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  1. Dallas gunmen video
  2. 2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see
  3. Gay Rights March on Washington (1993) - Tries to Make Pedophilia Legal
  4. Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 online
  5. Bleaching black culture
  6. Preacher Says White Jesus Isn't Real! "These Are Symbols Of Terrorism"
  7. Judge Mathis calls the Flint, MI water crisis terrorist attack by the US government
  8. I am Not Latina! Calling ourselves latino means genocide!-Mexica Movement
  9. Mexica Movement Confronts Racist American Latino Museum
  10. Left Him Thinking: High School Student Schools Teacher On What Racism
  11. Congressional hearing on Flint water crisis Feb. 3, 2016 WJBK
  12. STUDY: The Welfare Queen Stereotype Has "Little Factual Basis"
  13. Powerful Message: Kirk Franklin - Stop Rejecting The Ingredients In Life!
  14. Anonymous Warns U.S. Citizens to Get Ready For Disaster!
  15. 60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators
  17. No Human Involved - Nick Broomfield on 'disposable people' deaths ignored by police
  18. Documentaries 2015: Tales of the Grim Sleeper - HDTV
  19. Drone footage exposes US farm football sized 'cesspools' RT
  20. Dick Gregory on Amazing Grace
  21. Phora - My Story [Official Music Video]
  22. The Young Turks: Charleston Judge: 'Forgive Dylann Roof'
  23. Dr Umar Johnson Black Church "Ground Zero" Documentary
  24. immigrants for sale: Documentary
  25. The Illuminatis Most Hated
  26. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (CC available)
  27. Conspiracy: The CIA and The Nazis (History Channel)
  28. Trudell
  29. DETROIT - THE MURDER CITY Documentary - Starring Seven the General
  30. Merritt College: Home of the Black Panthers
  31. Leo Muhammed: Was Elijah Muhammed racist?
  32. Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein Checks Jewish University Students For Using Holocaust Card
  33. Beyond Treason
  34. Check out this vid I did with my 11 year old son called I'm G-O-D
  35. The Mystery Of The Cocaine Mummies of ancient Egpyt
  36. NO Flight 93 plane at Shanksville and no bodies says its Mayor
  37. Leadbelly
  38. Generation Next feat. Malcolm Shabazz
  39. Ghana Tv Channels website?
  40. less than an hour left to raise funds for the filming of Organizing Is the New Cool
