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  1. Lesotho: General's Death 'Reverses Achievements' in Lesotho - SADC
  2. Zimbabwean Soldier Moves To Evict White Farmer
  3. Mozambique Legalizes Homosexuality
  4. U.S. Behind Regime Change Bid In Zimbabwe
  5. Black Churches Burned Across The South Since Charleston Massacre
  6. Artists’ Purchasing Initiative Shows Difficulty Of Finding Black-Owned Companies
  7. Obama’s Grand Deception And The Disregard For Black America
  8. The Temperature Of Black America
  9. Egypt: Sisi Phones Hollande Over Terror Attack
  10. Tunisia: Over 500 Injured in Explosion At Taiwan Water Park Party
  11. Egypt: PM Greets Sisi On June 30 Revolution
  12. Egypt: Egypt, Rwanda Mull Water Cooperation
  13. Egypt: Interior Minister - Efforts Maintained to Uproot Terrorism
  14. Nigeria: How I Escaped Plot to Abduct Me to Stop Me From Emerging As Senate President
  15. Nigeria: Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Leprosy Hospital
  16. Nigeria: Nigeria May Not Qualify for Afcon 2017 - Sunday Oliseh
  17. Zimbabwe: President Stormed Abuja to Malabo
  18. Nigeria: The Debate Over Public Officers' Pay
  19. Burundi: Parliament Head Quits Ahead of Polls
  20. Somalia: Deadly Battle Near Somalia-Kenya Border
  21. Somalia: Army Re-Takes AU Base From Al-Shabaab
  22. Burundi: Three More Killed in Burundi, Speaker Flees Ahead of Parliamentary Vote
  23. Burundi: Violence, Targeted Killings Consume Protests
  24. Africa: How Mapping Ancestral Genes Could Help the Fight Against TB
  25. South Africa: Rewriting Script Around Rape Statistics
  26. Malawi: I'm Not in Exile, Says Joyce Banda
  27. South Africa: Scary King Cricket Is a Beautiful Example of Evolution At Its Best
  28. Zimbabwe: VPs Give Mugabe Sleepless Nights
  29. Zimbabwe: Churches Not Exempt From Tax Laws
  30. Zimbabwe: Moyo's Love-Hate Relationship With Mugabe
  31. Zimbabwe: Quincy Antipas Extends Stay At Hobro Ik
  32. Car imports down
  33. SA to deport every fortnight
  34. PSMAS interim boss refuses to go
  35. Burna Boy raises heat
  36. Obama applauds gay marriage, sings Amazing Grace
  37. DeMbare ride their luck
  38. Bako poised for SA title
  39. Greece to avert capital flight
  40. Rio Tinto exits Zim
  41. Workers call for NRZ audit
  42. Tunisia: Govt Confronted With Security Dilemma
  43. Egypt: Earthquake Hits Northern Egypt
  44. Tunisia: Tunisia to Close 80 Mosques Following Terror Attack
  45. West Africa: The Central Sahel - a Perfect Sandstorm
  46. Tunisia: Tourists Evacuated From Tunisia Following Is Attack
  47. Liberia: Bush Meat Trade Roaring Again Despite Ebola Ban
  48. Africa: Report Predicts Development in Africa's Infrastructure Space
  49. Nigeria: Buhari Dissolves NNPC Board
  50. Nigeria: 5 Killed in Suicide Attack At Maiduguri Hospital
  51. Somalia: Burundi Confirms Troops Killed in Al-Shabaab Raid
  52. Tanzania: Fire and Water Don't Mix for Tanzania Whistleblower
  53. Burundi: Opposition to Boycott Parliamentary Elections
  54. Rwanda: Govt Imports Lions to Boost Tourism
  55. Kenya: Ruto's Quest for Presidency in 2022 'Unstoppable'
  56. Zimbabwe: Mining Giant Pulls Out
  57. South Africa: Gov't Is Failing to Address Malnutrition in Its Older People
  58. Lesotho: UN Chief Condemns Killing of Former Army Commander
  59. Swaziland: Swaziland Apartheid Shame Revealed
  60. Zimbabwe: Vendors, Authorities Cross Swords
  61. Zimbabwe: Three Zim Buses, Two Lorries Burnt in SA
  62. Malawi: Death Toll in Balaka Accident At 8
  63. Tunisia: Many Killed in Attack On Tunisian Beach Resort
  64. Egypt: Unprecedented Number of Journalists Behind Bars in Egypt - Watchdog
  65. Egypt: Egypt's Imprisonment of Journalists Is At an All-Time High
  66. Libya: 'We Are Getting Closer to a Solution,' - UN Envoy on Crisis Talks
  67. Tunisia: UN Condemns Terror Attacks
  68. Sierra Leone: 'I Will Never Forget What Ebola Did to Me'
