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  1. West Africa: Hollande Offers to Host Anti-Boko Haram Summit On Cameroon Visit
  2. Burkina Faso: French Soldier Charged Over Child Sex Abuse
  3. Nigeria: We're Winning Against Boko Haram - Buhari
  4. Nigeria: What Nigerians Think About New 'Luxury Tax'
  5. Sudan: Eritrean Refugees Flee for 'Money and Freedom'
  6. Burundi: Children Bear Brunt of Political Instability, Violence - UN
  7. Kenya: MPs, Religious Leaders to Hold Anti-Gay Protest
  8. Kenya: Police Warn of Al-Shabaab Attack in Nairobi
  9. Tanzania: Govt Gives Free Land to Coax Flood Victims From Disaster Zones
  10. Lesotho: Region Steps In Over Lesotho Security Crisis
  11. South Africa: How the Women of Marikana Are Taking On the World Bank
  12. South Africa: Water Restrictions Imposed in KwaZulu-Natal
  13. Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe Says VPs Consult Her, Hints At 'Takeover'
  14. South Africa: Why the Governing Alliance Is Doing Some Serious Stock-Taking
  15. Zimbabwe: Biti Warns That Hungry Zimbabweans May Soon Start Eating Each Other
  16. Zambia: Ambassador's Wife Arrested for Attempted Murder
  17. Tunisia: Tributes Pour in for Victims of Tunisia Beach Massacre
  18. North Africa: Analysis - the Islamic State Is Coming for North Africa
  19. Tunisia: Police Arrest 12 Suspects Over Deadly Hotel Attack
  20. Algeria: Lung'aho Wants Girls to Up Their Game Ahead of This Week's Grand Prix in Alg
  21. Algeria: Algeria 'Strongly' Condemns Attack On Minusma in Northern Mali
  22. Nigeria: Boko Haram Beheads 11 of Its Own Members - Witnesses
  23. Liberia: No Information Yet on Source of New Ebola Infection - Official
  24. Liberia: Protesting Students Block Presidential Motorcade
  25. Nigeria: Nigeria Struck By New Wave of Boko Haram Atrocities
  26. Liberia: Ebola - As Virus Resurfaces, Unicef Teams and Supplies Arrive in Affected Ar
  27. Kenya: 10 Things You Need to Know About Genital Cutting
  28. Somalia: Counterfeit Medicine Endangering Somali Lives
  29. Rwanda: Spy Chief Case Appears 'Flimsy'
  30. Kenya: Police Crack Down on Illegal Brews
  31. Africa: Ethiopia Should Leave Africa
  32. Africa: What Stone Tools Found at Southern Tip Tell Us About the Human Story
  33. Mozambique: The Hopes of Gay Mozambicans
  34. South Africa: Tutus Renew Wedding Vows On 60th Anniversary
  35. Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe's Bedroom Coup
  36. South Africa: Wine, Land & the Pain of Transformation - a Heady Mix
  37. South Africa: South Africa - Marikana Perspectives, 1
  38. Malawi: Mutharika Faces Calls to Resign Over Bank's 'Mafia-Like' Sale
  39. South Africa: Bloemfontein Could Face Water Restrictions
  40. But, then, this is what Zimbabwe football is all about, an avalanche of negativity, m
  41. President proclaims by-elections date
  42. Last Minute Trip
  43. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Govt should ignore mad Tsvangirai
