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  1. Egypt: Stand-Up Comedian Hamada Sultan Dies At 74
  2. Egypt: Sisi to Obama - Lifting Arms Ban Helps Address Shared Challenges
  3. Egypt: Sisi Delegates Powers to PM, Ministers, Governors
  4. Nigeria: Why the Opposition Won in Nigeria and What to Expect Now
  5. Nigeria: Jonathan's Defeat the Result of a Perfect Political Storm
  6. Nigeria: U.S. Praises Buhari, Jonathan, Election Commission
  7. Mali: UN Agency Launches Project to Boost Agricultural Production in North
  8. Kenya: Garissa Attack Death Toll Rises to 147, Four Gunmen Killed
  9. Kenya: Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Garissa Carnage
  10. Tanzania: Widows' Eviction Highlights Need to Abolish Discriminatory Laws - Experts
  11. Kenya: Building Under Construction Collapses
  12. Congo-Kinshasa: Obama Wants Answers From Kabila Over Rebels
  13. South Africa: 'Little Foot' Fossil Now Found to Be 3.67 Million Years Old
  14. South Africa: True Life - Flipping the Switch, Hearing Again
  15. Africa: Poor Prospects
  16. Africa: "Finally, the Global Fund Is Focused On Human Beings" - Dybul Delivers Execut
  17. South Africa: Schools Go Green to Beat Hunger
  18. South Africa: UCT Students On Why They Haven't Joined Rhodes Must Fall
  19. South Africa: Joburg Appoints Its First Ombudsman
  20. South Africa: Community Colleges Get Off the Ground
  21. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Govt’s buy local initiative progressive
  22. Chihuri lauds female cops
  23. Buy cars locally, ministries told
  24. Buhari vows to defeat Boko Haram
  25. ‘Tokwe-Mukosi’ musical in ‘Harare Run’
