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  1. Soldier Erykah Badu
  2. Janelle Monáe - Many Moons
  3. Class of 3000-we want you soul
  4. Mr. Lif-Earthcrusher
  5. Damian Marley-One Loaf of Bread
  6. Wax Tailor Feat. Ursula Rucker
  7. Videos, mp3s, etc..
  8. Dilated Peoples ft Kanye West - This Way
  9. Bob Marley in Serbia
  10. The Sounds Of Blackness Reunion "I Believe" feat.Ann Nesby
  11. Judy Mowatt - Black Woman
  12. Dj Jazzy Jeff and Raheem DeVaughn's "My People"
  13. Eddie Kendricks - My People...Hold on
  14. Mos Def - There is a way
  15. Black August: Largest Annual Hip Hop Benefit Concert Aug. 31st
  16. What are Some of Your Favorite Conscious Songs?
  17. Stand Up-Sean Bell Tribute Song
  18. R.I.P. Isaac Hayes.
  19. Farrakhan challenges the hip hop community
  20. Hip Hop: The voice of youth and social activism
  21. King of Afrikan rhythms, Randy Weston, no stranger to Toronto
  22. Rashan Ali's Sporty Girls, Inc.
  23. Dezarie (reggae) a Must Check!
  24. Barack Obama is Septimius Severus (Change You Can Belive In) by Heru
  25. Natalie Cole says she has hepatitis C
  26. Burnt Hendrix guitar to be sold in London
  27. Hip-Hop Label Auctioned for $24M
  28. 10 Days of Nas
  29. Nas's Album Untitled
  30. The Game Breaks Down In Tears
  31. A Singer Who Is Eager to Embrace the Absurd
  32. A Night Out With | Santi White a k a Santogold, Rules to Tour By
  33. A Dancer Goes Back to Her Past in Berlin
  34. Melissa McCloud
  35. T.I. turns to civil rights icon as mentor
  36. Your Favorite Soul Song
  37. Faith From the South, and a One-Man Band Too
  38. JVC Jazz Festival in Review
  39. Sonny Okosuns, 61, Musician With Message, Is Dead
  40. A Musician Who Mixes and Matches
  41. Master P Creates Free Basketball Camp for Inner-City Kids
  42. Which Side Are You On? Rebel Diaz
  43. N.Y.OIL Soldier feat. Chuck D. (of Public Enemy) Free Dowmload
  44. Post-Oscar, Three 6 Mafia stays true to roots
  45. B.B. King given key to the city at Bonnaroo
  46. Chris Rock performs for Bonnaroo masses
  47. Lionel Richie pledges Commodores reunion
  48. Snoop Dogg's wife arrested for DUI in S. Calif.
  49. Sha Stimuli & DJ Victorious - March On Washington (Mixtape)
  50. "The Nigger Tape" by Nas hosted by DJ Green Lantern
  51. Rockin' Squat - Fascist democracy
  52. Queen Ifrica: Fyah Muma!
  53. Ashanti's 'Declaration' sounds empty
  54. Rare Marley and Hendrix performances sold online
  55. Bo Diddley, a Rock ’n’ Roll Pioneer, Dies at 79
  56. Jay Z compares himself to Marcus Garvey on new song
  57. USHER “Here I Stand”
  58. Jimmy McGriff, Jazz and Blues Organist, Dies at 72
  59. Al Green - Lay It Down (Blue Note) Review
  60. As One's Light Can Speak
  61. Kanye West, record labels sued over jazz samples
  62. Hip-hop pioneer `Slick Rick' pardoned by N.Y. gov
  63. "Universal Mind Control (U.M.C.)" by Common ft. Pharrell
  64. Wyclef Jean shines light on Haiti's crisis
  65. New Nas "N.I.G.G.E.R (Slave & The Master) LINK INSIDE
  66. Nas changed the name of the album
  67. Rapper DMX enters not guilty plea
  68. Singing for a Poet Offstage
  69. He-and-She Act, Working on a Cabaret Thing, Baby
  70. Ego-Fueled Hip-Hop Sci-Fi Space Odyssey
  71. Ludacris returns to his alma mater in Atlanta
  72. Government launches appeal to deny Snoop Dogg a U.K. visa
  73. Rapper Remy Ma gets 8 years for shooting friend
  74. Immortal Technique Readies New LP, Creates Police Brutality Blog
  75. David's album not your average — 'Trust Me'
  76. James Brown throwback video >>>
  77. Artistes on warpath Second attack launched on Red Stripe
