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  1. Houston area!
  2. Brother Captain Malik Heru El-Shabbazz Facebook
  3. Dr. Sebi, the Healer - 8/7/11 in Houston
  4. Nov. 8th and 9th
  5. Our Image Film and Arts Festival
  6. Bellaire Cop
  8. ifest: Spotlighting the Carribean
  9. Was thinking...
  10. 12th annual sankofa caravan to the ancestors
  11. 6/22 Bro. Shaka Sankofa Remembrance
  12. Drama Camp - Summer Session
  13. The Pan-African Connection Bookstore and Resource Center
  14. Hotep Houston fam!!!
  15. The Underground Soul Sessions Present: The Collabo ft. Mos Def and friends
  16. The Brilliant Lecture Series Presents: Dr Maya Angelou
  17. 11/17 Rally Against Hate in Paris, TX
  18. Black Panther Party photo exhibition clarifies history
  19. Southern Independent Media Tour
  20. Sankofa Pilgrimage
  21. Geto Boys Reunion Concert!
  22. Randy Weston / Miller Outdoor Theatre
  23. Darfur Photography Exhibit (Free!)
  24. Self-Determination Weekend
  25. Palestine Film Festival
  26. Cham Live in Houston for Mother's Day weekend
  27. Professor Griff Fundraiser - April 30th
  28. Common at Club Hush TONIGHT!!!
  29. Houston International Festival: Spotlighting Out of Africa
  30. Tonight!---RBG Rhymefest with Brother J of X-Clan
  31. Cradle 2 Prison Pipeline 3/14
  32. SHAPE Center Mtg for Angola 3 Info
  33. Town Hall Meeting & Massive Rally Against Chuck Rosenthal
  34. Prince Among Slaves--Film Screening
  35. Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan Tribute
  36. Lucy's Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia (Houston)
  37. Kwanzaa Activities @ SHAPE Center
  38. Maulana Karenga @ SHAPE Center
  39. Bantu Cosmology and Egyptian Civilization
  40. How to Cook to Live Millions More Movement Ministry of Health
  41. prof griff and dr. james small in houston 10.19 & 10.20
  42. 10th Annual Sankofa Caravan to the Ancestors 10.20.07
  43. Houston, get on the bus to Jena LA
  44. How To Eat To Live: A Life-Changing Seminar 8.25.07 SHAPE Harambee Building
  45. Healing Our Minds, Bodies and Spirts Overnight Spa Retreat
  46. "Press Conference on "Resurrecting the Black Family"
  47. Dhoruba Bin Wahad Panel Presentation And Major Address
  48. Tri-County Black Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting
  49. Empowerment Seminar: Branding & Marketing You & Your Business"
  50. Third Ward Community Cloth Meeting & Workshop
  51. The 144 Elite and Min of Arts & Culture Present: GODFEST
  52. 20th Anniversary Freedom Tour 2007
  53. Resurrecting the Black Family - Houston
  54. Annual Juneteenth and Harambee African Arts Festival
  55. "Sankofa Multicultural Festival" The FESTIVAL OF ONENESS
  56. Special Town Hall Meeting with T-Mobile on New Cell Tower
  57. Harambee African Market Garage Sale
  58. Kings & Queens of Spoken Word feat./ Amiri Baraka
  59. The Russell Simmons "Do You!" book tour comes to Houston 6.12.07
  60. 28th Annual Pan African Cultural Festival
  61. STOP THE BULLDOZERS!!! save Freedmen’s Town
  62. How to Exercise to live and Walk-a-Thon
  63. "Flowers While They Live!" Honoring our Ancestors
  64. Stop the Violence Prayer Vigil TODAY @ 3pm
  65. Shelia Jackson Lee 2 call for Federal Intervention @ TSU
  66. CSI:NY Star Hill Harper Speaks in Houston::Saturday at 5pm
  67. Another Legal Lynching In Dallas, Texas
  68. ACTION ALERT! Meeting to discuss the future of Texas Southern University
  69. Wholistic Health and Wellness Day 4.21.07
  70. Texas to Nominate Representatives to the African Union
  71. Millions More Movement Houston LOC Bi-Weekly Meeting
  72. GET INVOLVED! Volunteer for the Juvenille Court Watch
  73. Africana Studies Lecture Series April 2nd - 6th
  74. Afrikans United for Sanity Now! Mental Health Conference
  75. Legacy of Torture: The War Against Black Liberation / Film Screening
  76. Brilliant Lectures Presents Kofi Annan
  77. Impeachment: Our Right, Our Duty...Featuring: Ada Edwards
  78. Turn Off Channel Zero FREE Film Screening & Panel Discussion
  79. 11th Annual Black Women Film Festival
  80. Houston - Music & Dance Group of Ghana (4/27/07)
  81. L. V. Gaither signs and discusses Loss of Empire: Legal Lynching, Vigilantism, etc
  82. Is Texas Executing Innocent People?
  83. Houston CaribFest June 29-July 2
  84. new orleans - afo event
  85. houston - world culture festival supporting caravan to cuba
  86. houston - nat turner: prophet's sorrow
  87. The Roots w/Talib Kweli in Houston
  88. premiere - maroon: film on new orleans creole community and life
  89. Pan African Festival / S.H.A.P.E Center
  90. silver house theatre presents "before it hits home"
  91. Dr. Afrika Speaking this Sunday KPFT 90.1/ 9:15p.m.
  92. new orleans: katrina and the arts @ xavier univ.
  93. fort worth, texas: child abuse prevention poetry reading
  94. Special Radio Show - The Black Panther Party
  95. I-Fest 2006: Spotlighting Jamaica
  96. Black Panther Photo Exhibit In Houston
  97. writer to author seminar with carol taylor
  98. houston: "coffee-colored dreams: the stage play"
  99. Ashra Kwesi Lecture Houston - Feb 25th
  100. houston -dr. joy leary lecture/booksigning
  101. New Orleans - rebuilding and resource festival
  102. Starving Poets: Poetic House Party Series (Mardi Gras Weekend: Helio's House, Feb 06)
  103. Dallas: open mic poetry showcase
  104. Deplorable Christian identity conference to occur in Dallas, TX on February 18-19
  105. dallas--poets n' jazz
  106. houston individual slam championship
  107. Klan Christmas/Winter Conference scheduled for December 3-4 in Harrison, Arkansas.
  108. Christian identity conference scheduled for December 2-4, 2005 in San Antonio, TX.
  109. African Spirituality and its Step Children (lecture)
  110. Houston Museum District Day
  111. Volunteers Still Needed!!!!!!!!
  112. New Orleans Black Community Leaders Charge Racism
  113. Hurricane Rita Houston Report
  114. marcus mosiah earthday tribute
  115. black august south~aug 18-21
  116. Action Alert: FRANCES NEWTON!
  117. Shaka Sankofa & Assata Shakur Community Work In
  118. The Roots and Floetry are coming
  119. Black Voters Reject Plan on Dallas Mayor
  120. Where are the dallas folks
  122. Big Up to my Houston peeps
  123. Free Frances Newton Week!
  124. SUPPORT NEEDED: NBUF Houston!!
  125. Quanell X case ends in people's victory
  126. Kwanzaa Events
  127. Dallas to Celebrate Legacy of Callie House
  128. calling out.
  129. 'Call To All African People!
  130. Spiritual Warfare - Saturday, October 16, 2004
  131. Reparations Call In To Houston Mayor