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  1. God damn
  2. Assata Shakur Birthday Concert: Roots Musik Showcase
  3. The Real Family Reunion: Return of Gods
  4. 3rd Annual Leimert Park Village African Art & Music Festival
  5. Spiritual Brotha's and Sista's wanted
  6. If You Live In Los Angeles...
  7. Victory “A Day of Remembering”
  8. BRLP Community Appreciation Party/Bash!
  9. Assasination of Fred Hampton - Jeff Haas CA Book Tour 11-18 to 12-1
  10. Counter-protesters overwhelm neo-nazi rally in Riverside
  11. Parallel Dimensions of Hip Hop: Divinity vs. Desecration
  12. "Activists turn up the heat over slayings by police"
  13. "Parallel Dimensions of Hip Hop: Divinity vs. Desecration"
  14. African Liberation Day, 5-23-09
  15. Party for Socialism and Liberation to hold L.A. Conference April 25
  16. 4/25 for Mumia
  17. Removing the Veil of ILLusion: The Co-optation of Change!
  18. RBG Poets Night 12/7
  19. Justice for Dontaze Storey!
  20. 11/15 Angola 3 w/Robert King Wilkerson!
  21. 11/1 Support Baobab Letter-Writing Project!
  22. PowerPoint Presentation "Decoding the Political. Historical and Religious Myths!"
  23. Marcus Garvey School
  24. Safer Cities Initiative
  25. Book Signing Party for Sadiki Bakari's new book
  26. 9/13 Black August L.A. Baobab Project!
  27. The National Black Latino Summit October 5-6, 2008
  28. Second Annual Palestine Picnic Day
  30. African Marketplace (L.A.) 2008 (August 16 - Sept. 1)
  31. Black August Resistance Films
  32. From Neo-Colonies to Liberated Territories.Discussion Tuesday 6/10/08 So Cal Library
  33. African Liberation Day 2008 Compton, Ca
  34. 75 students arrested in San Diego State University drug bust
  35. *** School Security and College Prep are Biggest Concerns for South LA
  36. California African American Museum
  37. 8 wounded in Los Angeles street shooting
  38. Stop the railroading of the Black Riders
  39. UPDATE on Yodit San Diego "1st" *African Centered**Elementary Segregated!! S.D, CA
  40. Martin Luther King Parade 2008 (Inglewood)
  41. Martin Luther King Parade 2008 (Compton)
  42. Martin Luther King Parade 2008 (Long Beach)
  43. Martin Luther King Parade 2008 (Los Angeles)
  44. Cuba! Africa! Revolution!: New Documentary on Cuba and the African Revolution
  45. Black Riders held on million dollars bail each
  46. Anti-zionist Event in Los Angeles Tonight!
  47. San Francisco 8 Event in Los Angeles Tonight!
  48. USC Middle East Awareness Week
  49. Anybody know...
  50. Fela Kuti Day 2007, THIS WEEKEND!!! *smile* (it used to be FREE *frown*)
  51. 3 Events (for those who demonstrate revolutionary internationalism)
  52. Black Riders Liberation Party members have been arrested
  53. Public Enemy, August 16th
  54. Pan African Women's Day August 10th and 11th, 2007
  55. 49th Annual AFRIKAN LIBERATION DAY (L.A.)!!!
  56. Chairman Omali Yeshitela @ UCLA Tonight!
  57. Eso Wan Bookstore
  58. Institute of Fine Braidery Arts
  59. 2/21 The Youth Speak on Gangs
  60. Rally to free Panther 8! Feb 14
  61. Bob Marley Day Festival 2007
  62. National Chicano Moratorium, AUGUST 26
  63. Lucy Florence: Black-owned cultural center in Leimert Park.
  64. Southern California Ifa Odun Festival
  65. ANTI-WAR Protest For LEBANON: AUG 12@1pm, Los Angeles
  66. Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering August 12
  67. "PEOPLE OF COLOR" demonstration against israel (is it real?)
