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  1. Brooklyn - beyond beats and rhymes
  2. K'Naan in NYC 5/17/06
  3. International African Arts Festival 6/30-7/4
  4. new york city: new wave of black british cinema artists
  5. new york city: fela fresh from africa @ african film festival
  6. Tues. 4/25 - MEC Film & Culture Series : 'Community Cultural Extravaganza!'
  7. The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
  8. Hip Hop W/A Msg for Mumia 4/24
  9. NYC: words without borders readings of international plays
  10. M1 release party
  11. new york city: theatre preview: ms. sophie divine presents
  12. new york city: celebration of gloria naylor's new book "1996"
  13. Katrina victims being sued
  14. NYC transit authority and union on collision course
  15. Brooklyn JazzFest 3/29-4/25
  16. Katrina Chronicles: Short Films
  17. new york city: africa house films
  18. buffalo, new york: samuel r. delany: a critical symposium
  19. new york city: premiere of "the art of love & struggle"
  20. new york city: baraka & osayande at brecht forum
  21. new york city: urban bush women - "batty party"
  22. new york city: helena d. lewis - "call me crazy"
  23. harlem: hue-man bookstore's octavia butler book club memorial
  24. new york round table writers' conference
  25. "mindscape" schedule for readings & book signings
  26. Brooklyn: national black writers conference
  27. Mumia's Lead Attorney to Give First Major Address In NYC Since Court Victory 3/12/06
  28. African Spirituality Symposium
  29. Fibroids and Black Woman Discussion w/Queen Afua 3/14
  30. AssataShakur Family Night Chat this Sat. 3/4/06 9:00 PM - 12:00 MidNight EST
  31. Bobby Seale
  32. Cuban Women's Federation Delegation Coming to NYC This Weekend
  33. Dr. Beko Life-After Celebration
  34. New Yoruba Bata Dance Class
  35. Hip hop state of emergency
  36. Omali Yeshitela in New York for event starting Thurs 2/23
  37. MEDGAR EVERS COLLEGE Film & Culture Series
  38. new york city: south african film forum
  39. new york city: networking event for women in theatre
  40. Amadou Diallo: Exhibit: His Life and Death in Art
  41. Ifa Festival Brooklyn
  42. Malcolm X Classic Documentary at the NEW BRECHT FORUM- FEB 23
  43. Remembering Abubadika Sonny Carson
  44. Protest FBI Repression in Puerto Rico
  45. new york city: conference on indigenous african spiritual traditions
  46. new york city: nu-reign showdown
  47. harlem: malcolm x - education for liberation forum @ schomburg center
  48. conference on indigenous african spiritual traditions
  49. Radical Events @ the Brecht- Including Palestine Reportback
  50. NY ReportBack from Caracas World Social Forum- FRIDAY 10 Feb
  51. NY - Akom for Nana Yao - POSTPONED TO FEB 26
  52. International Black Film Festival Presents A Special Screening/program
  53. new york city - caribbean photo exhibit
  54. classical theatre of harlem - "funnyhouse of a negro"
  55. new york city: drama - real black men don't sit cross-legged on the floor
  56. benefit for the writer akua lezli hope
  57. Free Peltier! Mon. Feb 6
  58. The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5
  59. Exhibit: Photos of Seydou Keita
  60. Thelonious Monk, Bloods & Crips, Brazil and More
  61. new york city: mec film and culture series schedule
  62. brooklyn: nbuf political education 101 seminar
  63. Tish Benson conducts word workshop
  64. MEDGAR EVERS COLLEGE: Film & Culture Series; The Sankofa Project' Thur. Feb 16, 2006
  65. Brooklyn - medgar evers college film and culture series
  66. New York City - cuban, haitian, and bahian dance rituals: booksigning
  67. DJ’s anti-Trini comments anger NY’s Caribbean immigrants
  68. No Surrender, No Retreat in BK
  69. [blackantiwar] Call For Films/Performers###THE MEC FILM & CULTURE SERIES!
  70. new york city - two exhibits: harlem is... music
  71. new york city: new year's day african freedom day program
  72. New York City: events at nuyorican poets cafe
  73. New York City: jazz in a hip hop generation
  74. Tookie Lives
  75. "Pan African Liberation: Building a Strong, African-centered Mass Movement in the US"
  76. Join Us for Our Kwanzaa 2005 Reunion For Afrikan Descendants In the Spirit of Umoja
  77. new york city--open mic/emerging poets series
  78. New York City - Songs of the Spirit
  79. Young Brazilian Leader Comes To New York City To Promote “institute For Ethnic Media”
  80. new york city--tshepang, a south african tale @ columbia university
  81. new york city--black renaissance noire reading
  82. New York's Slave Laws
  83. 11/30 Nat'l Day For Tookie!
