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      The Bombing Of the New Orleans Levee

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      This is a must see video by all of us. Please make time to watch this. Minister Farakhan does a brilliant job, as usual, of tieing all the loose ends together of the breech/sabotage/blowing up of the Levee. The Millions More Movement now has an unprecedented item at the top of the agenda - The Victims of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. I will be going to the MMM. Those who are able must go. We have no choice now, we must go to Washington D.C.

      This is Minister Farakhan addressing the Brothers and Sisters In Memphis, Tennesee. Most, if not all, of the information we have on the Assata Shakur forum, but he ties it all together, brilliantly, with additional first hand visits and interviews in the area. It is unprecedented to say the least.

      Please use this link to play this unprecedented video of truth:

      PS. Hopefully, many of you know that the Police Chief of New Orleans announced his resignation last week.
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      hi, i am new
      I love Farrakhan, I can't go to Washington cause I live in London. Farrakhan is great man and he needs black people to march with him.

      I am African but what is wrong with African -Americans?! You people should take stand and do something! White people don't love u!

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