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  1. Grillz
  2. 35 Things To Consider When Starting Your Own Record Label
  3. The Fugees are back!
  4. What the hell???
  5. New Dead Prez ...get in here quick
  6. SAIGON interview (long but worth it)
  7. Jay-Z signs a rapper who's white, British and female
  8. Ode to Richard Pryor
  9. Foxy Brown says she hasn't been able to hear for six months
  10. Chuck D of Public Enemy Vs. Lars Ulrich of Metallica
  11. Rapper's arent hood their Afraid
  12. Ice Cube makes a T.V. show exploring racism
  13. "Murder Inc Acquitted"
  14. WTH..Ying Yang getting a Grammy?
  15. Yoruba Song Gallery
  16. Kanye West Outraged
  17. Looking for Theme Song
  18. On the Line w/ Professor Griff of Public Enemy
  19. Death of A Nation.. Negroes, Niggroes & Coonism
  20. culture bandit watch
  21. From Mississippi to Mali
  22. Burntface
  23. first encyclopedia of rap music & hip hop culture
  24. Rap music moguls' trial goes to NY jury
  25. MAry J. Blige gets a Christmas rush order, Complete a new
  26. The hip-hop 'Hood goes corporate
  27. From Baghdad to Baltimore, Big Boi, Young Jeezy and countless upstart rappers .......
  28. Don't believe the hype -- rap anger isn't a meaningful message
  29. The Hip-Hop Hype: Black Males Battle Stereotypes
  30. J Dilla isn't feeling too good...
  31. Coup Member Killed in Robbery(?)
  32. Bush Supporters Says President Was Disrespected In Song By African American
  33. Kamal Imani Spoken Word
  34. New Dead Prez Drops Today
  35. India Arie Interview....
  36. Victim Bashes Bush & FEMA In Katrina Disaster Song
  37. Stevie Wonder to donate profits from his song "Shelter in the Rain" to Katrina relief
  38. Vibe Strikes Back at Blige
  39. Sugu "Sugu"
  40. Ludacris Responds To Confederate Flag Flap
  41. Pandora
  42. Member of the Coup dead
  43. Leela James
  44. R.Kelly done lost his mind....
  45. Bootlegger's Beware....
  46. Snopp Dogg the revolutionary?
  47. Sadat X of Brand Nubian..
  48. The lyrics which speak to blood diamonds
  49. Interview with Troy Nkrumah - Internal Chair of HipHop Political Convention
  50. a few things to ponder a crack in the facade
  51. Radio music programs
  52. Jadakiss and Styles P Say Goodbye to the Game?
  53. Seems ATL's not the kinda town bold enough for a hip-hop anthem
  54. Public Enemy, "New Whirl Odor" Slamjamz
  55. The Roots...
  56. Ghetto Cracker: The Hip Hop ‘Sell Out’
  57. Reslution Seeking U.s Government Records On Tupac Shakur
  58. Rap Artist's and Acting
  59. The Poverty of Philosophy
  60. Beef and Broccoli
  61. New Talib Kweli
  62. Best lines/rhymes in Hip Hop...........
  63. P-Diddy Under Investigation for His Political Activities
  64. Litaz Up (Lil Kim)
  65. the Breed Love Odyssey Tour
  66. Judge Won't Dismiss R. Kelly Sex Charges
  67. Which female?
  68. Djembe music
  69. What do you love more...50 cent or Civil Rights?
  70. Afrikan Music
  71. Memo to camron and other rappers stop flossing
  72. Dead prez: Politics As Usual
  73. Is Rap too X-Rated for Kids?
  74. Jewish Defense League (JDL) Threatens Rappers
  75. Murs: H.U.S.T.L.E.
  76. Little Brother: Not Shuckin' & Jivin' Part Two
  77. Little Brother: Not Shuckin' & Jivin' Part One
  78. Styles P: Fear of a Black Poet
  79. Dangermouse Wins Q, Reteams With Doom
  80. Cam'ron and the D.C.Police?
  81. Jazz Artist Launches Online Contest
  82. Me and Jesus the Pimp
  83. X-Clan - Xodus
  84. X-Clan - Funkin' Lesson
  85. *new Nas interview*
  86. How American Rappers Are Perceived in Other Countries
  87. UN Backs Azanian (South African) Hip-Hop Summit
  88. Sister Erykah Badu Speaks at the MMM rally
  89. Patti Labelle Vs. Antonio 'la' Reid
  90. Tupac Shakur Interview (All Eyez On Him)
  91. Tupac Shakur Interview (Ready To Live)
  92. Dope Money, Hip-Hop & Murder Inc. - Feds Coming for Your Favorite Next?
  93. Hip Hop Needs A Drop Squad
  94. Richard Pryor Sues Universal Music Group
  95. Gangster Gop
  96. DJ's check it out
  97. B-Boys and B-Girls...
  98. Music-hosting websites
  99. The continued degeneration of BET
  100. Texas executes rap fan who killed pig
  101. Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park dropping hip-hop album
