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  1. Daily reflection: ...and then there's Truth
  2. Daily reflection: Two wrongs don't make a right.
  3. Slavery and the Myth of the Alamo Historians/History
  4. Daily reflection: "Thy rod and thy staff"
  5. Daily reflection: H.O.P.E.
  6. Daily reflection: Migra Terroristas
  7. Nican Tlaca
  8. Sci-fi author Nnedi Okorafor
  9. The woman teaching Ghana’s kids to code
  10. Daily reflection: Black history, is American history
  11. Daily reflection: Pimp arrest
  12. Daily reflection: Codependent no more
  13. Daily reflection: Magic
  14. Daily reflection: Narrative
  15. Daily reflection: Nation building
  16. Daily reflection: O.G
  17. Daily reflection: Nature
  18. Daily Reflection: Bullwhip Days - The slaves remember
  19. Daily reflection: Culture
  20. Daily reflection: Retribution
  21. Daily reflection: Ogun
  22. Daily reflection: Colonized
  23. Daily reflection: For the love of money
  24. Daily reflection: Wishful thinking
  25. Daily reflection: In too deep
  26. Daily reflection: Black boy lost
  27. Daily reflection: Mikey, undiagnosed
  28. Daily reflection: The hood
  29. Daily reflection: The bridge
  30. Daily reflection: Logic
  31. Daily reflection: Memorial Day
  32. Fly in the Buttermilk for those drunk on their “victory” of same-sex marriage.
  33. Daily reflection: Judgement
  34. Daily reflection: Grace
  35. Reflection
  36. Daily reflection: Forgiveness
  37. Daily reflection: Silence
  38. Daily reflection: Tricknology
  39. Daily reflection: Chaos
  40. Daily reflection: Rascism
  41. Hypocrisy: point, blank, period.
  42. Deray McKesson unspins Wolf Blizter
  43. Daily reflection: Day late and a dollar short
  44. Supreme Self
  45. Map that named America is a puzzle for researchers
  46. The Marriage and Ascendancy Pattern of Abraham's People
  47. Bill Russel on integrity
  48. 10 online lectures: Rethinking the Black Liberation Movement‏- Abdul Akakalimat
  49. College Admission help for Black Teens! Parents take advantage!
  50. Picture of Resistance- From Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and Rwanda this is their journey
  51. We Who Like It Hot Call It Black August By bro. zayid
  52. "Block Reportin" by Jr Valrey, does it's homework!
  53. Homemade whoopass and pickled Lion's tales by Yahmeesh Y. A. I
  54. Neo-groism is wack by Yahmeesh Y.A.I
  55. Black Education TV
  56. Melville Jean Herskovits, First President of African studies
  57. Simple writing exercise helps break vicious cycle that holds back black students
  58. Sesame Street's 'I Love My Hair' Song: A Priceless Message for Black Girlshttp://www.
  59. The Role of African Intellectuals in the World (Uhuru News)
  60. Ethiopian book ignites scorn, outrage among Egyptologists
  61. Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire by Drusilla Dunjee Houston
  62. The Langston Hughes Poetry Circle
  63. How to spot a devil.
  64. The N'hr Kawaida
  65. National Crime Victim Bar Association. Some very useful tips.
  66. The Modern English Alphabet’s Evolution from Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  67. The Ancient History of the Black Nobility
  68. America and the Minority Word: Some Ethnic Groups Acquire Code Names
  69. How Can I Distinguish The High School Curriculum from The Truth
  70. World War II Alien Enemy control program
  71. RAP MUSIC: THE USUAL SUSPECT by Yvonne Bynoe
  72. Black Power’ and shallow scholarship at the Smithsonian by Askia Muhammad
  73. 400 Years Without A Comb 1-6 by Dr. Willie Morrow "Inventor of The California Curl"
  74. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  75. The Moor's Head/ KMT/Moor MARTIAL ARTS History/AKERU Martial Arts video
