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  1. Rise of Black Male Musician/guider and Forced FALL of Black fathers
  2. A rest au rant defined
  3. REGGAE IS BETTER THAN HIP HOP this from a die hard hip hop fanatic since 9yrs of age
  4. KRS 1 "Now Hear This" new album
  5. Mansa Obi ft John Henrik Clarke in MOOR (Revolutionary Soundtrack)
  6. Substance Abuse feat. Sadat X "Three Sheets to the Wind"
  7. A lil sumthin' sumthin' us hip hop parents put together with our seeds in AZ
  8. Nubian Dynasty Beat *Chek This Out*
  9. Truth Is..General Wink From Its Self
  10. Lauryn Hill "Consumerism"
  11. Warrior song muzik lesson #1
  12. Lauryn Hill "Neurotic Society"
  13. Tahir RBG on TRUE SKOOL RADIO 6/25/13 1pm eastern time
  14. Hands Off Assata Shakur
  15. check this out!
  16. The Blakseed: Open Letter REMIX (Hands Off Assata)
  17. Queen Nyoka - Fuck tha Police
  18. Common Feat. Jay-z Open etter
  19. Substance Abuse "Background Music" mixtape by Kutmasta Kurt
  20. TRUE SKOOL RADIO discusses our disconnect with the Muthaland
  21. Grandmaster Tru - Return Of The Grandmaster!
  22. Grandmaster Tru The Lyrical Messiah!
  23. Dedicated to the Gods and the Earths mixtape
  24. "Sun's Negative" By Tedjosya Fila Kazi
  25. Lauryn Hill-"Black Rage"
  26. Substance Abuse "West Los" VIDEO
  27. Dead Prez - No Way As the Way
  29. Common gets a bad rap on Assata Shakur
  30. Handkerchief head Wyclef Jean: I loved Lauryn Hill and my wife
  31. List of Soukous musicians
  32. The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, John Potash interviewed
  33. Watoto From The Nile - Letter to Nicki Minaj (Official Music Video)
  34. X Black Superheroes
  35. Asian Dub Foundation Committed To Life Feat. Assata Shakur Lyrics
  36. Detailed Information on the Fatal 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) Shooting of 1996
  37. Tupac Shakur Short Bio
  38. 2pac and the lost interview with Vibe magazine
  39. Tupac: Hellraiser (The Source, 1994)
  40. happy born day to Chuck D and Professor Griff
  41. Fuck The Ho-Lice - Fuck The Police
  42. Nadir Omowale: Diary of a Distorted Soul
  43. 95 Miles Down The Road (feat. Mayaeni): New Music Preview from Nadir
  44. X Black Superheroes
  45. Sis Lauryn Hill Charged with 3 Counts of Misdemeanor failure to file taxes
  46. Conscious Plat CD release. Universal Conspiracy!
  47. Blak metaphyzix muzik mix v. 2
  48. Treble Army-Serve the People
  49. The Project Monkz - Never Again - Original Version and remix
  50. Rest in uhuru mama njere and baba hannibal!!! Baritone scholar - heroes
  51. Arte en la sangre - Aberikula La Habana 1995
  52. Stephen Marley - Made In Africa ft. Wale, The Cast of Fela
  53. "True 2 Life Music - Every Dream Has a Price" free mixtape
  54. It's Bigger than Hip Hop
  55. Mos Def (now as Yasiin Bey) free Mixtape
  56. Ras Kass Jack Frost 2
  57. Check out our Half A Mil tribute/Introduction to God Hop
  58. before you spend your hard earned money on the Tribe documentary
  59. TRUE SKOOL RADIO discusses the influence of the 5% Nation in hip hop culture
  60. Kalik Scientific-Bring Peace
  61. PE's Apocalypse 91
  62. check out our show with Full Rebel Jacket
  63. Jay-Z & J Dilla - Ain't No Luv 4 Playerz
  64. Substance Abuse feat. Tash (Tha Liks) Video "Don't Get Us Wrong"
  65. Jasiri X-I Am Troy Davis
  66. Happy born day to Nas
  67. RIP 2pac
  68. Paris on TRUE SKOOL RADIO tonight 9pm eastern time
  69. NY Oil discusses 911 on TRUE SKOOL RADIO today
  70. happy born day to Big Daddy Kane
  71. Baritone scholar videos!!!
  72. tomorrow Money B comes on TSR to discuss his friend the late great 2pac.......
