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  1. African fashion glorified in Dakar amid tribute to deceased model Katoucha
  2. Dead Prez - These are the Times
  3. Remembering Marvin Gaye
  4. Secret Societies 101
  5. Classic Film
  6. Please Stay On The Alert And Help A Brother Out
  7. Bro. Ivan Dixon Joins the Ancestors
  8. "Hip-Hop Saved My Life" by Lupe Fiasco ft. Nikki Jean
  9. Kenny Garratt - Song For DiFang
  10. Tyler Perry comedy-drama Meet the Browns
  11. "Where Da G's" by Dizzee Rascal ft. Bun B
  12. The Hunger Strike
  13. "One Loaf Of Bread (Something For You)" by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
  14. Ida B. Wells-A Passion for Justice
  15. The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
  16. Strange Fruit-The Film
  17. India.Arie to star in the revival of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide...
  18. Prince Among Slaves Available on DVD
  19. The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo
  20. The Roots - Get Busy
  21. Iron Ladies Of Liberia
  22. Alicia Keys embraces her Jamaican roots at the AMA's
  23. More On Economics
  24. The Roots - 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction) Video
  25. Economics
  26. KRS-ONE interviews people affected by Katrina
  27. McBride ties Underground Railroad to present in 'Song'
  28. Karyn Parsons and Black History
  29. Jamal Joseph and Impact at the Oscars
  30. 500 Years Later
  31. DEAD PREZ: Live in San Francisco
  32. "Hostile Gospel Pt. 1" by Talib Kweli
  33. The Wire
  34. "Banished" to air on PBS
  35. Black August: Bringing George Jackson's Life to the Screen
  36. "Black His-Story" (+ More!) by Gil Scott-Heron
  37. "Assata aka Joanne Chesimard" documentary- WHERE IS IT?!
  38. Don't Miss "Chicago 10"- In Theaters 12/29/08!
  39. A Conversation with Busta Rhymes About The Music Industry
  40. Saul Williams On The Wake Up Show
  41. Murs (His Videos)
  42. Dudubaya - Mashaka - Video
  43. Boondocks vs. BET?
  44. Bad Brains Interview
  45. Splitting the Sky: Remembering 9-11
  46. Dude claims Jay Z and Nas are masons (Youtube)
  47. HipHop Beyond Beats & Rhymes
  48. Michael Jackson-They don't care about US (Prison Version)
  49. A Good Reason Why Not To Buy Your Weapons Off The T.V.
  50. Saul, Zack, Serj, and Mark
  51. Dave Chappelle on Def Poetry Jam
  52. "What The F*** Is Juice?!"
