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  1. african folk tales
  2. African children books
  3. The Black Pledge Of Allegiance
  4. Lesson on race and ethnicity
  5. Young warriors martial arts spring camp!
  6. Vaccine Exemption Forms by State
  7. Preschool Black History Arts and Crafts
  8. My Brother and Me
  9. The Givens Foundation: African American Curriculum Exchange for K-12
  10. Nakumbuka Day's Origins; Annual Observance of the African Slave Holocaust
  11. The Family Libraries of Timbuktu
  12. The Supreme Lessons
  13. Genocide Curriculum
  14. African Philosphy
  15. African Homeschooler's on the Rise
  16. Extraordinary People - The boy who sees without eyes [1/5]/ Breaking Ed. Curriculum
  17. The Hare's Revenge: A Zambian Tale
  18. Why the Crab Has No Head
  19. Julian Beever: 3D Pavement drawings
  20. The Meaning and Role of a King in Africa
  21. Black Americans in Congress
  22. Withdrawing your Child from Public or Private school? Here's a intent letter
  23. Fractions song and Egyptian Maths
  24. Koalas during the heatwave in Australia (2009)
  25. Anatomy video game...Very fun!
  26. Black Indians and Sambhu, God of Asia--Dr Eugene Adams
  27. Decolonization: "What is Colonial Education?"
  28. G00d*Bye Uncle Tom and Addio Africa
  29. The Scottsboro Boys Trials
  30. Isaiah Chevrier, 4 year old Djembe Drummer!
  31. Black History 101- Dr. Erin Moore
  32. Lift Every Voice And Sing Lyrics and video
  33. "Sun, they Shook" and Scared to be Black
  34. Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe
  35. The USA's Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the Nazi salute
  36. The Proclamation of Peace *oath of Allegiance for children and adult's
  37. Understanding the Monkey on Your Back
  38. The british murder of tasmania
  39. Africa: The Land Of Wonder And Beauty (Toto) Africa
  40. South African Children singing and dancing
  41. Uprock: History of Breaking
  42. I AM SEAN BELL, Black boys speak
  43. What In The World Is Kwanzaa?
  44. More Than 4 Million Students Set to Challenge Social, Racial Boundaries
  45. Should Kids Be Able to Graduate After 10th Grade?
  46. "Free Homemade" Karaoke
  47. Helping Youth Help Themselves
  48. Ovie Mughelli Foundation
  49. East Palo Alto Children's Day Festival
  50. My vow to my daughter
  51. Anansi Cartoons
  52. African fun and games
  53. Khocolate Keepsakes Children's Literacy Museum-Los Angeles, CA
  54. Cinque Rites of Passage Program Helps Boys Become Men
  55. NY Press Conf to Stop School to Prison Pipeline!
  56. Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp Plans to Open School in Michigan