  41. Free askari x !
  42. The Souls of Black baseball
  43. Every 36 Hours Panel Discussion w. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
  44. Did This Shooting Really Happen Or This Just Wicked Media!? The Sandy Hook shooting
  45. Precision
  46. Compliance
  47. For Love Of Country: Excerpt From The Movie, Judgement At Nuremberg
  48. BLACK AUGUST: A Hip Hop Concert Benefit Malcolm X Grassroots Organization
  49. Public Enemy – Rebel Without a Pause Lyrics
  50. Planet Rock: The Story Of Hip Hop And The Crack Generation (full Video)
  51. Black Power Muzic - Conscious Plat
  52. 187 (COP KILLA) Dynamic Certified ft. Elz & J-Rydah *Official Video*
  53. i love tha future - Assata Shakur
  54. Ra Shone ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow
  55. Inspirational Clip Of The Week: Muhammad Ali Kickin Knowledge About Life!
  56. Indiana Legalizes Shooting Cops
  57. Professor S.J. Gates on superstring theory.
  58. Was Manny Pacquiao Really Robbed? (Watch This & You Decide)
  59. Aisha Sekhmet - Buy A Nation
  61. LIL CS - Holdin' Court In The Street
  62. Sub Level Kenpo- Dr. Ron Chapel
  63. Steve Muhammad recognition as Sijo
  64. Wonders of the African World - Episode 5 & 6 - The Road to Timbuktu & Lost Cities of
  65. Wonders of the African World - Episode 3 & 4 - The Slave Kingdoms & The Holy Land
  66. Wonders of the African World - Episode 1 & 2 - Black Kingdoms of the Nile & The Swahi
  67. Attack of de Battymon: Buju, Drugs, Faggots & Politrix
  68. Black in Latin America - Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet
  69. Stephen Marley - Made In Africa ft. Wale, The Cast of Fela
  70. Tarrus Riley - SHAKA ZULU PICKNEY - Official Music Video
  71. BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Africa Series2 4of4 Bunyoro and Buganda(Modern Uganda)
  72. BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Africa Series 2 2of4 The Zulu Kingdom
  73. BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Africa Series 2 1of4 The Kingdom of Asante
  74. Buju Banton: Attack of de Battymon
  75. Slavery by another name
  76. Black Politics 101:The Bought, The Bossed, And The True Believers
  77. The next time someone brings up Crispus Attucks
  78. Mic Machete hip hop with a brain
  79. I'm G-O-D
  80. BBC-Lost Kingdoms of Africa 4of4 West Africa
  81. BBC-Lost Kingdoms of Africa 3of4 Great Zimbabwe
  82. BBC-Lost Kingdoms of Africa - Ethiopia
  83. BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Africa (Nubia)
  84. Conga Masters Duets Giovanni Hidalgo y Changuito
  85. Giovanni Hidalgo on Help Haiti Now!
  86. Young RIE "I See Lies"
  87. Protesting is now a Felony?!!
  88. I Don't Believe
  89. Political Fench Rap
  90. Plies and Jasari X- We Are Trayvon
  91. Dubstep poppin' ft: Marquese Scott and Sophia Grace and Rosie on "The Motto"
  92. Horace Butler: "When rocks cry outs" visits Occult Science Radio
  93. Cars stolen in the US used in car bomb in Iraq
  94. Don Blackman - Never Miss A Thing
  95. The Alchemist - Deep Meditation
  96. The Beatnuts - Watch Out Now[HQ]
  97. What are some of the best non fiction movies you've seen??
  98. PAPAJI - Why was i born?
  99. Ramana Maharshi - There Are No Stages In Realization
  100. The Power is Yours w/ Mooji
  101. real hip hop
  102. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) - N*ggas In Poorest (N*ggas In Paris Freestyle)
  103. The Pederasty protect our children from the elite pedophile network part one (must se
  104. Isley Jasper Isley--- Caravan Of Love
  105. Whitney Houston Interview - Oprah Show - Part 1 (Sep 14 2009)
  106. Julius Hemphill - Dogon A.D.
  107. Nicki Minaj - 2012 GRAMMYs Performance - "The Exorcism Of Roman"
  108. The Pederasty protect our children from the elite pedophile network part one (must se
  109. Generation Next feat. Malcolm Shabazz
  110. Jon Stossel wit Walter Williams- The stat against Blacks
  111. “Slavery by Another Name”
  112. Sri Lanka's Killing Fields Documentary
  113. "Once A President Can Kill And Arrest U.S. Citz. W/out Trial He's not Pres. He' King!
  114. Hood to Hood 2 part 1
  115. WHY AFRICA was named after Roman General Sipio Aficanus?
  116. Prof. Griff: Symbology 101 (Hip Hop's Minister of Info.) Prt.1/2
  117. Global food bubble on the way? Pt.1 of 2
  118. 12-Year-Old Genius Goes to Morehouse College!
  119. Is Islam an African or White Arab Religion? Debate: Wesley Muhmamad & Natural Tahuti
  120. Black History in the USA (Banned Cartoon)
  121. DHS advising suspicion of people who don't use credit cards
  122. Young Trey: My First Drive-by
  123. Dead Homiez 1994 Documentary
  124. The Peacemaker: L.A. Gang Wars season 1
  125. Billy Paul - Let The Dollars Circulate/ Am I Black Enough For You
  126. West Coast port shutdown announcement video (from Occupy Oakland).mov
  127. Imam Jamil Al Amin (H Rap Brown) interview
  128. Black in Latin America
  129. Askari X - Tippy Toe Soldier
  130. BOBBY SEALE - Unfinished Business 45th Black Panther Anniversary
  131. KRS-One - AZTECHNICAL (Official Video) Prd. By MAD LION
  132. Moor "legally" challenges five police officers
  133. How to Refuse Police Searches
  134. What if I Refuse, But Police Search Me Anyway?
  135. AZ - Make Believe | Doe or Die 15th Anniversary
  136. DAVID BANNER "SWAG" The Official Video
  137. MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Research - Human Experiments in the U.S
  138. David Hilliard : The Black Panthers
  139. The Science of Spying: CIA Covert Action Documentary Film (1965)
  140. History Channel - Special Forces: LRRP
  141. Nasio Fontaine - African Spirit
  142. 2Pac - Hail Mary (Lyrics HD)
  143. New World DisOrder......Dr.Delbert Blair Final
  144. "Life" Angola, La -Louisiana State Penitentiary pt.1/ Lock-up
  145. The Black Panthers & The Last SLAVE Plantation Pt 1
  146. A Soldiers Story pt.1/11
  147. The Anderson Platoon (Vietnam War) part 1/4
  148. The Kenneth Harding cover-up: Graphic!
  149. Informational Gangster Pt.1(Aim & Vote)
  150. Occupy San Diego Live feed
  151. Occupy Wall Street - I AM NOT MOVING!
  152. American Cannibalism
  153. Tell Me, Is This The Future?!!
  154. Wal-Mart :The High Cost of Low Prices (Part 1 of 11)
  155. I am slave
  156. Occupy Wall Street demonstrations shut down NYC streets
  157. Kujichagulia - using our stories, to tell our story
  158. Gang Starr - Itz A Set Up
  159. Judge Greg Mathis weighs in on Troy Davis' execution
  160. Dennis Bovell: Living In Babylon
  161. Mali Drums: Old Masters (Aruna Sidibe & Brulye Doumbia)
  162. KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica Radio
  163. U.N. Peacekeepers Caught On Tape Sexually Abusing Male Teen In Haiti
  164. "Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth"
  165. Knocksteady live - Open Mike Eagle
  166. Y'all Wanna See Something, Check This Out!!!
  167. what yall think about this No Church in the Wild vid?
