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  1. Judgment reserved in adultery case
  2. Nzimande pledges to tackle varsities transformation
  3. Abusive messages land losing candidate in trouble
  4. Ire over 5 000 percent rise in Aids drug price
  5. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Untainted leaders required to run PSMAS
  6. Zim actress shines in Nigeria
  7. A Year After Murdering An Innocent Woman, New Video Shows Cops Lied About Her Having
  8. A Slow But Sure End To Françafrique?
  9. South Africa: Black People Must Just Shut Up
  10. Morocco: Court Rules French Rail Company SNCF Discriminated Against Moroccan Rail Wor
  11. Egypt: New Egyptian Government Sworn In
  12. Egypt: Witnesses - Egypt Flooding Tunnels to Gaza Strip
  13. Egypt: Bourse Declines Following Five-Day Rally
  14. Egypt: Egypt Top Recipient of Aid At U.S.$5.5 Billion in 2013 - UN Report
  15. Burkina Faso: Draft Deal to End Coup Crisis Denounced
  16. Mali: Militants Cast Their Web Wider
  17. Nigeria: Saraki Not in Court As Tribunal Resumes
  18. Ghana: Suspect in Gay Hate Crime Arrested
  19. Nigeria: How Boko Haram Keeps Its Secrets Secret
  20. Kenya: Court Overrules Kenyatta School Closure
  21. Kenya: Govt Opens Bids for Supply of Controversial School Laptops Again
  22. Kenya: Westgate Mall Marks Second Anniversary of Terror Attack
  23. Kenya: Encouraging Businesses Among Refugees Could Stem Rise of Terror Gangs - Study
  24. Uganda: Proposed Panty-Like Female Condom Excites Ugandan Market
  25. Zimbabwe: Struggling Cops Turn to Sales As Economy Bites
  26. Zimbabwe: VIDEO: Tour Driver Criticised After Elephant Attacks
  27. South Africa: Zim Govt's Cape Town Property Under the Hammer
  28. Zambia: Lungu Creates Five More Ministries
  29. South Africa: The Rugby World Cup and National Unity
  30. South Africa: Schools Must Offer African Language From Grade 1
  31. Swaziland: King 'To Meet Democracy Groups'
  32. South Africa: Untangling the Regulatory Yoke for Businesses in South Africa
  33. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Business opportunities vast within Africa
  34. Mangoma trial begins
  35. Zimphia: Taking on stigma
  36. Of Chinese dragons, black cats, snakes and superstition
  37. It’s now game on
  38. Woman fights law of adultery
  39. Govt dissolves Zetdc board
  40. Museveni gets nod to run again in elections
  41. ‘Let’s use what we have to grow economy’
  42. More heads roll at PSMAS
  43. Eritreans Flee Afwerki’s Iron-Fisted Rule
  44. Ethiopia’s New Light Rail System
  45. South Africa’s New Human Ancestor Sparks Race Row
  46. Nkrumah Betrayed: Seek Ye First A United States Of Africa
  47. Racial Democracy Or Informal Apartheid? South Africa And Brazil
  48. 6 Black-Owned Nail Polish Brands You Should Know About
  49. The Politicians And The People You Love – The Gantt Report
  50. Libya: UN Mission in Libya Urges Immediate Ceasefire
  51. Tunisia: Caid Essebsi Sends Condolences to Ruler of Dubai
  52. Burkina Faso: Tunisia Castigates "Pronunciamento Against Democratic Process in Burkin
  53. Tunisia: Investigative Journalism, Means to Reposition Oneself and Achieve Surplus Va