  69. Nigeria: Buhari, Obama to Discuss Boko Haram in White House Visit
  70. Gambia: Regime Keen to Make Capital Punishment Easier
  71. Ghana: Charlotte Osei Appointed New EC Chairperson
  72. Sierra Leone: Chevron Eyes Sierra Leone's Oil Potentials
  73. Burundi: President Is Heading for a Pyrrhic Victory
  74. Tanzania: Farmers to Lose Water Access as Hydropower Runs Dry
  75. Burundi: UN Chief Appeals to Authorities to Consider Postponing Elections
  76. Africa: Al-Shabab Claims Attack On AU Base in Somalia
  77. Burundi: Words Are Weapons As Burundi Heads to Polls
  78. South Africa: Commission Makes 'Devastating' Findings Against Police
  79. Zimbabwe: 'Zimbabweans Are a Fearful People'
  80. South Africa: Marikana - What You Should Know
  81. South Africa: Bashir Flight Leaves ICC in Stalemate
  82. Zimbabwe: Why Kasukuwere Cannot Beat Mnangagwa to the Post-Mugabe Succession
  83. South Africa: The Legacy of South Africa's Freedom Charter 60 Years Later
  84. South Africa: Govt Confirms Cosatu Signs 7 Percent Wage Deal
  85. South Africa: Orange Hits The Phone Market
  86. Like roger milla, benza makes a mark at forty something
  87. No freedom for Fidelity Printers bosses
  88. PSMAS, Dube labour row rages
  89. More than just glitz, glamour
  90. Vendors, authorities cross swords
  91. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Churches not exempt from tax laws
  92. 3 Zim buses, two lorries burnt in SA
  93. Giants in super clash
  94. Of repulsive lobola payments, smutty childish exchanges
  95. Leadership: Baboon with the smell of a white man
  96. It Was A Trap: Arrested Rwandan Spy Chief Travelled To The UK To Meet Head Of M16
  97. Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini Demands Compensation From British Royal Family
  98. Best Apps And Online Tools For Small Businesses
  99. Study: Ethiopian Jews Lagging Behind Rest In Israel
  100. China Criticize America Over The Murder Of Black People
  101. Inquiry Blames South African Police In Massacre Of Miners At Marikana
  102. Dylann Roof Is The New Face Of Globalized Hate: Why White Nationalism Is A Distinctly
  103. North Africa: Last Week in Maghreb and Sahel Security
  104. Morocco: Sahrawi Forces Seize Large Quantity of Drugs Near the Moroccan Wall of Shame
  105. Algeria: Ten Smugglers Arrested in in Guezzam, Over 100 Kg of Cannabis Seized in Tlem
  106. Egypt: IFC Promotes Financing for Renewable Energy Projects in Egypt
  107. Tunisia: Draft Law On Privileges Granted to Outgoing Presidents Discussed in Committe
  108. Gambia: Two Supreme Court Judges Removed - Report
  109. Sierra Leone: Ebola Setback As New Cases Recorded
  110. Cameroon: Cameroon Trains New Generation of Clean Energy Entrepreneurs
  111. Nigeria: Buhari Warns Of Tough Times Ahead
  112. Nigeria: Obama to Host Buhari, High-Level Consultations Planned
  113. Burundi: Vice-President Flees to Europe Over Third Term Dispute
  114. Africa: What Needs to Be Done to Keep Child Marriages Trending Down
  115. South Africa: Sudanese Officials Did Not Present Al-Bashir Passport - Govt
  116. Africa: Sex, Power and Scientific Influence
  117. Eritrea: UN Investigators Into Eritrea Given Police Protection
  118. South Africa: Report Into Killings of Miners at Marikana - FULL TEXT
  119. South Africa: Breaking New Ground for Mushrooms
  120. South Africa: Deputy President Cleared in Report on Police Killings
  121. South Africa: Police Chief's 'Fitness for Office' Questioned
  122. South Africa: South Africa 'Broke Its Own Laws By Hosting Bashir'
  123. South Africa: Emergent Union Chief Tried to Defuse Conflict
  124. South Africa: Inquiry Into Mine Killings Says Police Lied
  125. MPOI reaffirms President’s lead
  126. Microsoft deal to benefit 1,4 million pupils
  127. Kagame breathes fire over spy chief’s arrest
  128. Zifa chief lies again
  129. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Africa must dump kangaroo ICC
