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  1. Detroit filmmaker shines light on political prisoners
  2. I build warriors
  3. In need of Legal assistance in Detroit
  4. Can you help? Detroit outreach for Cuba's Medical School Scholarships as seen on PBS
  5. Get Involved Detroit
  6. Y't Supremacist groups gaining ground in Afrikan Communities
  7. Michigan/Detroit Elections
  8. Detroit Area Demonstrations Against the Israeli Attack on the Freedom Flotilla June 1
  9. Call your outrage in to detroit police commissioner!
  10. Detroit Black Community Food Security Network 2009
  11. Demonstration to Protest the military coup d'tat in Honduras
  12. Made in L.A. People's Summit Film Showing/Discussion, May 15, 7:00pm
  13. Robert Mitchell, 16, of Detroit Dies After Being Tased by Warren Police
  14. Family of Robert Mitchell, 16, Will Challenge Warren Police Killing at City Council
  15. **Missing Student**
  16. Wayne County Sheriff Evans Halts Sales of Mortgage Foreclosed Homes
  17. It's Time To Grow!
  18. Media Advisory--Detroit MLK Day Rally & March at CUM, January 19, Noon
  19. Community protests Gaza genocide
  20. Thousands Rally and March in Downtown Detroit in Support of Palestine
  21. Rev. Edward Pinkney at Home After Release From Jackson Prison
  22. Young Detroiters giving a fresh spin to Kwanzaa
  23. 12/3 Mumia Mt. & PP Film
  24. Michigan National Guard to help patrol Detroit streets around Halloween
  25. What's the deal, Nadir? Distorted Soul Update
  26. Detroit Coalition Events to End Police Brutality, Oct. 22 & 24
  27. Michigan Coalition Demands Immediate Action!
  28. Detroit Demonstration to Demand a Declaration of 'State of Economic Emergency,
  29. Nadir's Distorted Soul Wednesday, October 8, 2008
  30. Legacy Leonard opens for the Obama-Jay-Z Change Concert
  31. Detroit Black Community Food Security
  32. Detroit Demonstration at the Federal Bldg.to Demand Action on the Economic Crisis
  33. Statewide Demonstration to Halt Foreclosures Set for Sept. 17 in Lansing
  34. Michigan Campaign Builds for Sept. 17 Moratorium March
  35. Cynthia McKinney, Green Party Candidate for President, to Visit Detroit for Labor Day
  36. Moratorium Now Rally/Victory Party for Rubie Curl-Pinkins, Aug. 22, 5:30pm
  37. Legacy Leonard's Performances and Updates
  38. To Avoid Student Turnover, Parents Get Rent Help
  39. Detroit-Ancestral commenoration Event
  40. Miriam Makeba show cancelled
  41. From Detroit to Cuba
  42. Co-Sponsor Needed for Mumia/MOVE Mtg!
  43. Widowed Detroit cop arrested after 2nd man admits 7 killings
  44. The Jalen Rose Foundation: Providing College Scholarships for Detroit Students
  45. Healing the Woman: Mind, Body, and Spirit Conference
  46. Detroit mayor: I'm not resigning
  47. *Looking for employment*
  48. Dr. Llaila O. Afrika in Detroit
  49. 7-Course Vegetarian Buffet (Sunday, Feb. 17, 2pm)
  50. Poetry & Film Tribute to SEKOU SUNDIATA -- Fri., Feb. 22, Admission Free
  51. "A Panther in Africa" @ CHWright Museum, Feb.15, FREE. (Black Panthers now in Tanzani
  52. Keynote: AFRICANS IN SPACE - Detroit / Feb. 22
  53. February Events at Black Star Book Store
  54. PANW Co-Sponsors Amakisi Unlimited's 3Rs Film Festival in Detroit, Feb. 22-24
  55. Empowerment Programs For Young Ladies 8-18
  56. They Came Before Columbus Film
  57. A Great and Mighty Walk
  58. Transcending Time An Educational Tour
  59. Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization
  60. Berrien County Update: Rev. Pinkney Put in Lockdown
  61. Detroit: The Reel Story Exhibit, Detroit Historical Museum
  63. HairBraiding Class for Mothers & Daughters (Fathers, Sons, Adults are Welcome)
  64. SAVIOURS' DAY 3-Day Bus Trip, Feb.22-24, Chicago
  65. African Dance
  66. Baba Hugh Masekela
  67. Exploring Africa
  68. MLK Celebration
  69. Dream Awards..Harry Balafonte
  70. Sabar Dance Classes
  71. Dr. Delbert Blair returns to Detroit, Feb. 2
  72. Black Soul Fridays
  73. H.A.N.D. Project
  74. Kujichagulia Kwanzaa!
  75. Rev. Pinkney Arrested in Benton Harbor
  76. Kwanzaa Celebration
  77. F.y.i.
  78. Dr. Ahmad Rahman @ Blackstar Bookstore
  79. Shrine Of The Black Madonna-December Events
  80. "Window to My Soul: The Documentary" showing at Black Star this Friday
  81. Master Class w/ Master Caboquinho from Bahia, Brasil
  82. 2008 Career Exploration and Resource Day
  83. Julie Mehretu exhibit at DIA
  84. dayum ..did the devil make then do it?