  54. Morocco: French Pres. François Hollande Arrives in Tangiers
  55. West Africa: The 'Magic' Mobilized by the Private Sector to Defeat Ebola
  56. Cameroon: Young Suicide Duo Kill Three
  57. Burkina Faso: Coup Supporters Protest Mediation Talks
  58. Burkina Faso: Nation to Return to Civilian Rule After Coup
  59. Sierra Leone: Nation Faces Setback in Ebola Fight
  60. Kenya: We Lack Leadership in Ongoing Schools Crisis
  61. Kenya: Uhuru Confirms Pope's November Visit
  62. Kenya: Employer Withholds Sh8 Billion Teachers Loans
  63. Kenya: Jubilee MPs to Push for the Withdrawal of ICC Case Against Ruto
  64. Kenya: Ruto to File Appeal Against ICC Ruling On Witnesses On Monday
  65. South Africa: Thousands Evacuated From Rat-Infested Prison
  66. South Africa: Geothermal Tech Is Expensive, but Should Still Be Part of Energy Mix
  67. Zimbabwe: Walking Aided Mugabe in Uncharacteristic 17-Minute Heroes' Acre Speech
  68. Mozambique: Guebuza Libel Case - Prosecution Appeals
  69. South Africa: Tax Revenue Sees Massive Growth
  70. Zimbabwe: Non-Communicable Diseases Need Focus Too
  71. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Speech Blunder - Details Emerge
  72. Zimbabwe: Mapfumo Gets Moz 'Honour'
  73. Parties dismiss secret talks claims
  74. Govt vaccination targets 5m children
  75. Gender equity not rhetoric: President
  76. Red Cross boost for Chivi folk
  77. Chitungwiza councillors under spotlight
  78. Residents drag council to court
  79. Treasury pays NPA rental arrears
  80. Zanu-PF in clean sweep
  81. $5m People’s Market ready for occupation
  82. Exam fee payment to be staggered
  83. Nigeria: Buhari Lauds Obasajo's Role in Guinea Bissau Crisis
  84. South Africa: Conditions At Pollsmoor Disturbing - POPCRU
  85. Mozambique: Upgraded Maputo Runway Will Accommodate Largest Aircraft
  86. Egypt: New Ministers Sworn In
  87. Egypt: Who's Who in the New Cabinet?
  88. Egypt: Sisi Appoints Mehleb As His Assistant for National and Strategic Projects - Pr
  89. Egypt: Egypt Appoints New Prosecutor General
  90. Tunisia: PM to Take Part, Late September, in 70th Session of UN General Assembly
  91. Nigeria: 2015 Polls: How Jonathan Govt Used Vans to Cart Away Billions
  92. Burkina Faso: AU Suspends Burkina Faso After Coup
  93. Senegal: Climate-Smart Development Crystallises On Salt Flats
  94. Nigeria: U.S $700 Million Sovereign Wealth Fund Missing
  95. Kenya: Al-Shabaab Scare Causes Stampede
  96. Kenya: Kenyatta Urged to Cancel US Trip Over Teachers' Strike
  97. Burundi: Beyond Political Violence - an Economy in Crisis
  98. Kenya: Voices of Reason Will Solve Row On Salaries
  99. Kenya: Pope Francis to Hold Talks With Uhuru During Maiden Visit
  100. South Africa: Students Cause 'R30m Worth of Damage in Drunken Rampage'
  101. South Africa: Alleged Serial Rapist Caught
  102. South Africa: Is a Terrorist Attack Imminent?
  103. South Africa: Boks Stunned By 'Brave Blossoms'
  104. South Africa: Data an Expensive Luxury but Free Internet May Not Come Free
  105. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Never Promised 2 Million New Jobs, Says Minister