  57. The Lotus Academy Philadelphia, PA
  58. Smh.................
  59. Black Adoption Agencies
  60. Janet Hubert Plans to Release a Children's Book and Animated DVD Series
  61. Compton Jr. Posse Youth Equestrians
  62. Community Centric School
  63. Young Adults Asserting Themselves
  64. Is Africa's Education System Self Destructing?
  65. Quicksilver Track Club in Atlanta, GA
  66. African tale of Action Potential "the story of thought"
  67. Face Forward: Young African-American Men in a Critical Age
  68. It's Cool to Be Smart
  69. Schools not properly preparing kids
  70. Holding Back Young Students: Is Program a Gift or a Stigma?
  71. A League of Their Own
  72. School Is Out, and Nutrition Takes a Hike
  73. National Institute for Literacy and Mocha Moms Team Up to Boost Boys' Literacy Skills
  74. Three Doctors Foundation
  75. Sugar and Spice Kinderworld-Detroit, MI
  76. Black Youth Polo Team Travels to Nigeria
  77. A Place Called Home Youth Center-Los Angeles, CA
  78. African American Images-Afrocentric Books
  79. Schools' unrest over the AP test
  80. Music can be path to language and math
  81. I Know What You Did Last Math Class
  82. When teachers cut class
  83. Lacking Credits, Some Students Learn a Shortcut
  84. Clueless in America
  85. Honest Data on High School Dropouts
  86. A Nation at a Loss
  87. Life on the street gets tougher
  88. Baby Loves Hip-Hop Presents: The Dino 5
  89. August Wilson Center for African-American Culture After-School Program for Children
  90. Investing joins 3 R's at unusual school
  91. Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math
  92. Children of Dr. and Mrs. King Create Leadership Programs for Youth
  93. New Afrikan scouts
  94. Empress Menen Community school !
  95. Home-schoolers reel from California court blow
  96. A Science Prodigy in an Unlikely Place
  97. 12 Year Old is CEO of Hair Care Company
  98. A One-Eyed Invader in the Bedroom
  99. African baby names
  100. Desegregation Order Lifted From a School in Brooklyn
  101. Free Lunch Isn’t Cool, So Some Students Go Hungry
  102. CDC: 82 kids dead from 'choking game'
  103. The Zimist Manifesto
  104. Cribs recalled for faulty railing
  105. Se7enth Swan Publishing Group, LLC
  106. Survey Finds Teenagers Ignorant on Basic History and Literature Questions
  107. Kids, teens cussing more: Guess whose fault it is?
  108. ‘They Schools’
  109. Arts Program For Teens
  110. Camp Kupugani-Black Owned Children's Summer Camp
  111. Eastside Academy in Clinton, Oklahoma
  112. From Dancehall Rapper to Nursery Rhymer
  113. More Students Passing A.P. Exams
  114. Intelligentnewznet...black To School
  115. Evenflo Recalls 1 Million Infant Car Seats
  116. Developing a Curriculum...Help!
  117. Online Schooling Grows, Setting Off a Debate
  118. Are You Up Yet?
  119. Should you force your child to apologize?
  120. The African Princess
  121. Court revives No Child Left Behind suit
  122. Using African languages as contact primary language on K-12 enrollment form
  123. Dora the Explorer
  124. What are you telling your kids about this holiday thing
  125. Free Afrakan Centered Rites of Passage in NJ
  126. 826 NYC-Nonprofit Organization
  127. Non-Toxic Toy Companies
  128. Black-Owned Toy Companies
  129. Yellow Brick Roads
  130. Ma-aT. Black Children TV Drama
  131. Sexual misconduct plagues US schools
  133. Raising Black Boys
  134. Dancing With Your Children
  135. Autum Ashante' Partners with Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council
  136. A Public School That Emphasizes African Culture and Rites of Passage
  137. Will Jena Six Case Revitalize Youth Activism Movement?
  138. 15 year old girl enters Penn state before any other Sista!!!
  139. Report: Gulf Coast schools shortchanged
  140. Children's Mathematics
  141. Oath To The Ancestors
  142. Afrikan Parenting website
  143. 'banning The "n" Word' From The Mouths Of Our Babies!