  78. Thug Life Army Tupac Tribute + More
  79. An Oldies Marathon Runs a Few Extra Miles - The seventh annual Ponderosa Stomp
  80. Westcoast Rapper Game is angered by Sean Bell verdict and NY's lack of response.
  81. `Pray the Devil Back to Hell' wins top documentary honor at Tribeca
  82. Jimi Hendrix company says sex tape not genuine
  83. For Ailey Troupe, at 50, a Street and an 18-Month Tribute
  84. Desert Reign: Coachella as Prince’s Castle
  85. Pharoahe Monch - Book of Judges
  86. Filmmaker collaborating with FBI on civil rights cases
  87. Soul singer Al Wilson dies in California
  88. Nas' new single: Be a N!99@ too
  89. Grammy-Award Winning Artist Shakira to Discuss State of Global Education and....
  90. Quincy Jones Comments Publicly About China and the Darfur Crisis
  91. ASCAP Unveils 'Bill of Rights' Initiative
  92. RIAA Spent $2.8M Lobbying Feds
  93. Leona Lewis Superstar
  95. Donald Walden 'Kept Jazz Alive': Detroit Icon Joins the Ancestors
  96. Common: Studio Gangster
  97. Erykah Badu "Real Thing" Remix Contest
  98. Rapper Remy Ma plans NYC jail nuptials
  99. R.I.P. to Frosty Freeze (of the Legendary Rocksteady Crew)
  100. "Superstar (Acoustic version)" by Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos
  101. Chocolate Rain�--history crashing thru your veins.
  102. Benjamin Zephaniah says no to Order of British Empire
  103. Biography of Florence Ballard
  104. Saul Initiated One Hell Of A Discussion
  105. Pan-Afrikanism in Music: Three new vidéos on YOUTUBE
  106. Togolese musician receives “Best African Rocker’’ award
  107. India.Arie Launches A Record Label (Soulbird)
  108. "Rising Down (Hum Drum)" by The Roots ft. Mos Def, Dice Raw, and Styles P
  109. Corinne Bailey Rae's husband found dead
  110. Al Green Drops new album May 27th
  111. Aretha Franklin’s Evening
  112. Supremes "Play" again on rarities set
  113. Usher tops singles chart for third week
  114. Rick Ross Rolls Snoop, Miley, Randy Jackson
  115. Judge: T.I. can attend Easter services
  116. Quincy Jones to get honorary doctorate
  117. Music rights flap jamming Bob Marley biopic
  118. Angela Bassett gets Hollywood star
  119. Film Skirts Loose Ends in Death of a Rapper
  120. Brothas Keepa The Re-Education of the Negro
  121. DMX Here I Am
  122. Keyshia Cole having a great year
  123. Jazz Man
  124. The Mind of a One-Woman Multitude
  125. The Departure Of Another Musical Genius
  126. The Right Nigger for the Job!!
  127. A Night With Stars of Phone and Rap
  128. Savoring a Moment in the Sun, Despite a Court Date
  129. Atlanta Singer Ne-Yo Busted In Cobb
  130. The Grand Verbalizer: an interview wit’ Brotha J of X Clan
  131. Inside Look: Nadir
  132. Aretha Franklin slams Beyonce Grammy intro
  133. A New Venture for Jay-Z, on Madison Avenue
  134. New Study Shows 77% of Rap Songs Reference Alcohol & Drugs
  135. In Senegal, Hip Hop Is About Social Change
  136. What's The Best Fela Kuti Album?
  137. Suit Tangles Issue of James Brown’s Estate
  138. Rescued
  139. Do anyone know what these are statues of?
  140. Revolutionary But Good Musik
  141. New Compilation
  142. Don’t call me Lucky
  143. Erykah Badu smashes zIONISM while visiting israel
  144. X-Clan: New Album and DVD in 2008
  145. Spoken Soul Videos & Music "Lovin Her Nappy Nappy" & "Ms.Melanin" by Kamal Imani
  146. Boondocks mixtape
  147. This is why James Brown was and is the original sound of Hiphop Kulture!
  148. Free Download----> Stolen From Africa Mix-tape!!!!!!!
  149. help with jazz lease
  150. 2 New Unreleased Nas Videos - "UBR" - "These Our Are Heroes"