  106. South Africa: No Clarity On Oscar Release
  107. Live blog: Dr sikhanyiso ndlovu burial
  108. Govt gazettes new fuel prices
  109. Tributes galore for educationist, hero
  110. National Hero Ndlovu unifier, educationist
  111. VP Mphoko meets Nyusi
  112. Mliswa falls on hard times
  113. HIV survey to boost health sector
  114. Treasury releases $14m for grain payments
  115. ZANU-PF confident of bagging Mbire seat
  116. Woman dies at training centre
  117. Senegal/Burkina Faso: Early Goal Gives Senegal Football Gold
  118. South Africa: Suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Johannesburg
  119. Egypt: Egypt Says Ambassador to Mexico Was Not Summoned
  120. Morocco: Western Sahara - Better Now Than the Inevitable Later - Robert M. Holley
  121. Tunisia: France and Tunisia Must Better Arm Their Security Device to Face Up Terroris
  122. Tunisia: Caid Essebsi Receives French Justice Minister
  123. Egypt: Egyptian-Chinese Cooperation On Petroleum Research
  124. Burkina Faso: Coup Leaders Free Interim President Kafando
  125. Nigeria: Govt Seeks Warrant to Arrest Senate President Bukole Saraki
  126. Burkina Faso: The Old Guard Vs. the People, Round 2
  127. Nigeria: Explosion Kills Four in Port Harcourt
  128. Nigeria: 18 States Receive Bail-Out Funds
  129. Kenya: Govt Closes All Schools Over Teachers' Strike
  130. Kenya: Opposition Calls for Motion to Impeach Kenyatta
  131. Burundi: Appalling Human Rights Abuses in Burundi
  132. Tanzania: Opposition Members Defect to Ruling CCM
  133. Uganda: Court Orders Arrest of Besigye, Lukwago
  134. South Africa: How a Wage Subsidy Can Alleviate Youth Unemployment
  135. South Africa: The Politics of Public Housing
  136. Malawi: Teacher Pleads Guilty of Selling Albino Girl, Remanded to Prison
  137. Africa: Clever Spending and Policies Can Bring More Women to Science
  138. Zimbabwe: Woman Dies After Genital Cutting Aimed At Conception
  139. South Africa: Will Oscar Pistorius Be Released Today?
  140. South Africa: Rugby Museum in Top One Percent of World's Attractions
  141. South Africa: Union Hopes for Sequestration of Aurora Directors
  142. Death toll in South Sudan oil tanker explosion hits 182
  143. Soldiers beat up scribes in coup aftermath
  144. Russia, US to start military talks over Syria
  145. Ndiraya, Mapeza clash
  146. FIFA chief is the biggest fish trapped in the world cup tickets pool of shame
  147. How Mine eye Pasuwa
  148. Masomere speaks out on ouster
  149. Dube talks tough amid raging scandal
  150. Bhunu hails tennis team
  151. Manyuchi amateur boxing tourney on today
  152. The Global War Against Black Men
  153. Coup In Burkina Faso: French Backed Traitors In Charge
  154. Video Shows California Thug Cops Savagely Assaulting Teen
  155. Ethiopia’s Largest Railway Station Nearing Completion
  156. ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ The Latest Hollywood Propaganda Piece On Africa
  157. Egypt: Egypt Bans Publication On Killing of Tourists Investigation
  158. Tunisia: Parliamentary Groups, Tools of Instutionalisation of Political Diversity
  159. Tunisia: President of European Parliament to Visit Tunisia Next November (laura Baeza
  160. Algeria: Over 7,600 Mines Dating From Colonial Era Destroyed in August 2015
  161. Tunisia: Tunisia Teachers Strike for Pay Rise
  162. Burkina Faso: Former Presidential Guard is New Leader
  163. Burkina Faso: Ecowas, AU & UN Issue Joint Condemnation of Burkina Faso Coup
  164. Nigeria: 20 Killed in Plateau State Community Attack
  165. Nigeria: Okagbare Leads Nigeria to Win 4x100 Metre Relay Gold
  166. Nigeria: Education System Needs Overhaul
  167. Eritrea: Forced Labour Built Canadian Mine in Test Case - Former Official
  168. Africa: U.S. Businesses Visit Ethiopia As Part of Largest-Ever U.S.-Led Trade Mission
  169. Kenya: President Freezes Registration of New Land Companies
  170. Tanzania: Two Charged With Trafficking Ten Girls to Kenya
  171. Tanzania: Presidential Aspirant Promises Refugees Citizenship
  172. Mozambique: Renamo Threatens Revenge Attack
  173. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Fires Minister
  174. South Africa: Afrikaans Must Be Put in Its Place - Opposition Leader
  175. Africa: The Crucial Difference Between Weather and Climate
  176. South Africa: Rapist Grins, Thanks Magistrate, After Getting Five Life Terms
  177. Zimbabwe: No, Zimbabwe Is Not the World's Second Poorest Country
  178. Mozambique: Nation Declared Free of Land Mines
