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  1. An Interview with Black Thought from XXL Mag
  2. Afrika Bambaataa speaks on it
  3. Idlewild (the soundtrack)
  4. Kashmere Stage Band
  5. Gift of Gab mixtape
  6. Good Music Featured on OkayPlayer!
  7. Is Vinyl becoming OBSOLETE?
  8. Common & M-1 Featured In New Cuban Hip-Hop Documentary
  9. Do you like Afrikan music?
  10. This is a song from Lyfe Jennings...
  11. Dead Prez & OutLawz - "1Nation" video
  12. Who Are Your Top 10 Queen Vocal Soloists & Why?
  13. Who are Your TOP 10 KING VOCAL SOLOISTS & WHY?
  14. The HipHop Declaration of Peace
  15. Rakim Interview
  16. Hip Hop Ain't Dead!
  17. Poet Heru slamming Team Bush: Live Performance (YouTube Link)
  18. What ever happen to Bahamadia ?
  19. Small Eyez - Vipassana (The Ep) -MindMusik.COM
  20. New Release By Salif Keita
  21. What Racial Demographic Buys The Most Hiphop/rap Music?
  22. Free Kwame Teague mixtape series
  23. jill scott speaks out about videos that degrade blk women
  24. Gil Scott Heron Back in Jail
  25. Some of Us are Brave
  26. Chicago's jazz radio gets the blues, bows to iPod
  27. Black Ice
  28. Gangsterism
  29. Lil Kim the revolutionary?
  30. Classic Marvin Gaye-LIVE!
  31. House Music
  32. Heru on the Black Family Channel
  33. Old School - Song of the Day
  34. Danger Doom - Occult Hymn EP
  35. Chocolate Swim - Free EP
  36. Jay Z boycotts popular liquor
  37. Hip-hop crackdown
  38. SPEARHEAD - Lift The Spearits!!!
  39. New Film:The Last Poets Abiodune w/ Heru, Ngoma, Itsrealight, Bro.Earl
  40. Royalties and Their Collection
  41. Lil Wayne "Georgia Bush"
  42. Rakim resurfaces, Common drops "People"
  43. i eat you eat
  44. dead prez & Outlawz- Can't Sell Dope Forever 7/25/06
  45. new ngoma cd - "reflections"
  46. Just Sharing some Grown Folks music
  47. Whites Urge "Please Stop Jockin' Cristal"
  48. DefJux To Suspend All Physical Releases Until 2007
  49. RZA To Score Afro Samurai Anime
  50. Chef Raekwon Officially Aftermath ?!
  51. Danger Mouse teams up with Black Thought
  52. Music Industry Book List
  53. “the Revolution Is In The Music, But What Kind Of Revolution”