  53. Black Panther Movie to be released in February 2008!
  54. Creating miracles through mentoring
  55. The largest slave-trading family in U.S. history
  56. D-Angelo........
  57. Erykah Badu - Honey
  58. South Park-Nigger Guy
  59. Chris Rock's 2008 Election Analysis
  60. Banned Boondocks clip - about b.e.t.
  61. Etana - "Roots"
  62. Jill Scott
  63. The Bourne Ultimatum: rejecting the CIA
  64. Richard Bonna and Bobby McFerrin. BLACKNIFICENT PERFORMANCE
  65. ArbolRasta (AfroCuban Reggae)
  66. Voodoo Souljahs - AfroColombian Reggae
  67. Las Krudas - Omega Kilay (Cuban Womanist HipHop)
  68. Amos Wilson
  69. Classic Im Better Than I Ever Been
  70. M.I.A. (her videos)
  71. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron
  72. Ron Artest: "Life Is Bigger Than Sports"
  73. Dr. CLAUD ANDERSON - Powernomics
  74. RBG Photo-Story Mini Lecture-POLICE STATE v FREEDOM FIGHTERS
  75. RBG PhotoStory Mini-Lecture: The Dope Game
  76. Message To RBG Family From RBG SS: "Revolutionary Warfare"
  77. RBG Nat Turner Burner & Lets Get Free or Die Tryin
  78. Spook who sat by the door...
  79. Public Enemy: SON OF A BUSH
  80. The Great Debaters
  81. Mississippi Hill Country: "They Say Drums was a-Calling"
  82. Mugongo, forest rhythm
  83. Does HBO's Def Poetry still accept Submissions from Poets?
  84. Abbey Lincoln with the Max Roach Quartet
  85. Erykah Badu - Bag Lady
  86. Binta y la gran idea (english subtitles)
  87. Dim Oma _traditional nigerian music
  88. Nina Simone singing Young, Gifted, and Black
  89. Betty Carter performance of "Droppin' Things"
  90. Oumou Sangare
  91. Somi singing Ingele
  92. Concha Buika - New afrospanish collective
  93. Afrocuba De Matanzas
  94. Kenny Garrett Quartet - Two Down And One Across
  95. Miles Davis Quintet, in "Walkin"
  96. Lizz Wright singing I'm Confessin'
  97. "Catch a Fire" - not as bad as I expected
  98. Whoa...Prodigy was 100% REAL on this
  99. Preech "I Am The Streets"/My Kind a Flow
  100. 'Hip Hop vs The Industury-Good Video'
  101. My Black America (youtube vid)
  102. Darwin's Nightmare (youtube video)
  103. Black Music Quiz
  104. Zeitgeist and religion!?
  105. Darfur Now-In Select Theaters Starting November 2
  106. Nice Video of mom and her son Kanye
  107. Nia singing Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday at age 4
  108. Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit
  110. John Coltrane Quartet - Live 1965 - Vigil (excerpt)
  111. Fela on music and politricks
  112. American Gangster, American Stereotype
  113. Weapons That Make People Crazy!!
  114. The Noose: An American Nightmare
  115. Gravediggaz! 6 Feet Deep!
  116. Last Poets with Pharoah Sanders
  117. African-Cuban Rumba
  118. The Souls of Black Girls
  120. American Gangster, the BET show
  121. Gangs In Jamaica: Ross Kemp Documentary
  122. Anyone seen Gattaca?
  123. Quilombo Country
  124. Tommy Davidson's Involvement in Africa
  125. Mos Def at the Jena 6 Protest
  126. Hip-Hop vs. America
  127. Born Jamericans
  128. Hip-hop and dancehall (can't have one without the other)
  129. Mos Def and Cornell West on Real Time with Bill Maher
  130. Blood Diamonds-The History Channel
  131. Arrested Development - People Everyday
  132. 40 Glocc's "Lord Help Us Video"- POWERFUL STUFF!!!
  133. Tia Fuller Performs at Detroit International Jazz Festival
  134. Bridget Gray website
  135. "Chocolate Rain", a YouTube Presentation
  136. "Alright" by Allen Anthony
  137. Does anybody have a downloadable version of Khalid Muhammad on Donahue?
  138. What Are You Watching Right Now?
  139. Black Stories on BETJ
  140. Hollywood and Arabs
  141. It's Justice AllaH & The 144 ELiTE
  142. OUR STORY OUR VOICE - A film against the global system
  143. Neters!!!
  144. TORONTO HIP HOP-Free Album DownLOAD!!
  145. Black August - 2007
  146. BASTARDS OF THE PARTY: A History of L.A. Gangs
  147. poARTry III the fusion of spoken word poetry and visual art
  148. Tight rapper from the UK!
  149. The Spook Who Sat By The Door
  150. Wah Wah African dance Festival
  151. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
  152. This might be be the realest video i've seen
  153. Mama Africa by Akon
  154. Good Movie Check it out
  155. tavis smiley & katrina disaster follow-up
  156. Dear Mama...
  157. Mama Africa Music by Akon /A Video
  158. Roots-30th Anniversary Edition DVD To Be Released May 22, 2007
  159. Al-Jazeera coming to you via YouTube
  160. Police State in Black America:This Video is on Fire Ya'll
  161. Great show if you can catch it.
  162. Time Bomb
  163. Can't find the "Panther" movie
  164. decent quality downloadable version of Alex Jone's "911 The Road To Tyranny" ??
  165. amerikkka: Freedom(?) to Fascism (WATCH THE MOVIE HERE FOR FREE!)
