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  1. Chinese Combat Troops Start Deployment In South Sudan
  2. Chadians Rally For Army Move Against Boko Haram
  3. Libya: Peace Talks Resume as Parties Seek Political Settlement
  4. Libya: Libya May Become Another Somalia If U.N. Talks Push Fails - British Envoy
  5. Egypt: Canadian Al Jazeera Journalist to Be Freed 'Sooner Rather Than Later'
  6. Egypt: Car Bomb Explodes Outside Alexandria Police Station, No Injuries
  7. Algeria: 800 Tourist Projects Planned Under Five-Year Scheme 2014-2019
  8. Burkina Faso/Gabon: Burkinabe in the Running for Afcon Finalists
  9. Chad: Dramatic Evidence of Habré-Era Torture Emerges
  10. Africa: Ebola Outbreak 'Slowing Down'
  11. Gambia: Govt to Work With UN On Coup Investigation
  12. Africa: SA Lawyers Urge Nigeria, AU to Act Against Boko Haram
  13. East Africa: Eala Works in Accordance With the EAC Treaty and Rules of Procedures
  14. Burundi: More Tax On Mobile Calls, More Strategies
  15. Mauritius: Mauritius and India to Sign MoU in the Field of Cooperatives
  16. Mauritius: New Fishing Agreement With the Republic of Seychelles
  17. South Sudan: Cows and Conflict - South Sudan's "Slow Motion" Livestock Crisis
  18. Zambia/Congo-Kinshasa: Coach Grumbles As Surprise Football Champs Begin Afcon
  19. Malawi: Eyewitness - Malawi's Floods
  20. South Africa: Solving the Crime Problem - What South Africans Really Think
  21. South Africa: Campaign for Marikana Holiday - Report
  22. South Africa: E-Tolls Place Burden on the Poor, Premier Says
  23. South Africa: Lwandle's Forgotten Evictees
  24. Mozambique: Workers On Strike At Indian-Owned Coal Mine
  25. State-assisted funeral for Musanhu
  26. They were in Brazil, so they don’t care about Equatorial Guinea
  27. Why Dauda’s million dollar Euro move collapsed?
  28. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Water quality key, not just quantity
  29. Devon Chafa seals How Mine move
  30. How Malia Obama is shaping teen taste
  31. VP Mnangagwa’s wife eyes seat
  32. Can Zim roar Down Under?
  33. EasiPark workers in demo over commissions
  34. Eight-year-old releases single
  35. Why Getting Back The Port Of Assab Matters To Ethiopia
  36. Florida Police Dept Caught Using Mug Shots Of Black Men As Target Practice
  37. The U.S. Police Threat “Is Too High”
  38. Mauritania Anti-Slavery Verdict Sparks Riot
  39. Eritrean Man Stabbed To Death By Suspected Nazis In German City
  40. Jim Crow Law Against Hair Braiding In Texas Overturned
  41. Black America’s Political Muscle Goes Soft
  42. Rwanda: History Will Finally Catch Up With Genocidaires
  43. Libya: UN Envoy Says Talks Will 'Take Time' to End Fighting, Agree Political Settleme
  44. North Africa: Islamic Reformation, the Antidote to Terrorism
  45. Egypt: Mursi's Presidential Spokesman Acquitted of Hiding Former PM
  46. Algeria: Algeria, China Reiterate Support to People's Right to Self-Determination
  47. Algeria: Senegalese President Visits Oran
  48. Nigeria: Top U.S. Figure Calls for International Action On Nigeria
  49. Nigeria: Jonathan, Military Chiefs in Secret Visit to North
  50. Sierra Leone: Sexual Transmission of Ebola Threatens Progress
  51. Mali: Hero of Paris Attack to Get French Nationality
  52. West Africa: The IMF and Ebola - Why We Don't Have Any Good Answers
  53. Kenya: Confusion Surrounds Disappearance of Hague Witness
  54. South Sudan: South Sudan's Slow Liberation
  55. Kenya: The Tyranny of Kenya's Local Governance Structures
  56. Kenya: Police Claim Recovered Body Not ICC Witness