  84. Human Rights Day
  85. harlem--keep the spirit of the rhythm alive in 05
  86. africa house fall 2005 film series
  88. White supremacists plan to rally in Kingston, NY on November 19, 2005.
  90. 11/7 Katrina Organizing
  91. Sequoia Community Initiatives Presents Homeless Benefit Concert At The Apollo
  92. World Premiere Screening' of:- 'Foreign' A Caribbean Comedy
  93. Nov. Youth Conference
  94. 'Relationships 304'
  95. Melanin Conference ?
  97. Physicians For Social Responsibility
  98. Katrina: A Challenge to the Movement, NYC 10/22
  99. The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling on the Puerto Rican movement
  100. Amiri Baraka and Martin Espada
  101. Exhibit depicts slavery in N.Y.
  102. Walter Rodney Across The Generations @ The Schomburg Center
  103. Popular Harlem Family Health Fair Offers Education, Entertainment, and Free Screening
  104. Black August NYC
  105. 39th Anniversary of the Independence of Botswana
  106. LAVENDAR : An Adaptation' @ Medgar Evers College 6 OCT
  107. 12 yr old sista killed by off duty brnx cop
  108. Who Shot Ya: A Hip Hop Photo Slide Show
  109. Jazz Vocalists Open Mike
  110. The Art of Medicine in Ancient Egypt
  111. Protest the FBI Assassination of Puerto Rican Liberation Hero Filiberto Ojeda Rios
  112. Baraka Hosts Book Party for Marvin X , Saturday, October 1
  113. Sister Eintou (internationally recognized poet and literacy advocate)
  114. International Black Media Festival
  115. Cuba Meets Harlem Again 9/19
  116. 9/19 - State of Policing in NYC
  117. President of Namibia to speak in Harlem on Sept. 16th
  118. MEC Film & Culture Series:ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE, The Black Panther Party And Beyond
  119. Eighth African American Women In Cinema Film Festival (2005)
  120. Brooklyn Carnival (West Indian Day Parade)
  121. Hurricane relief jazz concert
  122. Mother AME Zion Church Gospel Service**
  123. African American Day Parade***
  124. 41st Anniversary Nation of Gods and Earths, Oct. 8 Celebration, NYC
  125. Marvin X Kicks Off National Book Tour at Geoffrey's in Oakland Press Release
  126. BENEFIT for New Orleans
  127. NY grassroots is calling emergency meeting to help
  128. Lybon Mabasa: Leader of South Africa liberation struggle to speak in NYC Fri Aug. 26
  129. [UFTersToStopTheWar] The army is not an option. DON'T Enlist!
  130. ][panamaglobaljustice] Speak -out Brooklyn,
  131. Community Voices Heard presents the film screening of "Network in Progress"
  132. Subway Searches: Green Light for Racial Profiling
  133. Kickoff event for a CUNY-wide counter-recruitment campaign.
  134. Omali Yeshitela at Harlem Book Fair (7/23) and Think Cafe (7/24)
  137. Mos Def Headlining Act For 8th Annual Black August Concert
  138. Brooklyn, NY socialist meeting on the state of education
  139. 6/14 Assata Event
  140. Puerto Rico: An International Struggle for Liberation
  141. Assata / Cuban 5 / Venezuela / Welfare Poets - Tue Jun 14, 2005
  142. Yolele - African Bistro Serves Up Food, Art & Culture
  143. Creative Writing Program For Youth
  144. Cipher Soul Revival
  145. Ny Premier Of Sango (lord Of Thunder) And The Creatures
  146. 5/25 Press Conference for Assata
  147. 5/24 Pack The Court For Juanita Young!