  76. Mao Tse Tung "Red Book" Quatations: Internet Archive
  77. African American Registry: A Non-Profit Education Organization
  78. 12 Things The Negro Must Do by Nannie Helen Burroughs
  79. African Liberation Day, 5-23-09
  80. Scientific Socialism v. Afrocentricity: Which Way to Pan-Africanism?
  81. Mu'min (Arabic: مؤمن ‎) for Believer: New language, GOD willing
  82. It Happened in May: The Falasha tribe's evacuation to Israel
  83. The Institute of Regenerative Truth
  84. Mentoring the Youth Through a Church....
  85. Cultural Trauma and Know What I MEAN? study questions
  86. Storypoems for the Young by Sis. Nkechi Taifa
  87. Check It: Sis. Autum Ashante at 5th Annual UN Youth Assembly
  88. Slave narratives on guerrilla warfare
  89. Homemade Study Questions from African-American Odyssey, The Volume 1
  90. Ambi Scholarship in Science and Medicine
  91. Mathway - A Step By Step Mathematics Problems Solver
  92. Z-Hope: Zetas Helping Other People to Excel
  93. Scotch-Bright Family Dollar Scholarship
  94. DRC: CODESRIA: Safeguarding academic freedom in the University of Kinshasa
  95. The Generation Next Scholarship-Win $5,000
  96. Philly Kids Create Positive Music on Blip TV
  97. 2nd Annual Nkurobo Afrikan Youth Conference
  98. What Skill IS Needed In Africa The Most
  99. Youth Leadership Summer School!
  100. Sallie Mae Fund Scholarship
  101. MXGM's New Afrikan Scouts
  102. BPP Vet on Oakland Community School
  103. Showcase of Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  104. Harvard: Free Tuition for Families Earning Under $60K
  105. More African American males apply and are accepted into med school in 2007 than ever
  106. Baltimore's Great Debaters
  107. Uprising at Evergreen State College
  108. HBCU South Carolina State Provides Textbooks to Zanzibar
  109. AKA Sorority Donates $1 Million to Howard University
  110. Georgia School Melds a World of Differences
  111. Protect Charter School Children, Too
  112. HIGHER Education
  113. Top 10 ways to go green
  114. Bob Brown on "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer" (video)
  115. R.I.P. Red Crow
  116. We have plenty who strive around the universe
  117. Do u know this brother, I do!
  118. on-line biology book
  119. Black HS Students can't read as good as White 4th Graders
  120. Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere...PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!!
  121. I can't believe europeans wrote this!!!
  122. The Cradle to the Prison Pipeline Initiative
  123. Afrikan
  124. Trade Tech College Racial Profiling and Harassment
  125. From the All-Afrikan People's Revolutionary Party: Long Live Wabun-inini!!!!
  126. The thing about the Cleveland School Shooting...
  127. CHE - The Face of Rebellion EVERYWHERE
  128. Native Americans Arrested While Protesting Columbus Day.
  129. Massive Free Education List
  130. We say F*** School...but we still get through
  131. Let's Build Our OWN Party
  132. What Kind Of Organization Is Necessary
  133. Why Is Organization Necessary
  134. Little Rock Nine mark 50th anniversary
  135. President Ahmadinejad addresses students at Columbia University
  136. We as Arab Americans support the Jena 6.
  137. Howard University Students' Rally in Support of the Jena 6
  138. Black student clubs to petition against Jena Six injustices
  139. Police violently disperse students
  140. The OTHER side of "Save Darfur"
  141. What are your views on the education system within the USA?
  142. National Nkurobo Afrikan Youth Conference
  143. Are you a student of your business?
  144. Bulet Proof Yourself
  145. For All Young An Old Great Black People, Unify Or Die.
  147. Pitfalls of volunteerism without activism
  148. Push/Excel Scholarship
  149. Campaign To End Campus Racism
  150. March 17 Pan-African Student Conference@Laney College
  151. Young Sister Assata Needs Our Help!
  152. A History Department Bans Citing Wikipedia as a Research Source
  153. U.S. schools weigh extending hours, year
  154. Free classes from MIT
  155. Black Parents Seek to Raise Ambitions
  156. Math anxiety saps working memory needed to do math
  157. Young, Gifted and Black!
  158. Morales/Shakur Center Update!
  159. Fall 2006 Campus Activities?
  160. African Student Leadership Council Presents...
  161. Young Black Men and Teens: Things to consider before she becomes pregnant
  162. Venezuela plans to export oil to China
  163. How to organize
  164. Youth Of Virginia: Internship Opportunity!
  165. Young and on the Rize
  166. Kwame Nkrumah: The dark face of the Bolivarian Revolution
  167. are there Jobs for Young black men?? besides mcdonalds and Burger king?