  57. Tanzania: Top Tanzanian Officials Charged in Escrow Scandal
  58. South Africa: Nation Faces More Widespread Power Cuts
  59. Africa: Newspaper Launches 'AfriLeaks'
  60. Zambia: Fuel Prices Slashed
  61. Southern Africa: The Impact of Stigma On Healthcare Workers Living With HIV
  62. South Africa: Defence Force to Send Troops to Flood-Striken Mozambique
  63. South Africa: Youth Policy Must Be 'By the Youth, for the Youth'
  64. South Africa: Cape Town Police Make R1 Million Drug Bust
  65. South Africa: E-Tolls Must Be Reviewed to Address Affordability - Report
  66. Nyusi sworn in as Mozambique’s president
  67. Zim crack team ready for Afcon duty
  68. Khaya Moyo breaks silence
  69. Govt raises duty on fuel
  70. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Mutasa hoist by own petard
  71. Refreshing retreat
  72. Sikandar Raza, Ervine happy
  73. Zim marginally misses gold target
  74. Mbira DzeNharira to sample new songs
  75. Celebrating our culture
  76. Freeing African Minds
  77. IBM Develops $2.5bn Super Computer For Kenya
  78. Nigeria To Grow At 4.6% In 2015
  79. Satellite Images Show Horrific Scale Of Terrorist Attack On Nigerian Town
  80. Smart Cities In A Smart Africa
  81. New York To Pay Brothers $17 Million For Wrongful Conviction
  82. Under UN Occupation Dictatorship Is Restored In Haiti
  83. Egypt: Human Rights Win as Men Cleared of 'Debauchery'
  84. Egypt: 16-Year-Old Held Incommunicado for Months
  85. West Africa: Two memorandum of understanding between Morocco and IDB for capacity bui
  86. Burkina Faso: IDB Group provides US$200 million to support roads, cotton industries,
  87. Egypt: State Confiscates Medical Charity Associations for Alleged Brotherhood Affilia
  88. Nigeria: Election Campaign Disconnected From Boko Haram Outrages
  89. Burkina Faso: Group Calls for Probe of Shooting of Protesters
  90. Nigeria: What Really Happened in Baga, Nigeria?
  91. Liberia: Ebola Triggers Tough Decisions On Pregnant Women
  92. Cote d'Ivoire: UN Envoy Urges Vigilance in Run-Up to Elections
  93. Uganda: Captured Rebel Chief to Face Charges at The Hague
  94. Congo-Kinshasa: UN Seeks to Minimize Risk to Civilians in Military Offensive
  95. Kenya: Teachers Strike Called Off
  96. Uganda: Uganda Reacts to Surrender of Top LRA Man
  97. Tanzania: Govt Bans Witch Doctors to Deter Albino Killings
  98. South Africa: The Cult of the Big Leader
  99. Malawi: Flights Diverted as Deadly Floods Worsen
  100. South Africa: About-Turn on Suspension of Anti-Corruption Cop
  101. Rwanda: FDLR - All Eyes On MONUSCO, DR Congo As Angola Summit Is Called Off
  102. Zimbabwe: Former VP Under Pressure to Form Party
  103. South Africa: Malema's EFF Party 'Using Disruption for Political Capital'
  104. Zambia: Winners From Zambia to Receive Young Leadership Award From Her Majesty the Qu
  105. South Africa: Expedition Imashi - Retracing the Footsteps of 7,000 Miners During the
  106. Health sector workers get bonuses
  107. Mumbengegwi consoles Donga, Dickey families
  108. Teachers in limbo
  109. Experts scoff at ex-minister’s court bid
  110. Mutasa faces expulsion
  111. Gvt cuts import duty on fuel
  112. Mujuru probe: Police raid GMB
  113. Mphoko in Mozambique
  114. Govt gazettes VPs appointments
  115. Crowhill: Bvute, Msipa bury the hatchet
  116. Work Begins On South Africa’s R84bn Smart City
  117. NYPD’s Work Stoppage Backfire: Arrest Rates Plummet At No Cost To Public Safety
  118. Las Vegas Cop Still On The Job Despite Advocating Race War
  119. 8 White People Who Pointed Guns At Police And Didn’t Get Shot
