The God Genese Decoded, a Review

"The God Genes Decode" by R.A. Waldron aka Nu Heri Mensa Ogun, is a book that takes a look at Hepy / Nile valley philosophy from the perspective of a priest of the modern Haitian Vodoun tradition. The author, given this perspective, does an analysis of the Classical Nile Valley philosophy and compares it to elements that have survived in posterior/later traditions such as Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, I Ching, Yoga, Dogon, Ifa, Akan, Vodoun and other traditions. Being as I the reviewer, am in the Nation of Gods and Earths, my interest in this subject is strictly Scientific and Cultural, and not religious or "spiritual", so I am trying to gauge the sophistication, accuracy, and originality with which the author is exposing the mental paradigm of a Classical Black Society such as the Nile Valley. If you are looking for a primer for the core Haitian Vodoun philosophy in this book, you will be wanting and unsatisfied, and perhaps this is by design, since the author alludes to the fact that many of the Haitian Vodoun traditions are sacred/classified information. What the author lacks in terms of bringing forth a greater volume of explicit Haitian Vodoun/Nile Valley comparisons, he makes up for by explaining that he is showing the FORM of the Haitian Vodoun philosophy as inspired by the Nile Valley culture, as the form is expressed in various other wisdom traditions, WITHOUT exposing actual Haitian Vodoun EXPLICIT RITUALS themselves. In fact there seems to be a broad flexibility in the author's current wisdom pursuits wherein he describes interacting with Mental Principles from other cultural backgrounds such as Kali from the Hindu tradition. The Pantheon of central Lwa/Loa figures in Haitian Vodoun are briefly compared to corresponding Neteru or combinations of Neteru in the Nile Valley school of thought, such as Damballah Wedo's comparison to Atum. However the author illustrates that complete one-to-one identifications are not necessarily possible or useful since the description of Loa/Lwa verses Neteru have overlaps and shortages of present characteristics when doing the comparison. The author has expressed dissatisfaction with previous wisdom communities he was involved with exposing Nile valley thought that the author felt were incomplete or erroneous in providing instructions or practices , which motivated him to put this book together. (He doesn't list the group or groups explicitly, but taking cues from quotes of his previous instructors, the group or groups can be deduced.)

Central themes in his analysis of the Nile valley philosophy in relation to other modern cultures that show ubiquitous or pervading elements include:

- Shamanism (conscious altering substances) to assist altering of consciousness.
- Words of Power - Hekau - incantations to alter conscious and the environment.
- Oracle via binary or powers of two casting of die/"chance" devices (binary, hexadecimal, hexagram) as a method to gauge personal and macroscopic rhythms to aid in prescribing future courses of action (a system to me which is too simplified for such a task, but has a basis with the physical underpinnings via chaos dynamics and initial condition gauging and phase space diagrams in Physics).
- Identifying with various Fundamental Principles through a relationship akin to "marriage" to a complementary Fundamental Principle. This is related to trance, "channelling" and altered consciousness self identification with a Primary Principle or Force. In other words, the aspirant identifies his True Self as being the Supreme Being, God, or an Angel or Supreme Personality or Force.
- The necessity of a rites of passage or initiation to qualify to be a proponent of a wisdom philosophy.

Positives and exclusive qualities of the book:

1) There is a rendering of the Paut Neteru / Kabbalah using the 9 actual classical mental/physical bodies (Ba Ka Akhu Ren Sekhem Sahu Ab Khaibit Khat) in addition to what most people do which is just render the Neteru. They are also compared to the chakra ("endocrine") system. In addition there is a rendering the Annu Paut Neteru or Peseju (Atum Ra, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Ausar, Auset, Set, Nebt Het) into Kabbalistic mandala form with I / Yi ching hexagrams around the Primary sphere Atum Ra.

2) There is a breaking down of the Udjet / Eye of Djehuty into the various aspects of the Annu Paut Neteru such as Atum Ra, Ausar, Heru, etc.. I've never thought of it that way before.

3) 64 possible DNA codons based on combinations of the 4 amino acids A C G T into 64 possible 3 unit combinations is related to the 64 I Ching Hexagrams with motivation of this connection from the cited classical texts and the function of the Udjet Eye of Djehuty fractions down to 1/64 part. This motivates the function of the Djehuty principle as writing and encoding the Book Of Life in people via DNA code, making people their own Book of Life, with various forms of meditations and exercises designed to cause the brain and body to resonate and bring the potential of these DNA instructions to manifestation mentally and physically. To me, this illustrates the fundamental MATHEMATICAL format on which Life is based and can be scientifically enhanced.

4) There is an identification of the Neteru as elements of the PSYCHOLOGICAL make up of Man, as opposed to just "spirits" "deities" and other "religious" devices.

5) This is a very well put together book, including the relevant excerpts or complete english reproductions of the traditional texts that the author cites, such as Book of Knowing the Transformations of Ra and overthrowing Aupep/Apep, Shabaka Stone (Men Nefer philosphy), Precepts of Ptah-Hetep, and others. It also includes relevant charts and diagrams to further assist identifying key points and concepts discussed in the book.


1) In the work, the author referred to the element Shu as Air AND Light. I have reservations about that identification with Light, although I understand the author is exercising a more esoteric comparison than just "Earth Wind Fire Water etc."

2) The atomic comparisons to the KMNW, seems kind of "arbitrary" for example comparing Amen and Amenet to Hydrogen and Helium and relating it one of the 4 "cardinal elements" of "fire".

3) Traditional linguists will be wary of this book because the author employs the method of "word reflection" and "word transformation" quite liberally in the book, which to most will seem arbitrary in nature and perhaps "random". For instance, linking the word Olmec with Kem by reversing the consonants and implied vowels. Or transforming the word Paut or Group or Company into the word Ptah for the Builder Neteru by shuffling the P and T consonants. Or even more extreme, transforming the Vodoun word "wedo" into "medu" by flipping the ENGLISH LETTER W into the ENGLISH LETTER M to form medo and then medu. This is related and parallels the author's assertion that words of power or Hekau can be synthesized from primary power consonants-vowel word fragments, in a similar way that genetic instructions can be synthesized from fundamental amino acids.

4) Dialogue expressing the affinity of Dogon Cosmology to Nile Valley Cosmology, that gives to much credence and emphasis to an assertion that the Sirius Star system serves as some form of "after life" for the mentality of people on earth, based on a over indulged / hyperbolized description of the physical properties of the white dwarf of that particular stellar system in comparison to the local interstellar space, in addition to identifying it as a 3rd extra "black dwarf" of the system which has never been detected, based on the Po tolo anomaly of Dogon tradition outside the observable Sig Tolo and Emme Ya Tola elements (Sirius A and B) of the stellar system.


1) The part about the body being able to synthesize 10 of it's own amino acids, I'm wondering if the author has considered doing the group mapping for that to the Annu Paut Neteru?

The author alludes to a volume two to be brought forth in the future where he proposes to do a more thorough expose and linking of I / Yi Ching and the Bodies of Man (Ba,Ka ,etc.) into the Khemenu or Ogdoad of Men Nefer philosphy.

You can obtain/purchase the book from - Egyptian Vodou Priest Houngan Asogwe - 33 - Male - New York -


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