  54. Monsieur says France is a b!tch
  55. Stic of DP keeps it hood
  56. Oprah Vs. Hip-Hop
  57. British Rapper MIA Denied Entry Into U.S.
  58. Rapper Beanie Sigel shot in apparent robbery
  59. Judge Says She Was Misled by Notorious B.I.G. Kin
  60. Planning Your Radio Promotion Campaign
  61. KNOW your HIPHOP ROOTS by SSly Shalom
  62. Djembe drums
  63. The End of OutKast?
  64. Will Smith, Ludacris Help Launch African MTV Channel
  65. RBG Street Scholars Think Tank-A Cyber College of Revolutionary Hip-Hop Knowledge
  66. Ajani's new music video "Fightin' 4 Afrika"
  67. The Gospel Of Prosperity
  68. HipHop without the fanciness
  69. Snoop Dogg Banned From the Entire U.K.
  70. We're Back!!!
  71. Gang Member Arrested For Killing Girl Over Offensive Rap Song
  72. Fertile Ground
  73. HipHop & Garvey
  74. Randy Weston goes on an African exploration
  75. White Rappers, White Muslims
  76. Top 10 Most Revolutionary Albums of All-Time
  77. Top 10 Most Revolutionary Albums of 2005
  78. Cymande Wins Against Fugees In Copyright Case
  79. T.I. Lays Friend To Rest, Tour Temporarily Halted
  80. 50 Cent Launches Health Campaign For Kids
  81. Stick of DP interview
  82. Music Sales Test
  83. Jazz & the white critic: thirty years [and five] later
  84. R.I.P Big Hawk
  85. Killah Priest journal
  86. T.I.'s Entourage Involved in After-Hours Shooting In Cincinnati
  87. Immortal Technique's Statement
  88. Rap Artsit K'Nann Beaten By Club Security in Sweden
  89. Record Profits at Oil Companies Draw Criticism
  90. Top 10 books for Hip-Hop community
  91. Breath of Life!
  92. Snoop Dog the author
  93. Producers rejoice!
  94. Better Lyricist
  95. Finally: Rakim & Nas Collabo
  96. D-12 Rapper Proof Shot And Killed
  97. K'Naan (Tha Traveller) Debut LP Dropped
  98. I got Boots Riley 4 ya
  99. Revolutionary Hip-Hop Artists Dead Prez Just Added To Revolution! Award Honorees
  100. Afrika Islam interview
  101. Chuck D interview
  102. Rapper Paris Raises Controversy
  103. Lord Jamar's going solo
  104. See I told you about 106&park....
  105. "Growing Old": Will the Hip-Hop Generation ever grow up? Do we have to?
  106. NEW TRACKS From UK's long awaitedAfrika's Venom: FEEDBLACK PLS
  107. FRED PREZ SONG: Africa's Trigger Critisizes Dead Prez!
  108. New Congressional Bill Aims to Stamp Out Gansta Rap
  109. Why is Rakim always chosen over KRS as the G.O.A.T.?
  110. What Happened To Hip-Hop?
  111. A lil old, but I love this song
  112. white fanbase of "black-conscious" hip hop
  113. Rules for this Forum. Read them!
  114. Prof X Tribute
  115. Momentum
  116. Interview: Boots Riley from the Coup
  117. M1 new joint CONFIDENTIAL
  118. Tahir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Enough Disrespect
  120. Bob Marley - Africa Unite singles collection
  121. NEW 3/20/06 Chuck D Audio Interview (From FreeMix Radio)
  122. What has Hip-Hop really done for Racism?
  123. Prof. X Joins the Ancestors
  124. Mos Def as former Panther
  125. Judge Mablean loves da daddies?!
  126. New ?uestlove interview
  127. KRS vs.Adisa
  129. Miles Davis’ Family Cheers Rock Hall Induction:
  130. Biggie’s Mom Confirms Fuqua For Son’s Biopic:
  131. C-murder’s Murder Conviction Overturned:
  132. Hip-Hop Legends Hyphy Movement – ‘My Ghetto Report Card’
  133. Radio: The New Child Predator
  134. preaching through music
  135. Dave Chappelle's Block Party Soundtrack
  136. Paris interview
  137. African Musician Ali Farka Toure Dies
  138. New Smif N Wessun Video feat Dead Prez
  139. Kwaito, South African Rap
  140. Tupac Immortalized
  141. 50cent vs.Spike Lee
  142. MC Shan & Roxanne Shante
  143. Lyrics
  144. What Hip-Hop or conscious group influenced your consciousness?
  145. Professor Griff gets at Tavis, Puffy and Flav
  146. jazz musician needs your help!