  26. Mwana bid to oust Zim directors flops
  27. Politics and identity
  28. When Figo came to town
  29. ‘Fast and Furious 7
  30. Zuma’s son backs King Zwelithini
  31. Nearly Half Of All African American Families Have No Savings…At All!
  32. Africa’s Richest Man Aliko Dangote ventures Into Construction
  33. Protesters Condemn White Minority Rule, Apartheid In The St. Louis Area
  34. Nigeria Will Be Africa’s Next Global Superpower
  35. Muslim Terrorists Attack Kenyan University Murdering Dozens
  36. Chris Rock Takes Selfies Documenting His Recent Harassment By The NYPD
  37. American Police Killed More People In March Than The Entire UK Police Killed Since 19
  38. Nigeria: Gunmen Attack Village
  39. Libya: UN Mission Welcomes Ceasefire, Withdrawal of Forces in Sidra Oil Crescent Regi
  40. Ethiopia: Meeting Halfway
  41. Ethiopia: Ethiopian, Egyptian Leaders Flow Smoothly On the Nile
  42. Morocco: Morocco Works On Balancing Security and Democracy
  43. Egypt: Egypt Eyes Taking Part in Ethiopia's Key Road Plan, Airport Project
  44. Nigeria: Buhari's Victory in Nigerian Election Has Global Significance
  45. Nigeria: Obasanjo's Advice to President-Elect Buhari
  46. Nigeria: In Phone Call, UN Chief Congratulates Nigeria's President-Elect Buhari
  47. West Africa: Africa's Youth - We All Have a Role to Play in the Ebola Response
  48. Nigeria: Narrow Escape From Nigeria's Gallows - "I Still Wonder If It Is a Dream"
  49. Kenya: Kenyatta Asks West Not to Lie About Security Intelligence
  50. Kenya: Stop Criminalising Women Who Pass HIV to Baby - Court
  51. Tanzania: Rice Farmers Ditch Bonfires for 'Bio-Coal'
  52. Somalia: Puntland President Appoints New Deputy Minister
  53. East Africa: Regional Mobile Money Transfers Coming Soon
  54. South Africa: Calls for President to Step Down a False Solution
  55. Angola: Lawyers, Rights Groups Rally Around Author Marquez
  56. South Africa: More Lip Service On Land Reform
  57. Zimbabwe: Waterborne Diseases Spreading in Border Towns
  58. Mozambique: Govt Announces New Minimum Wages
  59. Africa: South Africa's National Security Interests and Its Investment Attractiveness
  60. Zimbabwe: Concourt Throws Out Mutasa, Mliswa Case
  61. South Africa: SJC Only Prove Their Ignorance
  62. Genocide Against Blacks By The Brazilian State Denounced At OAS Hearing In Washington
  63. What Africa Had Before Colonisation
  64. Police Let K-9 Maul Handcuffed Unconscious Man’s Face As They Beat Him To Death
  65. State Of Black America A ‘Tale Of Two Nations’
  66. Ethiopia-Eritrea: The Great Illusion
  67. Making Money With Solar
  68. Five Things We Learned From Nigeria’s Election
  69. Africa: UN Caught in Deadly Crossfire
  70. Ethiopia: Egyptian Firms Show Interest to Establish Industry Zone
  71. Ethiopia: El-Sisi's Message - Egyptian Confession After Millennia?
  72. Tanzania: Tanzania Ratifies NBI Hoping to Increase Water Share
  73. Egypt: World Bank Proposals for a Better Healthcare System in Egypt
  74. Nigeria: Buhari Emerges as President-Elect in Historic Win
  75. Cameroon: Harsh Weather Cripples Fishing and Tourism On Coast
  76. Niger: Jonathan Concedes After Results Show Buhari Near Victory
  77. Ghana: Ghanaians Are Tired of 'Wahala'
  78. Nigeria: Women Held By Boko Haram in Gwoza Freed - Army
  79. Africa: Let's Chart Our Own Plan, Says Kagame at Addis Finance Confab
  80. Rwanda: The Shop Attendant Who Bought Out His Boss
  81. Tanzania: Delay, Violence Fears as Referendum Nears
  82. Ethiopia: Public Investment - the Path to the New Normal
  83. South Africa: Eskom Chairman Resigns
  84. Africa: Energy Futures Contested
  85. South Africa: National Development Starts in the Cradle
  86. South Africa: Can We Blame You Now, President Zuma?
  87. South Africa: Mobile Music Platform Pitches for Independent Artists and Says It Can S
  88. Mozambique: Mozambique to Harness Its Agricultural Potential to Increase Food Securit
  89. Zimbabwe: '21 MDC-T Legislators Case Urgent'
  90. Swaziland: Swazi King 'Refused to Pay Jet Debt'
  91. Sun sets on Shingi Munyeza
  92. ‘I wanted to be Zimbabwean’
  93. President returns
  94. Jonathan concedes defeat
  95. Former Turnall bosses accused of fraud
  96. Zim man in fatal sex romp in SA
  97. ‘more funds for africa’