  44. Malema lays charges against Ramaphosa
  45. Parastatal boards face the chop
  46. Tears and cake
  47. BAR TALK: Of corrupt rulers and more nights of nothing
  48. The Grand Finale
  49. Presidential Investor’s Roundtable on cards
  50. Malema Backs President Mugabe
  51. Cops Refuse To Stop Chase Plowing Over Multiple Children, Killing Them During Neighbo
  52. Ethnic Cleansing: Detroit Braces For A Flood Of Tax Foreclosures
  53. Kenya Launches Africa’s Biggest Wind Power Project
  54. Ethiopia And Egypt: Dammed If You Do
  55. White People, If You’re Not Part Of The Solution, You’re Part Of The Problem
  56. Number Of Black Women-Owned Businesses Skyrocket By 322 Percent
  57. Tanzania: In Pursuit of Child Rights in Tanzania
  58. South Africa: Operation Fiela - I Saw Soldiers Moving Towards My Stall, Says Trader
  59. Tunisia: Suspects in Hotel Attack Arrested
  60. Tunisia: Bodies of 21 Tourists Victims of Sousse Terrorist Attack Flown Home
  61. Tunisia: Religious Affairs Ministry Dismisses Two Imams and Shuts Down Illegal Mosque
  62. Egypt: Gag Order Issued Over Egypt Top Prosecutor's Assassination
  63. Egypt: Egypt's Economic Growth Slows to Three PCT in Third Quarter of Past Fiscal Yea
  64. Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills Scores During Ramadan Prayers
  65. Mali: UN Peacekeepers Killed in Northern Mali
  66. Burkina Faso: French Soldiers Accused of Child Sex Abuse Detained in France
  67. Liberia: Govt Promises to Bring Ebola 'Under Control'
  68. Africa: Facebook Reveals Focus Countries on the Continent
  69. Burundi: Burundi Awaits Vote Results Amid Fatal Violence
  70. Kenya: Water ATMs Boost Nairobi Neighbourhoods
  71. South Sudan: UN Deplores Deadly Attack As Tensions in Country Simmer
  72. Kenya: Expected Rise in Interest Rates to Hit Mortgages
  73. Lesotho: Regional Experts to Probe General's Killing
  74. South Africa: Censorship of Online Content - Paternalism Versus Parental Guidance
  75. South Africa: PHOTO: 'Flying Car' Crashes into House
  76. Angola: Putin-Style Presidential Decree Ends NGO Independence in Angola
  77. Zimbabwe: Former Reserve Bank Governor's Home Burns Down
  78. Zimbabwe: VP Mnangagwa Not Justice Minister, Court Rules
  79. Paedophile French soldiers leave Burkina Faso
  80. Iran wants sanctions removed in toto
  81. Magaya dreams of meeting President
  82. Sadc chair in SA for Double Troika
  83. ‘Pupils can use smartphones’
  84. NIEEB headhunted Brainworks
  85. NPA told to earn public trust
  86. Potraz board fired over graft
  87. Malagasy president meets AU chair
  88. Editorial Comment: Cuban pragmatism, a people’s victory
  89. No Electricity No Problem: Nigerian Invents Gas-Powered Pressing Iron
  90. Three South African Teenage Girls Creating Africa’s First Private Satellite
  91. Meet The Man Voted Africa’s ‘President Of The Year’
  92. No, ‘Je Suis Charleston’?: The De-Politicization Of Black Oppression
  93. ‘Mugabe Is The Only Leader Holding Africa Together’