  120. French Colonial Tax Still Enforced In Africa
  121. Boko Haram Victims– 2,000 Black Lives Matter: Je Suis Nigeria Too
  122. South Africa Turns On Digital Classrooms
  123. West Africa: Libya the Key to Stopping Terror in the Sahel
  124. Egypt: Court Orders Retrial of Former President Mubarak
  125. Egypt: Kidnapped Officer Killed With Two Gunshots to the Head - Prosecution
  126. Egypt: Activist Banned From Traveling to Germany - Airport Sources
  127. Egypt: Elections Commission Sets Campaigning Regulations
  128. Nigeria: Obasanjo Insists President Has Failed the Nation
  129. Sierra Leone: Ebola in Sierra Leone - News From the Frontline
  130. Nigeria: Filling Up the War Chest - the Economy and the 2015 Elections
  131. Nigeria: Buhari Meets Obasanjo, Promises to Focus On Security, Economy, Corruption
  132. Tanzania: Armed Illegal Loggers Devastate Coastal Forest
  133. Burundi: UN Electoral Mission Prepared to Help Country in 'Decisive' Return to Peace
  134. Kenya: Student Jailed for Insulting President On Social Media
  135. Kenya: Bid to Have LSK Chair Mutua Out
  136. Kenya: HIV+ Mothers Enlisted As Mentors in Campaign
  137. South Africa: Freedom Fatally Undermined By Crises of Poverty, Unemployment and Inequ
  138. Zimbabwe: Faction Linked to Fired VP Fights Back
  139. South Africa: 60 Percent of Sex Workers HIV Positive
  140. Somalia: A Man of Good Hope - Review
  141. South Africa: Female Journalists - Dealing With Harassment Is Part of the Job
  142. South Africa: Everything You Need to Know About Boko Haram and That Attack
  143. Angola: Journalist Banned From Practicing in Cunene Province
  144. Zimbabwe: Court Stops Grace Mugabe Evictions
  145. Fuel traders start slashing prices
  146. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zimsec’s focus on integrity progressive
  147. Dauda eyes Euro move
  148. Zhakata reveals gospel plans
  149. PO Box TV takes comedy to new heights
  150. Grabowski slams negativity
  151. Standards firm to start ops in Q1
  152. Mutasa lets cat out of the bag
  153. Maphepha angles for Bosso chairmanship
  154. Zanu-PF okays ethanol project
  155. Egypt: Why Egypt Must Let the Al Jazeera Three Go
  156. Kenya: Kuria's Pardon Raises Query On Hate Speech
  157. Morocco: Spain's Moroccan Enclave - the Story Behind the Picture
  158. North Africa: Paris Attacks May Distort Western Policy Focus
  159. North Africa: Doubling Down On Dictatorship in the Middle East
  160. Tunisia: Flaws in Military Trials for Uprising Killings
  161. Egypt: 137 Egyptian Fisherman Arrive in Egypt From Libya
  162. Nigeria: Je Suis Nigeria
  163. Nigeria: UN Chief Condemns 'Depraved Act' of Using Child Bombers
  164. Nigeria: Baga As Turning Point for the Army
  165. Nigeria: Election Body Wants Protection From Boko Haram
  166. Nigeria: Europe Condemns Boko Haram
  167. Burundi: Violence Sparks Alarm Ahead of Polls
  168. Congo-Kinshasa: Do S. Africa, Tanzania & Malawi Lack Will to Pursue Rebels?
  169. Kenya: Maasai Pastoralists Bottle Biogas
  170. Uganda: 'My Children Will Not Starve While I Have My Body to Sell'
  171. Rwanda: We Can Still Do More to Curb Exam Malpractices
  172. Mozambique: Scores Die From Poisoned Beer
  173. Zambia: Will Zambia Become a Mature Demoracy?
  174. Mozambique: Traditional Drink Poisons Dozens
  175. Zambia: Regional Observers Set to Monitor Polls
  176. Malawi: Former President in Self-Imposed Exile
  177. Mozambique: Assembly Meets, Renamo Boycotts
  178. South Africa: SA Condemns Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria
  179. ‘I don’t adopt teams’