  151. Report: Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent Named in Steroid Investigation
  152. New Music Quiz Answers
  153. New Music Quiz
  154. Master P & Romeo Feed New Orleans Families W/ New Charity Program
  155. Krudas Cubensi (HipHop Cuba)
  156. Old School New Years' Eve Jam!
  157. Chuck D of Public Enemy Wants Def Jam Presidency
  158. Nas "Nigger" album cover
  159. A Tribute To James Brown: Tomorrow
  160. Hip-Hop and Colonialism: Recognition and Response
  161. Pharoahe Monch "Gun Draws"
  162. Shadrach Kabango
  163. GREAT SONG!!! Music Video About Police Brutallity
  164. Hip Hop Dock-Trine 2: The Official Boondocks Mixtape (The Saga Continues)
  165. Pimp C of UGK found dead
  166. Ayo's "Joyful" Debut Makes Positive Contribution to the Music Scene
  167. On downloading music...
  168. Roxanne Shante - Who Needs a Royalty Check
  169. Thank God for dre3000....
  170. Spoken and clear
  171. From My house Heru!
  172. Saigon Quits Rap!
  173. Heru: Live in Lagos, Nigeria at World Music Day
  174. Don't blame rap music
  175. KINGS & QUEENS: Message Music From The Movement
  176. Lord Finesse "The Funky Technician" VS. "The Rhyme Inspector" Percee P.
  177. LaLa Brown and her boyfriend/producer found dead
  178. Freedom's Journal Download Now!
  179. Dubya But Not The Bush
  180. Knowledge is Power Audio & Video Info Drops. Drop em here
  181. New Album from Saul Williams: The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust
  182. Hip Hop's True Origins? 80 Year Old Elder Tells All!
  183. Master P Building Youth Centers In Major Cities In The U.S.
  184. Highlife artist: Raphael Amarabem
  185. Afrobeat Poet: Ikwunga
  186. Teen rapper Soulja Boy ready for duty
  187. free the Jena 6 song
  188. Prince to sue YouTube, eBay over music use
  189. King Of White Girls Speaks
  190. India Arie: Testimony and Relationship
  191. Abenna
  192. The B-Side (On The Michael Baisden Show)
  193. Consciouz FEARz The Interview
  194. Spiritchild
  195. Q-Tip: Labor of Love
  196. Talib Kweli: Say Something
  197. Music for the people!!
  198. Hot New Video(bang Out)nbpp
  199. David Banner speaks to "Black Leaders"
  200. 50 Cent: I'll Quit if Outsold by West
  202. Black Pride (Negro Orgullo) by Tego Calderon
  203. Sekou Sundiata Dies at 58; Performer of Text and Sound
  204. James Brown's 'Sex Machine' Sung in an African Village
  205. poARTry III the fusion of spoken word poetry and visual art
  206. Chaka Khan's New Release: Ready to Funk
  207. Wynton Marsalis and hip-hop
  208. Das EFX: Biggety Back
  209. I Want to Take You Higher By Mark Anthony Neal
  210. Hip Hop Profanity, Misogyny and Violence: Blame the Manufacturer
  211. Discussing the Oakland rap scene wit’ 1 of its veterans, V. White of the Delinquents
  212. Long time coming
  213. Hip Hop Has Long Been Vocal About the War by Davey D
  214. Kwame Ture On Revolutionary Culture and the Role of the Artist
  215. The Problem With Reggaeton
  216. Heru: 2 New Fire CDs
  217. The 'Bible of Hip Hop' Files for Bankruptcy...
  218. New Musik (young Warrior)
  219. Chamillionaire Says No To The 'N' Word
  220. Hip-hop's Simmons wants to remove offensive words
  221. Intelligentnewznet: The Lyrics Committee by Wise Intelligent
  222. An Intelligent Point of View...Don "I Mus" say FUCK YOU!
  223. Message to the African woman
  224. This is one of my favorite poems by Common...check it!
  225. Ayo, check out this poem from Cee-lo on the Wake-Up Show!!
  226. Jeunes Premiers Video
  227. Talib Kweli ft Jean Grae
  228. The Most Annoying Song Right now!
  229. New Book 'Warrior Song' Not Just Confined to Hip Hop
  230. Canadian concious rapper
  231. Artists Don't Make Money From Record Deals
  232. Afro-Punk..Have yall heard about this?
  233. Awol
  234. I am so tired of Paul Wall
  235. The FUNNIEST s*** I ever heard in my life!!!
  236. Infuriating Interview w/Gil Scott Heron
  237. Winter in America
  238. Slave Nigga vs. House Nigga 2007...Hip-hop version
  239. Contemporary Rock Music With Spiritual Themes - Artist X
  240. Motown brethren remember Funk Brother Joe Hunter
  241. RBG SSTT Features New Artist/NBO
  242. Young Lagos Hip Hop Militant Slain
  243. I Still Love H.E.R (prod.by Kanye West)
  244. What up Black?
  245. Jay-Z Helps U.N. Focus on Water Crisis
  246. Young Rappers from Ghana need your support!
  247. 2pac could have been a Revolutionary Leader?
  248. Root Reggae Albums
  249. Return of the Clan
  250. Sept 21: FTP CD - Soundtrack To The Movement