  148. Malcolm X: A Search for the Truth
  149. Marta Vega Book Signing and Talk at MADAWA, a place of healing and learning
  150. 3rd Symposium on Institution Building in Harlem
  151. Shabazz Family to Offer Preview of Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz Memorial & Educa. Center
  152. "Free the Hood" Benefit/ShoFam
  153. Dance Africa
  154. Ninth Avenue International Food Festival
  155. Medgar Evers College An Evening with Sonia Sanchez. Mon, May 9, 2005, 6:pm to 8:00 pm
  156. MEC-Talib Kweli-Sonia Sanchez-Amiri Baraka!!!!!!!!! Friday, May 6th at 9pm.
  157. Venezuela, Chavez, and 21st Century Socialism?
  158. Black Panthers Speak: Repression & the Criminal Justice System
  159. Mxgm Emergency Assata Mtg. Tonite!!!
  160. The Conquerors - El Cid. The History Channel Sunday, May 1 @ 10pm ET/PT
  161. VooDoo Secrets: History Channel Tonight May 1, 2005 (9:00 PM ET/PT )
  162. Updated Flyer for May 20 Malcolm X Harlem Birthday Celebration
  163. New Film on Cuban Political Prisoners Being Held In the US: Mission Against Terror
  164. Egypt Revisited, Part V Lecture
  165. AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY Saturday, May 28, 2005
  166. National Press Conference May 2nd To Announce The Mmm Feat Min Farakkhan
  167. Sonia Sanchez-Talib Kweli-Amiri Baraka! Monday, May 9th, 6-8pm
  168. Saturday Night Jazz @ Sistas Place
  169. Harlem Tributes to Sanchez & Bartee
  170. The 12th New York African Film Festival
  171. Universal Soul Circus
  172. Films Of Revolution And Responsibility
  173. King Sunny Adé & Prince Obi Osadebe 04/29/2005
  174. Quiet Storm showing: Friday, April 15, 2005 at 6:30 p.m.
  175. African films light up New York skies next week
  176. E-mail regarding Lumumba
  177. Authorities Seek Two Boys Missing In Separate Incidents
  178. Havana Film Festival to open in NYC
  179. Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium 2005 April JazzFest: March 30-April 30, 2005
  180. Jazz @ Sistas' Place/ April Fest
  181. Victory Zimabwe! Report Back to the Community
  182. Message in the masquerade: Carnival From Brooklyn to Bahia
  183. Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story
  184. Blackfoot Films - Shoot first... ask questions later.
  185. Poetry Reading and Dinner with Amiri Baraka Thur. April 14th, 2005 7PM
  186. Jazz Journey: From Africa by way of the Caribbean to New Orleans.
  187. Haiti: Empowerment, Liberty, Trust and Responsibility
  188. Walking Tour: African American Life in Lower Manhattan
  189. Puerto Rico's African Cultural Legacy Tour
  190. Upcoming Screening Event @ Medgars Evers College
  191. Exclusive Screening :: ASSATA SHAKUR
  192. Afro-Descendants Unity Conference @ CUNY Grad Center April 8-9
  193. Puerto Rico: The Struggle Continues!!
  194. The Billie Holiday Theatre presents "The Spirit of Marcus Garvey"
  195. MEC Film & Culture Series: Eyes Of The Rainbow. Assata Shakur & Oya
  196. Films of Revolution and Responsibility
  197. Resonance from the Past: African Sculpture
  198. Discovering Black New York
  199. Orisha 101 Workshop
  200. Celebrating NYC's African American Heritage
  201. Afro American historical association family history dinner
  202. Harriet Tubman Day of Commemoration
  203. A.A.P.R.P. program@CCNY
  204. This Weekend In Ny!!!
  205. This Weekend Is Ny!!!!
  206. Wbai This Week
  207. Why is NYC called the Big Apple???
  208. We Remember Malcolm X, FEB 21st
  209. A Tribute to Malcolm X
  210. Black History Month lecture Feb 19, 2005
  211. Funeral Scheduled For Ossie Davis:
  212. Million Man March 10yr Anniversary Townhall Tour
  213. Community Forum on Harlem and the impact Gentrification
  214. Black Press finally takes some notice
  215. 1/28 Support Henry "ShaSha" Brown + More
  216. What Yall Know Bout 'free Da Mic'
  217. Dr. Martin Luther Luther Jr. Meets Patrice Lumumba
  218. Tribute to the Families of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War
  219. A Sacred Film Festival
  220. Tribute to Families of PP/POW's!
  221. “Working in the Service of Orisa and Community”
  222. An Evening for Mumia 12/9
  223. Salsa For Freedom 2004!!
  224. The Odwira Festival
  225. Concert For The People!! *Free*
  226. A.A.P.R.P. forum on identity
  227. Songs to the Orishas
  228. The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture & United States GSA
  229. Richie Perez Tribute
  230. Friends of Zimbabwe
  231. Namibian President Sam Nujoma Returns to Harlem
  232. Harlem Health and Heritage Walk
  233. The Stony Brook Human Evolution Symposium and Workshop
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