  147. Nas----Dance
  148. Mixtape Crackdown
  149. Hip-Hop News
  150. Zulu Nation demands..
  151. Death Row East..oh brother
  152. Favorite Jazz Artist
  153. M1 Classified..... Nice Interview
  154. Broken English & Violence
  155. Chuck D Rebirth
  156. Common Slaps Fire Out Of Hecklng Skinhead?
  157. Afrika Bambaataa
  158. Young Jeezy's Clique on Ropes?
  159. I am the biggest hypocrite yo.." -Phonte
  160. Comm N Kanye round 2
  161. Eve & Son of a dictator?
  162. Free HipHop Now
  163. Juvenile's Reality Check on the Current State of New Orleans
  164. Scarface & The Product: Training Day
  165. Raekwon: The Food
  166. Saul Williams
  167. Is Mos Def a Dead Beat Dad?
  168. G-Unit Crips
  169. M1's of Dead Prez's New Video
  170. Universal Zulu Nation Calls Emergency Meeting to Recapture Hip-Hop
  171. How To Get Sponsorship Deals That Pay
  172. Suge Knight files racketeering suit
  173. Black owned musical instrument/accessory companies?
  174. Mos Def in trouble
  175. Patti LaBelle & Winnie Mandela At Gala 2006 Awards Celebration
  176. Chris Gotti Tells Feds: "Give Me My Money"
  177. Slick Rick
  178. Davey D & Brother Ali
  179. The Ambassador of the Bay
  180. Hip Hop Mathematics: A lesson for Teachers
  181. The Black Eyed Peas have concert to benefit charities
  182. Black Invisibility and Racism in Punk Rock
  183. R.I.U. J-Dilla
  184. New Music from Dead Prez Public Enemy Kam & Paris
  185. Rewind The Rhyme: Ice Cube
  186. Charli Baltimore: Immobilarity
  187. Dave Ghetto: Spread the Light
  188. Stic is coming to VA
  189. Straight Out the Jungle: An Interview w/ Afrika Baby Bam
  190. From Hammer to Hyphy
  191. Dumb a__ Artist, do dumb things, Shooting at Busta Rhymes video
  192. Music Industry Book List
  193. M1 Speaks on Black History Month
  194. After 20 YEARS, RAKIM proves he’s still the GOD EMCEE by SSly Shalom
  195. Kanye's dad lashes out at son's lyrics
  196. Logic Pro 7
  197. Nas Officially Signs with Def Jam
  198. A Look Back At An Old Hip Hop Battle
  199. buju banton ...
  200. Dr.Dre signs Floetry..damn
  201. Kanye is the Black Jesus..
  202. Cassidy Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter
  203. Black-Musics : for Hip Hop and R&B lovers
  204. Indie Release Do's And Don'ts
  205. Music Events
  206. Hip Hop Belongs to African People
  207. HIP HOP QUOTABLES -- Say Word!!!
  208. Mos Def, dead prez, and the Coup to perform at the World Social Forum
  209. Hiphop's Elder Generations= Irrelevant?
  210. Saigon almost killed
  211. Wilson Pickett Dies of Heart Attack at 64
  212. Buying and Selling Beats
  213. Camron Exposes Jay-Z 's Plagiarism?
  214. Racism N Thug Culture
  215. Little Brother
  216. If you like the Bad Brains....
  217. NYC: MF Doom, Little Brother, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock
  218. INTERVIEW: MV Bill
  219. Young Artists & Listeners: Know Your Music History
  220. The Intelligence of Hip Hop: Why we must Preserve it
  221. Welcome home, GOD! ! !
  222. Hi-Tek: Tek Know Logic
  223. Post your musical catalogues
  224. Brazilian rapper and real City of God
  225. Camron VS Bill OREILLY
  226. messege from immortal technique
  227. The Katrina Tour ( Dead Prez, Rosa Clemente)
  228. Dark 'N' Lovely
  229. Congradulations to Conscious Entertainers and What ever happened to...
  230. Common Discusses His Silver Screen Dreams
  231. Old school Rapper Cool C scheduled to be executed
  232. Soulstress Juanita is Back With A New Sound
  233. Shake ya ass for Jesus?
  234. The 10 Most Influential Caribbeans in Hip Hop Culture
  235. French Rap & Riots
  236. Lou Rawls makes his transition
  237. Sha-Mecca: The People's Emcee
  238. 50Cent's Son Has Access to R-Rated Movies and Net Porn
  239. Beefs, Gangsterism, Mediocrity Pt1
  240. Another Controversial 50 Cent Billboard
  241. Dine, Young Cannibals -Pop cultural influence & Afro-American accountability face off
  242. Queen Latifah first hip-hop artist to get Walk of Fame star
  243. Mixtapes
  244. racist hot 97
  245. Writing a Music Business Plan
  246. Jaz-O Tells All
  247. Public Enemy's New Joint
  248. Mo Culture Banditry
  249. Wu-Tang: Fun or violence
  250. Stick- Letter to my Comrade - RBG FAMILY