Alaafia - Peace:

Long live the children of Oduduwa Worldwide !

Beginning Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 12midnight EST,
Yoruba Oduduwa Radio -YO Radio will begin to test it's
systems and
programming on the Mo'Betta Radio Network.

Yoruba Oduduwa Radio- YO Radio is about to become a
We thank all members of Yoruba Oduduwa Radio Working
who have worked selflessly to bring this to fruition.

Yoruba Oduduwa Radio is:

Internet Radio about and for all Yoruba people.

For communication that is independent, and respectful;

Information about Yoruba people, culture and

In cooperation for the development of Yoruba and
African People Worldwide.


1. Princess Ademide Adinnasse – Yoruba, African
Liberation Activist- a repatriate, originally from
USA now lives as Omo Oba in the Kingdom of Ofiya
Ketou, Benin Republic.

2. Dr. Valentine Ojo – Yoruba, African Patriot
based in USA.

3. Chief Bode Fasuyi - Araba Awo Ilogobo-Ekiti ;
Obalunrin Orisa Ikire Ile Ife; Otun Elejelu Awo Agbaye
- Yoruba, African Patriot based in USA.

4. Mrs. Lanre Aladekomo - Yoruba , African
Patriot;Former Bursar;Obafemi Awolowo University in

5. Folabomi Olamijulo-Oki – Yoruba, African
Patriot and Software Engineer based in USA

6. Lawyer Ibukun Odunaiya - Yoruba, African Patriot in

7. Professor Sola Olowu – Professor of
Psychology at the Obafemi Awolowo University
in Ile- Ife

8. Dr.(Mrs) Hettie Soriyan – Computer Scientist
at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife

9. Dr. Ladi Osasona - Electrical and Electronic
Engineer at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile

10. Mrs. Modupe Ogunjumo - in University
Administration at the Obafemi Awolowo University,

11. Compatriot Felix Omidire - Yoruba, African Patriot
and Author based in
Brazil, South America

12. Professor Ade Ajayi - Yoruba, African Patriot and
Author based in USA

13. Dr. Kayode Fakinlede – Yoruba, African
Patriot and Author based in USA

14. Professor Antonia Yetunde Schleicher –
Yoruba and African Languages Professor
based in USA

15. Dr. Babatola Aloba - Yoruba, African Partiot and
Author based in Vienna Austria

16. Dr. Adebusola Onabajo Onayemi - Yoruba, African
Patriot and Independent
Author based in Canada

17. Lawyer Ibukunolu Babajide – Yoruba,African
Patriot working for the UN in
Arusha Tanzania

18. Engineer Oladele Olawole -Yoruba, Afican Patriot
and very innovative IT Developer
based in Norway

19. Compatriot Olalekan Lawal - Yoruba ,African
Patriot of YorubaWorld based in London.

20. Architect Felix Adejumo - Yoruba , African Patriot
based in London, England.

21. Compatriot Wole Akande - Yoruba, African Patriot
of Radio Abeokuta in Texas, USA

22. Compatriot Martin Akindana - Yoruba, African
Patriot, CEO ChatAfrik, based in USA

23. Professor Mobolaji Aluko - Yoruba, African
Patriot, Chemical Engineer, Former Chairperson of
Engineering at Howard University, USA

24. Compatriot Molara Wood - Yoruba, African
Patriot,CEO Tiwantiwa , based in the United Kingdom

25. Professor Oyewale Tomori - Yoruba , African
Patriot; until recently of the World Health
Organisation ;current Vice Chancellor, Redeemer's
University , Lagos Nigeria.

26. Dr. Samuel Kayode Olamijulo – Yoruba
,African Patriot; Cooperation for Development
Activist( YO Radio Working Group Convener).

Yoruba people around the globe will be participating,
from Africa to the Diaspora.

Tune into Mo'Betta Radio Network from midnight on the
13th until midnight on the 14th EST.
We will be relaying broadcasts from what will become
our Sister station, Radio Abeokuta.

We welcome your suggestions and comments.

Yoruba Oduduwa Radio-YO Radio will soon move to it's
own LIVE365 server.
Programming will originate from all over the globe.
Programming will be in Yoruba and other languages all
of the children of Oduduwa speak worldwide.

Yoruba people will rise above political, religious,
class and other differences.
We will effectively communicate to cooperate with one
another and others for the development of Yoruba
people in particular and Africans in general

If you have music or other materials that you want to
be aired on our new station, please contact Yoruba
Oduduwa Radio - YO Radio, any of the members of the
working committee.

To listen, please click on or copy and paste to arrive
at the webpage :

Ire O.

From Princess Ademide Adinasse


Dr. Samuel Kayode Olamijulo

Kwaku Bandele, Ifayomi
Media Rep

Feel the Power in THE BLACKNESS