  168. Last chance to consolidate student loans
  169. FVSU shelving African studies institute
  170. World Cup 2006: united snakkkes v.s. GHANA!!!
  171. What they'll NEVER tell you about History (to all History students/History majors)
  172. Katrina Report: our stories, told by us
  173. vanderbilt recruits black literary scholars
  174. Regents exam's colonialism questions anger black students
  175. Here is more on "Edmucation".
  176. No follow through for Youthful Volunteers
  177. Largest class graduates from elite U.S. College, defying stats for young Black men
  178. To all my Graduates from the Class of 2006!!! (and all graduates in general)
  179. Grants: nbpc call for submissions
  180. Flash Video Against War/School Recruiting
  181. Educational holocaust for black men in america
  182. Students Protest Boot Camp Death
  183. AP: States Omit Minorities' School Scores; No Child Left Behind Leaves Kids Behind
  184. Black Excel
  185. Grant: fulbright scholar program
  186. 64 ways to love black youth
  187. UC students successful in divestment demands
  188. Standford Univ is now Free for anyone under $45K annual income
  189. The No. 1 Skill Teens Need for College
  190. THoughts of a black youth.
  191. The unreliable amerikkkan dollar
  192. Nkrumah is spinning in his grave...
  193. Senegal shows tolerant face of Islam
  194. Pan-Africanist/Pan-Africanism/Pan-African
  195. I Heard The Osagyefo!!!!
  196. helpful links to minority scholarships
  197. The People's College of Law
  198. American Indian Movement Today on World Talk Radio
  199. Students stand and turn their backs on U.S. Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales
  200. Confessions of an "Economic" Hitman
  201. www.sportofdistraction.com
  202. Ethiopian Opposition Calls Hunger Strike
  203. Teens Do it Better
  204. Marvin X on the World and Oakland Elections
  205. The Nightmare Vote (or 3 the hard way?)
  206. The Transition Into Manhood
  207. SUPPORT Young Rev. Journalist!!
  208. College dropout rate is a national concern
  209. Students Confront Sweatshops
  210. Act NOW to support Hampton University Students
  211. CU students protest racism
  212. Advisor calls Cal student Erika Williams ‘n!gger’ and ‘b!tch’
  213. Essays
  214. Green Buildings Enhance Student Performance And Ability To Retain Teachers
  215. Commentary: Home-Schooling Can’t Be Any More Dangerous Than Our Public Schools
  216. Commentary: Black Parents Should Ensure White Teachers Are Culturally Sensitive
  217. What are your opinions on Affirmative Action?
  218. Well-oiled anti-amerikkkanism
  219. Xavier University Struggles To Survive In Post-Katrina New Orleans
  220. Spike Lee/Morgan Freeman Scholarship
  221. Colleges and Afrocentricity
  222. Howard University Students Protest Bush's Visit to the Campus
  223. Four Black Students Suffer From Another Katrina Race-Related Injustice
  224. College Drop Out
  225. BREAKING NEWS: Anti-amerikkkan rally turned violent
  226. Dallas School Bans White Kids From Having 'Thug Day'
  227. Free Scholarship Search Engines
  228. 10 Ways to Fight Hate on Campus
  229. Howard students rally against Bush visit
  230. Nov. 2nd School Walk Out!
  231. Youthful Exuberance!
  232. israel should be "wiped off the map"
  233. I need help.
  234. Wal-Mart Turns in Students Anti-Bush Photo
  235. To all my students n ex-students >>
  236. Students Push for DREAM Act
  237. HATE ON CAMPUS: Two Schools in the Hot Seat
  238. Scholarship: Abafazi
  239. Minorities Lack Financial Aid Awareness
  240. Counter-recruiters fight back at Holyoke College
  241. Black Intellects Int'l!
  242. Helping Blacks Save For College
  243. FBI hard at work terrorizing the Enemy of America (a teenager)
  244. Some Aspects of the A-APRP - It's Origin, Ideology, Objectives and Programs
  245. Happy Ramadan!!!
  246. N-Word Forum
  247. First Graduation Of The Latin American School Of Medicine
  248. Pan-Africanism: Agenda for African Unity in the 1990s
  249. Join the United States Student Association in our fight to save Higher Education toda
  250. Katrina Controversy