  85. Free health care and information
  86. Darfur Exhibit
  87. Great Artist in Detroit Collections
  88. Admission Free! each 1st Sunday @ Wright Museum
  89. Detroit All-Men's Call to Action
  90. Its official yall...
  91. Building the All-African Youth Movement:Toward Pan-Africanism
  92. History Class
  93. Children's Story Time
  94. An Afternoon Of Knowlege And Culture
  95. Meet Etterlene "Mama" Debarge
  96. Workshop Series With Dr. Eadie
  97. A Taste of Africa
  98. Moorehead: Reparations for unpaid labor
  99. Detroiter Derrick Coleman To Open Nike Athletic Store In The Detroit Neighborhood Whe
  100. Free Computer Lab
  101. MEETING: Detroit Int'l Black Theater Conference & Festival
  102. "In the Belly of The Beast":It's Critical!-- A Hush House Presentation
  103. Detroit Historical Events American/World Historical Events
  104. Prince Among Slaves
  105. World African Martial Arts Conference
  106. Divine Literary Tour Workshop
  107. Detroit Job Postings
  108. Something for the Brothas
  109. Black Women's Expo
  110. Capoeira Classes
  111. Mos Def, keynote speaker "State of the Black Youth"
  112. 100% Fresh Creative Juices
  113. Commemoration Of The 200th Anniversary Of The Abolition Of The Trans-atlantic Salve T
  114. ANCESTOR: Jacobi Ra Harris "Many Blessings!"
  115. CCW permits
  116. Detroit Represents In Jena!!
  117. The World Afrikan Martial Arts Conference
  118. 1st Annual Harvest Festival DETROIT
  119. Detroit Public Meeting on the Jena 6
  120. 2007 Detroit Harvest Festival
  121. Claude McCollum, Falsly convicted and needs our help
  122. Book Signing Sept.15th For Controversial Autobiography
  123. SACRED WATERS Spirituality Film Festival
  124. Umoja-Nia's First Meeting - 2007/08 Season
  125. Phyllis Hyman, a book release party for Strength of a Woman
  126. Jessica Holter,the founder of The Punany Poets
  127. Holistic specialist Queen Afua
  128. A Day Away
  129. My columns in the Michigan Citizen!
  130. NFI gives help w/rent and utilities in Detroit
  131. A lecture by: BROTHER J, Black Star Book Store
  132. 90th Birthday Celebration, Hon. Erma L. Henderson (Fri., Aug. 31)
  134. Detroit Freedom Fighter's MySpace Group!
  135. Recruiting students for Nsoroma Institute
  136. Come On & Volunteer At The African World Festival!
  137. Live & Raw Vegan food Preparation class
  138. The Colored Museum, play by George C. Wolfe
  139. Marcus Garvey, Free Community Celebration
  140. Charges Against Teens Dropped in Taylor Murder Case
  141. Baba Hannibal Afrik in Detroit
  142. 40th Annual Soul Day
  143. The Jena 6 needs Detroit's assistance!!!
  144. Runoko Rashidi at The Shrine
  145. In danger of closing...a black owned gas station!!
  146. NEW!! "Black owned grocery store"
  147. Afrkan dance classes
  148. African Liberation Day 07 Pics
  149. Ashra Kwesi in Detroit
  150. Black Storytellers, 'Brunch with a Brunch Storytellers'
  151. A Celebration of Dance, Drum and Song
  152. Ancient Benin Comes To Detroit
  153. Amazones - The Women Master Drummers of Guinea - in Detroit this weekend!
  154. Njoma Ya'le Community Project approved!
  155. Old black hospital could become history showcase
  156. Power Movement at the Black Star....
  157. Update: Baba Ibn
  158. Volunteer Work
  159. Major Demonstration: Ibn Pori Pitts
  160. Open Mike Poetry Session
  161. African Dance Workshop - Moustapha Bangoura This Saturday
  162. Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival
  163. Daily Demonstrations to Continue at Epicurus Restaurant
  164. Black Star bookstore upcoming events
  165. Demonstration against the assault of Elder Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts
  166. African Dance with Suzan & Abdou
  167. "Eternal Egypt" Kiosk @ The Arab American National Museum (Dearborn MI)