  179. Zimbabwe: Opposition Says 'Impeach' Mugabe
  180. Butau sues The Herald, Sunday Mail
  181. President invites Chinese leader to Zim
  182. Youths to benefit from chrome exports, says VP Mnangagwa
  183. Zimpapers dominates media mining awards nominations
  184. Byo to give huge send off to Sikhanyiso Ndlovu
  185. Hara drops bombshell
  186. Masomere quits How Mine
  187. Govt to roll out $3m HIV survey
  188. Minister Langa booted out
  189. Mliswa rips into Mujuru
  190. Remember They Said Zimbabwe Was The Poorest Country, Turns Out That’s A Lie
  191. 12 Reasons Why You Should Buy Kantanka Automobiles
  192. The DR Congo Is Having One Of The Best Years Ever
  193. 10 Astonishing Facts On Ethiopia’s Turnaround, How It Did It, And The Unseen Forces D
  194. Five Innovative Nigerian Startups In 2015
  195. The Nigerian Military’s New Victories Against Boko Haram Are Significant
  196. Tunisia: Govt Digs Large Moat to Keep Refugees At Bay
  197. Libya: Inter-Libyan Dialogue Reaches Crucial, Decisive Stage, Says Messahel
  198. Egypt: An Open Letter From Egypt to the People of Mexico By Egypt's Foreign Minister
  199. Algeria: Court Lifts Restrictive Measure of House Arrest Against Rachid Mesli
  200. Algeria: Rachid Mesli Remains Under House Arrest
  201. Ghana: Alert in Ghana Over Isis Terrorist Group Recruitment
  202. Nigeria: Saraki Reacts to Corruption Charges
  203. Nigeria: Haj Commission Welcomes Compensation After Saudi Crane Crash
  204. Sierra Leone: Hundreds Quarantined After New Ebola Death
  205. Africa: Aftermath of Ebola Sparks a Rethink About Aid
  206. Kenya: Goat-Killing Menace Mutates to Clean Energy Source
  207. Africa: Changing Mindsets On Eggs, Grandmas and Motherhood
  208. East Africa: East Africa's Sufi Path to Countering Violent Extremism
  209. South Africa: Govt's Application on Bashir Ruling Dismissed
  210. Africa: A Refugee From Burundi Tells of Life in DR Congo
  211. South Africa: Upheaval At Universities an Opportunity to Remake Academia
  212. South Africa: Is Main Opposition's First Black Leader Saviour or Sell-Out?
  213. Africa: Shining Light On Lion Management Practices and Bone Trade
  214. Zimbabwe: What Will It Take to Unseat Ruling Party?
  215. Zimbabwe: Newspapers Lie a Lot About Me - Mugabe
  216. Zimbabwe: Opposition Legislators Receive Death Threats
  217. Zimbabwe: Govt 'Seriously' Considering Castration for Rapists
  218. Champions DeMbare destroy Whawha
  219. New ministry brings hope to culture sector
  220. Transform education system: President
  221. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Legislature has its work cut out
  222. Migrants head to Croatia as Hungary shuts borders
  223. RBZ licences NSSA building society
  224. Sable smuggling bid backfires for hunter
  225. Sikhanyiso Ndlovu national hero
  226. Copper production halt to hurt Zambia’s economy
  227. College enrolment scam sucks in duo
  228. Standing While Black: Apartheid Justice In America
  229. Zimbabwe Proposes Policy Shift To Land Rent
  230. Homo Naledi: “I Am No Grandchild Of Any Ape, Monkey Or Baboon”
  231. How Master P Turned $10,000 Into A $250 Million Business Empire
  232. How Aliko Dangote Became The Richest Black Man On The Planet And Africa’s Secret Weap
  233. North Korea Threatens Nigeria Over ‘Provocative Film’
  234. Meet The Nigerian Man Who Went From Refugee To Floyd Mayweather’s Personal Car Dealer
  235. Algeria: Intelligence Chief Sacked in Surprise Shake-Up
  236. Egypt: 11 Terrorists Killed in Major Operation in North Sinai
  237. Algeria: Sonatrach to Entrust Many Big Projects to Algerian Companies
  238. Africa: All Africa Games (boxing) - Gold for Flissi, Benbaaziz and Chadi, Silver for
  239. Africa: All Africa Games - Pugilist Benchebela Takes Gold
  240. Nigeria: Feminist Forum Raises Alarm On Increase in Campus Rape Cases
  241. Nigeria: Power Lifter Set New World Record at Africa Games
  242. Nigeria: Man Arrested for Homosexuality
  243. Sierra Leone: Belgian Case On Blood Diamonds Could Set Precedent
  244. Nigeria: 'Boko Haram Desperate, Recruiting Randomly'
  245. Rwanda: French Court Blocks Genocide Suspect's Extradition
  246. Kenya: Report Warns of Abuse in Kenya's War On Terror
  247. Kenya: New Technology Turns Human Faeces Into Charcoal
  248. East Africa: Tanzania Now Regional IT Hub
  249. Kenya: Teachers 'Ready to Lose September Salary'
  250. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Repeats Parliament Speech - By Mistake