  68. The Coup on the 28th of JU-LY!!!
  69. FREE SCREENING: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"~ 7.28.06
  70. Marcus Garvey Day Festival & Parade. Leimert Park. Los Angeles, CA Aug. 17, 19-20
  71. Community Call to Action and Accountability
  72. Michael Zinzun Tribute
  73. Afrikan wants to DO something...
  74. The FARCE of July:2006
  75. Southern Californians See a Rise in Venomous Snakes
  76. FREE SCREENING: “LOOSE CHANGE 2nd Edition” Must See! ~6.30.06
  77. Upset about the South Central Farm? Contact Mr. Ralph Horowitz
  78. The South Central Farm is now enemy held territory
  79. Emeline Michel & Sara Tavares~ Free Concert~ July 2, 2006
  80. 14 members of the B.R.L.P. arrested
  81. Black Women's Health and Healing Conference and Festival ~ 9.28.06
  82. CEMOTAP May Meeting: Showing of Documentary on the Congo~ May 26
  83. Malcolm X Festival-Mentoring To Save A Generation
  84. Amerikkka's most wanted( DP & Ras Kass)
  85. The State of Black Radio
  86. A Conference On Hip Hop Culture, Curriculum And The Transformation Of Our Schools
  87. Afrikan Liberation Day, Los Angeles 2006!!!
  88. "We the People" Music Festival
  89. santa monica, california: poetry/performance workshop
  90. M1 in L.A. TONIGHT!!!
  91. bridgette alyce booksigning
  92. L.A.P.D. STILL dirty as ever
  93. Chairman Fred pt2
  94. Meet N' greet PT II
  95. irvine, california: dr. wangari maathai
  96. los angeles: women's writing workshop
  97. Chairman Fred is Coming to the Bay & LA on Sun and Mon
  98. Justice for Deandre
  99. Feb.Afrikan events
  100. Runoko Rashidi at the AFIBA center tom!
  101. Affordable Housing and Child Care: The Nuts and Bolts of Successful Development
  102. Dead Prez Make-Up Show/Back On????
  103. The People's College of Law
  104. Runoko Rashidi In Los Angeles Sunday January 29
  105. Two documentaries focusing on West Papua: 1-27-06 @ 7:30pm
  106. AFROBEAT NO GO DIE O!!! SAT 9 Temple Bar
  107. Meet N Greet
  108. California Ritual Healing Village
  109. Book signing with Humza al-Hafeez about the sojourn of African people in America
  110. Los Angeles: documentaries by african americans
  111. Common is coming to LA....
  112. Tookie's Funeral
  113. Neo-nazi regional meeting to occur in Bullhead City, Arizona on December 3, 2005.
  114. POCC Chairman Fred in the Bay and in LA
  115. Koffi Olomide In La Nov 23!!!!!!!!!
  116. HIV & HipHop
  117. I hope this isn't true
  118. Afrikan Tour at the King Tut Exhibit
  119. Floetry in L.A 11/30
  120. Nov. 2nd School Walk Out!
  121. Free Screening Of The Documentary Cosmic Africa
  122. Archdiocese Says It Didn't Shield Kids From Priests
  123. Crowded Out by Luxury Lofts, Poor Seek Relief
  125. The Black Cross
  128. Self defence/disaster awareness workshops
  129. A Few Things to Ponder-LAPD Shut Down dead prez/KRS Benefit Show
  130. Hotel Rwanda: Paul Rusesabagina in LA Sept 20th 7:30
  131. Sidi Goma Wed Sept 28th 8 pm
  132. Afro Funke Weekly Afroboogie Ritual
  133. Marvin X Kicks Off National Book Tour at Geoffrey's in Oakland Press Release
  134. dead prez, L.A., Sept. 10th
  135. Zap Mama, UCLA, September 23rd
  136. Hands Off Assata Organizing 9/10!
  137. Ifa Festival in San Bernadino, Saturday, August 2th
  138. The People are getting restless...
  139. LAUSD documentary
  140. Eyes of the Rainbow: California Showing
  141. King Tut Presentation
  142. African Concert: Papa Shee, Mike Okri, Pius
  143. Afrikan marketplace
  144. Jazz and Reggae Events
  145. Southern California Library's, two-day book Sale
  146. The Battle For Compton College
  147. Third Root: Black And Brown Unity Party In Los Angeles
  148. The Black Roots of King Tut Lecture
  149. Sunday Compton BBQ--Stop Killer Cops!
  150. If Only 4 One Night
  151. King Tut Campaign Continues!
  152. The Farce of July
  153. Femi Kuti/Mos Def/Daaraj in L.A. (July 24, 2005)
  154. Asalaam Alaikum
  155. Farrakhan@Compton College on June 22
  156. ...and in honor of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad
  157. Kwame Ture event
  158. Los Angeles Black Book Expo
  159. Youth Justice Coalition Meetings and "Operation Nutcracker"
  160. What's Going On In LA?
  161. Black Students Lawsuit Claims Racist Abuse At California Highschool
  162. Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X An Afternoon of Revolutionary Greetings and Discussion
  163. Malcolm X Day , Los Angeles
  164. Pigs Shoot 2 UnArmed Afrikan, Hits Neighbors' Homes
  165. dead prez in L.A. on June 6th
  166. The UCLA JazzReggae Festival
  167. The Nubian Art of Wrestling and AFFEBA(sp?) Center activities
  168. AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY (L.A.!!!) Saturday, May 28, 2005
  169. Jericho Coalition in LA 4/27 + 4/30
  170. Ward Churchill@the Claremont Colleges TONIGHT!!!
  171. Siku Kuu Ya Muungano
  172. 500 YEARS LATER -wins pan-African award best documentary
  174. LEARN TO HEAL URSELF 3/15/05:W/Doctah B Sirius
  175. Decolonizing the Mind: a celebration
  176. Remember Wounded Knee
  177. Brutha Mukasa!!!
  178. Let me "pull yall coat" to this...
  179. Hundreds mourn teen shot by LA police at end of car chase
  180. Gerald Horne
  181. The "n" Word (yeah...we gonna talk about it)
  182. Event in "Little Ethiopia" in the month of March
  183. "State of the Race" Conference
  184. Huey P Newton Earthday Celebration
  185. Bob Marley Day
  186. The 13th Pan-African Films and Arts Festival
  187. Spoken Word: L.A.
  188. Straight out Scribes in Sacramento!
  189. UCLA hosting Student Activist event January 21-23
  190. Tuesday Radio Program On The Dalits Of India
  191. Runoko Rashidi In Los Angeles
  192. Senegalese Cafe
  193. The Black Surfers Association
  194. A touch of Africa Oct 23rd 2004
  195. OCT. 25th Malian Musiq @ da Knitting Factory
  196. def poetry jam
  197. Families to Amend California's Three Strikes (FACTS)
  198. FELA KUTI DAY 2004@ Leimert Park
  199. Immortal Technique performing on 9-11!!!
  200. Afrikan MarketPlace
  201. Another Black business opening
  202. Black August Los Angeles, CA