  168. Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Community Forum
  169. Prominent Detroit Artist Assaulted by Restaurant Employee
  170. Community leader and father killed in Detroit
  171. Who Murdered My Brither?????
  172. Mainstream Muslims to Join Farrakhan This Weekend
  173. Savior's Day 2007!!
  174. FBI announces plans for new Detroit HQ
  175. A TASTE OF AFRICA: Festival food is a hit, but area restaurants are the real deal too
  176. Call for Manuscripts
  177. Survival Training Encampment: September 2006
  178. Forum to receive unpaid $130 million to Detroit
  179. Bone Marrow Drive for brother dying of AML
  180. Black Bottom Family Block Party in Detroit
  181. New message for the Afrikan Man
  182. 2006 Melanin Conference
  183. 7/29/06 Melanin Conference FundRaiser Event
  184. Our focus
  185. B.L.A Youth Mentoring Program
  186. Working together
  187. Call to action
  188. Black Liberator's Army Freedom Party Fundraiser
  189. PTAH Sasetem Adesua (Workshop) - Free
  190. African Liberation Day-Detroit
  191. 17 year old brutha found hung in Wayne County Jail!!
  192. detroit: liturgical dance conference
  193. Atty. Chokwe Lumumba Benefit
  194. Detroit Open Mic Nite...
  195. Another Krakkka Rally in Lansing
  196. Dr. Runoko Rashidi and others in Detroit in April
  197. DR. THEOPHILE OBENGA In Detroit on 4-11-06
  198. Public Forum on the Cuban Five at WSU Law School April 1
  199. Detroits Best Kept Secret
  200. Ailing city running out of cash fast
  201. 54 Detroit schools closed as 800 teachers call in sick
  202. Anti-War March Held in Downtown Detroit to Mark the 3rd Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
  203. Detroit City Council Holds Hearing on Police Refusal to Honor March
  204. Ashra Kwesi Tomorrow!!!!!
  205. (H.O.P.E.) Helping Our Prisoners Elevate
  206. Min. Farrakhan @ Mosque #1
  207. PANW Editor to Speak on COINTELPRO at African-AmericanHistory Month Forum Saturday
  208. WSF Report Feb. 15 & Cuban Five Update Feb.19
  209. Negroes With Guns...
  210. Goapele
  211. African Freedom Fighter on U.S. Tour
  212. Hal Turner to Rally Against Black Crime at the Super Bowl
  213. Shrine of the Black Madonna Open Mic
  214. After Innocence Showing
  215. Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality
  216. Detroit Annual MLK Day March & Rally Set for Jan. 16
  217. revolutionary Open Mic Poetry & Hip-Hop
  218. Other Kwanzaa Events
  219. Kwanzaa Concert
  220. Detroit Recognizes Mother Rosa Parks--Dec.1 Day of Absence: A Clarion Call for Unity
  221. Kwame Kilpatrick Wins Second Term as Mayor of Detroit
  222. Detroit Conference Against Police Brutality to Convene at WCCCD, Nov. 18-19
  223. Is There A Movement In Detroit
  224. Haiti Film Director, Kevin Pina,To Speak Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
  225. Hands Off Assata: Detroit City Council Supports Exiled Revolutionary
  226. PowerNomics:Restore and Rebuild Detroit
  227. Community Anti-War Gathering at Zussman Playground on July 30 at Noon
  228. Benton Harbor Struggle Continues: Rally to Defend Rev. Pinkney Held at Public Library
  229. Rally & March for Justice in Benton Harbor, MI
  230. Black Star Community Bookstore Successful Fundraising Drive Continues
  231. Support Ola Unger: Pack the Courtroom in Ann Arbor
  232. Detroit African Liberation Day Committee To Hold Its 33rd Annual ALD March & Rally
  233. Benton Harbor Rally Defends Community Leader, Condemns Brutality and Racism
  234. Malcolm's 80th Celebration at Akwaaba Center
  235. A Call to Action! Help Save Black Star Community Bookstore
  236. Detroit marks African Liberation Day
  237. National Million Worker Movement Conference
  238. Rally for Chokwe Lumumba
  239. Open Forum Live" to Focus on the Detroit Education Crisis
  240. Detroit workers picket ‘State of the City’ speech
  241. “Remember the Disappeared: Wear Blue Triangles on March 18-20”
  242. Detroit: Larry Holmes featured at Black History Month forum
  243. Demonstration to Stop the War!
  244. Bus Service Crisis
  245. Media Advisory Detroit MLK Committee
  246. Detroit Planning Meeting for March 19 Anti-War Demonstrations
  247. Pigs Done Did It Again!!!
  248. Man who killed two Detroit police officers sentenced to life without parole
  249. Coalition Calls for Amnesty Involvement in Police Shootings
  250. From the Frontlines:A 2004 Year-End Review