  144. Young Maroons teach love for black history
  145. When School Is Out, Getting Good Food In
  146. Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools
  147. RBGkidz
  148. To Close Gaps, Schools Focus on Black Boys
  149. Too Poor to Send Kids to Home or Private School....
  150. Child care oversight lax in many states
  151. Brown v Board of Ed - where are our children now?
  152. Overachieving Students Hear a New Message: Lighten Up
  153. Truant Parents?
  154. African-centered programs for children
  155. African centered website for young children
  156. AYA Ed Homeschool Clusters Forming Now!
  157. Afrikan Centered Home Schooling Resources - Followup for Family Chat 7/8/06
  158. Weighted toys may help burn calories
  159. Summer reading lists are OK, but math is where kids lag
  160. Dive In - Everyone Into the Water
  161. Our children,our future
  162. The war on children and the latest Final Solution.
  163. UNCF/Delta Travel Scholarship for H.S. Students~ Due 6/16/06
  164. Basic Facts About The Parental Alienation Syndrome
  165. Support A Child
  166. Katrina Report: for many, education is another storm victim
  167. Home Schooling
  168. Helping Kids Say 'No' to Drugs
  169. Black Powder
  170. The Old African
  171. Bud, Not Buddy
  172. Rosa
  173. Show Way
  174. Earth Mother
  175. Please, Puppy, Please
  176. Reaching Out to Imperiled Black Youths
  177. How to Handle the Racist Verbal Attack
  178. Katrina Report: Katrina's Children Struggle with Fears
  179. Who teaches your child/children?
  180. Would you take your children to Afrika?
  181. Children & Locks
  182. Krakkka bout to catch a bad one from these soldiers
  183. ABC Abandoned Baby Center in Kenya
  184. Racist attack 7yr old poet Autum Ashante
  185. NCLB to cut back all subjects except math & reading
  186. Poisons in your childs lunchbox??
  187. 7 Secrets to Raising Strong Black Girls
  188. Parenting 101
  189. 7yr old Revolutionary Poet upsets reactionary school officials
  190. Nigerian Games For Children
  191. Stories & Books originated in Nigeria or that has an Afrikan background
  192. Kikuyu and The Sorcerer's Stone
  193. Book: "Melanin 'N' Me"
  194. Health Tip: If a Child Has a Seizure
  195. The Danger of Antibiotic Overuse
  196. Sweet Blackberry: Stories for the Soul
  197. Children and Slavery
  198. Safety Experts Want Children in Back Seats
  199. Council of Independent Black Institutions (CIBI) Institutional Members
  200. New Afrikan Challenge Game!!
  201. Nsoromma Afrikan-Centered School
  202. I wept as I read this
  203. Ethiopian Proverbs
  204. Protecting Seeds Of Genius
  205. Life Lessons
  206. Thank You Mama 4 the 9 months' you carried me...
  207. Finger sucking
  208. Genocide
  209. African Centered Chartered Schools....
  210. Barbie Is Often Mutilated
  211. It's that time of year- how do you handle xmas
  212. More Black Families Home Schooling
  213. Talking to children about... IRAQ
  214. U.N. Says 90M Girls Not Getting Education
  215. A Private School Tackles the Racial Gap
  216. Students Ace State Tests, but Earn D's From U.S.
  217. New Children's Book On Slavery
  218. Winter Field Trips for Toddlers
  219. TALK TO KIDS ABOUT... Responding to Racist Comments
  220. Non-Toxic Toys
  221. Quotes on Children
  222. Environmental Education
  223. Breastfeeding: Foremilk and Hindmilk
  224. New Homeschooling Site
  225. Young Essayists Take On History
  226. Book Tour Featuring Black Princess
  227. 2005 Council of Independent Black Institutions (CIBI) CONFERENCE
  228. Black Independent Schools: Bibliography
  229. Laptops for World's Children
  230. African-American Story of the Three Kings
  231. Afrikan Baby Naming Ceremonies
  232. Honour thy Mother
  233. Mapambano Academy (Bristol, UK)
  234. Parents guide to Creativity
  235. A Big White Lie
  236. Believe In Yourself
  237. Homework, is it a good thing??
  238. Evidence mounts on dangers of television
  239. Mu Kanda: Online International African-Centered Home School
  240. ƆKWANTRENEE: A Poem for Our Children about Good Character in Akan (Asante Twi)
  241. A child in charge of `6 babies'
  242. Lord's Resistance Army
  243. Jeje Cule
  244. Afreekan Libraries Project
  245. Educating Afreekan children
  246. HIGH test scores among Black fourth-graders
  247. Big school spending doesn’t make good students
  248. Anger in OUR Youth
  249. Talking with Kids: Violence and Self Defense
  250. Black Woman & Child by: Sizzla