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  1. Calling all conscious floridians!!!
  2. Watch and discuss "Motherland" (Enat Hagar) North Public Library This coming Saturday
  3. Presentation on haiti april 17
  4. Haiti: Tremors, trauma & the terror-bull truth 3/27/10
  5. National Association Of Black Journalist
  6. Comedy Shows Coming to town
  7. 3/25 Fundraiser for Take Back the Land!
  8. Support Harold Taylor of the San Francisco 8
  9. Southern Independent Media Tour
  10. Marimba ani in south florida sept. 13
  11. 2008 Black Writers Reunion & Conference
  12. Near Freeway, Giant Confederate Flag?
  13. Florida lawmakers pass "take your guns to work" law
  14. Support Edison High School youth Activists
  15. 2/5 Picket for Liberty City 7 (LC7)!
  16. Annual Loxahatchee Battlefield Commemoration Memorializes Black Seminole Activist
  17. At least 3 dead in Floridaa. 50-car pileup
  18. South Florida Spots
  19. Boot camp trial verdict
  20. Young sista bites the shit outta fascist pig!!
  21. Florida get on the bus to Jena LA
  22. Uhuru House Grand Opening
  23. African Development Conference, September 22-23
  24. All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds
  25. Child Killer Wants teaching Certificate Restored
  26. Digital Redlining
  27. 14 dead as storms sweep through Fla.
  28. Ankobea's Nyansa Festival September 16, 2006
  29. Hip-Hop "Recovery" Show -- August 12
  30. Sacred Women by Queen Afua and Jacksonville
  31. Rising Insurance Rates Push Florida Homeowners to Brink
  32. jacksonville, florida: soul release april activities
  33. looking for angola premiere
  34. Homeless man murdered
  35. Separate but uniform; Black Students Lose Again
  36. Sarasota, Florida - writing seminars
  37. Demonstrators To Protest The Attempt To Deafricanize History
  38. White supremacist organization Christian guard to hold gathering on December 10.
  39. Keep Your Children Out Of DISNEYLAND ALONE!!!
  40. Pensacola, FL: Crisis to Control
  41. Florida Tourists Warned on Deadly Force Law
  42. Eminent Domain and Ethnic Cleansing
  43. Freed "Felons"
  44. Black Fireman Fought More Than Fire
  45. St. Pete Business Assistance Center
  46. Defend African Resistance, Fight for Black Power Mobilization: November Mobilization
  47. Defend African Resistance, Fight for Black Power Mobilization: November
  48. FLORIDA: 11th Annual Sunrise Ancestral Remembrance of the Middle Passage Sunrise Cere
  49. Attack On Uhuru Movement!!!
  50. "2 Loud 4 the Radio"
  51. Attention "FLORIDA" Warriors!!!
  52. Jacksonville, Florida Revolutionaries
  53. 12th Annual Bob Marley Caribbean Festival OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY
  54. Fla. Officer Uses Taser on 12 - Year - Old Boy
  55. The Pigs Murder Two Brothers!!!
  56. The Black American Union (BAU)
  57. Sites in Need of Protection: In Solidarity with AIM
  58. Actress To Re-create Show On Civil Rights Activist
  59. Killer Cops Snatch Teen's Life
  60. Florida Revolutionaries