  98. Bra Hugh returns to Harare
  99. Ultra-defensive firewall
  100. Barclays Bank to increase offshore lines of credit
  101. The Big Five: Africa’s 10 Most Influential Countries
  102. South African Students Vow To Fight White Supremacy
  103. 5 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses
  104. Jay Z Promotes ‘Artist-Owned’ Music Streaming Brand
  105. Democratic History: Opposition Candidate Muhammadu Buhari Wins Nigerian Election
  106. Secret History: How The U.S. Supported And Inspired The Nazis
  107. New ‘Daily Show’ Host A Black Man Who Spent His Career Lampooning Black Americans
  108. Tunisia: Forces Kill Nine Ahead of Anti-Extremism Rally
  109. Egypt: Three-Car Crash Leaves 17 Dead
  110. Tunisia: Hollande Marches in Solidarity With Tunisia After Museum Attack
  111. Algeria: Energy Partnership - Signing of Algerian-German of Declaration of Intent in
  112. Mali: Malian President Calls On Signing of Algiers Agreement "As Soon As Possible"
  113. Nigeria: Ruling Party Claims Lead in 23 States #NigeriaDecides
  114. Nigeria: 'Aso Rock Result Shows People Are Frustrated'
  115. Sierra Leone: Pregnant Girls Barred From School
  116. Nigeria: Final Collation of Presidential Results Begins
  117. Nigeria: Rivers APC Seeks Suspension of INEC Rec
  118. Africa: Obama Announces Nairobi Visit
  119. Tanzania: Elderly Women Fear Spate of Murderous Witch Hunts
  120. Kenya: You Must Step Aside, Kenyatta Tells Politicians
  121. Kenya: Blame Game Doesn't Help Address Sexual Vulnerability of Girls
  122. Kenya: Britain Tightens Travel Warning On Kenya
  123. South Africa: Labour Federation Cosatu's General Secretary Sacked
  124. South Africa: Comedian Trevor Noah Lands Top U.S. Television Job
  125. Zambia: President Calls on China to Use Local Contractors On Infrastructure Jobs
  126. South Africa: What's South Africa's Anti-Human Rights Game At the UN?
  127. South Africa: Langa's Open Streets Brings People Together From Across City
  128. Swaziland: Swazi King's Jet Held for Unpaid Debts
  129. South Africa: No Longer the Party It Used to Be - the ANC's Stranglehold On Justice
  130. Zimbabwe: On the Disappearance of Rights Activist Itai Dzamara
  131. A course made in hell
  132. Obama nearly falls down steps of Air Force One
  133. Miss South Africa crowned
  134. Tiger out of top 100
  135. Pfumbidzai still green
  136. MP escapes jail in botched deal
  137. The long and short of the miniskirt debate
  138. Caps United goalie to pay $65 in maintenance
  139. Yaya on Elephants future
  140. ‘Gays, lesbians need deliverance’
  141. How Benjamin Montgomery Bought the Plantation He Was Once Enslaved On
  142. Lawyer: Police Shooting Suspect Didn’t Fire Gun In Ferguson
  143. Recent Nigerian Military Acquisitions
  144. Zanu-PF And Zimbabwean Nationalism
  145. Ethiopia Sheds Famine Stereotype As Its Economy Booms
  146. The TSA Will Stop Singling Out Black Women For Hair Searches
  147. ECOWAS: Nigerian Elections Free And Fair
  148. South Africa: President Zuma to Visit Algeria
  149. Tunisia: PM Sees in Foreign Delegations Participating in March Against Terrorism
  150. Tunisia: Nine Terrorists Killed in Security Operation in Gafsa - Interior Ministry
  151. Egypt: Egypt's Top Prosecutor Places Badie, Other Top Brotherhood Leaders On 'Terror'
  152. Egypt: Joining Proposed Unified Arab Force Is "Optional" - Al Secretary General
  153. Nigeria: Insurgents Attack Bauchi Polls on Second Day of Voting
  154. Nigeria: Gunmen Open Fire on Voters
  155. Ghana: Why a 15-Year-Old Decided to Build Bikes From Bamboo in Ghana
  156. Guinea: Govt Declares 45-Day Ebola 'Health Emergency'
  157. Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Will Not Affect Bauchi Results - INEC
  158. Kenya: Why Maize Crisis Has Turned Into a Political Storm for DP Ruto
  159. Kenya: ODM Hits Out At Uhuru Over Corruption List Handed to Parliament
  160. Kenya: Jap Official Praises Uhuru's Move On Graft
  161. Kenya: Ruto On Corruption - Heed President's Directive and Stop Tarnishing People's N
  162. Kenya: The Case for a Coast Presidential Candidate
  163. Mozambique: Guebuza Steps Down as Ruling Party President
  164. Zimbabwe: Mutamba's Book Exposes Oliver Mtukudzi
  165. Nigeria/South Africa: Bafana, Super Eagles Draw
  166. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Hawks Eye Hurungwe West, Headlands
  167. Zimbabwe: 'Pray for President Mugabe'
  168. Mozambique: Central Committee Elects Nyusi Frelimo President
  169. Zimbabwe: Govt Slammed Over Impending Job Cuts
  170. CAPS Utd win again
  171. Hadebe wonder goal sinks Tsholotsho