  168. Al Jarreau --- Spain (I can recall)
  169. Al mahdi and Britain
  170. Black in Latin America
  171. Icons - I So Vicious ft. VMF & SOMO/ SOLE SACRIFICE (San Diego)
  172. Mastering Capoeira: History & Traditions (tape 8)
  173. "Jumprope class" ft. Muhammad Ali, Buddy Lee and Michael Olajide Jr.
  174. Jared Ball goes in on new Tribe movie
  175. Trouble man 1/ 10
  176. NYC House dancers (full quality)
  177. Mos Def - Katrina Klap (Dollar Day)
  178. California Police Shoot Man 5 Times For Not Paying His Bus Fare!
  179. Sista goes in on V Nasty's usage of the N Word
  180. Billy Blanks - This is Tae Bo [48:16] w/ PVC amplifier bar measurement
  181. Dr. John Henrik Clarke on The Importance of Nationality
  182. Breakin 2- Mark Scott ~ I don´t want to come on down~ feat: Turbo
  183. Krush Groove (1985) 1/7
  184. Mama Zogbe Interview: The Sibyls: The First Prophetess of Mami (Wata) pt.1
  185. Aswad - Concrete Slaveship
  186. Cynthia McKinney: attacks in Libya shows Obama as "War Criminal" & interview in Libya
  187. ♪Incognito - Labour Of Love
  188. Mutulu Shakur healer of the people 1
  189. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Caracas
  190. Robin Cook's resignation speech over Iraq war
  191. Outkast - Return of the 'G' & The Roots - The Next Movement
  192. J Dilla - Think Twice
  193. Islamophobia for Dummies & Operation Condor (english subtitles)
  194. WTC7 - "That is the building that is going to go down next"
  195. Dr Alim Bey - The UCC & How it relates to you (song: Miles Davis "Footprints")
  196. Perversion of Justice: Mother of Three Sentenced to Life For First Time Drug Offense
  197. FDA approves spraying meat with viruses
  198. Timothy Bloom ft. V. Bozeman LIVE "Til The End of Time"
  199. Ice Cube - No Vaseline (N.W.A Diss)
  200. Dead Prez - Walk Like a Warrior, D.O.W.N & Way of Life
  201. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Official Prison Version)
  202. Capleton - Heathen Reign (mix)
  203. Pifftown workout & back on my regimen by stic of dead prez
  204. Gangs and who controls them?
  205. 14 Year Old Black inventor builds windmill for village
  206. Stahhr - U Like It
  207. Mastering Capoeira: Conditioning and Fundamentals
  208. Gang Starr - Royalty
  209. Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
  210. The Truth about the Kennedy Assassination & Obama Told by Gadaffi (MUST SEE)
  211. Three Maasais vs. Fifteen Hungry Lions
  212. Aris La Tham on (Raw Food) QTV
  213. Zoned for Slavery: The Child Behind the Label
  214. MLK 2011 Tribute : Heal the World |Michelle Alexander discusses mass incarceration
  215. UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: Chinese descendants of Africa: DNA test Professor Jin Li
  216. New RFT TV with Khalid Muhammad, George Jackson, Public Enemy, Omali Yeshitela,...
  217. Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered
  218. The African History They Don't Tell You About! by Charles M. Six
  219. Cop exposes NYPD Quota System
  220. The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba - Pt 1
  221. #Jan25 Egypt - Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir (Prod. Sami Matar)
  222. Trouble the Water
  223. Motherland on DVD - Best Documentary ever made on Africa!
  224. "Killing Fields" Kokane (Jerry B. Long) ft. Sons Naj & Taj
  225. Queen Ifrica - Daddy
  226. Del Jones - Black Image pt1
  227. MELANIN: The New Technology & Beyond Violence
  228. Iyanla Vanzant - "We Can Do This"
  229. 500 Years Later: movie/ Mam, from Egypt to America
  230. For everyone who still wants to be a slave on a major label
  231. Hip Hop Beyond the Beats and Rhymes
  232. Today is a good day to watch James Cameron's Avatar...
  233. Black Panther on AVengers last night
  234. The Murder of Fred Hampton
  235. How to download ANY video online
  236. Mysteries Behind Closed Doors
  237. Sista Souljah - A State of War
  238. Music of the Sidis Part 1: Africans in India
  239. Crips & Bloods: Made In America
  240. Post Slavery Trauma Syndrome by Prof. James Small
  241. Wake up people!!!!
  242. Ebonics - Dr. Ernie Smith w/ text Melanin and the Ear by Richard King, M.D.
  243. Frances Cress Welsing On Donahue 1/5
  244. Dr Richard King - Spirituality and Psychiatry 1 of 5
  245. Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation
  246. I am Oscar Grant
  247. Tupac R.eal A.frican P.rophet
  248. Injustice Exposed: The Secret Code on Veteran's DD214
  249. Stepping Razor - Red X
  250. Tupac ft. Scarface - Smile