  94. How Powerful Is Ethiopia?
  95. Ethiopia Scrambles To Meet Property Demand In Booming Capital
  96. South Africa: Behind the Scourge of Child Rape
  97. Egypt: More Than 100 Die in Sinai Attacks
  98. Egypt: Caretaker Prosecutor General Appointed in Egypt - Prosecution Official
  99. Egypt: Security Casualties of Sinai Attacks Rise to 60 - Security Source
  100. Egypt: Sinai Militants Claim Responsibility for Attacks
  101. Libya: Internal Displacement Doubles in Libya Since September
  102. Liberia: Govt Investigates New Ebola Source
  103. Nigeria: Court Clears Fani-Kayode of Corruption Charges
  104. Nigeria: Oil Sector Reforms - Buhari May Scrap Some Govt Agencies
  105. Nigeria: Women, Girls Trained as Suicide Bombers in 'Rehabilitation'
  106. Nigeria: Kano Govt Backs Death Judgment for Blasphemy
  107. Burundi: Protesters Face Danger As Polls Held
  108. Tanzania: Children Rescued From Work in Gold Mines
  109. Somalia: Nation's Football Revival Lures Foreign Players
  110. Uganda: Army Hospital Keeps Drugs On Floor
  111. Kenya: Sliding Shilling Tops List of Worries for Businesses - Stanchart
  112. Lesotho: Concern Mounts Over Security in Lesotho
  113. Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe Wants A-G Fired
  114. South Africa: Why President Zuma Needs More Security - Police Minister
  115. South Africa: Govt Sells Vodacom Stake to Fund Eskom
  116. South Africa: Career Guidance Can Keep Disabled Kids From Slipping Through the Cracks
  117. South Africa: Frans Matlala Appointed As New SABC CEO
  118. South Africa: Disturbing Court Judgment Ignores Our Rights
  119. Zimbabwe: Is Sepp Blatter Robert Mugabe's Double?
  120. Odar Housing Consortium members arrested
  121. Gomwe’s trial fails to kick off
  122. We can meet Zim-Asset targets: First Lady
  123. Fire guts Gono’s house
  124. Stop It!
  125. ‘Mnangagwa not Justice minister’
  126. Police intercept 300 more boxes of ‘bronco’
  127. Stunner makes waves…•Rated among Africa’s Top 20 hip-hop artistes
  128. Zim FDI projects top $1bn in 2014
  129. Natfoods to diversify into dairy
  130. Embarrassing? How Long It Takes China To Create The Equivalent Of An African Economy
  131. Five-Year-Old African Girl Raped By French Soldier As Another Filmed It
  132. 10 Numbers That Show How A Few African Nations Are Winning
  133. Python Dies After Prickly Meal
  134. Serena Williams Refused To Play In South Carolina Over Confederate Flag
  135. Paul Kagame Breathes Fire Over Spy Chief’s Arrest
  136. Why This Black Defender Of The Confederate Flag Says Slavery Was ‘A Choice’
  137. South Sudan: Army Raped Girls and Burned Them Alive - UN
  138. South Africa: Professors Aren't Born - They Must Be Nurtured
  139. Egypt: Military Funeral Slated for Slain Prosecutor General
  140. Egypt: Court Sets Trial Date for Al Jazeera Journalists
  141. Morocco: International Student Movement for the United Nations Expresses Its Serious
  142. Egypt: Tunisia Condemns Assassination of Egypt's Public Prosecutor in Terrorist Attac
  143. Egypt: Foreign Ministry Denounces AI False Report About Egypt
  144. Liberia: New Ebola Case Reported
  145. Nigeria: National Petroleum Corporation Spent Trillions 'Illegally'
  146. Nigeria: Seek Creative Ways to Pay Salaries, Buhari Tells States
  147. Zambia: Former President Acquitted in Nigeria Oil Case
  148. Nigeria: Niger Region Struggles to Cope With Boko Haram Exodus
  149. Kenya: Govt Taken to Court Over Botched Abortion
  150. Kenya: Champs Walk 800km to Break 'Cycle of Violence'
  151. Seychelles: President Announces Removal of Import Duty On Electric Cars
  152. Rwanda: Climate Finance - Lessons From Rwanda
  153. Kenya: Kenya, Somalia in Talks to End Border Row Out of UN Court
  154. South Africa: What Discerning Book Thieves Tell Us About a Country's Reading Culture
  155. South Africa: Can Changing the Electoral System Increase Political Accountability?
  156. Lesotho: Opposition Boycotts Parliament Over Army Killing
  157. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Mocks U.S. Gay Marriage With Obama Proposal
