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      Afrikan Fashions!

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      These links were provided by Sis Kentake.. Thanks sis for sharing!

      *Nigerian Fabrics & Fashions
      This is THE BOMB SITE Y'ALL!! dey even got Afree-kan wedding dresses!-4 u brothas dat are planning on droppin da ?? dis is da site 2 get the hook-ups 4 ur wedding!! any sistahs dat gettin ready 2 "jump da broom", DIS IS IT!! u ain't gon find anotha site like dis 4 yo BIG DAY!!

      note:You have to put it in exactly as it is above!!

      This is an on-line store that specializes in Nigerian imported ready made fabrics also;beautiful clothing and fairly affordable 2!!....

      The others below are Canadian based, right here in Montreal...

      *Galerie Africana(Afree-kan art, accessories,hats,purses,clothes etc.)
      This store is newly opened here in Montreal,here is the site:

      *Afrochique(Afree-kan outfits and accessories)
      This store is owned by a Kenyan sistah & her white husband...anyway, dey got some nice goods just the same!

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      Alafia Sistah RQ!,
      Asante sana 4 transferring my thread on dis side girl! now even mo ppl can get 2 see it and use the's all about promoting our blk businesses & afree-kan centered products & services. plz do ADD ON any-thing u ur area and around the world! let's start on-line black business net-working...let's actively make black on black support an everyday reality!!

      :congrats: SANKOFA!,
      Sistah Kentake.
      Asase Ye Duru=Mama Earth has weight!!

      "SISTARS!, Black people will NEVER BE FREE unless Black Womb-men
      participate in EVERY ASPECT of our struggle, on EVERY LEVEL of our struggle."

      Honourable OhemaaAssata Shakur

      ''Black Womb-man and Child....for you i have sooooo much love!!"
      Sizzla Kalonji

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