  73. Lord Jamar G to the O to the D
  74. I know many don't consider Wayne a conscious artist
  75. Happy born day to KRS ONE
  76. Chuck D on my show TRUE SKOOL RADIO Wed night
  77. Happy born day to the great Chuck D!
  78. Jay Electronica says album is done
  79. King Asiatic Nobody's Equal Unsung documentary on tvOne
  80. RZA goes in on new Wu Tang track
  81. Tedjosya Fila Kazi -"Sun's Negative" (Album In Stores Tomorrow In My Region)
  82. TSR show tonight will be dealing with police brutality
  83. Lupe Fiasco telling the truth
  84. TRUE SKOOL RADIO 2pac tribute tonight
  85. Shouts out to Lupe Fiasco
  86. Roq'y Tyraid-Break Shit
  87. congrats to Chuck D on his newborn daughter
  88. snippet from Rakwon's Osama bin Laden track from 2 years ago
  89. Immortal Technique on Obama, 9/11 truth & Corporate America
  90. dead prez-The Beauty Within
  91. Rakim speaking on hip hop respect and maturity
  92. New stic man The Workout dropped today
  93. True skool radio!
  94. All Black everything (Lupe Fiasco)
  95. The Blacknificent mixtape
  96. New Wise Intelligent
  97. Nas and Damien Marley-Patience
  98. N.o.s.e.
  99. Jay Electronica-Patents of Nobility
  100. Great article on influence of the Gods on hip hop culture
  101. Happy born day to Brother J of X Clan.....
  102. Trap-Ready or Not
  103. Haiti remembered a year later with Jasiri X
  104. Favorite of mines to play during this time of the year
  105. New Jay Electronica-Jazzmatazz (Guru tribute)
  106. Let Freedom Reign-Chrisette Michele featuring Talib Kweli and Black Thought
  107. Kora Jazz Trio Part Three
  108. Kora Jazz Trio Part One
  109. Full Rebel Jacket
  110. First Jay Elec signs with Roc Nation, now dead prez?
  111. Cee Lo spitin fire
  112. Black Violin
  113. Elisa Marvena
  114. True Theory - Aisha Sekhmet's New Release
  115. My First Album
  116. Blak metaphyzix muzik mix
  117. Extremely Dope Album
  118. Dead Prez Turn Off The Radio Vol. 4 REVOLUTIONARY BUT GANGSTA GRILLZ
  119. Musical Dedication to Malcolm X
  120. MUMIA 911 mp3: Tragedy Khadafi, Black Thought , Pharoahe Monch, LAST EMPEROR, Chuck D
  121. Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue
  122. Pull Your "Pants On The Ground" from A Real American Idol
  123. Same Sound Packaged Different
  124. Mutabaruka - It No Good
  125. Shona Spirit: Mbira Masters From Zimbabwe
  126. Fear
  127. Letter 2 My Comrade (Feat. M1 From Dead Prez)
  128. Nas Classic
  129. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Audiobook
  130. ON THE MOVE - Sounds Inspired By Mumia Abu-Jamal (A Black Waxx Nation, Inc.)
  131. Black Child - Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective
  132. Assata Shakur (I Salute You) By Conscious Plat
  133. You The White Man's Bitch Miss Aisha Sehkmet
  134. Imani Uzuri, Vocalist + Composer
  135. Follow the Leader: In Search of Hip Hop’s Talented Tenth
  136. what i have to say
  137. Why Hip Hop is Really Dead
  138. Garvey and Black radical music
  139. Roxanne Shante's Revenge
  140. Slum Village rapper Baatin dead at 35
  141. Mac Mall & 2Pac - Ghetto Theme (throwback)
  142. Dead Prez and DJ Green Lantern - Pulse of the People Turn off the Radio Vol. 3
  143. Sis. Minnie Riperton / Rotary Connection
  144. Revolutionary Suicide (Dedicated To Assata Shakur) ... By Controversial Artist...
  145. Kill Whitey the Interview UNO The Prophet
  146. Happy Earthday Miles Davis
  147. Youssou N'Dour To Close Africa Vive Series
  148. The Black and Proud Concert: Where Liberation Meets Culture
  149. National hip hop political convention 5 point agenda
  150. Jah Cure - The Universal Cure
  151. Hard Truth Soldiers Tour
  152. Sarasutenseti VS. Ishmael Allah who's correct on American Civilization
  153. <<<UNITY>>>Sizzla Kalonji- Rise To The Occasion<<<UNITY>>>
  154. Sizzla - Ghetto Youth - Ology
  155. Jah Cure feat. Fantan Mojah - Nuh Build Great Man
  156. Bro. Gil Scott-Heron is now 60 y.o.
  157. Sly & the Family Stone