  158. Swaziland: Supreme Court Frees Lawyer Maseko, Editor Makhubu
  159. South Africa: 10 Places Where Poop Shouldn't Be Found (But Is ...)
  160. South Africa: Deputy President Ramaphosa Deployed to Lesotho
  161. Africa: Facebook Establishes First Office in Africa
  162. Looking for village love
  163. Is there a perfect ref?
  164. Bhasikiti ouster aboveboard
  165. Sponsors dump Miss Zim Trust?
  166. Sadc deploys Ramaphosa to Lesotho
  167. Plane crash claims 113 people
  168. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Auditor-General must not labour in vain
  169. Fidelity secretary freed on bail
  170. Zanu-PF plunges into polls
  171. Zimpapers poised for growth, profitability
  172. What Happens When Oligarchs And Vigilantes Take Over Public Safety In A Big City
  173. Bree Newsome Took A Stand Climbing The SC Capitol Flag Pole To Remove The Confederate
  174. The Africa The Media Never Shows You – In Pictures
  175. Ethiopia Aims To Join International Space Station By 2025
  176. Mugabe Mocks U.S. Gay Marriage With Obama Proposal
  177. 16 Black Owned Beauty Brands You Need To Know
  178. Black-Owned Alternatives To Major Brands (A Guide To Buying Black)
  179. Africa: The Evolutionary Arms Race Between Bats and Moths
  180. AU refuses to observe Burundi polls
  181. New agency scouts for models
  182. EcoCash moves $11bn in four years
  183. ‘Tobacco marketing season to close on July 15’
  184. Nesto Manandi video out
  185. Murder plot backfires
  186. Bhasikiti has his day in court
  187. I Can Sing Gospel Talent show back on track
  188. Visually-impaired couple in court
  189. Evidence deleted in Fidelity saga
  190. Egypt: Journalists Pay the Price in Crackdown On Dissent
  191. Egypt: Car Bomb Kills State Prosecutor
  192. Tunisia: Set of Urgent Measures to Be Taken for Tourist Sector
  193. Tunisia: Hotel Management 'Cautioned Security Authorities'
  194. Liberia: U.S. Report Cites Causes for Human Violations
  195. Chad: Officers Killed in Raid On 'Boko Haram Hideout'
  196. Liberia: President Vows Shake-Up At State Oil Company - Report
  197. Cameroon: Flood-Hit Nation to Demolish Low-Lying Urban Homes
  198. Gambia: Gambia Rescinds Expulsion of Lebanese Business Tycoon
  199. Nigeria: El-Rufai Names #BBOG Co-Founder of Chief of Staff
  200. Burundi: Slow Start to Parliamentary Voting
  201. Kenya: Water Shortage to Hit Most Parts of Nairobi
  202. Sudan: Three Lessons in Repression From Khartoum to Juba
  203. Kenya: You're Boxing the Wrong Guy, Ruto Tells Raila
  204. Burundi: Polling Booths Open in Controversial Elections
  205. Lesotho: Former Army Chief 'Assassinated', Says Family
  206. South Africa: Do We Have the Humanity to Care for Others in a Post-Work Society?
  207. South Africa: Energy Body Says No to Electricity Hike
  208. Malawi: Govt Passes National Budget
  209. Botswana: Khama Declares Drought
  210. Africa: Global Recognition for South African Lab
  211. South Africa: When It's Not Good for the Sun to Shine On You
  212. Lesotho: General's Death 'Reverses Achievements' in Lesotho - SADC
  213. Zimbabwean Soldier Moves To Evict White Farmer
  214. Mozambique Legalizes Homosexuality
  215. U.S. Behind Regime Change Bid In Zimbabwe
  216. Black Churches Burned Across The South Since Charleston Massacre
  217. Artists’ Purchasing Initiative Shows Difficulty Of Finding Black-Owned Companies
  218. Obama’s Grand Deception And The Disregard For Black America
  219. The Temperature Of Black America
  220. Egypt: Sisi Phones Hollande Over Terror Attack
  221. Tunisia: Over 500 Injured in Explosion At Taiwan Water Park Party
  222. Egypt: PM Greets Sisi On June 30 Revolution
  223. Egypt: Egypt, Rwanda Mull Water Cooperation
  224. Egypt: Interior Minister - Efforts Maintained to Uproot Terrorism
  225. Nigeria: How I Escaped Plot to Abduct Me to Stop Me From Emerging As Senate President
  226. Nigeria: Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Leprosy Hospital
  227. Nigeria: Nigeria May Not Qualify for Afcon 2017 - Sunday Oliseh
  228. Zimbabwe: President Stormed Abuja to Malabo
  229. Nigeria: The Debate Over Public Officers' Pay
  230. Burundi: Parliament Head Quits Ahead of Polls
  231. Somalia: Deadly Battle Near Somalia-Kenya Border
  232. Somalia: Army Re-Takes AU Base From Al-Shabaab
  233. Burundi: Three More Killed in Burundi, Speaker Flees Ahead of Parliamentary Vote
  234. Burundi: Violence, Targeted Killings Consume Protests
  235. Africa: How Mapping Ancestral Genes Could Help the Fight Against TB
  236. South Africa: Rewriting Script Around Rape Statistics
  237. Malawi: I'm Not in Exile, Says Joyce Banda
  238. South Africa: Scary King Cricket Is a Beautiful Example of Evolution At Its Best
  239. Zimbabwe: VPs Give Mugabe Sleepless Nights
  240. Zimbabwe: Churches Not Exempt From Tax Laws
  241. Zimbabwe: Moyo's Love-Hate Relationship With Mugabe
  242. Zimbabwe: Quincy Antipas Extends Stay At Hobro Ik
  243. Car imports down
  244. SA to deport every fortnight
  245. PSMAS interim boss refuses to go
  246. Burna Boy raises heat
  247. Obama applauds gay marriage, sings Amazing Grace
  248. DeMbare ride their luck
  249. Bako poised for SA title
  250. Greece to avert capital flight