  102. Public Enemy and...Comic Books?
  103. The Roots Sign with Def Jam
  104. Dr.Dre doing protest music?
  105. Hip-Hop and racist Bill Bennet
  106. Looking for: Limbisa Ngai
  107. Real Preppy, Fake Gangsta
  108. Wise Intelligent Completes Solo Album
  109. The Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley Team for Legendary Single
  110. Zulu Nation clothing line comen soon !!
  111. Human Beatboxing
  112. Erykah Badu Interview Pt.2
  113. Interview with M-1 of Dead Prez
  114. Interview with Stic of Dead Prez
  115. AR-15 Whites Teaching their Own?
  116. Jean Grae's South Africa Vacation
  117. De La Soul To 'Take Back TV'
  118. Search for Hip-Hop Samples, Breakbeats and Originals...
  119. Talib Kweli signs Jean Grae to his label, Blacksmith Music
  120. LIBRadio
  121. Underground Hip Hop: Conflict Honored, Jewels Kicked and Hope Elevated
  122. Dead Prez
  123. Stevie Wonder Finally Releases New Album A Time To Love On Motown Records
  124. New R&B Song About Hurricane Katrina Angers Bush Administration and Other Politicians
  125. An Uplifting Voice of Hip-Hop: A Profile of Talib Kweli
  126. Remember When... Conscious Rappers before 2000
  127. The Black Rock Coalition
  128. An interview with Common (Sense)
  129. Weak Concious Rappers
  130. Little Brother is "Too Intelligent" Says BET
  131. D'Angelo Injured in Crash
  132. Kanye West Dropped by Pepsi!!! Too Black/Too Strong
  133. Commentary: Why Do Black Rappers Give Eminem a Free Pass for Dissing Black Women?
  134. Motown singer/songwriter Willie Hutch dies
  135. Are Hip-Hop's Hardest SCARED?
  136. An interview with Phonte of Little Brother
  137. Snoop Amerikkkas favorite coon
  138. A conscious voice: an interview with Erykah Badu
  139. Hip Hop Fridays: RapCOINTELPRO X
  140. The Hand of God (Katrina's Ghost) By Immortal Technique
  141. PUBLIC ENEMY: Hell No We Ain't All Right MP3 Download
  142. Singer, guitarist 'Gatemouth' Brown dies at 81
  143. Want To Work With Dead Prez?
  144. Thank You Bro. Kanye West...
  145. Kanye West Performance
  146. The Prophet: Lauryn Hill Interview
  147. Katrina: Hiphop Reacts and Responds
  148. Hurricane Kanye Hits America
  149. Chuck D Drops Lyrics to Song About Katrina Disaster
  150. Master P Launches Katrina Relief Fund
  151. N.O. Rappers and Katrina
  152. Kanye Calls for End to Gay Bashing
  153. The Intelligence of Hip Hop
  154. Suge Knight Shot in Miami
  155. Floetry teaches Flo’Ology
  156. Nas pays 2 mil for beat?
  157. 14 year old expelled for Rap lyrics
  158. Jay-Z's No Woman-Beater- or is he???
  159. Bun B sounds off...
  160. Thug Lullaby (Dead Prez Instrumental)
  161. Djembe care
  162. Nelly Helps White Producers Introduce "Country Hip-Hop"
  163. Rape Lawsuit Against Snoop Dogg Dropped, He's "Innocent, Innocent"
  164. 50 Cent's Posse Busted on Gun Charge in New York
  165. P. Diddy, Will Smith, Jay-Z and Russell Simmons have all earned a slot on Fortune Mag
  166. What is happening here?
  167. Hip Hop 10 Commandments
  168. Nas Buries 50 Cent
  169. Welcome to "Jamrock"
  170. Will DJ Crap for Cash
  171. Common!!!!
  172. Hot new track from Warclub
  173. 50Cent to Publish Street Lit' Books Rapper Launches Imprint to Stop “Wanksta” Writers