  158. El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate
  159. Yall Should All Get Lynched
  160. The Poor Righteous Teachers: The Influence of Islam on Hip Hop
  161. NGOMA / afro-futurist boom boom
  162. Another Prodigy letter from jail
  163. K'Naan album Troubador
  164. The Conscious Daughters
  165. Mic Blaque - Thinking Outside The Box vol.1 !!FREE DOWNLOAD!!
  166. Snoop Joins 14,000 at Nation of Islam Confab
  167. African Underground Vol. 1 (VA) - Senegal (2004)
  168. Stic.Man & Young Noble Soldiers 2 Soldiers
  169. Nas Announces Collaboration Album W/ Damian Marley, "We Tryin' To Build Some Schools
  170. India.Arie - Testimony Vol. 2, Love & Politics
  171. Erykah Badu gives birth to her third child
  172. Fuck The Ho-Lice By Fuck The Police (leaked)
  173. Jasiri X
  174. Sizzla - Black Man in the white house
  175. Sizzla - No White God
  176. John Forte & Talib Kweli "Homecoming" 2009
  177. Master Toumani Diabaté
  178. Ali Farka Toure The Great
  179. Donny Hathaway
  180. Forget All those Weak Rappers: ScarFace - Can't Get Right
  181. NaS "The fear of the Black Man's d*ck" CDQ
  182. Is Hip Hop still "Buck Bancin" or are they "Buckin in the Dance"?
  183. Pharoah Sanders - A Living Legend
  184. Cheikh Lô
  185. Oumou Sangaré
  186. Jazz musician Freddie Hubbard joins the ancestors
  187. Dead Prez
  188. Hamza El Din
  189. Orchestra Baobab
  190. Another One of My Favorite Conscious Songs
  191. Nneka - From Africa 2 U
  192. Labelle: Lady of the Power Voice Reunited With Her Sisters
  193. Les Nubians Interview
  194. Gil Scott Heron
  195. The Last Poets
  196. Live Your Life - TI/Rihanna remake diss by UNO The Prophet
  197. Dead Prez - We Need A Revoloution
  198. Paris - Don't Stop the Movement
  199. Prodigy - My World is Empty Without You
  200. Paris - Hard Truth Soldiers mixtape
  201. Miriam Makeba - The Definitive Collection
  202. Beres Hammond Live in NYC Video
  203. Culture Mixtapes
  204. Nyabingi
  205. Foreign Mind 2008 - Jr Reid and CLSmooth
  206. John Forte's Album Poly-Sci
  207. John Forte of the Fugees Pardoned by President Bush
  208. Youtube vs RBG Tube
  209. Rebellion The Recaller
  210. Some of Elisa Keisha's Music :)
  211. CEELO- greatest freestyle ive ever heard!
  212. Dancehall Kings and Queens
  213. MTV holds its first African music awards
  214. Stephen & Damian Marley- The Mission
  215. Give Em Hell
  216. Keith Murrey Gets Robbed in South Africa
  217. Astronomers snap alien planets
  218. Jheryl Busby, 59, Reviver of the Motown Label, Dies
  219. "Kalifornia" by Mos Def
  220. New Amsterdam Musical Association's jazz jam is longest-running show in town
  221. Def Jam boss Shakir Stewart kills himself at Georgia home
  222. America’s Great Hope by Immortal Technique
  223. Shout out to the slave masters!
  224. Black Rock: An Oral History
  225. Nas and Pharrell Speak....
  226. Paris Unveils $10,000 Scholarship/Housing Contest
  227. Dead Prez - PolitricKKKs
  228. India.Arie to Release New Album Testimony Vol. 2 Love & Politics
  229. Urban Thermo Dynamics - Manifest Destiny
  230. R.I.P. to Rudy Ray Moore a.k.a. Dolemite
  231. Cop Throws A Black Student On The Ground
  232. 'Soul Train' Founder Arrested
  233. classic song from my fav artist of all time...
  234. Cypress Hill Illusions
  235. Alton Ellis Joins The Ancestors
  236. Hip-Hop’s Planet Rocker
  237. Immortal Technique On La Onda TV
  238. Assata Shakur speaks on HipHop
  239. Allen Anthony- Alright
  240. Reperations in blood -c.h.a.d.
  241. Please Review My Brother's Song..
  242. Rootz Underground - Hammer
  243. DJ Muggs vs Planet Asia - All Hail the King
  244. La Rumeur feat. M1 of Dead Prez
  245. THINGS DONE CHANGED? by Chukwuemeka Uche Onuora
  246. X-Clan Featuring Christian Scott - Prison
  247. Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Fela's Egypt80 Live
  248. Support Real(ity) independent (and Revolutionary) Hip Hop!!!!
  249. Twinkle - Erykah Badu * New Amerykah *
  250. Lord Jamar -Nation Of Gods And Earths