  172. Seven months after we beat them here, the Aussies are now world champs
  173. Hong kong heartbreak
  174. Buffalo Souljah woos Zim dancehall artistes
  175. Voting extended at 300 Nigerian polling stations
  176. IDC to offload Chemplex stake
  177. Chief in land scandal
  178. Bono: Mascot of Neo-liberalism
  179. Funfair at Bridal Gala
  180. Zimbabwe: State 'Withdraws' Charges Against Maleme Farmer
  181. Libya: UN Considers Tweaking Arms Embargo
  182. Egypt: Police Accused of Torture Death Freed on Bail
  183. Ethiopia: Ethiopia's Genuine, Principled Stance Resulted in Signing Declaration - PM
  184. Libya: UN Security Council Resolution Maintains Arms Embargo On Libya
  185. Egypt: Armed Forces Take Part in Restoring Stability in Yemen - Presidency
  186. Nigeria: Expect Poll Results On Monday - Election Chief
  187. Nigeria: Electoral Body Extends Voting Into Sunday
  188. Nigeria: Lawmaker, Eight Others Killed By Insurgents
  189. Liberia: First Ebola Patient in a Month Dies
  190. Nigeria: Why Nigeria's Election Matters for Africa
  191. Sudan: State Security Bans Khartoum Symposium
  192. Central Africa: Ugandan Rebels Kidnap Refugees
  193. Somalia: Hotel Attack Kills Many Civilians
  194. Somalia: More Than Dozen Killed, Several Injured in Hotel Blast
  195. Kenya: Debt to China Tops U.S.$1 Billion
  196. Nigeria/South Africa: Bafana, Super Eagles Resume Rivalry
  197. Africa: Activists Protest Denial of Condoms to Africa's High-Risk Groups
  198. Africa: SA Academic Banned By French Universities From Speaking On Palestine
  199. Zimbabwe: Aged Mugabe a Danger to Zimbabwe
  200. Zimbabwe: Non-Resident President Off to Ethiopia
  201. Zimbabwe: Muchechetere Wins U.S $2 Million, Blasts Moyo
  202. Malawi: Mutharika's Death Is Imminent, Man Declares Claiming He Has a Vision
  203. Zimbabwe: Magaya - Praying for Mugabe My Duty
  204. BREAKING NEWS: Zanu-PF retains Chirumanzu-Zibagwe Parly seat
  205. Zuma Says South Africans Are Lazy
  206. Presidential Election – Finally, Nigeria Decides Today
  207. Bringing Down Cecil John Rhodes’ Statue
  208. Kenyans Loot And Burn Chinese Restaurant That Does Not Allow Africans
  209. Morocco: Gov't Deports Three French Nationals for Terrorism
  210. Africa: Sudan Joins Saudi Offensive Against Yemeni Rebels
  211. Egypt: Dreams and Tales of Building Nuclear Industry
  212. Libya: UN Envoy Says Libya Latest Peace Talks Have Gone 'Well Beyond What We Have Exp
  213. Ethiopia: El-Sisi Conveys Message of Solidarity, Friendship Addressing the Houses
  214. Nigeria: Voters Determined, Anxious, Ahead of Poll
  215. Nigeria: Nigerians Uprooted By Boko Haram Angry At Losing Chance to Vote
  216. West Africa: Ebola - Pushed to the Limit and Beyond
  217. West Africa: Ebola Upsurge Could Undo Progress in Blink of an Eye, Warns Expert
  218. Nigeria: Troops Claim Recapturing of 'Boko Haram HQ'
  219. Kenya: Kenyatta Told to 'Walk the Talk' on Corruption
  220. Somalia: Huge Blast At Popular Hotel in Mogadishu
  221. South Sudan: War Without End
  222. Kenya: High Alert as Al-Shabaab 'Sneak Into the Country'
  223. Zimbabwe: Harare Turns to Solar Lights to Cut Costs and Crime
  224. South Africa: R1 Billion to Support Black Industrialists
  225. Malawi: Joyce Banda Hits Back At Mutharika
  226. Malawi: Anti-Corruption Bureau Arrests Another Cashgate Suspect
  227. Namibia: Fuel Prices and RFA Levy Up On Wednesday
  228. Swaziland: U.S. Students Back Jailed Swazi Writer
  229. South Africa: SAIIA Submission to Inquiry On Rhino Horn Trade
  230. Namibia: Uerita Johanna Gertze - the Mid-Wife and Pharmacist of the Mid-1890s
  231. June 10 polls for recalled MPs seats
  232. Journalists humiliate Econet
  233. 1 000 workers fired in strike aftermath
  234. Germanwings pilot hid health condition
  235. Nigerian leader calls for peaceful vote
  236. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Econet not above the law
  237. What is your style?
  238. Showtime for Cheetahs
  239. Chipawo celebrates World Theatre Day
  240. Mutasa left a mess: Chombo
  241. White Supremacy’s Gross Symbol: What The ‘Stars And Bars’ Really Represent
  242. 10-Year-Old Gets $60,000 Investment On “Shark Tank” For BeeSweet Lemonade
  243. Owner Of Chinese Restaurant That Does Not Allow Africans Arrested
  244. Video Shows Cop Planting Drug Evidence After Beating Unarmed Man
  245. 5 Tips To Empower Yourself To Take Charge Of Your Finances
  246. Nigerian Presidential Candidates Urge Peaceful Elections
  247. Nigerian Army Recaptures Boko Haram Headquarters
  248. Nigeria: Buhari, Jonathan Meet, Sign Another Peace Accord
  249. MDCs rapped over poll boycott
  250. Outrage as Econet raids news agency