  166. 'Bastards of the Party'
  167. "Monster" Kody Scott (they better do this movie right)
  168. Umoja Village- Youtube Video
  169. Rakim,kanye,nas, & Krs One= Classic
  170. Bling'd: Blood, Diamonds, and Hip-Hop airs March 12, 2007 at 2:00pm EDT on VH1
  171. Hip Hop Beyod Beats & Rhymes: Tonight On Pbs
  173. 365 Days of
  174. Sweet Sweeback
  175. Music As A Revolutionary Weapon:Fela Anikulapo-Kuti
  176. Best of the Best in Underground Hip Hop/Rap Music
  177. Move Organization Documentary
  178. Reclaiming a Black Research Scientist’s Forgotten Legacy
  179. Young Sistas Discuss Self-Image
  180. Outkast Catching Heat Over.........
  181. The Whispers Remember Black Love and "OG" Soul!
  182. The Africa Channel
  183. Tom Joyner's Website To Aid Katrina Victims
  184. New Orleans Documentary 2nite
  185. OUTSTANDING KPFA Black August Radio Stream
  186. Portrayal of Black 9/11 Heroes as White in 'World Trade Center' Causes Stir
  187. New Survivor season is divided by race
  188. Stars Of Africa (link)
  189. We Need More Real African Films
  190. Agony of New Orleans, Through Spike Lee’s Eyes
  191. World Trade Center Movie
  192. List of Afrikan television stations.
  193. Patti LaBelle highlights Black-onwed businesses on her TV One series.
  194. What if the South had won?
  195. Fidel (DVD) - Documentary
  196. OMG!! Ray Charles video-Drown in my own tears!LIVE PERFORMANCE
  197. State of Black America-Every Sunday in August at 8:00pm on TV One.
  198. New Spike Lee Joint: A Requiem....
  199. WHY WE FIGHT (video drop)
  200. Best Movie Soundtracks
  201. From freedom to fascism
  202. LA gangsters launch music careers
  203. TERROR STORM (video drop)
  204. Rabbit-Proof Fence
  205. "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" Dvd
  206. Blak is Blak
  207. Roots Daughters
  208. Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival
  209. City Of Men
  210. Bet UNCUT Is Finally cancelled
  211. "Son of Man" directed by Mark Dornford-May to feature first BLACK Jesus ??
  212. Tsotsi
  213. Cuba - fierce and beautiful
  214. Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction
  215. Dr. John Henrik Clarke's "A Great And Mighty Walk" on Sundance Channel 7/1 @ 10a.m.!
  216. Kids Movies
  217. Maaaaaaaaaaan...I saw this movie...
  218. Movies about our Legends
  219. Blast from the Past - Love Jones
  220. Liberia: An Uncivil War
  221. Blade: The Series.
  222. America: Freedom To Fascism
  223. Amistad
  224. The BlackNificent Films
  225. "iYo Soy Boricua, Pa'que Tu Lo Sepas!"
  226. New Film on The Last Poets Abiodune w/ Heru, Ngoma, Itsrealight, Bro.Earl
  227. Young Folx BPP video
  228. Eyes On The Prize
  229. june issue of whatchusay.com arrives
  230. Billy Preston, 59, dies
  231. VoxUnion Media
  232. M1 from Dead Prez
  233. Good Movies to add to collection
  234. Dead Prez TV - it IS bigger then HIP-HOP
  235. The Chop Up
  236. Speech (of Arrested Development) on T.V.
  237. Trailer: "An Inconvenient Truth"
  238. POV: the furor over the "colored mind doubles"
  239. Luke Cage
  240. Hiphop Loves Arsenio Hall!
  241. Bonding with The Babe
  242. A "Star" he sho nuff ain't!
  243. Tv Makes Reality And Illusions Bigger
  244. Crashing the black female image
  245. Rakim Innerviews & Overstandings
  247. race and hollywood -black images on film
  248. Great Movies (with racial overtones)
  249. Let Us Remember Waco!!!
  250. How the Media Uses Blacks to Chastize Blacks