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  1. Metternich Stele
  2. p-t, pu-t- The Messenger god in Egyptian and South America folklore
  3. The Famine stele
  4. A Reevaluation of the word KM.T in Ancient Egyptian Writing
  5. Dates for major african events
  6. For The People interview with Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (African Origin of Humanity)
  7. Real History presents: Ancient Americas cultural and Racial Affinities with Africa
  8. Born in slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
  9. Circumcision
  10. Egypt before the pharaohs
  11. The African Roots of The Celtish Clans # 1 The Black Kings of Scotland
  12. Masculinity rites of the Sambia Tribe
  13. Africans in the Holy Land (The Key to "Peace in the Middle East")
  14. PULAAKU (Fulbe code of conduct)
  15. Cave Paintings by the Dogon tribe of West Afrika could have connections to North Star
  16. Black Asians in Giant Robot magazine
  17. Africans in Asia
  18. Sungbo Eredo: Nigeria's Hidden Wonder
  19. Taqa-na-ika:Origins of Fijians. Pacific Island oral tradition of their AFRICAN Origin
  20. Nandigram Genocide: A Living Testament
  21. Jamaica Maroons
  22. Hawaii is not legally a state!
  23. Dog Domestication Likely Began in Africa
  24. The Nagas
  25. King Behanzin:The Shark King
  26. Mali : Dogon stone painters
  27. The Beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nation
  28. Cambodia: HISTORY OF ANGKOR
  29. African equivalent of the Aryan
  30. Afro mexicans: In mexico and california
  31. Welcome, to Samoa
  32. I'm African!!!!!!!!!
  33. Culture thieves
  34. Pretty for a dark skin girl?
  35. On the Pale Fox's trail: Rituals presented by The Dogon
  36. Coily Beauty I & II
  37. Our hidden history
  38. When Arabia was "Eastern Ethiopia"
  39. Afrikans in Asia heavy eurocentric evaluation but still good info
  40. Hi, I'm Dalit. How are you?
  41. Bantu origins of the Sidis of India
  42. The Garifuna People
  43. Zulu Traditions and Culture
  44. Afrika And Her People
  45. The literal translation of the word 'Aborigine' is: the people who were here from the
  46. The literal translation of the word 'Aborigine' is: the people who were here from....
  47. Did ancient river channels guide humans out of Africa?
  48. The Beauty of Blackness as seen by early writers
  49. The Faces Of Afrika
  50. Gnawa, Moroccan Blues: A Historical Background
  51. Chess Originated In Africa
  52. Properly Examining Ancient Egypt
  53. Where in Africa did Africans In American Originate?
  54. The african presence in india
  55. Olmec Civilization
  56. Africville: Urban Removal in Canada
  57. The Origins of African Country Names or What They Mean
  58. The Father Of All Nigerian Ethnic Groups
  59. Zulu Phrases
  60. Brief Look at a Few West African Kingdoms
  61. Zanzibar's women plaster old city
  62. A Lost Yoruba Kingdom
  63. In the reign of the Black Pharaohs
  64. Oral Tradition and the Slave Trade in Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin
  65. Chronology Of Ancient Egypt
  66. Al-Jahiz (776-869): Superiority Of The Blacks To The Whites
  67. In the reign of the Black Pharaohs
  68. 100 things you SHOULD know about Africa
  69. India's connection with Africa (videos)
  70. "Black" Pharaohs Quiz
  71. Interview With Runoko Rashidi The Traveling Historian
  72. African Rock Art
  73. Africa's Contribution to Contemporarily Western Civilization
  74. Africans in Early Europe
  75. Sundiata Keita and the Mali Empire
  76. A Brief History of Traditional African Beadwork (Sub-Saharan)
  77. Badarian Culture
  78. The Gullah: Rice, Slavery, and the Sierra Leone-American Connection
  79. Medical Contributions from Kemet
  80. BBC's "The Story Of Africa"
  81. submissions for new book (Words Flowing Up South)
  82. Astronomer Priestesses
  83. Ethiopia Conquered
  84. New Archaelogical Findings May Re-shape Sudanese History
  85. Wrestling in Ancient Nubia
  86. Who Were the Hyksos?by Troy Fox
  87. The Anu
  88. Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone-Gullah Heritage Formed in US
