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      Eugene Terreblanche A Hero?

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      I've got questions in my mind... Eugene Terreblanche, a.k.a. E.T, is actually seen as a hero. After all the black people that he slew, no one here is remembering that. Going on to say, he did n't deserve to die.

      He enslaved black people for as long as we South Africans can remember, even after the country became a democratic country, he continued his work of destroying black people and trying making to sure that the new black government failed. But behind all the tough facade that he put on, he was actually a faggot. The very same people (ex-employees) that were awaiting trial for his murder, have spoken out about how he actually used to rape them and not pay them their salary of R300 ( $ 2400) a month. Through investigations, it has been found that at the crime scene where he was murdered, a used condom was found ( now proven that it was actually his semen in it ).

      He is the founder of the AWB party, they party emblem is like 80% swastika sign, the only difference is that there are only three instead of four arms, also red and black in colour and they also wear the arm bands like the Nazis did. They can actually dress like this with no questions asked, now in this day and age. Wave they're flags around like they just don't care who they offend coz apparantly it's their constitutional right?

      We live in a messed up world really, these white people need to be snapped out of the fantasy they live in!
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      MY SISTA.

      Its the machine (MEDIA PRINT)at work thats the picture they will paint. Its sad that JZ is accepting this under his watch. Shaka was right i guess 'sibuswa yizinyoni'. I would to air this opinion in our tradition writing our stories or painting on stones was always foreign to us we was happy with inganekwane(word of mouth with the chosen few ). hence we dont attempt to control the media with what it plays us to the outside world.

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