  130. St a r fm’s stylish birthday
  131. Touts leave cop for dead
  132. ZESA to import Zambian power
  133. MP: Constituency’s ‘Father Christmas’
  134. Govt won’t rush to enforce Indigenisation Act
  135. The Dominican Republic’s Mass Haitian Deportation Reflects Its Racist History
  136. Mozambique And Angola Celebrate 40 Years Of Independence
  137. Obama’s Upcoming Visit To Ethiopia Recognizes Country’s ‘Enormous Importance’
  138. Greetings From Asmara, Eritrea
  139. This Startup Pays Kids In Africa To Learn How To Code
  140. Africa’s Ancient Art To Be Saved, With Your Help
  141. Arsonist Target Black Church In Charlotte, North Carolina
  142. Uganda: How Goes the Hunt for Joseph Kony and the LRA?
  143. Battle for zim back
  144. ‘No going back on vendors deadline’
  145. Audit smokes out $11m Zinara fraud
  146. Sulu, Zinara on warpath
  147. Council attaches residents’ property
  148. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Industry needs collective, holistic policies
  149. Competitiveness Bill approved
  150. ‘Britain must compensate us’
  151. France summons US envoy over ‘spying’
  152. Sulphuric acid attack victim dies
  153. Libya: UN Envoy Meets With Armed Groups in Support of Political Agreement
  154. Western Sahara: The Frustration of the Saharawi People Can No Longer Be Contained Wit
  155. Morocco: Colonization of Western Sahara Must Be Brought to an Immediate and Unconditi
  156. Algeria: EU Wishes to Work With Algeria for Peace in Mediterranean
  157. Egypt/Tunisia: A 'Clash of Titans' As Ahly Entertains Esperance
  158. Burkina Faso: Meeting the October Election Target
  159. Nigeria: President Vows to Recover Billions of Dollars Stolen By Past Officials
  160. Guinea: Malaria Deaths in Guinea Likely to Exceed Ebola Toll As Patients Shun Clinics
  161. Ghana: Traders, KMA Square Up - in Botched Eviction Exercise
  162. Ghana: Old Fadama Must Go - but It Must Be Done With a Human Face
  163. South Africa: Bashir Court Warns of 'Chaos' If Govt Defies Law
  164. Africa: ICC - Sad Lesson of Lofty Ideals Trumped By Reality Repeats Itself
  165. South Africa: Court Invites Criminal Probe Into Al-Bashir Saga
  166. Africa: Elephant Poaching Pinpointed With DNA
  167. Ethiopia: Alarm Bells for Ruling Party's 100 Percent Election Victory
  168. South Africa: SA Troops Amongst Worst Sexual Offenders - UN Report
  169. Zimbabwe: Ex-Minister Says Mugabe Pushing for ICC Pull-Out
  170. South Africa: Why Parole for Oscar Pistorius Is Perfectly Legitimate
  171. South Africa: Eskom's Class Agenda
  172. South Africa: Court to Rule on Ruling Party Leader's Fraud Case
  173. Africa’s Entrepreneurs Set To Be Seeded By $1bn Growth Fund
  174. This Is Nigeria’s Moment
  175. Ivory Coast To Record Double-Digit Growth In 2016
  176. Black Churches Taught Us To Forgive White People. We Learned To Shame Ourselves
  177. Black America Should Stop Forgiving White Racists
  178. Hateful Wench Claims She Was Attacked By Black Men, Faked Injuries With Makeup
  179. How White Christians Used The Bible — And Confederate Flag — To Oppress Black People
  180. South Africa: Government Notes IMF Findings
  181. Algeria: Algerian Scientists Help Solve Universe's Mysteries
  182. Egypt: Sisi Meets Education Minister, Urges National Campaign to Upgrade Schools
  183. Algeria: Car Manufacturing Plant in Algeria - Talks Underway With Group Psa Peugeot-C
  184. Egypt: Egypt Court Overturns TV Presenter Moussa's Sentence for False News
  185. Tunisia: International Arrest Warrant Against Two Egyptians Involved in Chourabi/Ktar
  186. Liberia: Ebola Vaccine Volunteers Showing No Serious Side Effects - Official
  187. Mali: Tuareg Peace Deal Raises Hopes but Faces Challenges
  188. Ghana: Respecting Culture Could Fix Schools' Problems
  189. Nigeria: Enyeama May Be Expelled From Super Eagles