  174. bornleader1978
  175. Rap Kidnaps Nationalism?
  176. Ursula Rucker
  177. Mexican stamp is bad, but U.S. rappers have it licked
  179. Police involvement in the murder of B.I.G.
  180. Lil Kim, for those who care...
  181. Hip Hop Activist Resistance Movement
  182. the roots on freestyle dvd
  183. What Happened To Lauren Hill?
  184. My Love Letter to Hip-Hop.
  185. Declare War Against Minstrel Music
  186. A Drunkard in Denial
  187. This fool right here: 50 Cent Pulls Out Of Live 8 Philadelphia
  188. Kanye West: Operation Sierra Leone
  189. happy birthday to tupac
  190. Family of Slain Rap Star Notorious B.I.G. Drops 2 Men From Lawsuit
  191. Pick A Bigger Weapon *SMILE*
  192. Common "corners" REMIX don't sleep
  193. Speak Your Soul: The Music You Can't Live Without
  194. Afeni Shakur to Open (6/11/2005) Tupac Amari Shakur Arts Center In Stone Mountain, Ga
  195. Chillin wit Talib Kweli in the Bay
  196. Malian stars Amadou and Mariam spread peace, stay calm and make hits
  197. Askari X
  198. Assata Shakur: The Government's Terrorist Is Our Community's Heroine, by Mos Def
  199. "BE" tomorrow yall
  200. My first memory of Assata Shakur... (by Mos Def)
  201. Latin Hip-hop
  202. Atlanta Rapper what was he thinking?
  203. DonDiva, F.E.D.S., Felon - What?
  204. Flavor Flav takes time to savor revived career
  205. Hip-Hopping Mad Over Beats and Hooks
  206. You Must Learn (remix) Lyrics
  207. Georgia Hiphop Appreciation Week of Events
  208. I'M BLACK: Blacklisted?
  209. Marvin X Agrees to Appear on Chuck D's Album in Support of Imam Jamil Al Amin
  210. New Joint......Shomario - Pop MusiK !!!
  211. Adisa vs. KRS-1 "Being Hip-Hop"
  212. KRS-One: Still Teaching
  213. Distorted Soul
  214. Revolutionary Hip-Hop still lives
  215. OPPORTUNITIES; Youths Hear Lessons in Business From Rappers
  216. No Pretender
  218. Gill Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  219. Saul Williams
  220. Paris On Fox News
  221. quick keeystyle for the people
  222. I Gots Too Much Luv For Wyclef!!
  223. Enlighten - The Last Poets Recalled
  224. FTP (Hip Hop Group)
  225. PANTHER feat. Common & Dead Prez
  226. 360 Degrees Poetic Emcees(Chicago Hip Hop)
  227. How MTV Underdeveloped Africa: Pimps, Pistols and Pan Africanism
  228. ONE-on-ONE: A Conversation with Professor Griff
  229. Tahir The Interview: Still Banging On The Shitstem!
  230. CNN finds TUPAC SHAKUR alive >>
  231. C-Murder Changes Name, NAACP Files Lawsuit
  232. This kat spits fire !!!
  233. The rapper who has yet to get his due
  234. Lauryn Hill And Wyclef Reunite In Malaysia
  235. Saigon
  236. professor griff!
  237. Grand Jury Indicts Gerald Levert After Dropping Charges
  238. Seven-The Declaration LP
  239. A-Alikes Bio
  240. Tahir - Hood Economics
  241. Artists Needed for Mumia's Earthday!
  242. Freedom Speaks
  243. HIP HOP FO REAL!!!!! don't sleep COMMON bringin it!
  244. Have You Heard "I’m Black" by Styles P., Yet?
  245. UAN:One On One w/Brother J of X Clan
  246. Racists Show Contempt For Nelly
  247. Behind The Scenes Of Kanye West/Common "The Corner"
  248. 'give Me What You Owe' - Check It Out, New Artist In Atlanta
  249. BlackNotes' new CD, "Insights"!
  250. Dead Prez Interview: In Azania (9/27/02)