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  1. Children and Media: Fight Stereotypes and Creating with Media
  2. Afrikan centered Homeschooling Websites
  3. New Magazine: Black Woman and Child
  4. Selecting African Heritage Children's Literature
  5. Mealtime Experiences
  6. notes from the young sistren
  7. How young should a child start school?
  8. Study: TV Messes up Kids
  9. young girls and older men
  10. Afrikan Toys
  11. Do you cringe when you hear........
  12. Afrikan Baby Names
  13. House-Passed "Gangs Bill" Would Increase Youth Violence
  14. Children's websites (Afrikan centered)
  15. The Child Soldier
  16. They Schools
  17. Federal Gov't tests drugs on children!!!!!
  18. Atlanta Child murder case re-opened
  19. 10-Year-Old Boy’s Handcuffing Renews Debate Over Appropriate Restraint (Yesterday)
  20. Afrikan Children learning about chess, strategies for bigger board of life
  21. When to expose your child to "THE WORLD"
  22. dialectics for kids
  23. The Black Child
  24. Books for Parents
  25. Just Like Me!!!! /CHECK IT OUT!
  26. Special Olympics
  27. Bullying
  28. Solutions for schools (?)
  29. Whats Up With This Forum??
  31. Christians and Spanking (LOL)
  32. Book List For Children
  33. Abortion - what's your stance?
  34. "Your" Children?!
  35. A better education in Africa?
  36. Education causing health problems?
  37. The 10 Most Important Things to Tell Our Sons About Being Black Men Today
  38. 9yr olds forced into "gangs"
  39. Black Child in White family
  40. Nat'l List of Rites Passage Programs
  41. Birth to age 6
  42. 7 deady absurdities
  43. Child Rearing
  44. Wise Words - Raising African American Children
  45. Back to segregation?
  46. West African Adinkra symbols and meanings
  47. African-American independent schools - National List
  48. My Son Started School Today
  49. Black History for Children
  50. Why Our Own Schools?
  51. Black Child's Pledge
  52. “Diary of a Black Girl Found”
  53. Other Peoples Children, pgs 33-36 by Lisa Delpit
  54. LEARNING RESOURCES in science & math
  55. african-american homeschool support groups
  56. Afrikan Traditional Stories'
  57. what is the meaning and purpose of having children?
  58. In The Box?
  59. Fruit of Greed: Ananse Children Story
  60. Ananse & Wisdom Pot: Children's Stories (2)
  61. Children's Story: Ananse the Spider
  62. Slavery and spanking of Children
  63. How Children Really React to Control
  64. A Children's Story