  89. Are India and Pakistan Hoodwinked into self-extermination
  90. You may have never heard of this man.
  91. African natural tatoos (scarification)
  92. Slave? What Slave? A Study of the Traditional Systems of African Servitude
  93. Ancient Aircraft?
  94. Kush to over Kemet prior to the 18th dynasty.
  95. Black Inventors And Inventions
  96. Ancient Ethiopians Of The Golden Age
  97. Review: exhibition: africans in mexican history
  98. 23rd Annual Ancient Kemetic Studies Conference
  99. Indian Groups Contest California Textbook Content
  100. Silent vioces:Creating alternatives for Dalit students
  101. Ancient Sun Temple Uncovered
  102. Negritos
  103. The lost Africans of India...
  104. Do you consider North Africa to be Africa?
  105. Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt
  106. Africans who are indigenous to Areas out side Africa
  107. Ancient Egyptian royal head puzzles archaeologists
  108. Sir Morien black knight of the European middle ages
  109. pre islamic black africa!
  110. Some general information about African Pygmies
  111. It's only newsworthy because they're sleeping on Africa
  112. Islam & the Afrikan
  113. pre islamic black africa
  114. Today's Black Egyptians (Photos)
  115. The Forgotten but Great Africans (Must Read)
  116. Dismantling the Myth of Ancient Ethiopia
  117. Tai Chi Tree of Life?
  118. "Land of the Blacks." Part III - The Influence of the Moors in Spain and Portugal
  119. "Land of the Blacks." Part II
  120. "Land of the Blacks."
  121. African Native Americans: We're Still Here
  122. photos of black descendants in chile/peru and bolivia
  123. People Of Color!!! The Truth!!!
  124. Pan-africanism In South Asia
  125. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop And The Cultural: Roots Of The Dalits: India's Black Untouchable
  126. Black Shogun: An Assessment Of The African Presence In Early Japan
  127. Blacks original arabs
  128. Blacks in Argentina What Happened to Them After Enslavement?
  129. Blacks in China
  130. Civilization Started From Yoruba Kingdom
  131. African glory and downfall in Asia
  132. Blacks in China and the Invasion of the Mongols
  133. Black Romans???
  134. The Hidden History of Slavery in New York
  135. Who were the Africans enslaved in America
  136. Cheik Anta Diop On Islam In Africa
  137. Travel Notes: Alexander Pushkin And The African Presence In Russia
  138. Blacks and Mexicans
  139. Out of Africa: DNA sheds light on 1st human migration
  140. Japanese is an African Language
  141. Out of Africa: The Peopling of the World
  142. Maori Black Panthers
  143. Untouchables
  144. (Accompong) Maroon Autonomy in Jamaica
  145. King Kalydosos: Enemy of Islam
  146. Pre-Islamic Arabia ??
  147. American Indians with African Roots Return to the "Rice Coast"
  148. Genocide of Native Black People in Papua.
  149. Afro-Argentina & Bolivia
  150. The Bible's Sheeba, Queen of Adulis
  151. African Dynasties In India
  152. The destruction of the Tasmanian Aboriginies by Runoko Rashidi
  153. Leprosy genome tells story of human migrations
  154. Africans in West Asia
  155. Sexual Assault During Slavery.
  156. Albinos.
  157. A Few Anthropological Links.
  158. Euro Origin Theory
  159. Who were the Moors?
  160. Truly Out of Africa
  161. The Role Of Women In Nubia
  162. ?Black Or Not?
  163. The Sudroid (Indo-African) Race
  164. Human Ancestor Remains Found in Ethiopia
  165. Afrikans In China
  166. Miscegenagtion and Racism: The Afro-Mexican in Colonial Mexico
  167. The Magnificent And Tragic History Of The Shumom People
  168. Members of Ancient Tribe Escape Tsunami
  169. Iraqi's Oppression of the Zanj
  170. African Mexicans: In Mexico And California
  171. Drums and Power: Ways of Creolizing Music in Coastal South Carolina and Georgia
  172. Racism, Colorism and Power
  173. The Mighty Monuments Of Angkor
  174. Headless Bodies Found at Mysterious Mexico Pyramid
  175. The African Presence In India
  176. Classical African Civilization-Must Reads
  177. Before Columbus
  178. Black Asians!!!!!
  179. The Origins And Status Of African Palestinians
  181. The Fall Of The Glorious Black Race!
  182. When Black Men Ruled The World!
  183. Moorish Paradigm!