  180. Zinara, Harare City in $4,1m project to fix roads
  181. Zimsec to introduce electronic seals
  182. Chidyausiku slams judges
  183. Zim deploys security team for Afcon
  184. Court bars Manzou Farm evictions
  185. 11 perish in Botswana crash
  186. Parents in last-minute back-to-school shopping
  187. Poison-laced saga: Maid recovers, still hospitalised
  188. Chidyausiku rallies judges, magistrates
  189. Baga Massacre Must Become A Turning Point For The Nigerian Army
  190. ‘Queens Of Africa’ Dolls Outsell Barbie In Nigeria
  191. Ugly Five Safari: Tracking Africa’s Ugliest Animals In Botswana
  192. Chinese TV Presents A Biography Of Haile Selassie
  193. Egypt The Bad Bully Rejects Ethiopia Dam Storage Capacity
  194. Inside The U.S.A.: Ferguson Reexamined
  195. We Must Help Our Own Black Children
  196. Tunisia: Abu Hamza Jailed for Life
  197. North Africa: Maghreb Condemns Charlie Hebdo Attack
  198. North Africa: Arab Media Called to Counter-Terror Fight
  199. Zimbabwe: Bond Coins - RBZ Engages Kombi Operators
  200. Egypt: Civil Society May Apply for Monitoring Elections Starting Monday - SEC
  201. Egypt: Court to Decide On Listing Islamist Groups As Terrorist Organisations On Feb 2
  202. Ethiopia: Conveying a Wrong Signal On the Limits of Sovereign Entitlements?
  203. Egypt: Building Used to Monitor Militants in Sinai Bombed - Source
  204. Egypt: Sisi Lauds Role of Egypt's Judges
  205. Nigeria: Terrorists Use Girl, 10, as Bomber, Killing 19
  206. Nigeria: Troops Foil Boko Haram Attack on State Capital
  207. Nigeria: Thousands of Nigerians Flee Insurgency
  208. Nigeria: Nigerian Troops Repel Fresh Boko Haram Attack Near Mubi
  209. Ghana: Ethiopian Airline's Cargo Skids Off Runway
  210. Kenya: Unknown Gunmen Kill Church Official in Mombasa
  211. Kenya: Hague Prosecutor Says Dead Witness Was Corrupt
  212. Sudan: Rebels Call for Election Delay
  213. Kenya: Kenya, China Partnership to Focus On Industrialisation
  214. Mozambique: Opposition Leader Threatens to 'Divide' Nation
  215. South Africa: Zuma Condemns Corruption
  216. Zimbabwe: Villagers Challenge Evictions in Court
  217. Zimbabwe: Ruling Party Faces Fresh Factional Wars
  218. Zambia: Ruling Party Official Predicts Victory for Opposition
  219. Zimbabwe: Teachers Demand 100 Percent Salary Rise
  220. Congo-Kinshasa: FDLR Gets 4000 New Reinforcements From Zambia, Congo-Brazzaville
  221. Zimbabwe: Mazowe Evictees Accuse Police of Theft
  222. Water supply to improve
  223. Call for Africa to look East, shun Europe, US
  224. SA cops nabbed for demanding bribes from Zimbabweans
  225. Don’t defy orders: Dhlakama
  226. Arsenal win, Utd lose
  227. Bogus CIO agent jailed 6 years
  228. Editorial Comment: Civil servants shouldn’t be jittery
  229. Relief as uniform prices fall
  230. Federer claims 1000th title
  231. Waiting for Diaspora music
  232. Why We Should Be Optimistic About Africa In 2015
  233. NAACP Bombing: FBI Releases Sketch Of Suspected White Terrorist
  234. Haiti’s Struggle For Freedom: US Imperialism, MINUSTAH And The Overthrow Of Jean-Bert
  235. Deadliest Massacre In Nigerian History: Over 2000 Slaughtered By Muslim Savages
  236. Gorbachev Warns Of Major War In Europe Over Ukraine
  237. Kenya: Kimetto, Origi and Yego in Race for Soya Outstanding Award
  238. Zimbabwe: Broadcaster Taderera Suffers Stroke
  239. Zimbabwe: U.S $119 000 Cigarette Bootleg Intercepted
  240. Libya: Rival Factions to Participate in UN-Backed Talks
  241. Libya: UN to Host New Round of Talks Among Libyan Parties With View to Ending Crisis
  242. Libya: Senior UN Envoy Meets With Libyan Stakeholders, Warns 'Time Running Out' to Re
  243. Egypt: Two Decapitated Bodies Found in Egypt's Sinai - Sources
  244. Egypt: Police Officials Imprisoned for Aiding Prisoners Escape
  245. Nigeria: Suicide Bomber Hits Market
  246. Sierra Leone: "We Must Sustain Our Efforts" - President Koroma
  247. Nigeria: Insurgents Attack Damaturu, Torch Three Police Formations, Mosque
  248. West Africa: WHO Announces 'Good News' for Ebola Vaccine
  249. Chad: Thousands Flee Boko Haram
  250. Uganda: Journalist Handed Jail Term Over 'Criminal Trespass' At Ugandan Parliament