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      Pan African Orthodox Christian Church

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      if ya ever wanted to know more

      Pan African Orthodox Christian Church
      Detroit – Atlanta – Houston – Calhoun Falls

      Central Region: 7625 Linwood, Detroit, MI 48238, 313-875-9700
      Southern Region: 960 R.D. Abernathy Blvd, SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, 404-752-5490
      Southwest Region: 5317 M.L. King Blvd, Houston, TX 77021, 713-641-5035
      Beulah Land Region: Beulah Land Farm Drive, Calhoun Falls, SC 29638, 864-348-3232

      For nearly 50 years, the Shrines of the Black Madonna of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church (PAOCC)has been dedicating its Christian ministry to the upliftment, empowerment and liberation of the Pan African world community. We alone provide the theological, philosophical, and programmatic foundation to build "institutional power" for Black People.

      The Shrine of the Black Madonna (PAOCC) has always committed its resources to transforming the spiritual emptiness, economic powerlessness and social disorganization which have plagued the Black community. The church provides the worldwide community with a leadership framework for expanding institutional power for Black Liberation. The revolutionary Christian theology of the Church, Beulah Land Farms, Cultural Centers and Bookstores, Technological Centers, and Community Service Centers, are all examples of how the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church has operationalized spiritual power, Black excellence and economic empowerment.

      The PAOCC began as a socially conscious, religious institution in 1953. The Shrine, formally known as The Central Congregational Church, was founded in Detroit, Michigan, by Reverend Albert B. Cleage Jr. (Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman). The Southern Region of the PAOCC was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1975, the Southwest Region in Houston, Texas, in 1977, and Beulah Land Farms in Calhoun Falls, SC, in 1999.

      The PAOCC is "a force for good in our community and in the lives of men, women and children" because of our belief that "no area of life is separate and apart from our Christian faith, and no problem of society is too dangerous and too controversial for positive Christian action by our church." To that end, the PAOCC seeks to establish a system of Black institutions that can meet the growing needs of a Black community in crisis.

      Revolutionary Black Church
      The Pan African Orthodox Christian Church labors to bring the Black Church back to its historic roots—The African origins of Christianity and the original teachings of Jesus, the Black Messiah. We offer "seekers" not only a theology grounded in our African heritage, but also therapeutic processes and spiritual disciplines capable of leading one to a transforming, empowering experience of God.

      Cultural Centers and Bookstores
      Institutions designed to strengthen our identification with the Black experience and build a positive Black identity by maintaining our connection to our African heritage and culture.

      Community Service Centers
      Our mission is to provide quality social services, educational opportunities, recreational activities and cultural programs that can address the practical needs and interests of our community. We even offer educational programs designed to bridge the digital divide, by providing Black people with the training and skills necessary for the modern technological world.

      Beulah Land Farms
      This 2700-acre site is located along a five mile stretch of Secession Lakefront property on the Georgia-South Carolina border. Beulah Land is a multi-faceted agricultural complex, with agriculture, aquaculture (fisheries), timber, poultry, dairy, hog and cattle operations, and sod farming, with projections of canneries, food processing plants, a school, a church, summer camp and retreat center, truck depot and boat marina. The church hopes to eventually produce enough food to offer charitable disaster relief to suffering people around the world. Beulah Land Farms represents the opportunity for Black People to realize GOD’s will –to live as a self-determined People of God.

      Alkebu-lan Academy Youth Centers
      Our mission is to prepare Black youth for leadership in a Pan African World community. We prepare them for the experience of God through:
      sacramental worship through
      the Science of Kua (becoming what we already are)
      systematic socialization for Communal Living
      the harmonious integrated development of Spirit, Mind and Body
      moral and faith development
      the acquisition of basic skills and preparation for effective and creative inclusion in the computer dominated information age
      and preparation for commitment to and participation in the worldwide struggle to liberate Black People everywhere.

      The Pan African Orthodox Christian Church is building the Institutional System which will be the foundation for the establishment of a Liberated Pan African World Community

      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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      I've gone to two of their Detroit services this weekend and last. I was impressed with much of their teachings. Also-Minister Farrakhan was a speaker yesterday and the minister did some TEACHING.

      Has anyone else gone? Or is anyone a member of the Shrine? What do you think of the teachings and ideas?


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      Quote Originally Posted by she_ba
      I've gone to two of their Detroit services this weekend and last. I was impressed with much of their teachings. Also-Minister Farrakhan was a speaker yesterday and the minister did some TEACHING.

      Has anyone else gone? Or is anyone a member of the Shrine? What do you think of the teachings and ideas?

      What exactly was the lesson about???

      are they really cool with NOI( cuase they are essentially christians)???

      How does it differ from mainstream chrisianity???

      I 've read many of Albeart Cleages(I'm tryna find a pic of him for my avatar) writings but there is no shrine in my area...

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