dresses down Biti
  154. Govt keen on dairy revival. . . $500k availed for resuscitation of herd
  155. President to PSMAS’ rescue
  156. Shock ruling on job termination…Judgment a threat to job security, say labour experts
  157. $10 000 reward for Dzamara
  158. Dangote Group On The Africa Opportunity
  159. South Africa: Bright Future For Black Industrialists
  160. Nine Things You Did Not Know About Robert Mugabe
  161. Pop Stars And Their Patronisation Of Africa
  162. ‘I Have Become Radicalized': Ta-Nehisi Coates On His ‘Low Expectations’ For White Ame
  163. The Price Of Success For Blacks In Brazil – Career Ascension Is Not A Shield Against
  164. Dominican Republic’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’
  165. Southern Africa: Why a Regional Approach Could Help End Drug Stockouts
  166. Egypt: Counter-Terrorism Law Would Seriously Undermine Rights
  167. Egypt: "Eohr" Calls for the Egyptian Government to Immediately Investigate On the Bom
  168. Egypt: Amnesty Says Egypt's Proposed Anti-Terrorism Draft Law Is 'Repressive', Adding
  169. Kenya: Storm Over Kit
  170. Egypt: Mr. Chancellor / Ibrahim Henedy Minister of Transitional Justice
  171. Nigeria: 'Twin Blasts' Rock Market in Northern Nigeria
  172. Nigeria: U.S. Visit - Security, Economy My Top Priorities - Buhari
  173. Chad: Will Habré Break Silence At Trial?
  174. Nigeria: Blasts Rock Gombe Market
  175. Liberia: Citizens Demand Autopsy On Thompson's Corpse
  176. Burundi: UN Experts Call for Action to Avoid 'Mass Atrocities'
  177. Somalia: Militants Killed in Somali Drone Attack
  178. Sudan: Deadly Tribal Clashes Break Out in Darfur
  179. Kenya: Kenya Hostile to Journalists - CPJ
  180. Somalia: Reports - Airstrikes Kill Al-Shabab Commanders in Somalia
  181. South Africa: Family Confident Tutu Will Recover
  182. South Africa: Why Indigenous Knowledge Has a Place in School Science Curriculum
  183. Swaziland: Release of Leaders 'Changes Nothing'
  184. South Africa: Ancient Plant Eating Cousins From Brazil and South Africa Are Reunited
  185. Africa: Brics Herald New Era in International Political Economy
  186. Lesotho: Large Turn-Out for Lesotho National Sensitization Seminar
  187. South Africa: Western Cape ANC Wishes 'National Treasure' Tutu a Speedy Recovery
  188. Angola: Five Simple Things That Could Get You Arrested in Angola
  189. Panic over world cup
  190. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Delivery is of paramount importance
  191. Govt to transform SPB
  192. Obama goes to prison
  193. Zim shoppers robbed, raped in SA
  194. Govt summons French envoy
  195. National social protection vital: VP
  196. Producer storms Nigeria
  197. Active Parly keeps boards in check
  198. Delta sales volumes drop
  199. Nigerian President Lists Priorities For Obama Visit
  200. Friday Is Kenny Day! Remembering Kenneth Harding Jr. On The 4th Anniversary Of His SF
  201. Report – European Firms Funding Civil War In Central African Republic
  202. Fearless Journalist And All-Round Badass Ida B. Wells Honored With Google Doodle
  203. First Black-American Woman To Own A Billion-Dollar Business Offers Tips For Success
  204. West Africa May Lead World’s Next Oil Production Boom
  205. Algeria: Souad Massi - the True Face of Islam
  206. Egypt: Urgent Appeal - New Cases of Enforced Disappearances of Students By the Securi
  207. Egypt: Sisi Inspects Road Projects in Cairo
  208. Egypt: President Sisi Takes Part in Egyptian Family's Iftar
  209. Egypt: Egypt's Economy Exceeds Expectations in 2014-2015
  210. Africa: Hunting in Africa - to Ban or Not to Ban?
  211. Cameroon: Women Face Slavery in Middle East
  212. Sierra Leone: Civil Society Calls for Probe of 'Unexplained Wealth'
  213. West Africa: U.S. $3.2 Billion Needed for Ebola Recovery
  214. Liberia: Ebola Virus Survivors Instinct - Sex Eclipses Dog Theory
  215. Burundi: Museveni Returns Home, Leaves Defence Minister to Mediate
  216. Tanzania: A 'Young' Country Faces a Turning Point
  217. Kenya: 19 Suspected Gay Students Dismissed
  218. Rwanda: MPs Back Referendum on Third Presidential Term
  219. Angola: Army Officer Arrested Over Alleged Coup Plot
  220. Swaziland: Democracy Leaders Freed On Bail
  221. South Africa: Vocational Training Is Not an Easy Alternative to Formal Schooling
  222. South Africa: Unlocking the Mystery of How True Seals Disappeared From the Cape
  223. South Africa: Mosses and Lichens Come to the Rescue in Battle Against Air Pollution
  224. South Africa: Endangered African Penguins On the Rebound, but Not Yet in the Clear
  225. South Africa: Scramble for Resources - the Mining Time Bomb
  226. WB revises Zim’s growth prospects
  227. EDITORIAL COMMENT: ZETDC’s efforts must be applauded, supported
  228. Young Warriors, SA cross swords
  229. VP Mnangagwa set for Europe trade, investment trip
  230. Spotlight on youth
  231. Party, Government called to action
  232. Gospel dish for Chi-town
  233. Inflation for June at -2,81pc
  234. Patriotism or jingoism?
  235. Warriors in WC quandary
  236. Does South Africa’s Black-Phobic Blacks Suffer Inferiority Complex?
  237. Angolans Resentful As China Tightens Its Economic Grip
  238. ‘Madonna Turns Malawi Adopted Kids Into Slaves’
  239. Obama: Criminal Justice System ‘Skewed By Race And By Wealth’
  240. For First Time, Number Of Black Kids In Poverty Overtakes Number Of White Kids
  241. Mississippi Cop Said ‘I’m Gonna Get That N*gger’ Before Strangling Jonathan Sanders T
  242. US Supplies Egypt With War Ships, In Talks To Establish Drone Base
  243. Africa: Why Africa May Leave the International Criminal Court
  244. North Africa: Islamic State's Expansion into Libya Threatens Region
  245. Egypt: Egyptian Stock Market Lifted After Greece Bailout Deal
  246. Africa: Access-SMC Website Launched
  247. Egypt: Sisi Lauds Italy's Support for Egypt in Fight Against Terror
  248. Egypt: Egypt's Diplomacy Briefs Int'l Community On New Suez Canal - FM
  249. Nigeria: Buhari Aims at North-South Balance for New Military Chiefs
  250. Cameroon: Twin Suicide Bombings Hit Northern City