  190. Mali: Peace Deal Raises Hopes of Stability
  191. Burundi: Burundi Still Restless a Week Before Vote
  192. South Sudan: Gov't Declares Cholera Outbreak
  193. Kenya: More Than Half of Gikomba Market Razed in Fire
  194. Ethiopia: UK Minister for Africa 'Expresses Concern' Over Poll Results
  195. Kenya: Safaricom Sues Airtel Over Trademark Infringement
  196. South Africa: Army Targets Migrants on World Refugee Day
  197. South Africa: Being Seen As Well As Heard Can Transform Children's Lives
  198. Mozambique: What Mozambique Can Do to Achieve Rapid Economic and Social Progress
  199. South Africa: Apartheid Continues to Cast Shadow On Equality of Opportunity
  200. Namibia: Namibia Might Review ICC Membership
  201. Sudan: We Didn't Give Al-Bashir Safe Passage - Govt
  202. Zimbabwe: 'Mugabe Runs Wi-Fi Govt'
  203. JJ bounces back
  204. Landmark ruling on inheritance
  205. Mliswa to contest Guzah poll victory
  206. Sadc child marriage model law on cards
  207. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Mutasa must act his age, not shoe size
  208. Gamblers warned of fraudsters
  209. Fifa refuse to endorse dube’s crackdown on rebel councillors
  210. Innscor’s bread sales improve
  211. SA should pull out of ICC: Gwede Mantashe
  212. Men lose car over $53 bootleg
  213. Incredible Photos Show The Moment A Protective Mother Hippo Takes A Chunk Out Of A Cr
  214. Outrage As Britain Arrests Rwandan Intelligence Chief
  215. The Rise Of Africa’s Software Entrepreneurs
  216. Wife Of Israeli Politician Tweets Racist Obama Joke – And Social Media Reacts
  217. Cops Bought Dylann Roof Burger King Hours After Charleston Massacre
  218. Israeli Police Clash With Anti-Racism Ethiopian Jewish Protesters
  219. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Calls For Removal Of Confederate Flag From State Capi
  220. Mozambique: A New Era for Mozambique
  221. Egypt: U.S. Provides Egyptian Navy With Fast Missile Craft Worth U.S.$1.1 Billion - E
  222. Egypt: Military Tribunal Sentences 14 to Life in Absentia
  223. Morocco: No Country in the World Recognizes Morocco's Sovereignty Over Western Sahara
  224. Egypt: IPI Urges Release of Al Jazeera Journalist Arrested in Berlin
  225. Algeria: Lamamra Dubs 'Historical' CMA Signing of Mali Peace Agreement On Saturday
  226. Benin: Porto Novo - a City Taking Action Against Climate Change
  227. Africa: From Burundi to Nigeria - Power to the People in Africa?
  228. Nigeria: Sell 11 Presidential Planes, Buhari Told
  229. Nigeria: Buhari Slashes Ministries - Source
  230. Nigeria: 'We Ate Grass and Drank Urine'
  231. Burundi: Is Burundi's Electoral Process Fatally Flawed?
  232. Africa: Obama's Visit - Why Africa Matters to America
  233. East Africa: East Africa's Role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  234. Somalia: Senior Al Shabaab Figure Killed in South West Somalia
  235. South Africa: Can the Prosecuting Authority's Credibility Be Rebuilt?
  236. Africa: Who Made it to Top African Entrepreneurs List for Under 30s?
  237. Africa: Why South Africa's Karoo Is a Palaeontological Wonderland
  238. Africa: Dinosaur Eggs Get Ready to Hatch Their Secrets - 200 Million Years Later
  239. Zimbabwe: Former Mugabe Aide Says Tsvangirai Won 2008 Polls
  240. Africa: More Children Going to School - but Is Quantity a Distraction From Quality?
  241. South Africa: PHOTO: BMW Z4 Crash Leaves Man Dead
  242. Zec stands by Keith Guzah
  243. Argentine leader not seeking re-election
  244. Banking sector profits decline
  245. Curator reflects on Basel Art Fair
  246. Grenade attacks leave four dead
  247. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Human capital exports progressive
  248. ‘it’s time to step down’
  249. Chinotimba accused of fraud
  250. Airzim relaunches Harare-Lusaka route