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  1. Remembering young Malcolm – with love
  2. Black Panther Torture “Trial” Tape Surfaces
  3. National Lawyers Guild Urges FBI to Respect Political Asylum Status of Assata Shakur
  4. Not Your Daddy's COINTELPRO: Obama Brands Assata Shakur "Most Wanted Terrorist"
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  13. Rap COINTELPRO: Subverting the power of Hip-Hop
  14. The FBI and the Engineering of consent by Noam Chomsky
  15. COINTELPRO US Domestic Covert Operations
  16. How To Spot a agent
  17. COINTELPRO: What the (Deleted) Was It?
  18. Thoughts On Our War On Against Terrorrism by Congresswoman Cynthia A. McKinney
  19. FBI COINTELPRO Media Operations The Corporate Press
  20. COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story By Paul Wolf
  21. COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story
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  23. In black and white: The f.b.i. Papers
  24. COINTELPRO FBI Domestic Intelligence Activities
  25. Supplementary detailed staff reports on intelligence activities
  26. Letter of Exposure to COINTELPRO
  27. The "Omaha Two" Victimized by COINTELPRO Injustice
  28. The fbi's War on the Black Panther Party's Southern California Chapter
  29. "Revolutionary Studies 101" # 1: Our Freedom Fighters vs Cointelpro & Rap Cointelpro
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  33. COINTELPRO V.2 Is Alive & Well In the USA
  34. COINTELPRO Alive and Well